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Which Claire Are You?

We’ve given you many quizzes (that you can see by clicking HERE) but we haven’t given you this! Claire lives many lives, a WWII nurse, dutiful wife, feisty wife, Scottish lady, French court member, and so many more we won’t name because many of you lovely readers are still traveling though the books.

So pick some numbers and find out which of Claire’s lives you would live! Do you belong in high society France? As lady of Lallybroch? In the 1940s in post-war Europe? Or maybe in the season 3 location? (PS if you don’t know where the cast of characters go in season 3, this quiz will contain a teensy bit of spoilers)

Remember, take note of each number you choose and choose honestly!


1. Which of the above outfits would you wear for a first date?

  1. #1 since I expect to be wined and dined.
  2. #2 so I can have something comfortable for a night on the town.
  3. #3 since I’m a fan of functional fashion and want to be active on my date.
  4. #4 because I want to be cozy and cute.


2. It’s time to pack a bag and go on vacation! What luxurious place will you go?

  1. Florence, Italy. The food and architecture are to die for!
  2. New York City, USA. Shows, dancing, music…it has it all!
  3. A cruise around the Mediterranean. Lots to see and do!
  4. Switzerland. There’s culture and some killer mountains to tackle!


3. Which of these is your dream job?

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Musician
  3. Some Kind of Scientist
  4. Animal Rescue Specialist


4. Time for a stiff drink!  Pick something that packs a punch.

  1. Champagne in a gold-rimmed glass
  2. Between the Sheets-a refreshing, citrus brandy and rum concoction
  3. A Pina Colata with fresh fruits
  4. Blue Blazer-a form of hot toddy that’s meant to be sipped

5. Now, how about a drink to hydrate after last night?

  1. Hot Chocolate is always tasty
  2. Just a soda, thanks
  3. Fruit juice would be nice
  4. Just a cup of tea, please


6. You’re shopping for a house, which one speaks to you?

  1. A lovely chateau with lots of character
  2. A perfect suburban home in a good school district
  3. A house on the water, complete with a dock
  4. A charming historic home with a garden


7. It’s raining out, so you pick out a book to read. Which do you choose?

  1. The Counte of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Odyssey by Homer
  4. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien


8. Which dog would you like to adopt?

  1. A fluffy spaniel
  2. A playful beagle
  3. A golden retriever
  4. A border collie


9. Pick an above pair of shoes for summer!

  1. #1. Those classic lace ones!
  2. #2. Those pretty blue pair!
  3. #3. The brown ones for daily wear!
  4. #4. The stitched set for adorable comfort!


10. What kind of flower would you most like to receive?

  1. Pale pink dog roses
  2. White gardenias
  3. Yellow Gorses
  4. Colorful hibiscus


11. Finally, pick the qualities you’d like in a man!

  1. A great sense of style and some cash to back it up!
  2. A stable fellow with a good job and a mind for family.
  3. A strong man who’s good with his hands.
  4. A love of adventure and great sense of direction.

All done! Now match up what numbers you got the most of with the key below. If you have a tie, I guess you get two live two lives!

Mostly #1s-You Belong in France


They don’t call it “French Kissing” for nothing! So pucker up and get your corset on for a French adventure that may involve more than a few assassination attempts.

Mostly #2s-You Belong in the 1940’s


With your timeless taste and fondness for the classics, you belong in the 1940s. Who doesn’t love those flowing dresses and the old school ways of courtship?

Mostly #3s-You Belong in Jamaica


Set sail for romance and warmer seas because you belong in Jamaica! Prepare for fancy parties, voodoo curses, and a long voyage. Hope you don’t get sea sick!

Mostly #4s-You Belong in Scotland


Turns out you’re a fan of the great outdoors and amazing accents! Much like Claire, you’re about to live a life full of kilts, whisky, and castles. Cheers to you!

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PS-if you like my Outlander posts, you’ll love my books! I have a Scottish historical romance series titled The Scottish Stone Series. Book one, Queen of Emeralds, is the thrilling tale of a British lady’s fight for freedom and the Scot who will either save or ruin her and you can get that HERE. BTW it’s now on sale for 99cents!! The Amethyst Bride, book two which is available HERE, follows a woman’s life as she decides between the British gentleman who can offer her the world and the Scottish warrior who can offer her passion.

But if contemporary romances are more your thing, Sarah and I will deliver!


