The History Behind The White Princess

You guys were so into my last post about The White Queen (which you can read HERE) that I thought it was time to do The White Princess! If you haven’t read the books, or know a lot about the history, this might “spoil” the show. Enjoy!

Margaret Beaufort


Margaret was the only child of the Duke of Somerset and upon his death, she inherited his fortune. But King Henry VI gave some of her lands to the Duke of Suffolk, whose son later married Margaret and became husband #1. But since she was still a toddler at this time and the pair were too closely related, the marriage wasn’t recognized. Still a wealthy lady, Henry VI called dibs on her and gave her to his half brother Edmund Tudor.


Their marriage was a short one and Edmund died of the plague after being taken captives by the York forces, leaving her a widowed and pregnant 13-year-old. Taking shelter with her brother-in-law Jasper Tudor, she gave birth to Henry VII, the only child she would ever have. But the pair didn’t have much time together, as he was sent to live in exile for his safety and they could only communicate through letters.

Husband #3 came along, Henry Stafford, and the got along well enough and had a happy marriage. Until he also died when she was 28. Not a good track record for Margaret, who married Thomas Stanly as husband #4 after that. They married strictly to benefit both, as Thomas had political power and Margaret had wealth. They largely lived apart and she even took a vow of chastity, but the arrangement worked well for them. Together, they helped to put Henry VII on the throne.


She was completely devoted to her son and was basically the royal version of a monster-in-law. She would wear dresses that basically matched Elizabeth’s and tried taking over all the usual tasks that would be given to the queen, like the naming of children and other duties. She was like Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls, only super pious and sour.

Henry Tudor

Henry was the last English monarch that won his throne through battle, taking the crown when his forces defeated Richard III. By marrying Elizabeth of York, he was able to solidify his right to the throne, as he assumed was his all along due to his mother’s constant pushing. In fact, his ties to the crown were distant, being related to King Edward III through the child of a mistress. Still, it was enough to get him an army.


Once he married Elizabeth, he began a peaceful reign with any real threat to his crown. Together, they had eight children, with two daughters and two sons surviving childhood. From him came King Henry VIII and his infamous wives. But Henry VIII didn’t learn much from his father, who was notably faithful to Elizabeth throughout their marriage. When she died in childbirth, he was so saddened, he never brought himself to remarry, although he only had three living children left at that point and was still young enough to beget more heirs.

Elizabeth of York

This blonde beauty was the daughter, sister, niece, mother, and grandmother of kings. But it was a rocky road. After her father’s death and her brother’s confinement to the Tower of London, she was welcomed out of sanctuary and back to the court of the new King Richard III, her uncle. While this is under historical debate, it is possible that she and her uncle were having an affair while his sickly wife Anne Neville lay upon her death bed. It was true that the pair were often seen together, but there is no definite proof they were in a relationship, or that they planned to wed when Anne died. But it’s not like the pair would carry on their romance in public if it were true.


By the time Henry Tudor defeated Richard to take the crown, it was accepted that he would marry Elizabeth. As the eldest York daughter, and the woman who could have been queen in her own right had she been born in a different time, their union would solidify his claim to the throne. So he had her parent’s marriage legitimized again and went to join the Yorks and the Tudors. But Henry wasn’t one to share power, so he had himself crowned king before he even married Elizabeth and didn’t have her crowned queen until after she had birthed a son.


But the marriage may not have been completely loveless as many have thought. Henry was notoriously faithful to his wife, not even remarrying after her death at the age of 37 when he could have easily snatched up a fertile princess. He was even said to mourn her terribly. Far cry from the marriage seen so far in The White Princess, but it’s not like Elizabeth could have divorced him or flat out refused to marry him, so we’ll never know for sure went on behind closed doors.


The Curse


In The White Queen we saw Elizabeth Woodville and her daughter Elizabeth of York summoning the power of Melusina to curse the killer of lil’Edward and lil’ Richard. They said that whoever killed the boys would lose their own son young and their grandson as well and have their line end. As fun as that is, it’s a story created by Philipa Gregory to further history, as it’s a fun twist in her series that Henry VII lost both his first son (Arthur) and his first grandson (Edward).

It’s accepted that Richard III didn’t actually kill his nephews lil’Edward and lil’Richard in the tower, as by the time they disappeared, he was already on the throne. Besides, his own sickly son had died and having his nephews as heirs would have benefited him. So Richard get’s a historical pass in my book!


You know who would have benefited from lil’Edward and lil’Richard’s deaths? Henry VII. Those boys had the greatest claim to the throne over him and if they had been alive and accessible, the Yorks may have rose again. It’s also true that he would have never legitimized Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV’s marriage if there was the slightest chance that the boys were alive and could come to claim what was rightfully theirs.


There’s no saying how much/if we’ll see anything about Henry and Elizabeth’s kids, but let’s chat about them anyway…

King Henry VIII

This English monarch was the only surviving son of Henry VII and Elizabeth. Mostly known for his many marriages, he always craved sons. This may be partly due to his mother and grandmother being so fertile and maternal and the fact that the only sure way to hold the throne was to have a male heir. But, he was never lucky in love and fathered numerous children with wives and mistresses, only getting one legitimate son before dying gross and fat.

Katherine of Aragon

The young Spanish princess first came to England to be the bride of Henry’s older brother Arthur. But Arthur was weak and sickly and died soon after they wed. Since England still needed an alliance with Spain, the declared that Katherine and Arthur never did the dirty so she was allowed to marry Henry. At first, it seemed super awesome, but as Katherine continuously miscarried, with only one daughter surviving, Henry got antsy for a boy child. So, he did what any sane monarch would do…dump his wife of 20 years into a nunnery for his latest and most cunning mistress…

Anne Boleyn

Anne promised Henry the son he always wanted and he was all about that business. So the moment he had his new religion created, his marriage decreed invalid, and there was an opening in his busy schedule, he wifed her up. But, again, there were miscarriages and only one living daughter. Now, Henry felt pretty dumb. He ousted a beloved queen, married a mistress whose family was slowly taking over court, and still didn’t have a son. Apparently the only way to fix that was to accuse Anne of witchcraft and incest before chopping off her head.

