His Tarnished Ruby

Today is the release day of His Tarnished Ruby, the third installment in The Scottish Stone Series. It follows Flora MacLeod, the fiery young woman who’s been dreaming of marriage…not just any marriage, but one filled with passion, one with the man of her dreams, a man she’s already handpicked to be hers.

The choices Flora make may ruin her, kill her reputation and her standing in the world she was raised in. It may just force her into situations she could never dream possible for a highborn lady. But when someone offers to face them with her, she must decide if she can bear the weight of true and innocent love.


Order His Tarnished Ruby today and run away to London with Flora to escape her past in the Highlands.


About Kelsey McKnight

From Scottish lairds to billionaire businessmen, Kelsey McKnight will ignite your soul, no matter what century it lives in.

Kelsey is a university-educated historian from southern New Jersey. She has married her great loves of romance, history, and literature to create her newly finished works, “The Scottish Stone Series”. This collection takes readers on a journey through the bustling streets of Victorian London and into the lush hills of the Scottish Highlands. Her second book, a contemporary romance titled “The Non-Disclosure Agreement”, is also available now and features a bad boy politician and the small town girl that could change his ways. When she’s not writing, Kelsey can be found reading, drinking too much coffee, spending time with her family, and working for two separate nonprofit. Visit her Amazon page HERE to learn more about all her published works.


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Voyager Gift Guide

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Teaching the Dom

Wow. I’ve just finished the spiciest little piece of fiction by Grace Risata called Teaching the Dom and I have a lot to say…but I’ll begin by saying that this book is firmly for the 18+ crowd, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  • Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers
  • Genre: Romantic Erotica

When Melody’s younger sister Harmony signs her up for the latest charity activity, Melody is less than thrilled. She’s not great at collecting money from strangers and is looking forward to heading home after a long, hot day. But a silver fox opening the door and giving her an offer she should refuse, brightens her mood. 

Konrad is a has-been, long removed from the fame and fortune he once had as an author, although the ego stuck around. He’s drawn to Melody, and thinks she might just make the perfect muse to his latest book…one that focuses on BDSM. 

But this isn’t some “call me daddy”, filthy, smut novel. It’s a little bit more with some surprising elements I normally don’t see in reads that involve BDSM. I was very pleased to see that it wasn’t some gross representation of the BDSM community, but one that’s accessible and not over the top. This book is great for fans on steamy, Midnight reads that might just make you blush. 

Outlander Premier Feels

If you’re anything like me, you watched the Outlander season three premier expecting to ugly sob, scream at the TV, and frantically text your friends that you were miserable and excited at the same time. I mean, I read the series multiple times, but I still watched on the edge of my seat.

Well, I can’t just stop at harassing my BFFs to bring me whisky to drown my sorrows, I need to tell the world every single one of my feelings about the premier episode of Voyager. So, if you haven’t had the chance to watch, please run away and maybe check out our Outlander page HERE for some spoiler-free fun.


When I turned on the TV, it was showing the finale of season two. That’s right, I had to have my heart ripped out again as I prepared to ugly cry…

  • Oh, god. Now the finale. Please…not the finale of season two, I’m still not over it.
  • Please, Claire, stay in Scotland, for the love of all that is good and tartan!
  • Noooooo she went homeeeee!
  • I need some reinforcements to get me through the premier. I’m already a hot mess, minus the hot.


  • YASSSS I’m hearing that OG Outlander theme song. Chills all over.
  • NOOO I’m seeing chains and all shots of some of the misery Jamie is going to feel on the field and in prison.
  • Claire, get yourself over the sea to…those standing stones and get your man!
  • Ugh, I feel like I’m going to say this a lot, but f*ck those redcoats. I know they’re just doing their job and most would rather not kill a bunch of Scottish guys, but just from seeing them in the intro, I know we won’t be friends.


