‘Queen of Emeralds’ Cover Reveal

Good afternoon, lovely readers and viewers! You’ve seen Sarah’s trailer and cover for First Semester, and now it’s my turn!

My first book, Queen of Emeralds, is the first novel in The Scottish Stone Series.

The Official Queen of Emerald’s blurb:

British heiress Charlotte Holloway never had any interest in marrying…

However, a woman in Victorian England spends her life in the control of men, making finding a husband necessary. Fearing his daughter losing everything when he dies, Charlotte’s father forces a match with an old friend, Richard Howard. But Richard is much more interested in an heir than a wife, and will do anything to continue his bloodline.

Beaten and battered, Charlotte sees no way out of the union…

Then the handsome Scottish laird Conner MacLeod crashes the social scene. He sets her body on fire with a mere touch, but he has a bad reputation of leaving a string of women in his wake. Nonetheless, when Conner offers his emerald queen sanctuary in his Highland castle, Charlotte flees with him into the night, escaping her marriage. But those who wish to trap her are never far behind.

The Highlands give her hope, but fill her life with new perils…

She and Conner begin growing closer, although the shadows of his former relationships haunt her. Still, the magnetic forces that pull them together are making it harder for her to stay away. And just as Charlotte is beginning to settle into her life, she learns someone wants her gone for good and will do so…by any means necessary.

When Charlotte escapes one marriage only to find herself on the cusp of another, will she ever be free?


To read more about Charlotte, Conner, and the rest of the series so far, visit my author page here! I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you thought it the comments! I’ll be giving away a few mega early copies to those commenting, so let me know what you think and you might be a lucky winner!


Remember, my book, as well as Sarah’s, will be available for preorder on March 25th and the grand release will be on April 4th! Xoxo


Ultimate Dragonfly in Amber Quiz

We’ve offered many fun quizes, which you can read on our Outlander page here, but sometimes we like to challenge you. We tripped a few of you up in our Ultimate Outlander Book Quiz, here, so let’s see how you do with  quiz that tests your knowledge on Dragonfly in Amber! This quiz doesn’t have any spoilers for the show, but if you want to read the book, then be careful!


  1. Who painted all the royal portraits in the Great Gallery?
  • Frances Cotes
  • Jacob DeWitt
  • Charles Brooking
  • Samuel Scott


2.What did Reverend Wakefield do every night before bed?

  • Wrote in his journal
  • Read part of Frank Randall’s history books
  • Sang ‘The Skye Boat Song’ to Roger
  • Had a glass of sherry and listened to the radio


3. How did Claire keep her teeth so clean?

  • She used toothpaste she made herself from cloves and mint
  • She chewed “gum” made from Spruce resin
  • She washed her mouth out with whiskey to kill bacteria
  • She brushed them with the twig from a willow tree


4. What did Prince Charles always carry with him?

  • A letter from his father, reminding him he is king
  • A miniature portrait of Louise
  • A cross that belonged to his mother
  • A stone taken from the cairn of a great Scottish king


5. What nickname does Young Simon say Claire is known by?

  • The White Witch
  • Lady Long Legs
  • Sassanach Sorceress
  • Mistress Honeylips


6. What famous artist’s work did Claire say the wise woman Mairsi resembled?

  • Sandro Botticelli
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Francisco Goya


7. What was the main ingredient in Monsieyr Forez’s salve?

  • Hanged-men’s grease
  • The blood of a virgin
  • Powdered human skull
  • A guillotined woman’s tears


8. What jeweled thing was hanging from Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s pierced nipples?

  • Colorful peacocks
  • Golden mermaids
  • Graceful swans
  • Pale Roses


9. What relative did Uncle Jared most resemble?

  • Dougal
  • Murtagh
  • Cullom
  • Jamie’s father, Brian


10. What was the necklace that Jamie gave Claire made of when they went back to Scotland?

  • Amber
  • Cotter Pins
  • Carved stones from a French cave
  • The links of chain from a British wagon


11. What street was Master Raymond’s shop on and what animal did Claire think he resembled?

  • Rue de Sein and a gorilla
  • Rue de Rivoli and a lizard
  • Rue de Varennes and a toad
  • Rue de Richelieu and a bull dog


12. What is the last verbal phrase spoken at the end of the book?

  • “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.”
  • “I have to go back.”
  • “Jamie escaped…he’s alive.”
  • “Help me find him. Help me find your father.”