Jane Seymour

Jane was Henry’s favorite wife. She was meek, obedient, turned the other cheek when Henry got a new mistress and finally gave him a son. But, she soon died of complications after childbirth and Henry was seriously torn up. She was the perfect wife and he honored her the only ways he knew how. He gave her a queen’s funeral, had family portraits painted throughout his life with her tucked in, and was later buried beside her, still his favorite long into his old age.

Anne of Cleves

This royal from modern-day Germany was the luckiest of the bunch, and you’ll see why. So, Henry needed a wife and Anne was rustled up from the list to be wife #4. Well, the moment Henry saw her, he declared her super ugly and swiftly had their marriage annulled, citing that she was so disgusting, the marriage couldn’t be consummated. But Henry then gave her an allowance, called her his sister, and the two generally enjoyed each other’s company in a platonic way for the rest of his life. Anne was even the last living wife, outliving everyone else.

Catherine Howard

This teenage bride lasted for 3 whole months. She first caught Henry’s eye as a lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves and the pair were almost immediately married once Anne was out of the picture. Catherine was young, impulsive, and really not a match for the sickly, portly, old king. Might be why she is said to have begun an affair with someone her old age…and why she was beheaded.

Catherine Parr

The final wife was probably a more appropriate choice for Henry. She was older, had already been married twice, and was no longer going to have children. She fit the kind, caring queen well and made for a nice enough helpmate to Henry in his final years. She even helped him reconcile with his daughters. And when he died, she went on to marry again, lucky to have dodged the bullet that took so many of Henry’s other queens.

That’s it for today, but if you’d like some more history fun, check out our Outlander page HERE!

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How Well Do You Know Sam Heughan?

To celebrate the birthday of the man who brought Jamie Fraser to life, let’s put on our stalker pants and see how well you know Sam Heughan! Take note of your right answers! But no cheating! Stay off Wikipedia and Google!

tumblr_ojoxf7SWQi1tcc87zo1_400.gif1. Let’s start with an easy one, where in Scotland was Sam born?

  1. Bydekirk
  2. Balmaclellan
  3. Borgue
  4. Beattock


2. How many times did he audition for parts in Game of Thrones?

  1. 7
  2. 2
  3. 6
  4. 5


3. What movie genre does Sam like the best?

  1. Historical
  2. Action Thrillers
  3. Comedies
  4. Sci-fi



4. What kind of home did Sam grow up in?

  1. A split level in the suburbs
  2. A castle
  3. A stone house in a village
  4. An apartment building


5. For whom was Sam named for?

  1. Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings
  2. Sam Warner of Warner Bros Studios
  3. Samuel, the Biblical prophet
  4. Samuel Clemens, who wrote under the pen name ‘Mark Twain’


6. What superhero did Sam once play?

  1. Superman
  2. Aquaman
  3. Ironman
  4. Batman


7. What is Sam qualified to teach?

  1. Gaelic
  2. Fencing
  3. Horseback Riding
  4. Archery


8. How does Sam go the extra mile while playing Jamie?

  1. He doesn’t wear anything under his kilt
  2. He sleeps outside or in the stables during filming
  3. He doesn’t bathe
  4. He sews his own clothes with the costume director


9. What Outlander character has he said he would want to play if he wasn’t Jamie?

  1. Dougal Mackenzie
  2. Black Jack Randall
  3. Roger Wakefield
  4. Murtagh Fraser


10. What show is Sam’s favorite to binge watch?

  1. Ultimate Fighter
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Ninja Warrior


11. Who is the only historical royal Sam has played on film?

  1. King John
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Prince Hamlet
  4. Henry VIII


12. What actor does Sam Admire the most?

  • Ian McKellen
  • Sean Connery
  • Liam Neeson
  • Anthony Hopkins


13. What is Sam’s favorite American football team?

  • Browns
  • Patriots
  • Seahawks
  • Cowboys


14. What Shakespeare play does Sam want to eventually act in?

  • MacBeth
  • Hamlet
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • King Lear


15. What did Sam do when he first found out he got the part of Jamie Fraser?

  • Went to dinner with Diana Gabaldon
  • Immediately booked sword lessons
  • Went out to the pub with friends
  • Bought and read all the Outlander books


16. What characters were Sam’s two horses really named during filming?

  1. Beast and Aladdin
  2. Sleepy and Pinocchio
  3. Sebastian and Charming
  4. Prince and Willow


17. What was the name of the prince Sam played in the Hallmark Movie A Princess for Christmas?

  1. Ashton
  2. Aston
  3. Adam
  4. Alan


18. What is on Sam’s bucket list?

  1. To win a Nobel Prize for his charity work
  2. To become a master horseman
  3. To climb Mount Everest
  4. To get a college degree in Scottish history


19. Which survivalist does Sam admire?

  1. Bear Grylls
  2. Les Stroud
  3. David Canterbury
  4. Ray Mears


20. What is Sam’s best feature?

  1. His eyes
  2. His ripped bod
  3. His smile
  4. His kilted knees


Did you keep track of your answers? Good! Check yours with the facts and tally up your points. Each correct answer gets you one point!

  1. Balmaclellan
  2. 7 times! Good thing he didn’t get cast, or we might have a different Jamie!
  3. Sci-fi. He’s a huge fan!
  4. Kenmure Castle
  5. Samwise Gamgee – one of the best friends in literature
  6. Batman!
  7. Fencing! No surprise there.
  8. Nothing under kilt 😉
  9. Black Jack. Can you imagine?
  10. Ultimate fighter
  11. Alexander the Great
  12. Anthony Hopkins
  13. The Seahawks! He says he wants to see them play.
  14. MacBeth
  15. He had a pint at the pub
  16. Sleepy and Pinocchio
  17. Prince Ashton
  18. He wants to climb Mt. Everest
  19. Bear Grylls
  20. All of the above!

Tally up your points? Lets see how well you know Sam!