  • Well, show officially begins by tearing my soul out while the camera pans over the bodies of the dead and dying. Greattttt.
  • F*ck you, red coats!
  • Someone please help Jamie. He needs a doctor, a drink, and a hug like nobodies business.
  • And F*ck you in advance, Charlie. I know you’re useless.
  • Back to crying.
  • Someone bring me a drink.
  • As someone with a history degree, watching all the screw ups on the battlefield is really painful. I know that the British had the money and the manpower to win, but there were so many mistakes made that lead to the fall of Culloden. And as a person with strong Scottish heritage, it’s weird to be watching what basically forced my family to flee to France and later Ireland before America.
  • Back to sobbing…


  • YAS, Jamie, you tear that red coat apart with your bare hands. Bathe in the blood of the vanquishes!
  • OMG it’s MURTAGH here to save the day!
  • Oh, wait…this might be the last time we ever see him…
  • Great, now my wine glass is filled with tears of loss.
  • Also, f*ck that red coat right there.
  • And there’s Black Jack “murderous rapist” Randall, here to make things on a bloody battlefield even worse!


  • Ugh, I hate is stupid, blue-blood guts.
  • Omg Black Jack got a swipe in to poor Jamie’s leg!
  • I hope Jamie gets the satisfaction of killing him…like straight up gutting him.
  • Look, it’s Dream Claire! Save him with your time-traveling love!
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying!
  • Rupert to the rescue! God bless that beautiful, one-eyed man!


  • Wow…that’s where Claire and Frank are going to be living?
  • How much does he make as a professor?!
  • Like…I know people are really anti-Frank, but my man is really trying.
  • He’s literally doing anything he can to make her happy, but Claire is having none of it.
  • Maybe that’s why the stove doesn’t work. It’s feeding off Claire’s despair and overwhelming grief at losing the love of her life.
  • But the wood work in that house? AMAZING!
  • I think Mrs. Nelson from next door is nice. She’s probably all about having another young, fun lady around to swap laundry and casserole secrets with.
  • Where did Claire perfect her open fire cooking? From her hottie with a body of a second husband, that’s who!
  • And does Frank like surprises? I got seven pounds of baby brewing in Claire’s stomach that says otherwise.


  • Okay…so where the hell is Murtagh? Where is that crazy, quiet, sassy man we all love so much?
  • Also, Rupert, if you can get an exit, leave. I’ve read the books, but I still have hope you will LEAVE AND NOT GET KILLED.
  • Claire looks so sad…I mean, I had the worst pregnancy, so I can commiserate to a degree, but the added grief she can’t really express must be terrible.
  • And this smarmy, intellectual asshole in the glasses can suck my dick.
  • He’s all, “Ooooh, Frank, you wife can read the newspaper? Mine only reads recipes like a good wife. And women learning how to accomplish historically male-dominated jobs? I’m laughing so hard, I almost spilled my sherry!”
  • I kinda wish Claire straight up stabbed him. She learned from true Highlanders how to kill a man quickly and with minimal mess.


  • It’s crazy to think that two hundred years in the past, Claire had more respect from men.
  • I’m gonna be real…Jamie wouldn’t have let some guy talk to his wife like that. I’m sympathetic to Frank’s feelings, but he could have said something.
  • Oh…wait…Jamie’s asking for Murtagh. I can’t take it!


  • Ugh, here are more red coats and their leader looks like one steaming pile of spotted dick, if you catch my drift.
  • Kill all the survivors? Yeah, I hate him.
  • Lord Melton looks a little too pleased at having to slaughter a bunch of wounded Scots.
  • And there’s Rupert bringing the sass. I’m going to miss that so much!
  • Ooooh, Lord Melton is going to let them write letters before being executed. How amazing is he?


  • I think Claire wants to be that bird…free in the wild.
  • Also, I’m feeling for her. She’s in that stage of pregnancy where you’re huge and don’t really give a shit that tea comes in bags, not tins.
  • It’s really clear that Frank isn’t coming to terms with Claire’s pregnancy. I get that he’s not the bio-dad and all that, but he offered to play daddy.
  • How awkward is this whole exchange?
  • He’s projecting right now. He isn’t really talking about getting citizenship, he’s talking about how he feels Claire left him (England) and everything he fought for (their marriage) so easily and it hurts.
  • But that whole “fucking other people” jab was low, even if it was right and she’s basically punishing Frank for the sin of not being Jamie.


