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Today I have another book/audiobook for you. Blinded, Elkridge Series: Book #1, written by Lyz Kelley and narrated by Meghan Kelly.

  • Genre: Contemporary Romance and Suspense
  • Heat Level: ❤️❤️❤️
  • Story Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers
  • Narration Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

A terrible accident as a teen robbed Mara of her parents and her sight. Now she lives above her flower shop with her trusty seeing eye dog, often visited by her older brother, who now has a life and family of his own. It’s taken years for her to be completely independent and she still mourns the life she once dreamed of–romance, a family, maybe even a musical career. And when a blast from the past shakes things up, her dreams threaten to turn into nightmares.

Joey left his small town as soon as high school graduation was over, and never looked back, building a life in Seattle as a detective. But when his older brother is found dead, and the deputies at a loss for what happened, he takes a week off work to bury his sibling and search for clues. When he steps into the local flower shop to buy something for his mom, he finds Mara right where he left her so many years ago.

He thought she got married and had no idea the accident left her blind. She never thought he’d come back into their small town. Joey’s flight leaves soon and Mara isn’t interested in having her heart broken again. But some bonds are unbreakable.

Mara’s blindness was a topic that could have gone very well or very poorly. I was pleased to see that Kelley created a character that wasn’t defined by her blindness, but it was just one layer in a very complex young woman with strength and passion. The small “tells” were there as well, like Mara’s wording to her seeing eye dog and the way she spoke of her therapy after the crash. The author did a lovely job of not just sticking the word “blind” in a book, which is very important when it comes to embracing characters in literature.

The mystery aspect was strong as well, a true “who done it” that makes you think as you listen. I appreciated that the crime plot line wasn’t cut and dry, tied with a pretty bow after an hour like a TV cop show.

Meghan Kelly was already a pro when I came across her work, but she’s really outdone herself with Blinded. From a kid nephew to an old, angry Italian man, everyone has a distinct voice that never wavers. She gave this thrilling contemporary romance with and edge a life.

book review, New Book, review

The Winters

It’s been a while since I legitimately sat up all night reading a book and had a “book hangover” the next day. The Winters by Lisa Gabriele is a retelling of the classic Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

  • Genre: Romantic Suspense and Mystery
  • Heat Level: ❤️❤️
  • Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

We open with our heroine, a woman without a name. She has one, or course, but doesn’t share it with us. She works in the Cayman Islands at a boat charting business, which is where she first meets the older, richer, handsome, widowed Max Winters.

She knows it’s not allowed, and she knows she shouldn’t, but she falls in love with Max. When it comes time for him to return home to Long Island, he offers her a plane ticket and a ring. She’s warned against it, but for once in her life, someone cares about her, so she packs a bag and leaves her life behind to live at the opulent, secluded, Asherly house.

Max’s teenage daughter, the spoiled, rebellious Dani is seemingly the biggest obstacle. Winning her over is an uphill battle and the teen is hell bent on seeing “the second Mrs. Winters” gone. Then there is the figurative ghost of the first Mrs. Winters, the lovely Rebekah. She’s everywhere in the mansion and she’s left a pair of impossibly expensive designer shoes to fill. But as our narrator settles into life at Asherly, she realizes the Winters women are not the only thing out to get her.

Where to start? Well, I always enjoyed the original Rebecca and I also love a good retelling. I liked the choice to keep the narrators name hidden. It added another layer of mystery as I read and I was hoping to learn what it was with every flip of the page. It was interesting how the author managed to keep her nameless, yet a real person.

This book is a slow build, but Gabriele’s prose is lovely. I wish the ending was more drawn out, but only because it was so good. A lot of things were revealed in the final act, yet I still have one big, glaring question that I’ll never have answers to. Still, I recommend this book to those wanting a mysterious, romantic suspense that makes you think.

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What Happens in the Highlands

I have a Valentine’s Day treat! My contemporary romance romance, What Happens in the Highlands, is now available for preorder!
Match made in heaven or maid of dishonor?
Tight-laced Rose Hensel arrives in Scotland for her best friend’s wedding with a plan—to be the greatest maid of honor ever, let loose for the first time in years, and find out what Scottish guys really wear under their kilts. After meeting the best man, she thinks she found the man who checks all the boxes for a no-strings-attached romp among the heather.
Lachlan Calder-Mackinnon knows how to show a girl a good time. Gourmet dinners in castle ruins, picnics among rolling hills, and a seaside escape create some unforgettable dates. But as the fling begins to morph into something more, an unexpected wedding guest threatens to ruin Rose and Lachlan’s new romance.
With a plane ticket in one hand and her broken heart in the other, Rose prepares to head home to reality. However, she’s about to learn that what happens in the Highlands doesn’t always stay there. 