13. What instrument does Mother Hildegarde play?

  • The harpsichord
  • The clavichord
  • The fortepiano
  • The virginal


14. What animal does Jamie think he resembles at times?

  • An orangutang
  • A fox
  • A hedgehog
  • A tiger


15. What occupation did Jamie say he wanted to be when he was a child?

  • A blacksmith
  • A politician
  • A pirate
  • A horse breeder


16. What saint did Claire think of before her meeting with the king?

  • Saint Nicholas, the savior of prostitutes
  • Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland
  • Saint Joan of Arc, the warrior woman saint
  • Saint Mary Magdalene, the fallen follower of Jesus


17. What did Jamie give Claire as a belated gift for their first wedding anniversary?

  • Hair ribbons
  • A dapple grey pony
  • A piece of amber
  • His mother’s crucifix


18. Which Cameron lead 300 clansmen to join Prince Charlie?

  • Jenny Cameron
  • Jacob Cameron
  • Janet Cameron
  • James Cameron


19. Murtagh wasn’t pure Scottish. What country did his grandmother hail from?

  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Spain


20. What did Claire do with the money gotten from the sale of her pearl necklace?

  • Se bought blankets for some men imprisoned in Tolbooth
  • She purchased medicinal herbs to help Alex Randall
  • She sent it to Jenny to help her feed Jamie’s tenants
  • She sent it to Jared for safekeeping


21. BONUS: How did you react to Claire retuning to Frank and her previous life?

  • Ugly sobs à la Kim Kardashian
  • A moment of careful contemplation in which you reevaluated your entire life
  • You ran to book three, hoping for Claire and Jamie to find a way to reunite
  • All of the above

You’ve now finished! Check your answers with those below the naked Scot and see how many you got right. Each right answer is worth 1 point.


  1. Jacob DeWitt
  2. Journal
  3. Willow (willow was also used as a brushing tool in the movie Shakespeare in Love)
  4. Portrait of Louise
  5. Mistress honeylips (There are worse things to be called, I guess)
  6. Amadeo Modigliani
  7. Hanged Men’s Grease
  8. Swans (ouch)
  9. Murtagh
  10. Cotter pins
  11. Rue de Varenes and a toad
  12. “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.” (*sob*)
  13. Harpsichord
  14. Orangutang
  15. Pirate (Must have been before he discovered his seasickness!)
  16. St. Mary Magdalene
  17. A piece of amber
  18. Jenny
  19. Ireland
  20. She bought blankets
  21. All of the above…unless you have no soul

Now, let’s see what level book master you are!

0-7: Time to reread the book!


8-15: Not too shabby! You know your way about France, for sure.


16-21: You are the Outlandish page master!


Let us know how you did on the quiz! And check out our Outlander page here for more Jamie and Claire goodness to see you through the Droughtlander. And if you’re into organic beauty that Claire would have made, check out Face Affection HERE or Bellissima Bain HERE!


Read about Kelsey’s Scottish historical romances and her contemporary millionaire romance here! And stop by Sarah’s page here to see what fun college romance she has coming out!

Speaking of Sarah’s books, join her at a facebook party HERE on Tuesday at 6:30 to chat with her about First Semester: Elton Hall Chronicles and see her long awaited cover! And Keep an eye out here, and on our social media sites, for a look at Kelsey’s cover for Queen of Emeralds and to win a free ebook!

Face Affection

This morning, it’s all about lip care. Winter is tough on lips, but there’s an itty bitty organic shop that helps your lips stay smooth all season.

Meet Face Affection, an all-natural, handmade lip and beard care shop. Yes, they’re all about the mouths and we’re certainly fans of it. Their products are simple, clean, and totally safe.


♥Kelsey’s Thoughts♥

First, let’s get into the cure packaging. This little personalized bag was super cute.

It’s simple and totally on brand for what Face Affection tries to represent: clean and organic beauty. There were also little Hershey Kisses inside. Like, hello, A Kiss at Midnight? Now for what’s inside…


As I said last week, when we reviewed Bellissima Bain, I’m a newly converted believer in the importance of a good lip scrub. This little tub is full of Citrus Lip Affection Scrub, which you can pick up here for $5. It made my lips a little pick-me-up and gave them a little exfoliation that helped my lipstick to go on smoothly later. But my favorite part of this little bag is the lip balm.


