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Gilmore Girls Revival Video

I couldn’t help it! I made a video for Gilmore Girls because I just had too much to say. Also, we have a new youtube channel for the blog. Interested? Check out the link?

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Gilmore Girl’s Review

Okay, I have waited long enough and I hope you have all (or at least those who are interested) seen the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. For those who haven’t, I recommend you stop reading because there will be a lot of SPOILERS.


Heat Level: ♥♥

Genre: Netflix Event

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

The show starts in Winter where we see Rory Gilmore homeless and most importantly, underwearless. She, like many people these days, didn’t have the greatest experience in the job market and is now desperately searching for her place in the world. However, Rory is fighting to hold onto her old life. She keeps the same boring and forgettable boyfriend and is actively on the hunt for a job or work as a journalist. Funny enough, that was pretty much how the tv series left her before going off on the campaign trail. The only thing different, Rory has gotten a little lose with her morals.

I am not a fan of Rory and Logan spending their evenings together, if you catch my drift. I don’t think cheating is the way to go. It would be one thing if Rory didn’t know about Logan’s fiance Odette (love the name) but she does and chooses to ignore it. Then, the ever critical Lorelai doesn’t really say anything about it. At least when Rory and Dean had their slip, Lorelai laid into Rory. True, Rory is grown up. However, I didn’t ever expect for her to hold her tongue.

Speaking of Rory boyfriends, I have always been a fan of Jess. We see him later in the seasons and his book press is still going strong and so are his muscles. He looked good! There was a moment when he starred long at Rory without her knowledge, but that was it. Come on! There had better be more to that story! I am a hardcore Jess and Rory shipper.


However, I think we all know the problem with them. Rory announces to Lorelai that she is pregnant. The interesting thing about this is that she and Logan were the last ones to be together. This of course was when they were saying goodbye to each other.  Lorelai kept making comments about the world coming full circle. Now, Rory is the one in Stars Hollow with no job, pregnant, and an absentee father. Heck, Logan doesn’t even live in the same country as her. Again, I hope that there is more to this story. That was quite a bombshell to drop right before ending the show.

But Rory did have her heartbreaking moment. Christopher has always been an anomaly to me. He always seemed like he wanted to be there. Then he shares with Rory that he wasn’t around because he didn’t want to fight with Lorelai because she was difficult. Rory finally heard the truth. He never fought for her and as a result, he wasn’t around. He made a choice and it wasn’t her. I don’t know about you, but I ugly cried. It was devastating to hear him try and explain away his actions. But the truth was, he still didn’t seem to find time for her.

Moving on to Lorelai. I did like that she and Luke didn’t feel the need to get married straight away. They were comfortable just being together. This is very reflective of the time. A lot of people think that marriage is a requirement but engagements tended to create problems for Lorelai. It was no surprise that when she and Luke decide to get married, they set the date for a month out. The best part of it all was how Lorelai came to the decision to marry. She became one with nature (sort of) and had a great introspective moment. She didn’t come to the decision lightly and she didn’t get cold feet. I think she was so sure about it because she took the time to live together and really learn how to be in a relationship. It also probably didn’t hurt that Christopher wasn’t around.

On to the wedding. This scene didn’t really make a lot of sense to me. I was waiting for Luke to say I knew you wouldn’t make it to tomorrow so I set it up early. How was her wedding perfectly set up when it wasn’t until the next day? Also, I’m gonna ask a question that will make me very unpopular. Where was April? Even when Lorelai was going over the list of guests, April wasn’t mentioned. Why have her in one scene, proving that there was a connection and then leave her out of their biggest day? I also wasn’t a big fan of the fact that Jess wasn’t at the last minute wedding. He and Luke finally seemed to figure out how to interact and he wasn’t called. They grabbed Michel from what I assumed would be his beauty sleep, so they definitely could have grabbed Jess.

On that negative note, I would love to talk about the wedding. It was beautiful and looked perfect. I liked the Alice and Wonderland theme. The gazebo was perfect and I had serious party envy. It was a beautiful moment between Luke and Lorelai and I was glad that they finally did it. Who hasn’t been cheering for them since the beginning?