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One Wicked Kiss

The US has been having some crazy snow storms lately, which means between work, I’ve been reading and listening to books like crazy! I’ve also been adding more sweet romances to my collection, so I have books to recommend to fans of all heat spectrums.

Today, I want to talk about the short, sweet audiobook One Wicked Kiss by Dawn Brewer, narrated by Megan Green. This book is the perfect thing to top off a snow day.

  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Story Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers
  • Narration Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Natalia Benson’s father may have been a nobleman, but as his illegitimate daughter, she’s treated as no better than a maid. And when he tells her she’s to be married to an evil man who frightens her, she flees the only home she’s ever known. But a snowstorm derails her escape and she’s left not only to the elements, but to the kindness of strangers.

Lucas, the Earl of Darcy, and his friends are looking for a place to seek shelter from the storm when he rescues a young woman from a snowdrift and vows to see her to safety. One of his companions seems to recognize the girl, but the young woman is vague in her responses. Still, he’s drawn to her unlike any other and will do anything to keep her from harm.

This book is a teaser, a small taste of Luke and Natalia’s story. It ends on a cliffhanger that leaves you with many questions. Like who exactly was Natalia’s mother? Where are her family? Does her father look for her? Will Lucas accept her and her past? Who knows. Have the next book on deck!

Megan Green has the perfect accent for these historical pieces. Her cantor is on point and every character has the own voice without sounding ridiculous. I really recommend any of her pieces and have listened to several that I’ve enjoyed, such as Rescued by a Sea Nymph.

Overall, I recommend this sweet romance to anyone who wants a light listen as a backdrop to a snow day.

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Apparent Power

A dormant gene awakens in a quarter of the world’s population and the effects are apocalyptic. With an even rarer gene, the life of Valerie Russell turns into a shocking race against time. When the human body begins to require more electricity than needed to keep a heart beating, cars lose power, phones no longer function, and planes fall from the sky. Stranded in southern Colorado, a hundred miles from home–and from her two-year-old son– Valerie must find it within herself to trek the distance with the help of a questionable assembly of ex-military friends of the family.

But the awakening has a different effect on Valerie. While others absorb electricity, Valerie’s abilities are not as limited, making her the key to unlocking a worldwide genocide of those who were not affected. As she evades the rising totalitarian government, Valerie is also faced with a moral choice: risk failure and attempt to save the masses from the regime’s deadly plot or run and preserve only the lives of her family.

How does a mother make such an impossible choice?

Order your copy of this science fiction thriller HERE

Dacia M Arnold is an author of adult dystopian and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities.

To say Dacia is an author and a mother would only be scratching the surface. She is an avid karaoke singer, master crafter and a thrift-ster. She is also a ten-year Army veteran and served two tours of combat as a medic.

From a young age, her imagination lent itself to short stories and poems. Dacia moved every three years since she was born, as with most military families, which allowed her to reinvent herself with new friends. Like most girls, her father is her hero, and later in life, she followed her father’s boot prints by joining the military. Dacia spent fifteen months working in Baghdad Emergency room. There she lay witness to both horrors and miracles.

While she was away for her second deployment, Dacia lost her best friend to domestic violence. After her friend’s passing, Dacia served as a victim advocate until her time in the military ended. Now, to help others, she speaks out often in social media platforms to encourage victims of their own strength and informs them of options to get help.

Dacia blogs about being a writer, a mom of two and the struggles therein. She sometimes incorporates life with her railroad conductor husband in Denver, Colorado and a few diy projects. When in rare form, she will share stories about her time in the military, her medical experiences, short fiction stories, and very rarely a poem.

Dacia’s first full length novel incorporates almost every aspect of her life. APPARENT POWER is an award-winning story following a mother on a journey to find her son before a rising, post-apocalyptic government does. The main character will stop at nothing to ensure her son’s safety.

SHIFTING POWER, Book 2 in the DiaZem Trilogy, is in the works to be released in the fall of 2019.