I use chapstick like nobody’s business and Face Affection sent me Natural and Mint Lip Affection Balms, which you can get here. I’m going to be honest, this was the nicest balm I’ve ever used. It was so velvety soft and didn’t dry out my lips like mass produced chapsticks can. I like the mint a little more than the natural, just because I enjoy a little scent and flavor with my balm. Lip Affection also comes in citrus and lavender.


Another thing I love is that, since this store is organic, I can use the Natural Lip Affection on my toddler. It’s great for the long hours outside and since it’s not flavored, she won’t lick at it or eat it or anything else weird that kids do.

I give Face Affection 6/6 Glass Slippers

♥Sarah’s Thoughts♥

Like Kelsey, I also got Hershey kisses and I think that anything that comes with chocolate is instantly more amazing. However, I promise to give an honest review. The first thing I’ll say about the chapstick is that mine was sealed. I LOVED this. There was a seal proving, at least in my mind, that no one else used it. I got mint and natural. Now, I barely used the natural before my husband quickly stole it. He loves it and honestly, I think he uses chapstick more than me. So not only does Kelsey’s daughter approve of this, my husband does. I liked the mint but it’s not one of my favorite scents in the world. However, that being said, it wasn’t overwhelmingly strong so it didn’t bother me much. The chapstick goes on smooth and IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT sticky. Half hour later, the chapstick is still present and still NOT sticky. Hour later, same thing. This is some pretty long lasting stuff.


Alright! So now let’s talk about the citrus lip scrub. I initially used this at night but I quickly changed my tactics. I started using this in the morning as a way to wake me up. The citrus smell jolts me alert more than coffee. I am a night time skin care routine kind of girl but I am making time for this lip scrub and I recommend you do too. This is one of my favorite things I’ve discovered lately and I am SUCH a fan.


In case you were wondering, I’m not wearing any lipstick or gloss. The lip scrub and the balm bring a natural shine to your lips that give you the perfect nude lip.

I give Face Affection a 5.5/6 Glass Slippers

Overall, we think you should give this new little shop a lot of love, especially if you love organic lip care that’s child safe! You can also get gift packages for your loved ones that come wrapped and gift bags for parties! They also carry beard care items and tinted lip balms for a little extra boost to your natural beauty.

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Read all about Kelsey’s historical and contemporary romances here and learn about Sarah’s college romances here.

Ignite Me

Ready for a brand new book review? Well, here’s Ignite Me, the first book in the Woven Series by MC Payne. It’s a new adult romance that’s a emotional roller coaster and ready to be read before book two comes out next month.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: New Adult 2nd Chance Romance

Gabriel Delaney, at times,  craved the normal life he used to lead before fame called him away. That’s why he darkened the gym door, where his chosen family used to always hang out. Although he hadn’t been there for years, he still expected a warm welcome, but all he got were a pair of angry, ice blue eyes that belonged to the one person he thought he’d always have…even if she only ever saw him as a brother.

Lennon Walsh had a troubled past. Her mother died at the hands of an abusive man, leaving Lennon to depends on others, particularly Gabriel. She was then known as “Tilly”, a broken teen being raised by her aunt and uncle. But in the six years since Gabriel had left on tour, Lennon had emerged a woman, and a hard one at that. The reemergence of Gabriel into her life set her on a whirlwind, one she was not prepared for. One that chipped away at her “normal” existence and left her reeling and wondering, “What if?”.

When a couple shares such a dark history, could there ever be a bright future?

706932.gifI always enjoy second chance romances, especially ones with a rock star twist, I mean, hello? Why is there a hot rock star knocking on my door? (hint hint Gerard Way!) Anyway, I was pretty pleased when I saw the premise of Ignite Me. There were a few small things, like errors consisting of missing commas and some rather confusing parts with either too much back story, or none at all, that made it hard to distinguish what was going on at times. However, the story itself was very intriguing and I found myself ignoring the messy bits to see the bigger picture.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were deep thoughts and takes of heartbreak and abandonment, steamy action, and a liberal dusting of curse words to round off the humor. Since book two is so near, I’ll tell you to download Ignite Me now, so you can be caught up on the action. Really an awesome story with likable characters and more story to it than the usual romance novel “heaving bosoms”.