0-5 Points – You’re a true Outlander fan, but no Sam Stalker!


6-11 Points – Wow! Someone follows Sam on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and on set…


12-20 Points – You must be Sam, his mom, or maybe a cast member? Let us know!!

PS. Sam Heughan, if you read this, I pink promise I’m not a crazy person. Mostly.

Have fun? We have plenty of other Outlander themed posts, articles, and quizes HERE.

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The History Behind ‘The White Queen’

I’ve been a huge fan of Philipa Gregory for a long time. I loved how she was able to use history, legend, gossip, and lore to make enthralling books. With all the hype that the show version of The White Princess is getting, I wanted to go back through my notes and talk about both books/shows and the true history that inspired them! We’ll go into The White Queen first and then delve into The White Princess


Melusine is a mythical mermaid-like creature that exists in various European folklore, but exists mainly France. Historically, the Luxembourg family is one of many who claims ancestry from Melusine. It fed into the thought that Jacquetta claimed strong heritage from Melusine, as well as mystical powers. The fact that a text of the tale of Melusine was found in her personal collection didn’t help matters, but seeing as it was a popular story of love and loss, it wasn’t rare and her involvement in the legend is probably very much exaggerated.

To give you a short version of the legend of Melusine, she was a beautiful half woman and half mermaid/serpent that only took on her mythological form once a week. A man hunting came upon her and offered her marriage. She accepted as long as he would leave her alone in total privacy once a week to bathe. For a time, they were happy, but the man soon grew too curious and spied on his wife, seeing her true form. Enraged, Melusine flew from the castle, never to be seen again, although she still thought of herself as the protector of her family and would wail when a member passed and help them if she could.


BTW Does this double tailed beauty look familiar? If you’re a coffee drinker like I am, you’ll recognize her as the Starbucks mermaid. Think about that next time you stop for your morning cup.

Jacquetta of Luxembourg

The Luxembourg family is an old French one, claiming lineage from the fabled Melusine. Jacquetta had many royal ties in different countries due to her high birth, and her first marriage was to a son of King Henry IV of England. They had no children by the time he died two years later, leaving Jacquetta a young and extremely wealthy duchess. As her title made her the second most powerful woman in the English court, next to the queen, she could have had her choice of husbands…

Lowly English knight Richard Woodville was tasked by the king to bring the newly widowed Jacquetta to court. But the pair fell in love. Despite it being illegal due to their difference in status and their refusal to wait for royal permission, they still married in secret. When it came out, no one could really be the mad, and they were merely fined. But Jacquetta was BFFs with Henry’s queen Margaret and Margaret made sure Richard got a title to put him on more even footing with his wife. So, he became Earl Rivers and the Lord High Treasurer.


Jacquetta and Richard had 14 children during their marriage, including “The White Queen”, Elizabeth. As she, obviously, made sure her children received titles, position, and even a crown, she was thought to be a witch by many. Most notably, she was accused of using sorcery to seduce King Edward into the bed of her daughter Elizabeth. While the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence, the gossip followed her until her death…and followed her daughter for the entirety of her life as well.

Elizabeth Woodville

Born around 1347 to a well respected genteel family. She married first to a man who died a Lancaster supporter, leaving her a widowed mother of two sons. Luckily, she was still young enough to marry again and was “the most beautiful woman in the isle of Britain…with heavy lidded eyes like those of a dragon.” Might not sound like a compliment, but it totally was. If it wasn’t for being named a Lancastrian traitor, the obviously fertile mother of two boys could have married again easily. But it was almost lucky for Elizabeth that she wasn’t one to hop on the first man who came by her home. No, Elizabeth had her sights set on a man worthy of her.


Anyway, historians can’t agree as to how Elizabeth met the young King Edward IV, although the general lore says that Elizabeth dressed plainly and waited by the side of the road for Edward to pass with her two sons. Her original plan is said to have been to merely receive some sort of pardon for her dead husband (who fought and died after fighting against Edward and his York army, thus losing his wealth). But when Edward saw her, he was taken by her innocence, her maternal glow, and the graceful elegance she held even when not decked out in jewels. Edward wanted Elizabeth and would do anything to have her, even defy his family and his advisers to marry her in secret.


They had a strong marriage where 10 children were born and no matter what mistresses Edward took, he always came back to his wife. Again, not suuuuper romantic, but there weren’t many kings out there without a bevy of mistresses, and at least Edward actually did love Elizabeth. Their marriage is said to be one of the early examples of true love in a royal marriage. But her ability to sway the gaze of a king and make herself his queen made some believe that she was witch, just like her mama.

Edward IV

Yeah, not the glowing blonde god we saw in the show, but for a guy back then, he was the Jake Gyllenhaal of his time. He is noted as being “a man so vigorous and handsome that he might have been made for the pleasures of the flesh”. His hot bod got him at least 15 children that history knows of, but I’m guessing there were more little Eddies stashed around England. For Edward, he was born in France, the oldest living son of Richard of York, who believed he was the true king of England….Well, he might have been, or he might have been the illegitimate product of an affair by his mother. That story was drug up throughout his reign, and even after his death, to weaken his claim to the throne as well as that of his children’s. No matter who is daddy was, Edward really took the York mission to heart and fought to become the first York king of England…and the tallest one in history! He and his two brothers were known as the three suns in the sky and the three sons of York.


As I’ve said, he spied Elizabeth and her boys and thought she’d make a hell of a wife. She was a bit older and not a princess like he “should” have wed, but when Edward wanted something, he was sure to get it. Besides, the fact that she was obviously capable of birthing children mainly sons, was particularly attractive. So he put a ring on it and made her his queen. It ended up that the ex-Lancaster supporter was well loved but the people! Elizabeth’s 12 unmarried sisters soon found top notch marriages and Edward was basically surrounded by his in-laws. Much of the other nobility was angry, but Edward told them to shut up or shove off.


There was some rebellion against Edward’s reign, sometimes headed by his own brother George, but there was no other strong claim to the throne besides a little guy named Henry Tudor who was living in exile. The rest of Edward’s short life kept him in power and when he died at the age of 40, he made his brother, Richard, the protector of England until his son Edward could be crowned.