Now for Emily. I think she was my favorite part of this whole thing. She dropped that perfect facade and found a way to be happy. I watched my Nana struggle to do the same after my grandfather died and the acting was amazing. Nothing will beat her walking down the stairs in jeans with holes in them. I also loved watching her do the whale killing monologue. It was horrifying and fantastic at the same time. She finally moved on and was a whole new person. I loved seeing that and Kelly Bishop played out the emotional struggle wonderfully.

I realize that this was one of my longer posts, but is there any other way to talk about the Gilmore Girls? I enjoyed the revival and I really hope there is more. As of now, I couldn’t find anyone saying that there will be a second season but hey, we never thought that there would be a first season so who knows. But, you can bet we’ll talk about it.

This is just the beginning of my feelings but I felt they were the most important. What did you think of the show?

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History behind Outlander

We’ve talked about some of the old phrases and legends, but we haven’t delved a ton into the history. So let’s chat about the real life figures and topics that Diana Gabaldon brought into her Outlander Series. But, don’t worry, this will only talk about some of the historical facts surrounding the first two seasons on Starz, so no spoilers this week!



Now, we all heard the term used many times in the series so far, but what are the Jacobites, truly? Let’s go back to the infamous Henry VIII, ya know, the one who wanted to tap Anne Boleyn so bad that he enforced a country wide religion? Anyways, Catholicism was still believed to be the one true religion by many. So when Catholic Charlies Stuart (AKA Bonny Prince Charlie) decided to take the throne, the Scots were all about bringing that sweet Catholicism back. And where did the term “Jacobite” come from? It comes from the Laitin name for James, “Jacobus”. James II of England was the last Catholic monarch of England before being tossed out in 1688.

Bonny Charlie…


…wasn’t so bonny. I mean, look at him. Just look at that weak chinned little biotch. No wonder he left poor Jamie to rally the troops. I’d follow the hell out of our favorite Fraser, but I can’t take that fancy boy seriously. And, in real life, Charlie was also an alcoholic who cheated on his wife with many women when he wasn’t busy beating her. Yikes.

Jealous of that hand?

Geillis Duncan


That’s right, ol’ Geillis has a basis in history, mainly the North Berwick Witch Trials with the name Gillis Duncan. You see, in 1590, Gillis was a lowly maid who’s employer saw her sneaking out at night and thought she had a knack for healing people. Instead of thinking she was just meeting a boyfriend and happened to have a nice bedside manner, she was obviously a witch. Under torture, she “confessed” and “outed” several other people for conspiring with the devil. Not that great for her.

unfortunately, yes.

Comte de St. Germain


This is full of fun facts. We read/watched him as a total asshat who got what he deserved when he sipped some hidden poison. In reality, he is still bathed in mystery, but is known as a musician, philosopher, scientist, and someone who dabbled in the occult. No one knows for certain where he came from, but he asserted that he was a lost prince of Transylvania and even that he was upwards of 500 years old…perhaps a real life time traveler? Well, he is registered as dying at 88 years of age, but strangely, he left little behind, as if all his gemstones and money had vanished…

How curious

The Kilted Horseback Riding


When one thinks of Outlander, one imagines Jamie riding horseback in his kilt, looking resplendent. But what’s up with the kilt? And, more importantly, how the hell did they ride with nothing beneath it? As someone who rode horses competitively for years, all I can say is ow! Riding for hours a day in riding pants was tough enough on the thighs sometimes, but I can’t imagine going at it with no protection at all. The truth of the matter is, while kilts give us romance and embody the Scot, Scottish men rarely wore kilts while riding. Instead, they wore tartan trews, which were much more practical. Rough, I know.


Louise de Rohan

Her real name was Marie Louise de La Tour d’Auvergne and, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a valid portrait of what she looked like. If you have seen one, please, let me know. Anyways, as in the show, she was married to a guy who was off with the French army and Louise was gettin’ bonny with Charles Stuart. When she got pregnant, she also banged her husband so she could try to hide who the child’s father really was. Generally, affairs were pretty commonplace in nobility, so Louise’s husband didn’t really care who was up her petticoats. But, her affair with Charles had to come to an end, and after their love child died in infancy, she began shying away from court life. A far cry from the vivacious woman Claire meets in France. No word on the state of her public hair, either.




While it was a hilarious scene on the show, these array of fake penises wasn’t just a ploy for some comic relief. Dildos have been around for at least 30,000 years. Crazy, right? Well, the first ones were made out of wood, rocks, and basically anything else that even resembled a cock and balls. Considering the potential splintering that could occur in the early years, Charlie’s glee on seeing a fancy French one is a little more understandable.