Read all about Kelsey’s historical and contemporary romances here.



Morning! Ready for a brand new product review? This one is extra special because part of this package was made just for us! eOriginalArt is run by the awesome Eren Simpson, who makes personalized rings, buttons, necklaces, teething accessories for you mamas out there, tote bags, and bracelets. You can see her whole line at her Etsy shop here!isbl_1680x420.24811133_28r7sl8t.jpg


♥Kelsey’s Thoughts♥

Let’s start with the packaging. It was simple, cute, and I loved it. You don’t need fancy wrapping and expensive bows to make an impression. Sometimes it’s the simpler things that really highlight the products, which is exactly what you see here! Also, she shipped it ASAP. There wasn’t a crazy waiting time or anything, it seemed like we talked about the order and it was there the next day! It was awesome.

Next, let’s talk about the bracelet. Eren made this specially for us and put a lot of thought into it. As you can see, it says “A Kiss at Midnight”! She even asked for our wrist measurements so they would fit perfectly. And the bracelet itself was so light, it hardly even felt like I had it on. Like, I usually take all my jewelry off when I’m writing and editing, but it was like I wasn’t even wearing something on my wrist!


I’ve been wearing it every day since I took it out of the box. And when I had a little writer’s block last night while working on a book, seeing the name of the blog on my wrist gave me a little push to reevaluate my story and continue typing. While this bracelet is obvi just for us, it was made in a style that she already carries. You can check it out here and grab your own personal bracelet for $12.50. Worth it.

Finally, Eren put a little something extra in our boxes, and it was perfect. Even though Sarah and I live in different states, we’re basically the same person. We are published by the same company, we blog together, we are involved in all the big and little things in each other’s lives, and we work as writing partners. Eren recognized our BFF status and gave us each half a heart that spelled out “Sister From Another Mister”. Hella true. Grab your own necklace for you and your other half here for $20.00.


I give this shop 6/6 Glass Slippers!


♥Sarah’s Thoughts♥

Like Kelsey said, this shipped quickly. She got hers first and I was unbelievably jealous. However, my package came the next day. I was so excited about the “friendship necklace” because Kelsey and I grew up in the 90’s. If you didn’t give your best friend a friendship necklace for their birthday, did your friendship even count? But this is the adult version and it is perfect because of how far apart Kelsey and I live. Now, I can’t wear it on a daily basis, since I have to go to work, but I keep it for the casual days. It’s light, inappropriate, and black so it matches about everything I wear.


Now, the bracelet. Like Kelsey said, we had this commissioned and it was easy. Kelsey and I went onto the eOrigional’s etsy shop, looked at the bracelets and asked for the black thread. So, this isn’t a flimsy bracelet. It is a solid bracelet with an easy clasp. I know Kelsey said she had some issues attaching the clasp, but I was able to slip it on. I was a little more liberal with my wrist size. What I like about the bracelet is that it kind of shines when the light hits it. No, this isn’t an editing trick. This is actually how the bracelet looks outside. And ps, it was mad raining when I was taking it.


I like the ability to customize things but this site makes it easy. You don’t have to come up with the idea all by yourself. There are enough examples that you have a variety of options to choose from. But…there are tons of options you can buy that have already been made for you to choose from. Basically, you have endless opportunities. But the best part of it all, I wore both the bracelet and the necklace for two days straight, except the shower, and I didn’t break out. I didn’t get itchy. I didn’t have a reaction. So those of you with a problem with nickle, you’re all good.


6/6 Glass Slippers

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An Outlandish Clan History Part6

Wow, we certainly have a lot of readers with Scottish roots! Remember to look back at part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 of this little series to make sure you’re not missing any of the history goodness! Let’s dive right in and see what there is to learn about some of your own, personal, clans…

Clan Nicolson


  • Clan Motto: Generositate- By generosity


  • This lowland clan came from the Norse raiders, but there are two different lines it could have originated from, although both versions were seen as early as the 800s. The name may have come from the common name “Olson” with the added “Nic”, which in Scottish Gaelic means “Daughter”, and was seen throughout the middle ages. But it also might have come to pass during the Scottish-Norwegian War in the early 1200s, when Hakkon IV of Norway sent Anders Nicolassen into Scotland, where he stayed.
  • While this cannot be verified, it is thought that before being the Nicolsons, they were members of Clan MacNeacail.

