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The Bonfire of Destiny

Hello, everyone! It’s freezing here in New Jersey, which means it’s time to binge read and watch until I can go outside without 64 layers on. So between my usual book reviews, I’ll be sharing shows I think you should be watching. And if it’s based on true events, I’ll give you the real deal.

The first show? The Bonfire of Destiny.

Genre: Historical Drama

Where to Watch: Netflix

In 1897 Paris, the aristocracy has descended on an annual charity bazaar to see the moving picture show, shop with all their wealthy friends, and generally be seen. It’s just one of the many social functions for the French elite who have no idea, tragedy will strike.

Adrienne is the unhappy wife of a politician who mistreats her terribly. Although he has just sent their daughter away to boarding school to punish Adrienne, she must still make an appearance at the bazaar. As soon as she shows her face, she slips back outside and into a waiting carriage, safe from the impending flames. But she’s not free from danger.

Alice, Adrienne’s niece, is thrilled to go out on the town with her maid Rose, both to do some shopping and to see a man she’s had her eye on. Wide eyed and wealthy, she’s has a good heart and doesn’t expect one small fire to destroy everything. And as those around her being sifting through the rubble, she sees everything in a new light.

Rose the maid is gearing up to sail to a new life with her husband Jean. She’s fiercely dedicated to Alice, and even goes back into the building to se if she can save her mistress before the fire gets out of hand. She enters the bazaar a nobody, and like a Phoenix, rises from the ashes.

The mood is electric and stories are intertwined as a fire both destroys lives and gives the chance for new ones. As the show goes on, murder, intrigue, and secret affairs are revealed with death in the background.

Even if historical shows aren’t usually your deal, the soapy dramas and lovable, and hatable, characters pull you in. The voiceovers are immaculate, and every episode leaves you wondering when the other shoe will drop.

Onto the facts! Starting in 1885, the Catholic aristocracy of Paris held the annual charity bazaar. It was a chance for the wealthy women and their maids to socialize while giving back to a good cause. But in 1897, everything would literally come crashing down.

The bazaar that year was held in a wooden building, where the inside was transformed into a medieval Paris street with the use of wood, papier-mâché, canvas for a roof, and other various other flammable things. Scheduled to last for four days, it was expected to be a hit.

More than 1,500 people were in attendance on the second day of the bazaar. Even Americans and other Europeans came to see the sites. One of the most notable was Duchess Sophie, the sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. At around four thirty, the projector in the small cinema caught on fire. The fire burned hot and fast, rapidly engulfing the building in flames and setting the cloth ceiling alight.

There were several exits, but none of them were clearly marked, and some were hidden behind the decorations. Many ran for the main doors, which were soon clogged with people. There were men in attendance, who were faster and stronger than the women, who struggled to move quickly in their mass of skirts. There were reports of men pushing women and children out of the way to escape first.

This was before the idea of modern fire safety. There was a fire brigade, but no contemporary hydrants or way for them to really put out the flames. People escaped though some of the exits, though many of the doors opened inwards and jammed when frantic people pushed against them. Those outside broke out windows to help people climb to the streets. Most notably, the cook and manager of the Hotel du Palais broke bars off a window and saved over 150 women while also poring water down on the flaming bazaar from the hotel.

But the fire moved quickly and soon it became too risky to try to save anyone else. People, mostly women, were still trapped inside. Their skirts were flammable, many had been trampled, and the walls and ceiling were beginning to fall. The fireman continued to spray the building as those inside screamed until the only sound that was left was the crackle of fire.

In the end, 126 people were confirmed dead while around 200 were injured. Many were so badly burned, they could only be identified by their jewelry. Some dentists were even called on to identify their patients by their teeth, one of the first uses of dental records in the identification of a body.

The aristocracy, and the Parisians at large, we’re shocked and demanded both an explanation and justice. In the end, it was officially noted to be an accident. But the public still wanted someone to answer for the tragedy.

The President of the Charity Bazaar Committee Ange-Ferdinand-Armand, the Baron of Mackau was the first. His charge was negligence, as he didn’t hire enough staff or ensure the doors were clearly marked. Then came the cinema operator Victor Bailac and his assistant Gregoire Bagrachow. Apparently, the light for the projector went out and the cinema staff had to hurry to relight the small flame. But in their haste, a mistake was made as the match they used lit the ether gasses that surrounded them. Soon, the drapery caught fire and the damage was done.

