About Sarah


Sarah Fischer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and began a career in personnel security. Shortly after, she married the calm to her crazy and settled down. Then the other shoe, a stiletto to be precise, dropped. The doctors found a mass wrapped around Sarah’s heart and they had to perform surgery to remove it. The recovery finally gave her an excuse to slow down and start to write the stories that always floated around in her mind. To bring her tales of sweeping romance to life, she draws inspiration from her college days, and her family’s stories of growing up in Lebanon, Uruguay, and a farm in North Dakota.
Writing with Kelsey McKnight, her real life best friend, she’s published four small town romances filled with magic, love, second chances, and a puppy or two. She and McKnight have a new romantic comedy series, Hazel Oaks Resort, in the works. Operation Valentine, book 1, is available now. On her own, she has published a steamy new adult romance series to bring back what you loved about that first college crush.
In her spare time you’ll find her spending time with her family, reading yet another novel, or watching just one more episode of reality tv.
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