Clan Guthrie


  • Clan Motto: Sto pro veritate- I stand for the truth
  • There’s no exact story of where this ancient Scottish name came from, but one of the more popular legend is that in the 800s-900s the Scottish king named a certain piece of land “Guthrie” after a poor fisherman “gut three” fish and served them for the king’s supper.
  • Being an old family gave the Guthries a certain level of respect. Like during the Scottish War of Independence, the Laird of Guthrie was sent to bring William Wallace to Scotland, sparking more support for the side of Scottish independence.
  • They were very close to the royal family throughout history, and were often given royal pardons when they wronged a rival clan. They were also often given titles, land, and certain privileges. However, that mostly ended when some of the Guthries began to take arms against the Scottish government, particularly the king, when they began to devote themselves to the Covenanter belief system in the 1630s.
  • Guthrie Castle was built in the mid 1400s, with various additions being added on through history. It remained in the Gustrie family until 1983. But, now it’s a lovely golf course and event area where you can even get married!

Clan Macrae


  • Clan Motto: Fortitudine- strength
  • War Cry: Sgurr uaran- refers to the highest part of the mountain range within the Clan Macrae lands.


  • This is an armegerous clan and the name comes from Macraith, which means “son of grace”. It is said that the clan came from Ireland and shares a common lineage with the Mackenzies and the MacLeans. However, that is under dispute.
  • They participated in the Jacobite Rebellion in 1715 and it went terribly. Like, everyone died, even their strongest warrior, a man named Duncan Macrae, whose claymore was taken by the English and displayed in the Tower of London for a number of years. However, the sword has been missing for years and it is thought it was lost in the fire of 1841. It is because of their failure in 1715 that they opted out of the rebellion in 1745.
  • At one point, their main clan rivals were the Frasers of Lovat!


Clan Nesbitt


  • Clan Motto: I Byd It- I Endure
  • Clan War Cry- A Nesbitt!

(It’s iffy what the actual Nesbitt tartan is, or if there even is one, but this one is recognized as largely being theirs. If you are a Nesbitt and know for sure what your tartan is, please let me know!)


  • This Scottish border clan was originally titled “de Nesbit”, as seen in historic documents from the 11 and 1200s. They were also close to the royals from the time of Robert the Bruce and enjoyed favor from time to time.
  • One of the most famous clan members was Alexander Nisbet. Nisbet was known as the expert on all things historic and herald. He is still regarded as the expert on Clan Nesbitt and many of his writings are still seen as valid today.
  • By the 17th century, the Nesbitt clan were largely royalists, and in full support of England.

The Buchanan Clan


  • Clan Motto: Clarior hinc honos- Henceforth forward the honour shall grow ever brighter
  • War Cry: Clar Innes!- Refers to an island in Loch Lomond
  • This armigerous clan comes from the Loch Lomond area and gets their name from the parcel of land, which were given to Gilbert Buchanan in 1231. However, some members claim heraldry from ancient Irish kings, although that is widely accepted as myth.
  • From the time of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Buchanans have been supporters of the Scottish crown, and due to their allegiance in battle, were often awarded more lands and titles.
  • But the Buchanans didn’t just fight the British. In the 15th century, they were in many skirmishes with other clans. Particularly the MacLarens and Mackenzies. It is said that, more often than not, the Buchanans initiated these fights, battles, and sometimes executions.
  • The clan, as a whole, didn’t participate in any of the Jacobite uprisings. However, there were several members of the clan that actively supported the Stuart cause in 1745/46.
  • They have a rich history and numerous active members in dozens of national and international organizations that promote their particular history. If you’re a part of this clan, I suggest doing some looking into it!

The Dalrymple Clan


  • Clan Motto: Firm


  • This lowland armigerous Scottish clan is so small, most describe it as just a family, but it is recognized as a registered clan.
  • Most of history only remembers the Dalrymple name due to the act of one man, the Lord Advocate John Dalrymple. in 1603 the Union of the Crown, where King James VI took charge of both England and Scotland. However, many clans still favored the Stewart blood line and that caused years of unrest. In 1691 King William III planned to pardon all the clans, if they pledged their allegiance to him by January 1, 1692. Some clans waited for the deposed Stewart king to give his permission before making the pledge and the MacDonalds of Glencoe ended up missing the deadline. While King William wasn’t too stressed, John Dalrymple wasn’t one to wait, although he himself was Scottish. He sent troops of redcoats to the Glencoe lands, where they pretended to want hospitality. Then they slaughtered a large number of unsuspecting MacDonald men, burned their homes, and caused the death of many women and children.