Louis XV of France


We know the king as a lofty gentleman who has a great interest in the occult and banged Claire for like 5 seconds in order to secure Jamie’s freedom. In real life, he’s been credited as lowering the bar for French royals and sparking the initial stirrings of the French revolution. While there’s no proof that he participated in magic, there are rumors that he had a bit of an interest, due to the fact that he survived a childhood illness and a later assassination attempt. Some scholars support this, as he was unusually nonreligious, but I suppose we’ll never know. PS. it actually was common to watch the King do literally everything, even take a shit. Being in the king’s “private” chambers was actually coveted. If you got to hold the royal stockings or have a front row seat to toilet time, you would be the envy of all your peers!

Ya got around the block, so I’ll pass

The Destruction of the Highlanders


After the Jacobite revolution, which failed, England was in a hurry to destroy the clan system that rose up with Charlie. So, they outlawed the tartan kilts and bearing of arms of the Scottish people, basically spoiling a large part of Highland culture. This went on for about 50 years, until some regiments of the British army took on tartan as a symbol and later in the 1820s when kilts and tartans were used as a fashion statement by the British elite. But, by then, the common Scottish people stopped wearing the kilt, as they had been forced to abandon it for several generations. The fact that clans, tartans, and the traditional Highland way of life had been tampered with, weakened the overall population and the Highland identity. Mix that with the diaspora that followed the great famine, and you see the end of the Highanders as we know them. Of course, there were always some that kept the old ways, but it was a dangerous thing to do.



Let’s end this on a positive note; handfasting. Handfasting was practiced in many areas in the ancient world from the Celts to the Norse. The practice varied greatly, but would be done as an act of betrothal until a “proper” church marriage could be conduction. It often also stood in for a common law marriage, which would grant both parties full liberties as a husband a wife. The couple would have their clasped hands bound with a rope, ribbon, or strip of tartan while proclaiming their union. It’s actually where we get the modern phrase, “tie the knot”. The pair would then be given a year and a day to decide if they would stay married, ensuring that any children conceived during this time would be legitimate, but also giving both parties an out, if things didn’t work. Although that varied by area and time period. Another fun fact is that handfasting is seen as a legal marriage in Scotland, today!


That’s it for Outlander Saturday! Come back neck week for fun facts, book recommendations, gift guides, and more! If there’s anything in the Outlander world you’d like to know more about, let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll talk about it in another article.

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.


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The Braille Club Reborn

I’m back with the final book in The Braille Club Series. We’ve done The Braille Club, The Braille Club Unbound, The Braille Club Undone, and now we have The Braille Club Reborn, all by JA Kerr, a lovely British author who has created a whole new dark and sensual world that I had never thought possible. As this is the forth book in the series, I’ll try to avoid spoilers as much as possible!


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Romantic Suspense

We open the book to Nick, Siena’s ex husband. He has been released from custody, still thinking of nothing more than sweet revenge against Siena and her soulmate Benedict. Meanwhile, Siena and Benedict will stop at nothing to keep their family, especially their toddler twins, safe from Nick. They know Nick was the mastermind behind the attempt to kill their children, but don’t have enough proof to put Nick behind bars for good. So they stay enclosed within their estate, trying to heal.

As with the rest of the series, Siena and Benedict aren’t the only characters we focus on. We also see Guy again, who has taken his job as Benedict’s right hand man to heart, neglecting his relationship with Anna. Then there’s Niven and Matt, who are still hot and heavy, Evan and Chloe who do a dance of lust and rejection on a rotating basis. But the focus is, deservedly, still on Nick and his plans, as he stretches his wing and contemplates fleeing the country…but not before exacting his revenge.


Vague, I know, but how can you explain four books worth of sex, murder, fighting, growth, and secrets without giving too much away? You can’t. The only thing you can do is buy the series and be immersed in it fully. As someone once said about The Braille Club, it could be made into an HBO series that lasts years and there still won’t be enough time to do this series justice. It’s available for preorder now! A perfect little gift to put in your own stocking 😉


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Fantastic Beasts- Spoilers 

Who wants to discuss Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? 

I hope that enough of you took your time during the weekend to go and see the movie. If you did, this is a great time to talk about it. I am eager to discuss with you the specifics of the movie. I already did a vague post about how much I loved the movie but let’s talk about what made it work and what we liked about it. 