Richard III

Spoiler alert! Prince Edward (now known as lil’Edward) was never crowned and Richard became king. When King Edward died, he thought his little brother Richard would keep his crown safe for his son, but he was super wrong. Richard placed his nephew in the Tower of London to await the coronation that would never come.


To take the crown, he began by ousting the Woodvilles from power, imprisoning the men and forcing the women into hiding. Queen Elizabeth herself went into sanctuary with her daughters and youngest son Richard (now known as lil’Richard) while Richard worked on making her marriage to King Edward illegitimate, thus ruining lil’Edward’s claim to the throne. He ended up imprisoning both boys in the tower, where they never left (more on that later).


Richard finally got his just desserts when he was killed in battle by Henry Tutor’s forces at the age of 32. Recently, his battered bones were found in during construction and it was found that he did have uneven shoulders and a curvature of the spine as many have said. He was also found to have been mutilated before being unceremoniously dumped in a ditch. While he wasn’t a handsome man in his prime, it’s a wonder that he was able to start some kind of relationship with his niece Elizabeth of York..but that’s a tale for my next post.

The Princes in the Tower

Once lil’Edward was already in The Tower of London “for his safety”, Richard plucked lil’Richard from sanctuary and had him join his brother. Over the next few months, Richard was made king, Elizabeth and Edward’s marriage was made illegitimate, and the boys were seen less and less until they were never seen again.


It is widely accepted that Richard had a hand in the boy’s disappearance and even at the time he was thought to be the murderer, well that he ordered it anyway. With them out of the picture, he thought there wouldn’t be any issue with him retaining the throne.

But there’s another theory that at least one of the boys survived. Now Elizabeth Woodville was a smart woman and knew how hard it had been for Edward to keep his throne. She knew that if she let lil’Richard go to the tower like lil’Edward, he would never come back. It’s thought that she was able to smuggle lil’Richard out of sanctuary to take a new identity with a trusted family and replaced him with a local boy. For years afterwards, several people came forward claiming to be the lost prince, but none was ever confirmed. Since then, two sets of children’s skeletons have been found, but neither have been tested. So it’s possible that we will never know what happened to Elizabeth’s sons.



I hope you found this little look into the world of The White Queen fun and informative. I’ll be working on something for The White Princess soon, so keep checking back for more historical fun! And if Scottish history is your thing, read some historical articles with a fun twist on our Outlander page HERE!

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Outlandish Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The UK already had their Mother’s Day, so now it’s America’s turn! Since I’m a mom, and I love Outlander, I thought I’d make up a handy little list for you own shopping needs! So here are some cards and that will brighten up the day of your Sassenach mama for sure! Let’s start with some cards…

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You’re Pure Brilliant


This card is pretty self explanatory. They’re available HERE!

Now, onto the meat…

The WeeBox

Now, Sarah and I both received and reviewed the WeeBox, which you can read and watch HERE, and I think it deserves a place on our list. It’s a carefully cultivated subscription box filled with authentic Scottish goodies, straight from the source! Now, Mother’s Day is only one day a year, but why not show your mom you care every month by setting her up with a subscription? Every month she could get a little something Scottish to make her smile, and you get to be the favorite kid with no more effort than plugging in your credit card info. Talk about a win! PS. The kind people at WeeBox have scheduled their Outlander box for September, so if you want a special delivery of Outlander items from Jamie’s homeland, plan your subscription accordingly!


Check out their website HERE and see if the WeeBox is right for your mom…or you!

A .Malcolm Mug


Waiting for season three is a killer, even for us book lovers! What better way to classically may homage to Jamie and his new life in Edinburgh, then with this mug that looks straight out of 1700s Scotland? Grab yours HERE and end each day with a sip of tea as you wait for September.

Claire’s Medicinal Tea

I found a shop that caters to the White Witch in all of us called Megan’s Marvelous Medicinals. Using Outlander as an inspiration at times, she’s created some organic, natural tea blends to sooth coughs, cures what ails you, and helps you fall asleep easily. Grab some bags here and pack it up with some a lovely mug for mom! Take a look at her blends HERE and see what might work for you.

Everyday Regalia


A store so nice, I’ve shopped there twice! We’ve done a product review for this Etsy shop in the past, which you can see HERE, but I’ve recently taken advantage of her ability to rapidly create custom pieces to have bracelets made to commemorate my historical book series (which I’ll obvi share pics of when I get them). The shop’s owner is very fast and willing to work with you to create exactly what you have in mind, so if there’s a particular quote or picture you, or your mom, favors, then just let her know and she can make something awesome! You can even have pics put in. For example, if you don’t know what your mom would like for Mother’s Day and you have kids, make her a “grandma bracelet”! Always a winner.

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This Lovely Sassenach Shirt


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Outlander Apron


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Claire’s Ring (Show Version)


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Claire’s Ring (Book Version)


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Lallybroch Teapot


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Dixie Sisters

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A Druid Lantern


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The Bowie Bride

It’s never been a secret that I love Suzan Tisdale and all her books. She’s just a lovely person and so nice to talk to on Twitter. Seriously, she’s awesome. If you recall, she even allowed us to interview her, which you can read HERE. Anyway, I applied to be on her review team and was accepted! Be still my beating heart. And the book in question? Book two of the The Mackintoshes and MacLarens series, The Bowie Bride. I’ve read the first book, Ian’s Rose, but on my own time and I highly recommend it. Now, let’s delve into the latest in Scottish Romance…


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Scottish Historical Romance

We begin our tale with a grieved Alec Bowie, his evil older brother being killed by Ian Mackintosh. Now Alec is chief of clan with a bad reputation and in need of a bride to keep the peace with his friend Ian’s clan. While the ideal of being wed sickens him, he’s the only one than can keep his clan together. But no woman is too keen on becoming a Bowie…except Leona Mackdowall.

