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Tule Ebook Sale

Every so often, Tule Publishing sets up a sale to beat all sales. For January, they’re hosting a special 50% off sale on all their available ebooks, which you can download to read on any of your favorite platforms! All you need to do is visit their online shop and use the code JANUARYSALE at checkout.

That’s right, sweet holiday romances, steamy westerns, magical tales, and contemporary mysteries by dozens of wonderful authors are all 50% off. While this sale doesn’t count towards our upcoming releases (Operation Valentine and To Wrangle a Rancher) it does apply towards all of our currently available books!

Visit the Tule online bookstore HERE and don’t forget to use the code JANUARYSALE at checkout!

And to remind you which of our currently available books you might want to add to your ebook library, here they are!

A dog rescuer with big dreams meets a photojournalist whose big dreams have just been crushed. Can they come together to build a life they both can be proud of, or was it nothing but a fall fling?

Falling in Puppy Love is sweet, full of fall magic, and available HERE

A sassy southern bell and a royal on the run begin to fall in love, but the weight of the crown might be too much for either of them to bear. The pair must figure out if they belong together before the ball drops on New Years Eve.

Royally Abandoned is Sweet, Christmassy, and available HERE

Mrs. Claus is tired of seeing her only son spend every Christmas alone, and uses her own brand of holiday magic to find him a match. But when he discovers her plot, he’ll have to rethink his budding romance.

Cupid Claus is sweet, magical, and available HERE

An American girl goes to Scotland for her BFF’s beautiful, Highland wedding. But an entanglement with the best man, a castle full of secrets, and her own messy life complicates things in ways she never imagined.

What Happens in the Highlands is steamy, funny, and available HERE

A whisky heiress with a love of art finds inspiration with a childhood friend who has really grown up since their days by the loch. But after a tragedy that rocked both their worlds, she’s afraid to ever love again

What Happens in the Ruins is steamy, touching, and available HERE

An American midwife goes to Scotland for a wedding and a baby in the wake of a terrible breakup. When her ex follows her to the Highlands, a fake boyfriend might be just the thing to shake him loose.

What Happens in the Castle is steamy, witty, and available HERE

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Publisher’s Weekly Review

Getting a review from Publisher’s Weekly is always such a nail biter. Will the reviewer love it? Hate it? Or ignore the book altogether? I was lucky enough to have them review To Wrangle a Rancher and have a few lovely things to say about book one in The Hollingsworth Sisters series.

McKnight (Falling in Puppy Love) launches her Hollingsworth Sisters series with a steamy if formulaic contemporary romance. After Olivia Hollingsworth is passed over for the role of vice president of her family’s publishing company, she heads to Montana to regroup while writing a feature on the renovation of her late grandmother’s farmhouse for one of the company’s magazines. Olivia’s plans are quashed, however, by the sight of grazing cattle tearing up the property’s rolling fields. Rancher Kit Granger’s abusive father left him with a mountain of debt that has forced him to sell off parcels of his family’s land. Having the use of the grazing pastures around his neighbor’s farmhouse has helped lessen the burden, but this long-standing agreement is thrown into jeopardy by Olivia’s arrival and renovation plans. Kit has no intention of agreeing to her demand that he remove his cows from her fields—not even after Olivia buys a date with him in a bachelor auction. The sexual tension between Olivia and Kit positively sizzles as the animosity between them gives way to heat. Meanwhile the colorful supporting cast, most notably a housebroken calf named Dog, adds charm. The red hot sex scenes and quirky townsfolk elevate this otherwise unremarkable rancher romance into a satisfying romp. (Feb.)

You can preorder your copy now on all major bookstore platforms HERE!

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Cuddle Up This Christmas

We did a Hanukkah romance novel post, which you can read here, but the holidays are filled with so many lovely novels to read. It’s nearly Christmas, so we need to give some new and old Christmas-themed books some love!

The Christmas Window by Melissa McClone

Doggie daycare owner Callie has her heart set on winning best window display in her town this Christmas season. Brandt doesn’t really want to be back in his small hometown for the holidays, but his meddling aunts have a heavy hand and love playing matchmaker. Can their romance survive the holiday rush?

Love at the Icicle Café by Denise N. Wheatley

Mina has fond memories of baking in the Icicle Café with her mom in Germany, but when her parents want to sell, she flies in to help. Chef Scott grew up with Mina and now works at the cafe. He wants to buy it, but can’t outbid the big hotel. Can the childhood friends come up with a compromise, or will their budding romance melt away?

The Christmas Sing Off by Sinclair Jayne

Retired pop star Shepard has returned to his Tennessee hometown to find inspiration, just in time to be drafted into helping with the Christmas festival. When songwriter Tyler comes home to help with the festival too, she’s paired with Shepard for the Christmas Carol Sing Of. But as she’s pulled into Shepard’s orbit, she begins to think he’s too out of her league.