The Non-Disclosure Agreement is available HERE

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Walking in Fire

This book has been sitting in my kindle, waiting to be read for quite some time. But between work, a toddler, and editing my own books, I’ve been terrible neglectful. However, I finally got some time to crack open this lovely read, and let’s just say that it brightened my weekend.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Paranormal Vacation Romance

Freckle faced Melia Carson is the first star we truly meet. She’s a young chef and terribly likable, but also terribly heartbroken. She hopes that the warm waters and pure sands of Kona can heal it…or maybe the hot Polynesian man with the golden, tattooed skin would have a better chance of doing in. She sure as hell would let him try, if only she thought the Hawaiian god of a man would be interested.


David “Malu” Ho’omalu isn’t cruising the island looking for mainland babes on vacation, something he has no problem finding. He’s on a mission to save his people, and plans on using his special skills in order to accomplish his task. Drugs have invaded his peaceful domain and the help of one magnetic, freckled tourist may help him stop the deadly invasion before it’s too late…and maybe help him clear his name in the process.


I enjoy a bit of history and facts with my story, when the plot allows, and it’s clear that Cade has done her research about Hawaiian customs and language. While the location is made up, you still get the feel of the islands with every page. Including the language and culture was done, most importantly, in a very respectful manner.

Overall, this book was literally the perfect one to take to the beach. Why not sit on the sand alongside Melia or swim in turquoise water with Malu, who in my head looks exactly like Jason Momoa? But if you aren’t living seaside, you certainly feel it when you read Walking in Fire. But beside the beautiful scenery, there’s a lot of action and intrigue, making it a bit different than the usual (hot vacation spot+hot guy+hot sex=hot romance). It goes a bit deeper, something I can’t find any issue with! So pick up a copy HERE and enjoy your vacation.


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Why We Love Outlander?

I know a lot of you started with the books close to 20 years ago and then there are some, like me, who are new to the series. So what about the series, the show, the world…completely takes us away? I’ve talked to many fans and I think I have some of the answers.

  1. Jamie Alexander Macolm MacKenzie Fraser. There is not enough time nor enough space to talk about how amazing Jamie is, so I’m going to briefly summarize it. He is the man we all wish we could marry, dream about sleeping with, and hope to wake up to. He can plan an elaborate war to try and save his people, while keeping track of your cycle. And why is that? Because he cares. He is a perfect mix of manly strength, sensitivity, and kilted fashion. Jamie always says the right thing (to bed or to sleep) and he does it with bedroom eyes, a smirk, and complete seriousness at the same time.


2. Claire Fraser. Jamie wouldn’t be able to be himself without the woman who makes it possible. I don’t think he’d be the man he is if he were with…I don’t know, maybe Leghair (Laoghaire). But what about Claire makes the series. It isn’t just Catriona’s portrayal, which was perfect, it is the way Claire lives her life. She fights for what she believes in, who she believes in, and plows through any obstacle. Somehow, she manages, in my opinion, to remain loyal to Frank and Jamie in her own way. We could argue about this, but just appreciate the woman who kept both wedding rings on because of how she cared for each and the life she had with them. She also isn’t satisfied with fine. Claire was an army nurse and could have stayed as such. Nope, that wasn’t enough for her. She becomes a badass surgeon.


3. This may just be my opinion, but I think the history makes the series better. A lot of what we’re reading about really happened, is based off of real situations in the time period, or are loosely based off legends or stories. Diana researched every single thing about this series and I respect that but it also gives a magical story about traveling stones some authenticity. If the stones could exist in this world, then who are we to keep from caressing every giant stone in Scotland? I think the history gives the series a realism that is often neglected for artistic liberties. Also, Jamie Fraser was a real person!


4. The side characters are not forgotten and brilliantly portrayed. There are characters throughout the series that are able to make an impact with such little roles. Who doesn’t love Angus and Rupert? Personally, they distracted me so much I would look for them in the background because their comedic timing was perfect. What about Jenny and Ian? Jenny had some of the best lines in the whole thing if you ask me. How about Louise and her “honey pot.” We will never be able to look at Winnie the Pooh the same way.