First, I loved Jacob. I thought it was fun that they used a nomag (nonmagic folk, instead of a muggle). Other than the Dursely’s and torture for fun, there weren’t a lot of interactions between the muggles and the wizarding world. We got to experience the magical world through a newbie’s eyes. Frankly, it’s been a long time since I first experienced the world so I loved that. 

It was also interesting to me that he was able to remember so much after being obliviated. But wouldn’t this create a problem? If he is starting to remember, why aren’t more people? Is it because he was involved in a lot more magic than the others were? I’m not sure but it makes me worry about people discovering magic. In other words, if anyone slightly remembers the possibility of magic being used, it may have happened in real life and you are fighting the oblivate spell. 

Now, who saw Creedance as the bad guy? I thought that maybe he was a wizard and that he was trying to hide it from his “mom.” I really thought that Modesty was the obscurity because she was unbelievably creepy. So that was a fun twist for me. However, I was a little disappointed with the name, Obscurity. One of the things I liked about Rowling is that she is crazy creative. This name, not so creative and sounds like someone had too much fun with the thesaurus. Then again, few things can beat Diagon Alley. 

But back to Creedance. How did you feel about the meetings with Colin Farrell? I feel like these were unbelievably uncomfortable. I thought he was going to do something inappropriate or disturbing. I don’t think that Farrell handled these meetings well. That being said, I loved the way Miller played the character. You could feel the awkward, the hurt, and the frustration almost pouring out of him. It is definitely different than The Flash. 

How about that CGI? Those animals looked amazing! I absolutely loved the little green guy, Pickett. He was adorable and kept showing up throughout the movie. He reminded me a bit of baby Groot. The thunderbird was beautiful but the snakes, Occamey, were my favorite. They could fill any space or shrink to fill a small amount of space. They were beautiful too and I love that their eggs are so valuable. I’m sure Hagrid would have loved one. What was your favorite? 

Did it bother anyone else that Queenie had a New York accent but her sister didn’t? That confused me. 

How did you guys like Johnny Depp showing up at the end? That totally took me by surprise. In all the previews, I was made to think Farrell was the good guy. It was perfect marketing because I was not expecting to see him as a bad guy. Changing into Grindewall was so perfect. I can’t wait to see how he breaks out of the prison in New York. Let’s just hope it’s a bit more secure than Azcaban. 

What are your thoughts on the movie? 


Quiz: What Would You Do In 18th Century Scotland?

So, you’ve packed up all you clothes, learned the language, read up on the legends, and got your man. But what about when you travel through the stones and get there? What kind of life will you lead? Answer these questions, tally up the scores, and find out what “job” your past holds. And, donna fash, this is a spoiler-less post!


  • You are able to buy a small business. What do you do?
    • Hire someone else to manage it. You can’t busy yourself with trivial manners. Sit back and let the checks roll in. – 20 points
    • Throw yourself into your work. This is your baby! – 30 points
    • Sell it as soon as possible. You don’t want to be tied down in one place. – 40 points
    • Use it as a front for your real business.Wink Wink. – 10 points


  • How are you in the kitchen?
    • I can feed myself. – 40 points
    • Some might say that my dishes are quite delicious. – 30 points
    • Why? Care to sample my sweetmeats? – 10 points
    • The house would burn down and we would all perish in the subsequent fire. – 20 points


  • Someone’s been in an accident and you’re the only witness. What do you do?
    • Rush to the scene and do your best to help them. – 30 points
    • Call for more assistance. You’re not qualified for this! – 40 points
    • Is there blood? No thank you. These pants are dry clean only. – 20 points
    • Run away! You don’t want anything to do with it. – 10 points


  • How do you spend your day off?
    • At the gym, getting ripped. – 40 points
    • Lazing about in bed. Work is exhausting. – 10 points
    • Going out with my friends. – 20 points
    • Reading. I have a whole stack of books to finish. – 30 points


  • What’s your ideal first date?
    • Netflix and Chill. – 10 points
    • Rock climbing or paintball. 40 points
    • Going to a museum. – 30 points
    • Dinner and a show. – 20 points


  • How do you do with change?
    • I hate it. Things should be just as they were. – 20 points
    • With the right perks, I’m fine with anything. – 10 points
    • I go with the flow well enough. – 30 points
    • I change when change is needed. – 40 points


  • What is your dream house like?
    • A nice apartment in the heart of the city – 10 points
    • A country home with lots of land. – 40 points
    • A modern house with plenty of bedrooms. – 20 points
    • A cozy cottage with a nice garden. – 30 points.