Leona isn’t known for her ravishing beauty, as he has one olive green eye and one an ice blue, and some think she’s a witch. But Alec knows and likes her well enough to make her a passable bride. She’s a loyal woman and promises to not tether him to home and hearth, making her the best prospect Alec has. But Leona isn’t entering into this marriage out of love either, but to escape her brute of a husband. And when Alec promises her a home, children, to never flaunt his mistresses, and to never beat her, she’s ready to walk down the aisle.


It’s a good enough match, as both parties know exactly what the other requires, but Leona is mistrusting after a lifetime of ill-treatment and Alec doesn’t always have the finesse needed to put her at ease. However, they make a fine pair and learn each others ways easily enough and appear to have a good future ahead of them, especially when what starts out as a contract begins to turn to love. Except there are some mysterious accidents that seem to follow Leona. It might be that someone wants the Bowie bride gone…for good.


The first thing I adored about this book is the continuation of Ian and Rose’s story from book one. Yes, this novel was basically still about Alec and Leona, but It was nice seeing Ian and Rose again and to get a peek into how their married life was progressing. And they also added to the story, not took away from it or absorbed all the attention as in some other books. It was almost as if Ian and Rose were passing the gauntlet to Alec and Leona.

Another thing I liked was the evolution of the characters from odd, contractual understanding to love. Without giving too much away, their relationship was sometimes steamy, always sweet, and forever honest. It made them very relatable because of their imperfections, but you were still completely capable of swooning when you imagined some of the fine Scottish brogue in this book.

I highly recommend this novel, and the entire series, to all historical romance lovers, particularly ones who can appreciate a man in a kilt and the old clan ways we love. So read book one, if you’re a bit behind, then grab a copy of The Bowie Bride, the perfect summer read.


It’s Not Four Years, But For Life

Sarah and Kelsey have known each other for years now, but they aren’t just friends and blog partners, they’re sisters. Not sisters by blood, or marriage, or adoption…but sisters by bond. Sisters by Sorority.


Kelsey was already a sorority sister when she transferred to Stockton University, where they had a chapter of her sorority. In her first event, she met Sarah, who was the Vice President, thus in charge of New Member Education. Although Kelsey wasn’t technically a new member, sticking close to the VP was a good way to learn the traditions, chants, and sisters of the chapter.

They bonded over leopard print, glitter, and a fondness for Broadway. In fact, Kelsey even joined Sarah’s family line, making them “Gs”. Sarah is the GBig while Kelsey is the GLittle, with another sister sandwiched between. Soon, Sarah needed to graduate and begin her adult life back in Maryland. But that didn’t end their friendship.


They stayed close through Sarah getting engaged to, her now husband, Josh. They texted, emailed, and sent silly pictures. And even when Kelsey went through a difficult pregnancy, Sarah stuck close, helping, loving, and listening. They danced together at Sarah’s wedding and still exchange Christmas cards, along with daily phone calls. Sarah even makes several long trips from Maryland to Kelsey’s home in New Jersey, where she basically has her own bedroom!


And when it was Kelsey’s turn to wed, Sarah was by her side, playing both maid of honor and photography assistant, because no sister lets another take bad pictures on their wedding day.

When Sarah went through surgery last year, she wanted to work on some projects she had been thinking about for some time. She wanted to write a book. Well, it turned out that so did Kelsey. They became writing buddies, editing each others work, helping to pen letters to publishing houses, and supporting each other in this new world neither knew much about. They were even accepted by the same publishing house, Limitless Publishing.

As they began working with editors and cover design teams to put their first books into print, they decided to start a blog, the one you’re reading. They review books, products, and talk about your favorite shows and movies. They’ve become partners on so many levels, and wouldn’t have it any way.


But it isn’t easy. They live about three hours apart and with a three year old, it’s tough for Kelsey to make the trip. With Sarah’s full time job, it’s hard for her to find the time. But they make it. Why? Because that’s what you do for sisters. When Sarah’s heart surgery meant she might not wake up, Kelsey was there. She told jokes, make inappropriate ineundos, and ensured Sarah had a few minutes of peace when she forgot the dangers. When Kelsey was going through her trying pregnancy, Sarah showed up with baby gifts in the form of a handmade baby blanket and the number for a photographer to capture all the future beautiful moments Kelsey would share with her family.

In other words, life happens. They say the best way to ensure change is to try and plan  something perfectly. Obviously, the sisters have been through their share of heartache. But they’ve made sure to remember that with heartache also comes joy. And thanks to their sorority and their vows, not only do they know they will always have someone to turn to, they also know how to make some amazing baby shower decorations. Nothing says forever like slaving over a hot glue gun and glitter.

They’re closer than many biologically related sisters, and that’s thanks to their sorority bond. Their vows made them sisters, but their hearts made them lifelong friends. One thing is for sure, they’re sure glad they “paid” for their friendship.

If you’re interested in reading the books they helped each other write, they’re both out now! Sarah’s book, First Semester, is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Kelsey’s, Queen of Emeralds, is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE. Both of them come in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.


The Dating Game: Outlander Edition


The time has come, you’re down to the last ten bachelors and you’re looking for that special someone. But here’s the catch, you only get to know a wee bit about each contestant before you pick, so read carefully and see who will get lucky this week, getting the change at love with you and a weekend alone in the luxury Fantasy Suite. So, let’s meet the bachelors…

Bachelor #1


Bachelor #1 is a successful businessman who comes from an old family. He enjoys fine clothes, elbowing with the rich and famous, and traveling. His perfect date? Plotting revenge on those who wronged him over a glass of high quality port.

Bachelor #2


Bachelor #2 is one tall drink of ex-military water. He enjoys horseback riding, bawdy jokes, and quiet nights at home. His perfect romantic getaway? A long weekend in the mountains, with you teaching him a trick or two. Get ready for a man who will die for your hand!

Bachelor #3


Bachelor #3 is family man through and through, taking care of his motherless daughters alone. He enjoys working out, raising money for charity, and working as a public speaker for causes he believes in. Pick him and you’ll get one hell of a strong man who can handle his drink and always chooses justice.