  • Looks like I can never wear red again without being reminded of this extremely upsetting premier.
  • Melton, let the two kids go. You know they were basically going with the flow. They can’t even grow beards yet!
  • Oh, look, Melton’s being a spotted dick again.
  • We all need a Rupert in the hard times. He’s like a sturdy standing stone.
  • Ugh, Jamie said he can’t write to Claire because she’s gone. I need an adult. Hold me…


  • Rupert was very underrated in this show.
  • God speed to heaven, you beautiful bastard! You were too good for this world.
  • Don’t cry, Jamie. If you cry, I cry and then we’re all sobbing messes with blotchy faces tomorrow!
  • “I’m sorry, Claire,” he says…I can’t take it.


  • That couch Frank is sleeping on looks really pretty but very uncomfortable.
  • Hold up. What’s he doing at that desk? A letter?
  • Ugh, what a time for Brianna to decide to be born. Just like Claire’s daughter to do something at an inopportune time.


  • Here’s Melton again, bringing those good vibes.
  • Look now noble. “No man shall be shot lying down on my watch!”


  • Now they’re chatting it up about John Grey while Jamie’s bleeding out in a pile of hay.
  • Now Melton says Grey’s his bro and he wants to pay the debt Grey owes Jamie.
  • What a stand up fella (sarcasm).
  • And look at this asshole trying to shoot Jamie under and alias.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things.
  • Oh, look…another man acting like Claire is a coffee table or something.
  • Like, dude, she literally travels through time and parties with some of the biggest names in history.


  • Suck a haggis.
  • Oops. Claire really just dropped the miscarriage on Frank like that. Ouch.
  • Again, I know Franks not Jamie and all that, but he is trying!
  • And at least they can joke about that ashtray now. Good sign for the future.
  • There’s that historical “twilight birth”!
  • Side note, the show Call the Midwife is all about midwifery during that time period and it’s a great show!


  • Omg there’s Jenny! Beautiful Jenny!
  • Is that…LALLYBROCH!
  • We’re all finally home.


  • Give Claire that baby! I know you have her!!
  • Look at that healthy little redhead.
  • Frank, you’re killing me. You’re just trying to love your family!
  • Oh, no. Where did she get that red hair? Talk about salt in the wound.
  • Btw she got it from her da.


Ugh, you guys. That was a tough watch for so many reasons, but it’s also so nice that the Droughtlander is finally at an end. Now, I don’t know about you, but I need a stiff drink and a hug. Preferably by a tall, red haired, handsome Scot. And if you’re craving more Outlander fun, check out our Outlander page HERE!


And if you love my articles and quizzes, you’ll probably love my books! The Scottish Stone Series is a collection of romantic novels set in Victorian Scotland and England. All are available in paperback and ebook HERE!

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His Tarnished Ruby

Have you begun reading The Scottish Stone Series by Kelsey McKnight and fallen in love with the feisty band of hot Scots and feisty heroines? Then get ready for book three, His Tarnished Ruby, which is now available for preorder HERE.

Flora has always longed for true love, particularly when rugged bad boy Jasper catches her eye. He’s everything her highborn family tries to turn her away from, but the heart wants what the heart wants and Flora wants Jasper

But a hastily laid plan spells ruin for the Scottish noblewoman and she’s forced to flee to London. There she’s given the chance to heal her wounded heart with the help of Andrew Philips. He’s quiet, kind, handsome, and accepts Flora just as she is. But she’s still hurt from her last attempt at love and soon the pair enter into a world of longing and heartache.

And just as things begin to get better, Floras tarnished history comes to light, and more than one shall pay for it.


Book one, The Emerald Queen is available HERE. Book two, The Amethyst Bride is available HERE. And book three, His Tarnished Ruby, is available HERE

A Day in the Life

Diana Gabaldon is a master of mixing business with pleasure when it comes to facts and fantasy. She put a dream guy in a real-life world that we can all immerse ourselves into. But Jamie’s a laird, even though he’s usually on the run. He has friends and relatives in high places that generally keeps him, and his wife Claire, fed and dressed and reasonably housed very often. But what about the common man? What of the farmers and their wives or the lads and lasses who went to the cities to make their fortune?