In the end, all charged were set to pay fines, and Bailac and Bagrachow were sentenced to short prison terms. Items found in the bazaar’s rubble were auctioned off and the lessons learned from the tragedy resulted in better fire safety laws in France.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into The Bonfire of Destiny. Check back soon for similar posts on shows like Vikings, You, Daybreakers, Banished, and more.

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Which Claire Are You?

We’ve given you many quizzes (that you can see by clicking HERE) but we haven’t given you this! Claire lives many lives, a WWII nurse, dutiful wife, feisty wife, Scottish lady, French court member, and so many more we won’t name because many of you lovely readers are still traveling though the books.

So pick some numbers and find out which of Claire’s lives you would live! Do you belong in high society France? As lady of Lallybroch? In the 1940s in post-war Europe? Or maybe in the season 3 location? (PS if you don’t know where the cast of characters go in season 3, this quiz will contain a teensy bit of spoilers)

Remember, take note of each number you choose and choose honestly!


1. Which of the above outfits would you wear for a first date?

  1. #1 since I expect to be wined and dined.
  2. #2 so I can have something comfortable for a night on the town.
  3. #3 since I’m a fan of functional fashion and want to be active on my date.
  4. #4 because I want to be cozy and cute.


2. It’s time to pack a bag and go on vacation! What luxurious place will you go?

  1. Florence, Italy. The food and architecture are to die for!
  2. New York City, USA. Shows, dancing, music…it has it all!
  3. A cruise around the Mediterranean. Lots to see and do!
  4. Switzerland. There’s culture and some killer mountains to tackle!


3. Which of these is your dream job?

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Musician
  3. Some Kind of Scientist
  4. Animal Rescue Specialist


4. Time for a stiff drink!  Pick something that packs a punch.

  1. Champagne in a gold-rimmed glass
  2. Between the Sheets-a refreshing, citrus brandy and rum concoction
  3. A Pina Colata with fresh fruits
  4. Blue Blazer-a form of hot toddy that’s meant to be sipped

5. Now, how about a drink to hydrate after last night?

  1. Hot Chocolate is always tasty
  2. Just a soda, thanks
  3. Fruit juice would be nice
  4. Just a cup of tea, please


6. You’re shopping for a house, which one speaks to you?

  1. A lovely chateau with lots of character
  2. A perfect suburban home in a good school district
  3. A house on the water, complete with a dock
  4. A charming historic home with a garden


7. It’s raining out, so you pick out a book to read. Which do you choose?

  1. The Counte of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Odyssey by Homer
  4. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien


8. Which dog would you like to adopt?

  1. A fluffy spaniel
  2. A playful beagle
  3. A golden retriever
  4. A border collie


9. Pick an above pair of shoes for summer!

  1. #1. Those classic lace ones!
  2. #2. Those pretty blue pair!
  3. #3. The brown ones for daily wear!
  4. #4. The stitched set for adorable comfort!


10. What kind of flower would you most like to receive?

  1. Pale pink dog roses
  2. White gardenias
  3. Yellow Gorses
  4. Colorful hibiscus


11. Finally, pick the qualities you’d like in a man!

  1. A great sense of style and some cash to back it up!
  2. A stable fellow with a good job and a mind for family.
  3. A strong man who’s good with his hands.
  4. A love of adventure and great sense of direction.

All done! Now match up what numbers you got the most of with the key below. If you have a tie, I guess you get two live two lives!

Mostly #1s-You Belong in France


They don’t call it “French Kissing” for nothing! So pucker up and get your corset on for a French adventure that may involve more than a few assassination attempts.

Mostly #2s-You Belong in the 1940’s


With your timeless taste and fondness for the classics, you belong in the 1940s. Who doesn’t love those flowing dresses and the old school ways of courtship?

Mostly #3s-You Belong in Jamaica


Set sail for romance and warmer seas because you belong in Jamaica! Prepare for fancy parties, voodoo curses, and a long voyage. Hope you don’t get sea sick!

Mostly #4s-You Belong in Scotland


Turns out you’re a fan of the great outdoors and amazing accents! Much like Claire, you’re about to live a life full of kilts, whisky, and castles. Cheers to you!