5. But one of the best things about this series is Murtagh. Now, bear with me here. I’m in love with Dougal, most people worship Jamie, and I’d say we’re all right. But there is something about Murtagh. You have to love a man who carries a torch for a woman for as long as he did. Snape loved Lily for just as long…yet he treated her son like crap. Murtagh, he cared for Jamie like his own son and didn’t despise him on principal. He trusts Jamie, he’s good to Claire, and he treats other people the same. He makes slurry comments about the king on his “throne” just like he does a bum. He is the most realistic character in the story. His reliability, his heart, his AMAZING dancing skills, and his determination make him one of the most amazing parts of this story.

giphy (4)

6. The locations. I have personally been to Scotland and it is a beautiful place but that’s not it. The story travels the world. Since most people read to be taken somewhere else, why not read a series that literally travels the world. Go to France, Italy, Scotland, America, Jamaica…so many places. It’s all in this series, it’s all researched, and it’s all beautifully done. Not to mention, it’s beautiful to watch on TV when so many of us don’t have the chance to visit all of these places. Well, we’d never be able to visit the time period so it’s a nice snapshot.


7. The fans. I really feel there is a sisterhood of fans. Yes, men are included too and we’ll give them a pass this time. However, it’s such a great feeling knowing there are so many women who not only love to talk about what men wear under their kilts, knee porn, and the elaborate ways we’d like to kill Laoghaire, but you are all also there for each other. I’ve seen so many women ask for prayers, or share their news and there are so many beautiful comments. Diana may have created this world we’d all give up almost anything to live in, but she also created a group of people drawn together by mutual love. There are few fandoms, if any, that even compare to the power and strength that comes with the Outlander fans.


About the Author

Sarah Fischer is a background investigator and a romance novelist in her spare time. Her first book, First Semester, follows Violet as she navigates the halls of college, and the hearts of a few men who catch her eye. As of now, it is 99 cents. Book 2, Second Snowfall is also out now if you felt like binge reading.

Purchase Links

First Semester-

Second Snowfall-

If contemporary isn’t your thing, I don’t blame you. I worshiped only historical romances for a long time. Within the last three years I’ve really begun appreciating the contemporary world. But…other than Outlander, if you’re in a historical mood, Kelsey McKnight, my blog mate, has a historical series that takes place in England and Scotland as two ladies fight for their lives and the men they’d like to run through the heather with.

Purchase Links

Queen of Emeralds-

The Amethyst Bride-


book review

Brogan’s Promise

It’s no secret that I’ve been a huge Suzan Tisdale for years. So when I was accepted as a member of her early review team, I was thrilled! Now, here’s the latest in Scottish romance, Brogan’s Promise.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Scottish Romance

When we first meet Mairghread Mactavish, she’s drunk as a sunk and lamenting the loss of her family. She contemplates suicide, but knows that if she took her own life, she could be banished from heaven and would never see her husband and child again. She was once a beautiful and kind maiden who had the world at her feet, and her fall was such, her maid Gertie hatches a plan.

Gertie is the quintessential wing woman. She sees Mairghread in pain and on the cusp of being forced into marrying a terrible, brutish man. So she calls on Borgan of Clan Mackintosh to wife her up before it’s too late. You see, he’s also nursing a wounded heart after the death of his late wife. But Gertie won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and pushes the pair together “by accident” and when Brogan hears the true identity of the man Mairghread is to marry, he warms to the idea of taking a new wife, if only to save her from The Frenchman’s clutches, as he’s known for being less than kind to his wives.


What follows is a very bumpy road for the pair. Mairghread’s drinking is causing her more grief as Brogan tries to help her find her footing in their new world. He’s kind, charming, patient, and forgives Mairghread for all her faults. Luckily, his extremely lovely, and familiar, family is there to assist them. But there is only so much they can do when a dastardly villain comes to wreck everything they’ve began to build.

Overall, this is another fantastic book that’s great for a beach read, albeit a bit on the emotional side at times. You’ll love Brogan, get annoyed with Mairghread, gasp at the drama, and grin at the little bits of comedy that are peppered in through the dramatic plot.

PS, when you go to Amazon to buy Brogan’s Promise HERE, which I know you will, you’ll see some one star reviews. Don’t even think of them. Amazon messed up something along the way and this book book was sent out to many happy readers only to be shown as a few random pages. The one stars are in no way a reflection of this wonderful book and it’s amazingly talented author.


book review

Second Snowfall- New Release by Sarah Fischer 

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that the second book in my college romantic suspense series is out and ready for you all! If you like hot firefighters or the secretly delicious computer nerd, then this is the book for you. 

It stars Annabelle. She is the best friend of the star of book 1, Violet. It does have a new romance so feel free to give it a try if you haven’t read book 1. However, First Semester is on sale for .99 cents so this is the perfect time to pick it up. 


Amazon UK-

Amazon CA-

I hope you enjoy this series and I hope it either takes you back to a time where you were able to let loose and really enjoy yourself or it gives you the opportunity to live through the characters who do