Today we’re going to chat a bit about about what life was like for those not blessed with a title, a killer bod, or the ability to make us swoon with the swipe of a kilt…

Highland Homes


The average Scottish family didn’t live in a manor home or castle like Jamie grew up in. Mostly, they were born, lived, and died in a small hut made of a mud and sand mixture over a wooden frame with a straw roof. There were usually no windows, as the common man couldn’t afford glass, with the only light coming from the front door, the hole in the ceiling that allowed smoke to escape from the center fire, and handmade candles.

If there was money to spare, and you had some strong lads from the nearby village to help you, the home could be made of stone with a small fire place built right into the wall. Some of these sturdier houses have even withstood the tests of time and still have people living in them today! In the winters, if you couldn’t afford a barn or shed for your animals, you’d be sharing some of your living space with your livestock, as the snow in Scotland can pile up!


And maybe you’d be lucky enough to share your living space with HIM!



The average Highlander relied heavily on milk products for a large part of their diet. So they kept high numbers of cattle, sheep, and goats. Goats in particular thrived in the Highlands, as they could eat anything and still produce milk, although cattle was largely preferred. The butter, cheese, and milk would be used by the family or sold and traded for other goods they couldn’t make themselves. There was also the meat to consider. Every fall, some of the animals would be slaughtered and their meat salted to keep the farmers through the long winter months. And if winter wasn’t kind, the animals could be bled, their blood added to the morning porridge to give added nutrients.

Barley and oats were also a farming staple, providing another large portion of the Highland diet. It could be made into things like porridge, cakes, bread, and then served with a bit of honey or butter. Kale and hemp were also grown, as were turnips and cabbages before the introduction of the potato.

But all these things took money and land, something that was usually controlled by landlords or lower nobles, making the farmers who usually worked the lands, tenants. These tenants would have to pay a portion of their crop to their landlords. Still, if the land was good and there were enough people to work it, a family could make it through the winter…even if it was only on stale bread.




What we see on Outlander are perfectly disheveled Scots in gallant plaid who still look handsome when covered in blood, women with polished buns and clean hems, and the rest of the costumes we’ve all grown to love. Now, the costumes were all carefully cultivated and created to be as historically accurate as possible, save for some tartan shades and the like, but what did the rest of Scotland wear?

Women’s outfits weren’t much different than those in England, Ireland, and the surrounding areas. Mainly consisting of linen shifts and homespun dresses in various colors, married women covered their heads in kerchiefs while the unmarried lasses were allowed to wear theirs down and uncovered. Many women did often wear tartan shawls that was really an all purpose item. It was used for warmth over the shoulders, around the head like a veil, to cover babies and small children, or used as a makeshift pouch to carry things in. They were often bare-footed year round, but sometimes donned leather or deerskin shoes that were similar to the Native American Moccasins in North America.

For the most part, men lived in their kilts, wearing them while working during the way, then using them as bedding at night. But as you can imagine, it wasn’t always easy to do all the farming with a great pile of tartan wrapped around you. So some men wore trews, a sort of leggings that were made of tartan or the usual homespun that made up shirts and dresses. A shorter kilt, that doesn’t have the upper portion that wraps around the shoulder, also came into style in the early part of the 1700s, an item that allowed them more freedom. When not barefoot, leather or deerskin shoes were the thing to wear over stockings. And of course, sporrans were worn, but not every day, as a small pouch of leather would  be normally used instead. Knitted and decorative hats were also worn by men and were often colorful.


The Average Day

weaverscottage 1772.jpg

Highlanders would wake up when the sun rose, getting the most of out daylight hours. The wife/mother would dress and build up the fire while the husband/father would go tend to the animals. A large pot of porridge would be made for the family, who might take it with some milk or honey and some bread. Then the work would begin. If the family was rich enough and the farm wasn’t in need of their help, the sons might be sent to a local Kirk parish school to learn English, Latin, and maybe a trade. The girls could be sent to small women’s classes to learn the finer parts of sewing, cooking, and weaving, but those were skills that could be easily learned in the home. Largely, education among the average Highlander took a back seat to tending the farm and family.

