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The Survivalist Series

It’s almost Halloween and I’m super pumped, since it’s my favorite holiday. But you know what’s scarier than ghosts, zombies, and witches? EMPs and a hostile takeover that leaves the US crippled. So Spooky. Anyways, I recently found The Survivalist Series by A. American and I have a lot to say.


Genre: Thriller/Suspense/War Fiction

Overall Rating: 6 Glass Slippers

Morgan Carter is just a regular, American guy who loves his family, his freedoms, and a good glass of sweet tea. He’s on his way home from a short work trip when everything stops. Cars, electronics, planes, laptops, phones…everything with any form of computer in it just dies, all at once. Morgan is that left to go on a long hike through Florida to get home. Luckily for him, and his family, Morgan likes to be prepared. He has guns, solar systems, food, and enough skills to possibly get his family through this crisis. But the fight doesn’t end after book one in this series. Getting home was only a small part of surviving the the destruction of modern society.

Imagine an America where clean water and soap are luxuries and bullets and beans are the new currency. What if gangs roamed free and things like police forces and prisons were no longer in use? Could you survive? Would you have the guns, the food, the power to keep you and yours safe? When Morgan gets home, he needs to both try and keep his family alive as well as fight off all those who weren’t so prepared. There’s a new, rising power who aims to take it all from him, but luckily, he’s got a few good friends in high places to have his back. But when the real enemy might be your own government, is there really any safe place?


I’m still reading this eight part series, but I think it’s so good, I wanted to bring some more attention to it. A. American writes simply, but powerfully about what might happen if the power grid in the US is destroyed. So much so, that I’ve given thought to my own ability to keep things together if something like that were to happen in the future. While I may be more prepared than some, it might never be enough. In truth, books like this, that are grounded in facts and military experience, are far scarier than anything else you could read.

I think this book is great for anyone who likes heart pounding danger and learning a few things along the way. It’s available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook if you’re looking for something to keep you wildly entertained during your long commute.


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Elton Hall Chronicles Series

You’ve gone to class with Violet, explored your options with Annabelle, and rode off into the sunset with Christie, but are you ready for all three of their stories in one amazing box set? The Elton Chronicles box set is available now on Amazon for only $.99 and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book One: First Semester

Violet is just a freshman, off on her first adventure, when she meets a man she dubs her “hipster Hercules”. He’s tall, dark, handsome, British…and her professor. But the heart wants what it wants and her heart sure as hell wants Professor Bernelli. However, someone isn’t too keen on keeping the two secret lovers hidden from the watchful eye of the dean and before she knows it, Violet is forced to fight for her relationship…and her life.

Book Two: Second Snowfall

Annabelle is a relationship virgin. True love has been her dream all her life and when red hot firefighter Kingsley drops into her lap, she thinks she might have found the one. But her heart really longs for another man, one that she can never have. And when her picture perfect romance begins to crack, Annabelle is left to pick up the pieces…before it’s too late.

Book Three: Third Wheel

Christ has her life all planned out. First she’ll graduate college, then marry her childhood sweetheart, and live happily ever after in the traditional American Dream….the traditional, boring American Dream. Christie breaks all the rules and even meets a boy who sets her soul on fire. But life with street racer Shane has its dangers and she’s about to learn first hand that living on the edge isn’t easy.

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Or if you want to get the whole series in a neat, little package, you can preorder the boxset HERE now!