Bachelor #4


Bachelor #4 is a highly educated man who loves books, his country, and keeping secrets. While you’ll play second fiddle to his work, you’ll always hold first place in his heart! His future plans are to live the quite life, raise a family, and make you forget about the past.

Bachelor #5


Bachelor #5 is always up for a laugh. If you pick him, you’ll live a frugal life of fun, partying it up with his main boys, and spending long evenings by the fireside sharing stories. The three words Bachelor #5 would use to describe himself? Hilarious, loyal, and fine-as-hell.

Bachelor #6


Bachelor #6 is a man with a noble lineage, who wants to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Always eager to outdo everyone, he will do whatever it takes to impress you, no matter what the cost to those around him. His idea of a perfect naughty date? A sex toy party with plenty of booze and plenty of bosoms.

Bachelor #7


Bachelor #7 is a true songbird who will always croon you a few love songs. Alone at an early age, he’s looking for that special someone to start a family with ASAP! But it’s not all sweet loving and Gaelic songs with this one, he also possesses a sharp mind.

Bachelor #8


Bachelor #8 is a no-nonsense man who won’t hesitate to take you over his knee, if you catch my drift. He enjoys grooming, displaying his impeccable manners, distributing justice in the name of the crown and staying loyal to his family until the bitter end. His perfect date? A leisurely dinner, a glass of wine, and a good strapping.

Bachelor #9


Bachelor #9 is a true diamond in the rough, ready to be cleaned up and taken out by a one lucky lady. While he won’t wine and dine you in a fancy Italian restaurant, you can be sure of his traditional loyalty and faithfulness to you long after you’re gone. Pick him and be prepared for long horseback rides, family dinners, and afternoon romps.

Bachelor #10


Bachelor #10 is an old-school man who enjoys the finer things in life; well tailored jackets, elaborate parties, and testing his guests for traces of sorcery. To keep up with this catch, you need to be prepared to get a little wild in-and out- of the boudoir. He loves a lady who can do magic tricks, isn’t afraid of getting dirty, and loves the smell of violets.


How did these ten bachelors sound to you? Have you decided what lucky man gets a romantic weekend with you in this Fantasy Suite?


Let’s reveal our bachelors!

Bachelor #1 – The Comte!


Bachelor #2 – Jamie!


Bachelor #3 – Dougal!


Bachelor #4 – Frank!


Bachelor #5 – Angus!


Bachelor #6 – Prince Charlie


Bachelor #7 – Roger!


Bachelor #8 – Black Jack!


Bachelor #9 – Murtagh


Bachelor #10 – King Louis


So who did you get? A handsome Scot? A devilish Frenchman? Someone else? Who will you be spending a night of sin with? Tell us in the comments! And if you want to take another Outlander quiz, click HERE or read all our Outlander articles HERE and escape from Droughtlander.

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE. Both of them come in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.



The Pieces of Us

Before I delve into the emotional roller coaster that is The Pieces of Us, book three in The Firebird Trilogy, you should just read the last two because this series is amazing and will give you a serious case of the feels! So uncorck a nice bottle of red (or pink if you’re Sarah and I) and get ready to sob like a Kardashian who just found out her private jet was out of Fiji Water.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Sports Romance

When we next see Alex, our favorite Russian hockey hottie, he’s a shell of his former self. He’s trying to keep it together for his teenage daughter Anya’s sake, but he never imagined a life without Stephanie and now he’s adrift in the sea, no longer a hockey player, no longer a husband…but a widower and a single dad whose grief is only a year old.

And Anya, she’s grown. Now a senior in high school, she’s becoming a hockey star in her own right and plans to go for the big leagues. But her school’s new athletic trainer might derail her plans. Lucas is only 22 and sets Anya aflame with a look, but students and faculty are forbidden to date, and neither wants to run their career…but they can’t stay away.


Just as Alex is beginning to see that his grief is overshadowing everything else in his life, including his daughter who needs him, a woman named Hannah walks into his life…and into his heart. But when he’s loved Stephanie for more than twenty years, wouldn’t it be a betrayal to bring another woman into her place? Could be open his heart enough for her to slip in? Or will the loss of Stephanie, his one great love, be the end of Alex?


By page two, I needed a break. Over the past two books, I’ve fallen in love with Alex and Steph; rooted for them to reunite after high school, praying he would overcome drug addiction to be a better man, hoping she would overcome her health issues to deliver Anya safely… for her to die and leave Alex behind almost felt wrong. We’ve been told that happily ever afters are the only way to write, but isn’t the fact that I straight up ugly cried in chapter one a testament to Loring’s writing? I mean, I became really emotionally attached to these wonderful characters that weren’t always perfect, but flawed and messy and so real, it was as if watching the death of someone you truly knew.


Even Anya, a new face as a young adult, made an impact. She lost her mother, and almost her father, while still following in his footsteps. And while her parents love began in high school and lasted through time, she didn’t know if she would be so lucky with Lucas, or if it was just a school girl crush.

I seriously love this series. The passion, the heartbreak, the reintroductions, and mystery of new love was all built so spectacularly, I’m so sad to see it go. But that’s the test of a truly good book; one you’ll be sorry to finally close, but pick up again later, when looking for a favorite read, ready to take the same adventure, and take it happily.


Outlandish Clan History Part 7

Hi! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with the 7th installment of Outlandish Clan History! You can read the previous 6 posts HERE on our Outlander page and see if your family, or your fav clans, are delved into. So, I hope you enjoy this post!

Clan Kennedy


  • Clan Motto: Avise la Fin- consider the end


This old lowland clan has quote the history! So let’s dive right in…

  • The family supported Robert the Bruce’s claim to the Scottish throne in 1372 and were later granted lands and a chiefdom by Robert II.
  • The Kennedy’s rapidly rose up in the ranks, staying close to the royal family. Gillbert Kennedy was even the regent to James III of Scotland when the young king was an infant.
  • One Kennedy, a mercenary named Hugh, even fought for Joan of Arc!
  • Dunure Castle was the original seat of the chiefs. It was built in the 13th century


Clan Douglas


  • Clan Motto: Jamais Mrrière- Never Behind
  • Clan War Cry: A Douglas! A Douglas!