The men and boys would go tend the animals again, butcher meat, work the fields, fix roofs, hunt, fish, and other physical labor. The women and girls would make candles, sew, prepare food for winter, do laundry, and help in the fields when needed. Keeping the farm and home in running order was a task for the whole family.

Lunch might be an oatcake with salted meat and cheese. Wild berries would be added to the mix when they could be picked by the children. This meal was meant to be eaten over a short break in the fields and not savored as other meals might be. And after lunch, the work would resume until the sun began to go down and it was time for supper.

Dinner was made of whatever was fresh in the warmer months, like salmon from the river or some stew made of whatever wild game they could collect. Unless it was winter, they rarely ate any beef, saving it for the colder months when butchering livestock was a necessity. In the winter, their evening meal was made of whatever they managed to preserve like sausages and roasted turnips, a hearty stew of cured meat, onions and carrots, and the ever present oatcake. This was eaten around the table upon low stools, lit by handmade candles.

Then after a final look at the livestock, it was time to sleep, unless there was some form of entertainment to be had like a round of songs and something being played on the fiddle. The parents usually slept in some form of pallet with the children either joining them in the single bed, in a small trundle, or on the floor beside the heath.


Other Forms of Income


If there were too many mouths to feed on the farm, there were other ways of making a living for the middle and lower classes. Boys could be sent to work at other, larger farms, which freed up the boy’s family from the burden of keeping him fed, while ensuring he was being payed and receiving meals at his new post. Girls could be trained as maids and housekeepers, which was an attractive option for many, as they could be nearer to larger cities and a bigger pool of potential male suitors. Apprenticeships can also be bought for boys who had the endurance to be a blacksmith or horse master. The military was also an attractive option, as it offered meals, pay, and lodging. Women who lived closer to villages or larger towns could get work as a laundress, midwife if she had the skill, or a weaver.


I know, a lot to take in in such a condensed version and it’s only the smallest peek into the life of an average Scot! But I hope it’s given you a look into what it’d be like to live in Scotland. It wasn’t all riding horseback over rolling hills and dinners at the castle, but hard work and simple food to keep the body going. I thought next time I might chat a bit about a Highland wedding. Thoughts? In the meantime, you can check out our other Outlander posts HERE!

And if you like my posts, you’ll love my books. The Scottish Stone Series is a collection of tales set in Victorian England and Scotland. There are handsome Scots, sassy heiresses, British suitors, and plenty of kilts. Book one, Queen of Emeralds is available HERE while book two, The Amethyst Bride, is available HERE!

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Outlander Season 3- “Voyager” Hopes

This post had been up before, almost a year ago, but it seems like there are a lot of people here for a visit today! Let’s bring this oldie but goodie back for a final chat before season 3 begins!

Spoilers to the Max!

Caution: This contains Outlander season 3/Voyager Spoilers! Read no further if you haven’t read the the third Outlander series book!


Now that you’ve been warned, are you ready to talk about Voyager and what might come in season three of Outlander on Starz?


We give the show a lot of love, but thought it might be time to talk about the books this week on Outlander Saturday! Since Sarah hasn’t read past book two, I’m here to chat it up with you about my favorite parts in Voyager and what I’m looking forward to seeing in season three on television.

A final reminder, if you hate spoilers, don’t read any further.

♥Jamie’s return to Lallybroch


It’s going to be sad, seeing Jamie wounded and hiding in Dun Bonnet’s Cave for so many years with only a few books to keep him company. As you probably read on our Legends of Outlander post, there was a real-live man named James Fraser who hid in a care and was nicknamed Dun Bonnet by the cap he wore. Nice connection, Diana!I love seeing history come to life and see how things connect. Something I’m not too thrilled about seeing it when little Fergus get’s caught up in the traitor madness and looses his crafty little hand. I assume more than one tear shall be shed for our tiny adopted Fraser.