  • Where would you love to travel to?
    • Japan. – 40 points
    • Paris. – 10 points
    • The Maldives. – 20 points
    • Greece. – 30 points


All done! Tally up your numbers and see what you might be up to once you go through the stones. But don’t worry, while we know you can’t change the future, you might at least be able to change your job.

80-130 Points-A Prostitute


You want to just relax in the brothel with your friends and have rich guys buy fancy French dildos from you. No shame in that game for a hot young thing like yourself! Just think, the king may even come to call, and you know he tips the best!

140-210 Points-Lord or Lady of the manor


You’re not used to getting your hands dirty, nor will you, when there are plenty of peasants to order about. And there’s another bright side to being of royal blood…there’s one Laird of Lallybrock who might come to tea…or someone might poison you for your riches…cheers!

220-290 Points-The Healer


You like to take manners into your own hands, not always trusting others to do things for you. People trust you, rely on you, and come to you when they need help. While some people might crack under the pressure, you take it all in stride. Of course it always helps to have a hot Scot by your side! Or you might be burned as a with.

300-340 Points-A Warrior


First on the scene, you’re always in the thick of it. Your bravery serves you well, although you’re often over your head. Still, with the Frasers by your side, you can’t go wrong! So make sure you pack a dirk before going on your travels.

Did you get the job you wanted? Let us know in the comments and come back next week for more Outlander goodness!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.


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Isle of the Blessed

This afternoon I have a fun little novel titled Isle of the Blessed by Suzan Tisdale. As always, this historical Scottish romance was everything I needed it to be and more.


Heat Level:♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Romance

This tale begins many years ago when a soldier dies in combat, leaving a sword hidden as a last love letter to his wife Theodosia. Decades later, the sword is passed through generations, finally coming to a young girl named Josephine, or Joie, upon the death of her mother. She is sword to never speak of the blade to anyone, only giving it to her true love. It’s a task easier said than done when Joie is abused by her father and brother Helmert.

Graeme hasn’t been home to Scotland in years, but is called back when his father commands him to marry Josephine. While Graeme remembers her as a slight girl who was often in hiding from her brother, nothing like the worldly woman with vast intellect he dreamed of. So he shirked his betrothal duties, only getting the sense knocked into him by his older brother, who was angered with the way Joie had been treated, along with her friend Laurin, who had been sexually abused by Helmert and his friends. At first, Graeme isn’t concerned with the tales he heard about Helmert’s cruelty, but once he sees it for himself, he finally understands everything. He feels terrible at not coming to collect Joie sooner


Soon, Joie and Laurin are on their way to their new lives with Graeme. But there’s still the question of the hidden sword. While Graeme may have grown into a handsome and noble man, Joie still isn’t sure if she can trust him, or if he’ll ever be worthy of the legendary blade. And what of Helmert and his band of lackeys?

As always, I was completely in love with Tisdale’s book. You hated Helmert, your heart broke for Joie and Laurin, and you questioned Graeme and his plans. Honestly, you can never go wrong with any of Tisdale’s book, and this was no exception. There’s much more to the story than the little taste I just gave you, so I implore you to go pick up a copy of Isle of the Blessed and see for yourself.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-No Spoilers 

I am a diehard Harry Potter fan. I’ve been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I’ve been the chosen one who gets to have a wand pick them.


6/6 Glass Slippers

So when I saw J.K. Rowling was coming out with more movies, I fangirled out and purchased a ticket to the first showing. I’ll be doing two posts, one talking about the movie with no spoilers, and a second post for those of you who want to discuss it.

First, I love Eddie Redmayne. I thought he was amazing in Les Miserable and The Theory of Everything. But I was a little concerned about how he’d fit into the wizarding world. After seeing the movie, I have to say he was perfect. His character was completely different than roles he has played before and it still suited him perfectly. Plus, his hair was fabulous.

The rest of the cast, including Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller, were great and perfectly suited for their roles.

When you go into the theater, you need to prepare yourself for one thing. You’re going to laugh. The people around you will laugh. There may even be someone who snorts. Don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal as the movie is hysterical.