Christmas With You by Nan Reinhardt

Retired actor Aiden’s returned to his family’s winery, where an old, local showboat catches his eye. He decides to refinish it during the holidays and buys it from single mom Holly, who he finds just as charming. Holly used to have a crush on Aiden when they were kids, and finds him hard to resist now. But life is messy and who’s the day he won’t be back in Hollywood by New Years?

Christmas in Angel Harbor by Jeannie Moon

Jane’s been in charge of her family’s bookstore for twenty-five years…until her landlord announces her building’s been sold. She’s left wondering what this means for her life, and her father’s legacy in Angel Harbor. Dan has just moved back to town after making it big as a bestselling author. His favorite bookstore is still open, but the girl behind the counter is now a beautiful woman. He makes it his Christmas mission to show Jane how important she really is.

Montana Cowboy Christmas by Jane Porter

Barrel racer Ivy has returned home, hoping for a miracle, but the one person that offers to come to her rescue is the one who once left her. Rodeo champ Sam is only in town for a relaxing holiday with his family before he runs into Ivy, who he has a chance to help. But will a ring on her finger be enough to save the day?

Under the Mistletoe by Eve Gaddy

Paramedic Georgie has moved to Last Stand, Texas for a fresh start after being heartbroken. She meets firefighter Spencer under the mistletoe and thinks he’s charming, but she’s been burned and isn’t looking to be hurt again. Just as Spencer begins to crack through her hardened exterior, a blast from her past threatens the budding romance.

Montana Christmas Magic by Kaylie Newell

Griffin loves living the quiet life in Marietta, but his world gets a little wild when the beautiful cafe owner Rae comes to cash in on a favor he owes her. When Rae impulsively rescues a dog, her landlord threatens to throw her out. Lucky for her, Griffin has a house and a fenced in yard. Will a dog in need draw them together, or is this nothing more than getting even?

Texas Christmas Baby by Katherine Garbera

Zara’s pregnant and alone for Christmas after finding out her baby’s father wasn’t who she thought he was. When she meets a handsome stranger, she thinks it might be a holiday miracle, but he’s not who she thought he was either. J.T. Is on a quest to get to know his half-sister when he meets her best friend Zara instead, and doesn’t want his identity to put any pressure on things. But will his lie about his identity spin out of control and ruin things just as they begin?

A Home for the Holidays by Jeannie Watts

Jason hasn’t been back to Holly, Idaho in a decade, but as soon as he comes home for Christmas, an unpaid parking ticket from his youth results in some community service to pay off his debts. Tess is back in Holly to take over running the animal shelter, and starts her management by hosting an adoption event for the ages. A new volunteer named Jason helps shake things up, and sparks new feelings she grows to love. But his stay is only temporary and she doesn’t need the heartache.


Cupid Claus Christmas Sale!

Hi everyone! We have a special sale going on just in time for the holidays. Our sweet Christmas romance Cupid Claus is currently on sale for only $.99 from now until the 19th.

When mistletoe is not enough…

With her only son still single, Mrs. Claus is rolling up her red sleeves and playing matchmaker. With a little advice from Cupid and a list of potential brides, she’s convinced a dash of magic will get the snowball rolling. There’s just one problem, Nick isn’t looking for love. All he wants to do is fill his father’s boots as he prepares to take over as Santa Claus.

While Mrs. Claus is scheming away, Nick meets Heather, a charming artist with a giving heart and a loving smile. Preparing for her first Christmas alone, Heather is looking for adventure. Nick becomes a kindred spirit as they both remember what it’s like to live in the moment. Just as they think they found a fairytale romance, Nick discovers his mother’s magical meddling.

With Christmas Eve quickly approaching, Nick must decide if his love for Heather was the real magic all along or if it was just the work of Cupid Claus?

You can snag Cupid Claus for only $.99 on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook HERE!

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A Fairy Nice Christmas

Christmas is in full swing in my household. That means I’m not only dragging out all the decorations and breaking out the cookie recipes, but I’m also seeing what’s new in the world of Christmas romance. Today, we’re looking at A Fairy Nice Christmas by JA Kerr.

  • Genre: Holiday Romance
  • Heat Level: ❤️❤️❤️
  • Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Simone doesn’t believe in the magic of the Christmas fairy ornament, who hangs there on the old office tree in her tattered skirt. But tradition calls for everyone to place their names in a bowl, and the person whose name is pulled has the honor of hanging the fairy on the tree. Why is it an honor? Everyone who has hung the fairy has found love and married within a year.