♥Friends Foreverrrrr


Y’all know that this relationship is one for the ages. I’m not saying it’s romantic, you know Jamie only has eternal eyes for Claire, but his friendship with Lord John Grey is going to be one of the cornerstones for the series, moving forward. Without Lord John Grey, Jamie’s time in prison, and his later reunion with his biological son, might never be possible. Although, it looks like they’re setting it up to be more romantic in the show than it was in the books, something I’m not really into, as I think their complicated friendship in the series was compelling and deep. I almost feel like making it sound like a torrid love affair, like in some other blog posts and news stories, cheapens their dynamic relationship. If only the show series could do a chapter an episode!

♥Meeting Geneva


This is going to be tough for all those who love Claire and Jamie. I’m going to be honest, I think Geneva is a grade A asshole. Blackmailing Jamie into sex was a low blow and the man’s life has been tough enough. I know I’ll have a rage stroke when she throws out the “bang me or I’ll scream rape” card. At least Jamie can see some joy in the terrible union by his son William grow for a few years. But seeing as how happy he was knowing Claire was pregnant when she left, It’ll be tough seeing him watch his child from afar.

♥Baby Jamie


Jamie and his interactions with his secret son is going to be interesting. Their sweet doings takes up a good chunk of book, and for good reason. We all read, and saw, how into being a father Jamie was when Claire was pregnant with Faith and how important it was for Claire to go back to Frank for the safety of their unborn child. It’s going to be bittersweet to see how young Willie sees a father figure in Jamie and Jamie longs to be close to a child he never thought he’d have, after Claire’s leaving. Their bond in the books might be hard to portray on screen, but Starz has done an awesome job, so far.

♥The Highlight of the Year


I know for a damn fact that I’m not the only person who ugly cried when Claire went through the stones and later learned that Jamie was alive all along. While I understand that she needed to go for her own safety, it’s like she’s still twenty years too late to their reunion. I’m already preparing myself for the Kim Kardashian-like sobs when she finally sees him in the print shop. I’m also dying to see how well Jamie aged. I’m guessing it’s like a fine, beautifully kilted, wine… although he’ll be unkilted for a lot of the season, and not always in the fun way. The fact that we’ll probably have to wait a few episodes for this glorious meeting adds a certain level of delicious suspense. At least it’ll be a smoother journey for Claire, as Roger and Bree help her get the cash and clothes necessary for a successful jaunt through time. Speaking of Roger and Bree, watching them say goodbye to Claire will be another depressing sight. But, hey, Claire did right by her kid and her promise to Jamie, so she deserves to have some Highlander goodness up in her petticoats.

♥The Scorned Second Wife


Dis Bitch is right. Ya’ll probably know that I feel Laoghaire is a dirty home wrecking hussy and no one deserves to get lumpy and gross in their old age more than her…well, except for Black Jack Randall… not that he lives long enough for that. Well, anyways, her coming out of the woodwork again to claim Jamie as her rightful husband is something I’m looking forward too. Like, I get how she saw Jamie as the one that got away but, damn girl, have some self respect! I wouldn’t tie myself for a man who was constantly wishing I was someone else, no matter how hot he was. BTW I’m all sour grapes on how Jenny lashes out at Claire and rats to Loaghaire, even thought Claire told her the potato-planting key to Lallybroch’s survival. I hope Loaghaire’s gun-toting dramatics are just as wild on the screen as they are on the page.

♥High Seas Misadventure


Poor Jamie can’t catch a break. He, along with Claire and Marsali, go to rescue Ian and he’s stuck vomiting with seasickness while Claire is basically kidnapped by the Porpoise, because the ocean has never been kind to Jamie. Like, universe, give the man a break! All he wants is to live the quiet life and plant some crops and make sweet love to his new found wife, not be held captive and taken towards prison. At least he’s conveniently shipwrecked near Claire. Small victories. I’m curious to see how this will play out since, in the book, their oceanic struggles is a large chunk of action.

♥The Return of Geillis


Gonna be real, I’m pumped for the return of Geillis. I know she’s a murderer, adulteress, and all around baddie, but I’m really excited to see her return in all her crazy glory. You have to admire her vicious tenacity and the way she unraveled thousands of years of legends and myths to learn about time travel. Sure, she could have gone around without human sacrifices, but I admire a bitch with flair. I mean, if she had really been killed before having her son, a certain green-eyed man wouldn’t be able to grace us with his presence! So, sacrifice away, you gloriously creepy time traveler, you!