All in all, the beasts that Newt takes care of were wonderfully animated and he actually interacts with them. I never doubted that they were real and frankly, there are a few I’d like to take home.

One of the things I liked most about the movie was that a whole new culture was created. There are new words, new spells, new laws, a new ministry, and a whole new way of living. This world is as creative as the one across the pond through Platform 9 3/4.

This was a great extension of the world that Rowling created but it is by no means another Harry Potter movie. Do not go in expecting that. There are references to the series, but it is separate. Most importantly, it takes place in the twenties, and who doesn’t love a good speak easy?

The movie is just over two hours so it isn’t as long as the Potter series. However, it was by no means lacking in twists, turns, drama, and destructive chase scenes.

I loved the movie and I can’t wait to see the next one. That’s right…there will be more.

After you’ve seen the movie, look at my second post so that we can talk specifics!


book review

Peace in the Storm

Peace in the Storm is a second chance romance novel from an author named Seven Steps.


Heat Level: ♥

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Wholesome Interracial Romance

The book opens with Lisa turning down a marriage proposal from Henry before their family and friends. On paper, Henry is the bees knees; handsome, well-off, caring, supportive, everything you would want in a life partner. Except, Lisa isn’t in love with him. She’s still nursing the emotional wounds infliction upon her by her ex husband, Chase. In an effort to regain her happiness, Lisa goes on  vacation to Jamaica with her best friend Trish, hoping it will erase the pain of past few years of her life. Chase has been forced on vacation to Jamaica, something that the business mogul despises. But he thinks that his trip might get a bit more interesting when his ex wife Lisa walks into his life again and they’re forced to work together in order to save their lives. Talk about an awkward vacation.


I wanted to enjoy this book, and I mostly did, but there were just too many issues. First of all, Lisa is hugely successful in her personal life and has pushed away two attractive, rich, and caring men away for seemingly little reason. Her negative attitude made me wonder what these men saw in her personality. But, maybe disliking her is what makes it a “real” romance. However, the read was quick and the storyline largely very enjoyable.


New Book

Meet Drummond, Your New Hot Scot

You’ve met Conner and Charlotte from Queen of Emeralds, but that book is only one part in The Scottish Stone Series. The Amethyst Bride comes next and brings some new faces into the world of the original cast. The first character you’ll be introduced to? Drummond MacLeod MacGregor, who is one a tall drink of whiskey.


Standing at six and half feet tall, Drummond, or “Drum” as his cousins call him, has thick, wavy brown hair and bright green eyes that seem to glow like a cat’s in the dark. While many think he’s a total dreamboat, he does have some scarring on his arm and chest from a fire, where he saved a barn full of animals during a clan feud. Hear that, ladies? He loves all God’s creatures. Anyways, Drummond is also broad shouldered, thick armed, and is generally a gentle giant who doesn’t care to speak unless he has something of importance to say. Still, he’ll defend his clan and his family to the end, something he has to do as a loyal, but relatively poor, Highland warrior.

But Drummond isn’t just some silent hardbody with muscles of steel and a carefully placed kilt; he’s an artist at heart. He’s well known in the highlands for having a beautiful voice, something that he uses stay connected to the MacGregor clan. Close your eyes and listen to this traditional MacGregor lullaby, Bá bá mo leanabh beag, while imagining it being sung to you by a #HotScot in naught but a kilt and eyes for you.

His velvety pipes and mournful music brings more than one woman coming to call on the handsome Scot. His skill as a singer has also translated into the ability to come up with some simple, but effective, romantic lines that could make all the ladies of the ball clutch their pearls and fan themselves with wild abandon.

However, Drummond isn’t some flippant dandy who gropes the maids and gambles his savings away like some of the British men. Once he finds a woman to bring home to the Highlands, that’s it; she is his and he is hers in this life and the next.


Does Drummond sound like your kind of man? Or are you a “Drum” and have the ability to croon sweet Gaelic ballads? If so, please let me know in the comments! As a bonus, here’s a wonderful version of Óró sé do hbeatha abhaile. While it is a traditional Irish song, it does have some ties to the Jacobites.

So to sum up Drummond in five tartan clad words: Large, Attractive, Talented, Loyal, and Soulful. Keep coming back to find out more about The Amethyst Bride and the rest of The Scottish Stone Series and check out Kelsey’s About page!