Clan Brodie


  • Clan Motto: Unite
  • No one quite knows where Clan Brodie came from, but it is widely accepted that they descended from the ancient Picts. The name is so old, it’s still under debate where the name comes from, what it may mean, and even what language it originated from.
  • They were allies of Clan Mackenzie and they were staunch supporters of the Scottish crown. The English saw the Brodies as such a threat, Oliver Cromwell actively tried bribing and wooing Lord Bordie of Brodie to join their fight. But in 1650, Brodie told Oliver where to stick it and joined a party to fetch Scottish King Charlies II back to his throne.
  • In the mid 1600s, one chief, Alexander, was a real witch hater. At least two are on record as having been burned executed on his order.
  • Their traditional seat, Brodie Castle, was pillaged and overrun several times throughout history, but it has since been rebuilt…and it’s amazing. You can even get married there!


Clan Lamot

Lamont clan badge colour no LAMONT Web Page.jpg

  • Clan Motto: Ne Parcas nec Spernas – Neither despise nor fear


  • This clan is super ancient and hails from the old Irish prince Ánrothán Ua Néill, who lived in the 500s.
  • During the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Lamonts supported the MacDougall’s claim to the throne against Robert the Bruce. At the time, they ruled a large piece of land in the highlands. But after Robert won the war, he punished the Lamonts and gave parts of their lands to the Campbells. If that wasn’t bad enough for the clan, in 1646 the Campbells decided they wanted more and took a good portion, forcing the Lamonts into a tiny corner.
  • Because the Campbells had the Lamonts boxed in and cut off from the world, they did not participate in any of the Jacobite rebellions, which ended up being a blessing in disguise, since they were spared afterward.

Clan Cunningham


  • Clan Motto: Over fork over


  • This is an old name, first being noted in the 6th century as “Canowan” but it was changed to the modern Cunningham in 1059. They gained most of their lands through grants from Scottish kings by fighting off Norse invaders.
  • They also supported the English claim to Scotland until Robert the Bruce came along and wooed them over his side. However, that didn’t last long, as by the time of the Wars of Scottish Independence, they were were back on the side of the British. They were even involved in the later Battle of Culloden. Captain Cunningham’s Company shot Grapshot at the Jacobites.

Clan McIntyre


  • Clan Motto: Per ardua – Through adversity
  • Clan War Cry: Cruachan! (the name of a mountain in their lands)


  • They get their name from a trade, as do many, and theirs means. It comes from the Gaelic  “Mac an t-Saoir”, which means “son of the carpenter”. It’s said that the McIntyres are descended from a man named Maurice MacNeil, a carpenter and shipwright who saved the ship, and life, of the King of the Isles (the Hebrides and the Isle of Man) Olaf the Red during a raid on the Isle of Skye. Fun, right?
  • This clan was known for being great bagpipers and foresters. They often joined the MacDonalds, Menzies, and Campbells in battle as their official pipers and enjoyed a very close relationship to the Campbells throughout their history.
  • When the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 came, the McIntryes were asked to not participate by their allies the Campbells. So, as an official body, they didn’t fight for either side. However, a large enough number joined the Stewart cause that they caught the attention of historians and generally being Jacobites.

The Irvine Clan


  • Clan Motto: Sub sole sub umbra virens- Flourishing in sunlight and shade


  • This clan comes from the High Kings of Ireland and gets their name from the Irvine lands. They really began to rise in rank and power after really helped their neighbors, Clan Bruce, put Robert on the throne. Good call for them, since they began raking in the land. I mean, at one point, William Irvine followed Robert into hiding, literally hiding in bushes from the soldiers searching for the Scottish throne claimant. And Robert the Bruce isn’t one to forget a friend, so he even gave the Irvines the clan badge with three holly bushes to remember all the good times they had together.
  • They were basically always on the side of the Scottish crown in all wars. They even helped ransom King James I from the English and participated heavily in the Battle of Culloden as Jacobites.
  • If there was one thing the Irvines hated more than a British guy coming in and telling them what to do, it was a member of Clan Keith. The two clans were constantly warring with each other, even when a Scottish king would tell them to knock off the fighting or he was turning the country around and no one would get dessert. You know when they did finally declare an official end to their feud? 2002. Only, like, 600 years since they first decided they hated each other. Talk about commitment.
  • Their family seat, Castle Drum, is beautiful, and also available for special events!