Here’s a super ancient clan to explore that has so much history, you’ll want to look up the rest for yourself…

  • They got their name from the Douglas Water region in South Lanarkshire and were related to the Murry Clan.
  • They were one of the Lowland’s most influential clan, and are often acknowledged as being the true power behind the Scottish kings.
  • During the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Lord of Douglas, Sir William, fought against the English. But the English took his castle and made him swear allegiance to the crown. He totally did…but he had his fingers crossed behind his back while he did it and immediately joined William Wallace against the British. He later died for his “crimes” in the Tower of London.
  • Sir William had a son, who is widely known as “Black Douglas”. Black Douglas was friends with Robert the Bruce and was a top commander during the Scottish Wars of Independence. He was among the first to use guerrilla warfare against the British and was known for his brutality on the field. He’s even the topic of an English lullaby…
    • Hush ye, hush ye, little pet ye. Hush ye, hush ye, do not fret ye. The Black Douglas shall not get ye
  • by 1440 the Douglas clan were thought to be getting too powerful. So, the “Black Dinner” was held by William Crichton, the Lord Chancellor of Scotland. William was pretty mad that his power being usurped a bit by the Douglas clan, so he invited teenage Earl of Douglas, along with his little brother, to dinner where he served them the head of a black boar. Then, against King James II’s wished, the boys were beheaded. This was the inspiration for the “Red Wedding” in Game of Thrones!


Clan Wemyss


  • Clan Motto: Je Pense- I Think


Let’s take a look into the history of this lowland Scottish clan…

  • This ancient clan got their name from the caves in Wemyss, on the south coast of Fife and are descended from Celtic nobility, through the MacDuffs of Fife.
  • They originally pledged their allegiance to the English, but switched over to Robert the Bruce. In retaliation, the English sacked Wemyss Castle, their ancestral seat, but didn’t hold it long. Fun fact, Wemyss Castle is where Mary Queen of Scots met her husband Lord Darnley in 1565. (see castle below)
  • During the Jacobite uprisings of 1745, James Wemyss married a woman by the last name of Charteris and took to the side of the Jacobites. He stayed close to Prince Charlie, even fleeing to France with him, and his lands were taken by the crown. His second son took his mother’s name, Charteris, and joined their teensy clan.


Clan Cathcart


  • Clan Motto: I hope to speed


Are you a member of this lowland clan? Let’s learn a few things…

  • They get their names from the River Cart, a tributary of the River Clyde. The first chief was Rainaldus de Kethcart, who was noted in history in the 1170s.
  • During the Scottish Wars of Independence, they first caved to the English, but Alan de Cathcart’s wife was distantly related to the Bruce family, so they followed Robert the Bruce’s brother Edward into battle.
  • The Cathcarts were loyal to the English crown, by the time of the 1715 Jacobite risings and even lead the Royal Scots Greys against the Jacobites, which were troops of royal dragoons.
  • Their loyalty to the British made them successful and they were then made ambassadors to Russia, given command of the British army in Scotland, and given lands and titles for their continued successes in fighting for England in other wars.

Clan Grierson


  • Clan Motto: Hoc Securior- Safer by This


This lowland clan, which is related to the Gregor clan, has a nice little history…

  • It’s accepted that their name came from “Gregor” and was shifted over the years into it’s present form, but that is still under debate, as records in the 800s weren’t exactly perfect! But it is a face that the name, at one point, was “Grerson”.
  • In 1408 they came into possession of the lands in Lag and lived, and married, closely with Clan Douglas.
  • They fought alongside Mary Queen of Scots and James VI, giving them knighthoods, titles, and power.
  • One man, Robert Grierson, got quite the reputation. He was so viscous in his persecution of the Covenanter (Scottish Presbyterians that were thought to be against the Scottish crown) that he’s become a local legend. Known as “Cruel Lag”, he is said to have denied executed men time to prey and made pacts with the devil.

Clan MacTavish


  • Clan Motto: Non Oblitus- Not Forgetful
  • Clan War Cry: Cruach Mor!- Refers to a meeting place in their ancestral lands


I know this name is familiar to many of you! But let’s take a moment to learn a few things…

  • This ancient highland clan is as traditional as they come in many ways. It’s said they come from Taus, the illegitimate son of Colin Mael Maith, who claimed lineage from King Arthur. They’re also cousins of the Campbells and the McIvers, as the “fathers” of both clans were two other sons of Colin Mael Maith, which only the Campbell son being legitimate. I know, a bit confusing!
  • They stayed out of the Jacobite uprisings, for the most part, with some members independently fighting with the MacIntosh clan with the Jacobites. But that didn’t save them from the Highland Clearances…
  • However, unlike many chiefs, the leaders of the MacTavish clan’s didn’t sell off their lands, force their tenants to move, or mistreat them after the fall of the Jacobites. But many of the clan took on the Thompson/Thomson name to avoid persecution as highlanders.
  • Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate Graham McTavish! While I’m not 100% sure what his alliance is to Clan MacTavish, the Glasgow born actor is proud of his roots and his last name is an alternate spelling of this clan’s. If you know if he claims membership, let me know!

Clan Ruthven


  • Clan Motto:Deid Schaw- Deeds Show


This is a tidy little lowland clan for you to look at…

  • Hailing from Norse stock, they got their name from the old “Ruadhainn” lands in Perthshire in the 12th century.
  • In the 1200s then faked out the English, which is starting to look like a theme here, and later supported William Wallace and was rewarded handsomely.
  • Remember the Charterises we talked about a bit before? Well, that clan and the Ruthvens didn’t get along. The Charterises were given some land by Robert the Bruce, but the Ruthvens thought that land was theirs. Soooo when the Charterises came to Perth, the Ruthvens barred the gates and all attempts to take the town were unsuccessful.
  • By the 1700s the Ruthvens were basically gone from the public sphere and kept to themselves, as their line was taken over by distant cousins and the like.