As luck would have it, Simone is the one who gets the honor, much to her annoyance. Although she certainly wouldn’t complain is the fairy worked some magic on the mysterious “Elevator Man” with the chiseled jawline. After all, the best way to get over a man is to get under another. But Simone certainly doesn’t believe in magic…does she?

This book gave off Bridget Jones vibes in a Christmas setting with a loud main character and a pair of men who could each pull their own weight on the cover of GQ. The pull between an ex and a romantic prospect added a layer of something more that helped to add some depth to Simone’s life and story.

Sometimes, Simone seemed rather young, despite having a career and a grown up life. Her inner monologues and dramatic motions took me out of the story sometimes, though at others, it kept me in the light mood Kerr was going for. This isn’t a heavy read, which is a definite plus this holiday season when so much is going on in the world.

I recommend this book to readers who love a little escapism with their holiday romance and crave that special brand of magic that only comes with Christmas.

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To Wrangle a Rancher

That’s right, I’ve written a brand new book entitled To Wrangle a Rancher, book one in the The Hollingsworth Sisters series. And since it will be out February 18th, it’s now available for preorder!

They may have more in common than they ever imagined…

Olivia Hollingsworth is shocked when she’s passed over for VP at Hollingsworth Publishing in favor of her do-nothing cousin. She’s worked harder than anyone and decides to take her talent elsewhere—restoring the failing home improvement magazine that her grandmother loved and her father is axing. Olivia heads to Montana with a plan and a tight timeline…until she comes face-to-face with a sexy as sin cowboy who just might out-stubborn her.

Kit Granger’s family has lived on the same Marietta cattle ranch for generations. But his father ran their business into the ground, leaving Kit to sell off parcels of land to slowly rebuild his family legacy. For years he’s had an agreement to graze his herd on Hollingsworth property in exchange for caretaking duties. And then the eldest Hollingsworth arrives. Her first demand? Corral his cows.

Kit’s not about to let a beautiful heiress derail everything he’s worked toward without a fight. Can they reach a compromise so that they both win without falling in love first?

You can preorder your copy now by clicking HERE! Right now, only the digital version is available, but the paperback is coming soon!

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Hanukkah Romances

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah! This global celebration holds special meaning for the Jewish faith and brings families together. But what about romance? We’ve compiled a mini list of some Hanukkah romances we love or are excited for this year.

Miracles and Menorahs by Stacey Agdern

Sarah needs a centerpiece for the town’s Hanukkah festival fast. Her dreams of having a giant menorah to showcase the holiday are on thin ice, and the only man who can save it has little interest in lending his metal work talents. Will Issac come around to a new way of celebrating, or will Sarah’s big plans fall apart?

Eight Cozy Nights by Julia Wolf

Larissa is beyond busy studying for her PHD, and is nearly ready to skip Hanukkah completely when a near death experience, courtesy of her hot new neighbor, makes her think she might want to find her menorah. Yo is taking time off for his favorite holiday to relax, but when a new, curvy neighbor falls into his life, relaxation is the last thing on his mind.

An Open Heart by Caroline Warfield

In 1813, Esther is hoping for a holiday romance as she prepares to attend a prestigious party. But whatever man she chooses must be able to both live up to their Jewish traditions and branch out of their small community to learn new things. Adam enters the season looking for a docile future wife, but the outspoken Esther is the one he can’t stop thinking about. Can the ball bring them together?

Lights, Latkes, and Love by Peggy Bird

David adores the holidays, especially when it comes to making the season brighter for the children in need at his nonprofit. Hannah, on the other hand, sees it as a waste of time. But she needs to put on a smile as her boss puts her in charge of a charity event to benefit David’s nonprofit. Can David make this holiday one to remember or will both spend New Years alone?

Lighting the Flames by Sarah Wendell

Genevieve and Jeremy have attended the same Jewish summer came for years, first as campers, then as staff. Now they’re all grown up and helping to host a special family winter camp for Hanukkah. are they destined to spend one last stay together as friends, or will they leave as something more?

A Whole Latke Love by Jodi Payne

To Matthew, there’s nothing worse than an office holiday party where the only holiday present is Christmas. Luckily, a plate of latkes saves the evening. The holidays are a busy time for caterer Ethan, but when he sees a blast from the past enjoying his latkes, he can’t stay away. Will the Hanukkah staple help to bring them together, or are they destined to be nothing more than a fling?

Revving up the Holidays by A.S Fenichel

There are only two pluses for Isaac coming home for Hanukkah; his motorcycle and his sister’s best friend Giada. But Giada isn’t the carefree girl he remembers. Giving up her career to care for her dying parents has been hard. While neither can open up their hearts, their bodies are fair game this holiday.