Clan Munro


  • Clan Motto: Dread God
  • Clan War Cry: Caisteal Folais ‘na Theine! – Castle Foulis in Flames! (Castle Floulis is their family home)
  • The Munros are of Irish stock, hailing from a line of Irish chiefs in the 1000s. Their name translates into something akin to “Man from Ro”, referring to an area in Ireland surrounding the River Roe. They got their lands from the Scottish king for their victory against Norse invaders. That began their close relationship to the crown.
  • They were also known as a war clan, almost always participating in battles. This military way of living made them formidable enemies and often ensured they were on the winning side. Along with the Frasers, they even helped Mary Queen of Scots take Inverness Castle, which was thought to be impossible.
  • But the Munros weren’t Jacobites. in 1715, they fought for the British, which pissed the Jacobite Mackenzies off. The Mackenzies invaded the Munro lands, who then invaded their in retaliation. in the 1745 rebellion, the highlands generally hoped the Munros would join the Jacobite cause, but they stayed with the English.
  • Shout out to Hugh Munro, the bringer of dragonflies in amber and super spy extraordinaire!


Clan Colville


  • Clan Motto: Oblier ne puis – I cannot forget


  • The Colvilles come from ancient Norman stock, hailing from the Colville lands in Normandy. In the 1170s, a Colville was granted some land in the southern area of Scotland by William the Lion, who was then the king of Scotland.
  • They were a small clan that followed nobles, no matter the crown. They can be seen through history serving both the Scottish and British kings. But they usually placed their allegiance to the British crown, and retained their titles and lands because of it.

Clan Turnbull


  • Clan Motto: I saved the king


  • This clan has a fun name origin story. One tale says that during the Scottish Wars of Independence, Robert the Bruce was being charged at by a giant bull. Well, this guy named William wasn’t having any of it, and tackled the beast to the ground, saving his king. He turned the bull around. Get it?
  • The Turnbulls kept up their namesake, as they were always ready to fight. It’s said that a man from another clan went to the Turnbulls on behalf of his chief, to ask for their support for the chief’s claim to the throne of Scotland. The Turnbulls apparent answered something like, “we don’t give a flying haggis what you politicians do, we just wanna get out there and smash some skulls!” These brass balls stayed throughout the centuries, as one modern member of the clan, James Turnbull, held the German’s at bay for 24 hours with only a machine gun during WWI.

The Paterson Clan


  • Clan Motto: Huc Tendimus Omnes – We all strive for this


  • This armigerous lowland clan gets it’s name from the Gaelic “MacGille Phadraig”, which means “son of the devotee of Saint Patrick”.
  • The Patersons are mega small, in the historical sense, but it’s one of the most common names in the lowlands in Scotland. Some even consider them to be a sept of the MacLarens.

Clan Davidson


  • Clan Motto: Sapienter si sincere – Wisely if sincerely


  • There are many stories of where this clan came from, but they all point to Clan Davidson being among the oldest in Scotland. But it’s generally believed that they are descendents of Gillichattan Mor, who was the first chief of the Chattan Confederation.
  • They were a strong fighting clan until 1370 when Clan Cameron virtually wiped them out. But their numbers rose and by the time the Jacobite Rebellions came into play, the Davidsons fought for Scotland. In the end, a great number of them were banished to the North American colonies, where they settled mainly in the mountains of North Carolina.

Names asked for, but not included: Wilson (sepf of Clan Gunn), Achmoody (not a clan, but a last name), Mollahan (not a Scottish clan, but an Irish last name), Jeffrey (sept of Clan Donald), Harbinson (Scottish or Irish last name), Maynor (a Norman/English name with Germanic roots), Irwin (sept of Clan Irvine-see above), and McCracken (sept of Clan MacNaughton).


That’s all the names I had left on my list! So, as of now, I don’t have any plans for a part 7, unless I get requests for a good number of names to do a part 7! What I do have plans for is to do a small series of in depth histories of some of my favorite clans, such as the MacGregors and MacLeods, as well as the Frasers for all you Outlander lovers out there! There also might be a history series about Scottish castles in the works, so keep coming back every weekend to see what Scottish histories and Outlander articles and quizzes we have for you. Check out all the past Outlander Saturday posts here!