Clan Primrose


  • Clan Motto: Fide et Fiducia- By Faith and Trust


Here are some fun facts about this lowland clan…

  • They come from the land of Primrose in Fife and the first recorded ancestor was Henry Primrose in 1490.
  • Henry’s grandson, Gilbert, was the personal chaplain to King James VI of Scotland and Charles I of England. He also later became the Dean of Windsor.
  • Mainly English supporters, like many lowland clans, they largely stayed out of the wars between Scotland and England. But at least one Primrose man was executed for being a Jacobite supporter.
  • Their ancestral seat is fairly modern, but totally gorgeous! Take a look at Dalmeny house, where the Primrose earls still live. PS some parts are available for rent, if you’re planning a Scottish wedding!


Clan Johnstone


  • Clan Motto: Nunquam Non Paratus- Never Unprepared


This border reiver clan has a fun little history…

  • In their early days, somewhere in the 7-800s, they were the most powerful and ruthless border clan. They were tasked with keeping watch over the English and often raided the English villages that crept close to the Scottish border.
  • But in the 1100s, their chief, John Johnstone, pledged his allegiance to the English crown and was gifted lands and made Warden of the border areas between the two countries. However, the Johnstones continued to only raid the English, never the Scottish.
  • Still, They did fight with their neighboring clans, particularly those of Clan Moffat. in 1557 the Johnstones wanted to end the feud once and for all. So they killed their chief and trapped a bunch of the Moffat members into a church before burning it to the ground. It decimated the clan and the Johnstones took their lands and holdings.

Clan Lennox


  • Clan Motto: I’ll Defend


This ancient earldom has a few fun facts surrounding it. So let’s take a look at their long history…

  • This Lowland name is so old, they are said to have came from the ancient Celts. Still, it’s under dispute how exactly they came to be. Some say it was from a Saxon lord marrying a Scottish heiress, while others have said that they were granted lands by a king. They may have also gotten their name from the Scottish Gaelic, for “smooth stream”, “Leven-ach”.
  • By the time of the Scottish Wars of Independence, they were one of the richest and most powerful nobles in Scotland. This is partly due to their ability to “bullshit” the English crown into thinking they were in support of them while actually backing Robert the Bruce.
  • In the 15th and 16th century, their power stared to falter. This is partly due to the Lennox heiress marring an English lord, whose family had a hand in murdering the Scottish King Jame’s brother. King James got revenge of them and the Lennox title was passed around Scotland and England. But in the 19th century, the title was restored.

Clan MacArthur/Arthur


  • Clan Motto: Fide Et Opera- By Fidelity and Work
  • Clan War Cry: Eisd! O Eisd!- Listen! Oh, Listen!

Here’s another old clan with a fun history!

  • This clan is one of the oldest Highland clans in history, claiming heritage alongside Clan Campbell. And although they’re old, they didn’t obtain vast amounts of land until Robert the Bruce rewarded them for their bravery and support during the Scottish Wars of Independence.
  • Butttt their power was short lived, as in 1427, the popular MacArthur chief was beheaded by King James as a show of power. As a result, the clan lost much of it’s land.
  • In 1771 the clan chief died without an heir, and the clan was without a leader for more than 200 years until a Canadian man claimed the title in 2003. What a lucky guy!

Clan Spens


  • Clan Motto:Si Deus Quis Contra-If God is for us, who is against us


This Lowland clan, part of which is a sept of Clan MacDuff, has an old history as well!

  • The Spens came to be in in the late 1000’s when William the Conquer came to England, bringing with him a Normal knight named Robert d’Abbetot. Robert was made a steward in Scotland, the old French of that title being “Spens”.
  • Going forward, members of the clan supported the English and the Scottish in turn, often playing both sides for power. But by the 15th century, they were firmly in support of the Scottish Crown, taking roles of bodyguards to King James, making affluent marriages to other Scotish nobles, and taking over various church positions.
  • Later, they were sent to Sweden as ambassadors in the late 1500s, where they rose through the ranks to become Swedish nobility, as Count Spens.

Clan Hannay


  • Clan Motto:Per Ardua Ad Alta- Through difficulties to Heaven


Let’s clan about Clan Hannay, who one of my favorite plaid patterns…

  • The Hannay are an ancient family that came from old Galloway nobles, but because a true clan sometime in the 1200s.
  • During the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Hannays were skeptical of Robert the Bruce and opted to support John Balliol for the crown. Balliol was a distant cousin of the Hannays, as they both came from Galloway nobles.
  • They continued to amass power until they butted heads with Clan Murray. The Murrays crushed them in their many feuds and the Hannays lost all power.
  • Sorbie Tower was their ancestral seat for years and is open for exploration today, for free.

Clan Grant


  • Clan Motto: Craig Elachie – refers to a rallying point in time of war
  • Alternative Clan Motto: Stand Fast, Stand Sure

For our final clan of the day, lets learn about the Grants!

  • The ancestors came from Normandy with the early conquerors and was descended from Aplin, the father of the fist king of the Scots, Kenneth MacAlpin.
  • They became true Highland powerhouses when they supported both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, being rewarded with vast swatches of land.
  • They were such powerful forces, they often steamrolled other clans for coveted lands and castle, most notably Castle Grant, which had first belonged to Clan Comyn.
  • But they also made powerful allies, such as Clan Gordon and Clan Gregor, keeping them in power though wit, as well as force.
  • For the most part, they supported the English Crown during the Jacobite Rebellions, with only small factions fighting for the Jacobites. This was a smart move in maintaining their power and place in Scotland, as they weren’t affected by the Highland Clearances and were even given a spot on the Black Watch.
  • Going back to Castle Grant, it’s said to be haunted by Lady Barbara Grant, who died of a broken heart after being imprisoned in order to keep her from marrying the wrong man.



That’s it! Maybe I’ll do a part 8, but that’s really dependent on what you guys think. Do you want a part 8? Are there other clans I haven’t talked about that you’re interested in? Let me know! But check the past 6 parts HERE before naming them, in case I’ve already discussed them.

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE. Both of them come in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.