Yeah, I know this isn’t every tasty morsel of Voyager goodness, only some of my personal favs. Tell me in the comments, what are you most excited for in season three? And for more Outlander fun, visit our Outlander Page HERE!

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Which City Would You Star In?

There are so many different versions of Real Housewives that you could join, but you have to live in the area. So, before you find that mansion, brownstone, high rise apartment, or summer house, let’s figure out which city and cast fits your personality. Let’s start with the obvious…

1. You’re making an elaborate dinner, what are you making?

A. Cook? I don’t cook. I have a chef making a seven course meal

B. My grandmother’s pasta recipe with homemade noodles

C. I also don’t cook, but my chef is making upscale comfort food

D. My friend is a chef, he’s cooking for us at his restaurant

E. Crabs and lobster fresh from the water


2. You have a part time career, what do you do?

A. I’m a former actress. I’m still making money on appearances

B. I am an amazing event planner

C. I’m a former model, but now I do some singing

D. I have a huge and growing business. It’s definitely not part time

E.  I support my husband’s career and do charity work


3.  One of the girls in the season offended you, what did she do?

A. She accused me of drinking too much…as if

B. I heard she called me a stripper

C. She’s claiming I’m cheating on my husband

D. She stole the man I wanted

E. She didn’t come to my event


4. You’ve got a big trip coming up, where are you going?

A. Somewhere exotic with the best fashion vibes

B. The beach, but not “the shore”

C. We’re looking to get back to our roots

D. Summer houses. We don’t need to go far

E. Somewhere we can get on a boat. But we don’t jump off the boat into the water.


5. You’re planning your big birthday party, what do you want to do?

A. You throw a giant party in your lavish backyard and there is a dress code

B. You organize a trip to a winery or the casino for your girlfriends

C. You throw a giant party and have one of your music buddies perform

D. You rent out a venue in the city for a giant party and serve things from your business. What better way to celebrate than to self promote?

E. You find the most expensive venue in town and perform one of your secret talents


6. You’re getting ready for the reunion show, what are you most nervous to talk about?

A. Someone was going through medical problems, but they were being dramatic

B. Federal laws tend to make people nervous

C. The feud that will never end. She started it

D. I don’t want to listen to the girls talking about my man anymore

E. I am not jealous of that woman. She wants to be me


7. You’re thinking about a new catchphrase, what sounds good?

A. Money isn’t what’s important in this town, it’s who knows you

B. Family is everything, as long as they don’t manipulate you

C. I always play nice, you just might not play by my rules

D. If they can’t be happy for me, then they can’t be happy

E. You should always act with class, especially around a class act like me


atlanta 1

8. You’re looking forward to next season, how are you trying to reinvent yourself?

A. I’m clean, sober, and ready to party

B. Orange only looks good on my skin, not in my wardrobe

C. There’s a ring on my finger, whether you like it or not

D. I’m single and very ready to mingle…and find a new husband

E. I’ve got a new house and a new look on life



Mostly A’s

You belong with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You like elaborate mansions, but your life is about who knows you. If they aren’t talking about you, then you don’t exist. In this town, famous get’s you further than money. So get out there and make a name for yourself!


Mostly B’s

You belong with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. To you, family, food, and health matters most…but right behind that is a fancy lifestyle. Sure, some things have gone a little awry lately, but who doesn’t love a comeback? Here it’s the only place where mistakes make you even more popular.


Mostly C’s

You belong with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not only do you have the house to back it up, but you’ve got the skills. Whether you’re a model, singer, or you just have an amazing publicist, Atlanta is where you belong. So, time to sharpen those talents and find someone to fight with. After all, is it really an Atlanta season if there isn’t a giant feud?

atlanta 3

Mostly D’s

You belong with the Real Housewives of New York. Here, it’s all about reinvention once your man does you wrong. All these ladies, well most of them, have all been faced with the idea of starting, not just their lives, but their search for romance all over. So, grab your highest heels, your push up bra (your first alimony check can pay for your boobs), and a tough attitude and you’re ready to find a man in the city that never sleeps.

new york

Mostly E’s

You belong with the Real Housewives of Potomac and the Grand Dame herself. Nothing says class like Potomac. It’s all about how much money you have to give to charity, and how good you look doing it. Be careful though, there are rules for this town and they seem to be made up but the points do matter.