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Learn more about Kelsey’s historical romances  here and read all about Sarah’s college romance books here!


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Finally, I also received a Cocoa Body Butter, which smelled delightfully like hot cocoa.


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I give Bellissima Bain 6/6 Glass slippers!

‎♥Sarah’s Thoughts♥

I was sent the Blueberry Margarita Body Scrub and I actually used it on Margarita Day! So, it doesn’t smell like tequila and bad decisions. The blueberry smell is pretty overpowering but I actually really liked how sweet it was. I used the scrub before shaving my legs and…geez it made a difference. My legs were silky smooth for longer than normal. It did make me look like the purple people eater, but it came off with the water. Just be careful with this, it left a blue ring on the side of my tub. It came off easily, but you want to remember to make sure to wipe the container, so it doesn’t spread the colors.

I also got the key lime pie lip scrub. Like Kelsey, winter (well, the like two weeks of cold weather we’ve had) was hard on my lips and I have a sexy husband that I like to kiss. At night, I started using the scrub and then the lip balm before going to bed. I wake up with smooth lips no matter how badly chapped they were the night before. I definitely am adding this to my nightly routine and I’d suggest you do too. It makes it so much easier to put lip stick on.


Now, the Key Lime Pie…it actually smells amazing.

Finally, I got the Strawberry mimosa petite body butter. This was a lot smaller than my blueberry one and I felt I was going to use it all pretty quickly. Overall, it didn’t really smell like a mimosa but the strawberry flavor was on point. Between the two, I liked the blueberry more but that could be because I know it will last. But the petite body butter, would be great for traveling. However, it is pink and that’s all I need in life. Well, that and tacos.

All three of these products were light and not the slightest bit greasy. I saw on their page that they are now making face scrubs, and I am very interested in trying that.

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And a very special thank you to Arlene, who we hope beats breast cancer and continues spreading her wonderful body and beauty products with the world!


You can see the rest of our product reviews here! If you’re interested in seeing us review and feature your product, please contact us here!

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It’s here! My review of Meredith Stoddard’s Cauldron, book two in the Once and Future series. To refresh your memory, here’s my review of The River Maiden. I wouldn’t dream of reading Cauldron as a standalone.You need the info The River Maiden has to offer in order to really immerse yourself in this wonderful tale.


Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Scottish Folklore Fiction

Sarah MacAlpin’s life is in disarray. The events of the previous months have left her reeling and wondering what in her life is true and what has been a lie. This doesn’t just include her love life with handsome Scottish folklorist Dermot Sinclair, but her own roots. Sarah’s mother, Molly, has been gone for years, leaving an aura of mystery and unanswered questions in her wake. But Molly has left something behind for her daughter, something that could help clear up some of the muddled truths.


Old faces and new come into play in Cauldron, taking you on another fantastic journey, picking up right where The River Maiden left off. You feel Sarah’s heartache over Dermot’s return to Scotland and commiserate when she finds out her carefully cultivated research turns out to maybe not be as trustworthy as she thought. Most of all, you get to know Molly, thought of as a mad woman by those who knew her. She’s left a story behind for her daughter, and you learn what secrets it holds.


As with the first, I loved this book. When you open page one and see a bit of Gaelic, its very comforting. Realism in writing is something that I cherish, and Stoddard certainly puts a lot of research and effort into her work. Everything in this book has a purpose, even if you don’t see it right away. There are breadcrumbs to follow and mysteries to unravel. I know I’ll be waiting for book three with baited breath! Like, will Sarah and Dermot make it work? And what about James and Duff? I highly recommend this series to people who love mysteries, Scotland, Gaelic, fiction, folklore, romance, and reading in general!


Taking a Break!

We’ve gotten so much Outlander Saturday love from you all, that we hate to take a break, but we both have our first books coming out and are in the initial editing phase. It’s very time consuming, but we promise to be back next Saturday with an all new Outlander post! Until then, you can check out our past Outlander posts here!


If you’re curious about what we’re working so hard on, we’ve left Claire and Jamie behind for the day, you can read about Sarah’s contemporary college romance here and Kelsey’s Scottish historical romance series here!