Eight Kisses (an Anthology)

This anthology features eight Hanukkah romances featuring hometown visits, regency Scotland, online dating, and tales that are super sweet or super spicy. There’s a story for each night of light!

Happy Hanukkah and happy reading!

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The Fae King’s Dream

OMG Jamie Schlosser is back with another amazing romance novel I adored in her Between Dusk and Dawn series’s. If you remember, she also wrote Between Dawn and Dusk, and The Fae King’s Curse. Today, we’ll be talking about The Fae King’s Dream!

  • Genre: Fantasy Romance
  • Heat Level: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Like all the Fae kings before him, Damon is doomed to be blind until he finds his fated mate. Not happy to wander the world sightless, he decided to take matters into his own hands and travel through the dream world to find the woman who can break the curse. But when he finally finds her, meeting her with the help of a high pitched whistle, it’s nothing like he imagined.

Whitley was a normal, human, college student before a car accident kills both her parents and puts her in a coma. A handsome stranger comes to her, telling her what happened and promising to do all he can to help her survive. But even Damon’s constant presence in her dreams may not be enough to get her to wake up. Still, she trusts he’ll do all he can to save her, even if it costs him everything.

The pair feel the connection at once, sensing deep down in their cores how important they will be to each other. They just hope it’ll be enough to ensure a happy ending.

I can never not love this series. Each time I read an ebook copy, I end up buying the paperback as well just because I enjoy the story so much and think the covers are gorgeous. The men are romantic and beautiful and the girls are likable, realistic, and funny. Each make a perfect pair that you can’t help but cheer for.

Damon was amazing. His passion for finding his fated mate was clear from the first chapter and his attempt at using “humanists” to connect with Whitley were hilarious. He also brings that certain kind of sensuality that I’ve come to rightfully expect from all of Schlosser’s Fae kings.

Overall, this is a romance for all romance lovers. It’s adorable, sexy, and sweet, with a splash of the unknown that keeps you on your toes.

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Operation Valentine

We have a super exciting way to start 2021 and couldn’t want to celebrate it with all of you! We’ve embarked on a new romance journey together in a sweet series that takes place at a fabulous, fictional resort. Today we’d like to share the cover, blurb, and the preorder links for Operation Valentine, Hazel Oaks Resort book one.

She’s determined to play Cupid, but will her arrow go astray?

Nat Keller has worked at upstate New York’s Hazel Oaks Resort her entire adult life, dedicating herself to the lakeside lodge she considers home. After moving constantly as a child, planting roots and showcasing her organizational skills as the resort’s Head Concierge is her dream job. When she’s tasked with helping a married couple rekindle their romance, she’s excited to prove herself until she learns she’ll be working with a partner.

Lead Adventure Coordinator Hudson Dougal has never stayed in one place for long. He’s worked at Hazel Oaks for nearly a year and is contemplating his next big move when he’s asked to work with the only woman who seems to be immune to his charm. Always up for a challenge, Hudson accepts.

Soon, Nat and Hudson are igniting more than just a stale marriage. But just as Hudson wonders if roots have a purpose, he receives another opportunity. Will love be enough of an adventure to convince him to stay?

Operation Valentine will be out on January 25, 2021, just in time to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day!

You can preorder the ebook HERE now at all the major retailers, with the paperback becoming available soon. Happy reading!

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The Fae King’s Dream

I made no secret of how much I loved The Fae King’s Curse when I read it. It revived me my interest in fantasy romance, so when I heard Jamie Schlosser was coming out with a new book set in the same world, you know I had to get in on the action. Now, let me help to introduce the cover and blurb for The Fae King’s Dream, coming November 19th.

The first time I meet Damon, he rescues me from a nightmare. Literally. I’m stuck in a coma, and my mind is forcing me to relive the horrific accident that put me in this state over and over again. The gorgeous fae king is the only one who can give me peace.

As if the dream can’t get any weirder, he tells me we’re soul mates. He says he can fix my banged-up brain. He wants to be my hero.

Little does he know, I just might end up saving him. Because once I wake up, the real challenge begins. A bunch of vengeful witches want him dead, and they’ll stop at nothing to seal his fate.

But I’ve got plans of my own. The coven has caused too much tragedy, and I’ll defend my newfound love, even if it’s the last thing I do. And it just might be, because if Damon doesn’t survive, neither will I.

In the Series:

Between Dawn and Dusk

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The Fae King’s Curse

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Jamie Schlosser writes steamy new adult romance and romantic comedy. When she isn’t creating perfect book boyfriends, she’s a stay-at-home mom to her two wonderful kids. She believes reading is a great escape, otters are the best animal, and nothing is more satisfying than a happily-ever-after ending.

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