Obviously these aren’t all of the housewives, but that quiz would have just been too long. Andy would have to cut to a commercial break and there may be three parts to it. So tell me, where do you belong? I actually live right outside Potomac ,so I, by default, belong there. However, this quiz says I belong in Beverly Hills, so I may need to relocate. Any other Beverly Hills ladies? I may need to split rent with one of you. If not, maybe I can get a job at Sur until my Range Rover comes in.

About Me


I work hard during the day fighting the good fight one nosy background check at a time. But by night, I am transformed into the salacious romance writer of a college series called Elton Hall Chronicles. Earn extra credit with Violet. You may need to see the teacher after class. Explore the nearby firehouse with Annabelle. There may be a fireman ready to cool you down. Race the streets with Christie on the back of the bad boy’s motorcycle as she ditches Mr. Perfect. All three books are available now and the first two are on sale. So go back to school or experience college for the first time.

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Third Wheel

Today Sarah Fischer released Third Wheel, the final installment of her Elton Hall Chronicles, which follows the lives and choices of three college friends. In each book there’s love, desire, heartbreak, passion, and danger. But what Christie faces in Third Wheel is a new kind of danger that’s as thrilling as it is deadly.

Christie lives the solid traditional life at home with a working father, a house-keeping mother, and a set of strict southern rules that make up her world. She’s sheltered with her whole life set up before her…but it isn’t what she wants anymore. What Christie craves is freedom and the chance to live her own life before she settles down into her role of wife and mother.

Illegal street racer Shane is more than up to the task. Born into a Korean household where education and family values are held close, he understands Christie’s need to break free. A no-strings-attached relationship suits them both fine…until it doesn’t. And once Christie takes a walk on the wild side, she might find it hard to go back to her old self.

Third Wheel is available now for purchase in ebook form or paperback now HERE and is free to read for all kindle users. 

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Trying Sophie

Trying Sophie is the first in A Dublin Rugby Romance series by Rececca Norinne. Set in Ireland and featuring a cast of people with beautiful, traditional names, I was pretty hooked from the first page, which has a handily pronunciation guide. So let’s chat a bit about this newest read…


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Sports Romance

Declan O’Shaughnessy was known as a looker, a charismatic, athletic, Irish man since birth. And he knows it. So when he first meets American Sophie Fitzgerald, he’s not exactly keen on the “half-Irish”, bespectacled girl with frizzy hair. In fact, he’s downright nasty, as most children are when faced with something new. So when shy, bookworm Sophie leaves Ireland to go back to the US, she knows she’ll never forget cruel Declan O’Shaughnessy.

20 years later and Sophie is no longer the ugly duckling that was teased for her looks and her parent’s marital troubles. But when she has to to return to Ireland to take care of her elderly grandparents, she forced back into a place she gladly left behind, and the boy who made her short time there terrible. But Declan’s all grown up now and ready to make ammends.


Declan always held a candle for Sophie, and now that she’s turned into a beauty that’s a match only for her brains, his heart goes into overdrive. But when he was such a jerk to her in their youth, can he convince her that behind the tough, rugby playing, mask there’s a guy who only wants to treat her right? Not likely, but Declan’s no quitter.

This book was great, you guys. I sat by the pool and devoured it. Sophie is funny and saucy while Declan has that bad boy with a heart of gold thing that makes people melt. Our main girl can be a little trying at times, a little too on edge, but that’s what makes her more human and her interactions with him a little more meaningful. There needs to be a little messiness in a dirty romance. And this book is dirty. Not filthy in the erotica way, but let’s just say that Norinne can bring the heat. Overall, this was an enjoyable read that I could see many people diving into.