Like this quiz? Head over to our Outlander Saturday page HERE for more!


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But if contemporary romances are more your thing, Sarah and I will deliver!


The Non-Disclosure Agreement is available HERE

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Survivor: Outlander Edition

We all want to go back to find a Jamie Fraser of our own, but who would actually survive back in time? Take our little quiz to see if you have what it takes to live it up in the 1700s. Keep track of your answers!

BTW this is a spoiler-free post, so enjoy!


1. You know you’re going back in time and can take one bag with you. What’s inside?

  1. Water filtration tablets, a GPS, a change of underwear, the Outlander series, old coins, and a book of medicinal herbs
  2. A small notebook containing history facts, a spare petticoat, penicillin and syringes, photos from home, tampons, and deodorant.
  3. Hand sanitizer, maps from that era, a taser, a travel dictionary with phrases in other languages, a list of people you suspect to be time travelers, and your favorite candy.


2. You meet a dashing Scot on horseback as soon as you go through the stones. He reaches out to you and says he will take you to safety. What do you do?

  1. Hop aboard! A gal’s gotta have friends when she travels and he’s got a great set of legs!
  2. Interrogate him and demand he tell you where he’s taking you.
  3. Run away! He could be a murderer!


3. When you find a village to stay for a while, the local healer takes you under her wing. You hear whispers in the village that she’s a witch. What do you do?

  1. Ignore them. You’re learning a lot about how to survive and help people from your new friend!
  2. Cut off contact with her and stop by the local church, just so people see you praising the Lord.
  3. Warn her about the rumors then slowly distance yourself.


4. You meet a stranger who referenced the California Gold Rush and washes their hands before every meal. You think they might be a time traveler like you. What do you do?

  1. Immediately corner them and begin asking asking where they’re from, what time they left, and if they had to murder anyone to make time travel work.
  2. Make subtle references to gauge their reaction and go from there. Don’t want to rush into things.
  3. Say nothing. If they want to talk about time travel, they’ll come to you.


5. You get invited to the French court and meet the mistress of a powerful man who asks you to come to tea the next day. What do you do?

  1. Not go. She’s bad news and you can’t go mixing with her. It’s better to keep a low profile.
  2. Accept her invitation, but be polite and cautious. Just because she’s attached to a top dog doesn’t make her a safe friend.
  3. Go and bring gifts! She’s a popular lady and there’s no reason why you can’t hang out.


6. Something goes wrong in France and you need to get back to Scotland ASAP. There are three people who offer to escort you there. Who do you choose?

  1. The mistress! She’d have you traveling in style the whole way.
  2. The dashing man you met on your first day in the past. He’s not a murderer after all!
  3. Your healer friend. She’s on the run too and she knows how to hide.


7. When you get back in the country, old contacts give you a plot of land and a little cabin by the woods. But it needs a lot of work. Are you up for the task of farming and building?

  1. You’ll just hire some random man from the village to do all the work with some of the money you hid while returning to Scotland.
  2. Luckily, you know how to do all that stuff. Raising chickens and chopping wood is basically second nature.
  3. You don’t know how to rough it, so you try to make some friends in the village. Maybe some of them will teach you how to garden and make candles.


8. Trouble keeps finding you, as do British soldiers! Word gets out that you bathe regularly, heal the sick, used to hang out with a witch, and seemed to show up out of nowhere. The only way out of this mess is to play housewife for a bit by marrying. Who’s the lucky groom?

  1. A handsome hooded stranger who caught your eye in the local tavern.
  2. A local blacksmith who has a nice house and some respect around town since he regularly volunteers at the church.
  3. The laird of the land. If he can’t keep you safe, who can?


9. The daughter of your neighbor is ill. You recognize this as a common illness and know exactly how to fix it. But you also know that if you’re seen mixing a potion, you’ll be burned at the stake, since people are already suspicious of you. What do you do?

  1. Take a chance any brew it up. You’ll sacrifice yourself for the child.
  2. Mention what you think might cure her to your neighbor’s family. It’s up to them, now.
  3. Nothing. Child mortality rates were high back then anyway!


10. War is coming and your husband is off to fight with little chance to survive. What are you going to do?

  1. Pick up arms and fight by his side! Sure, you’ve never held a broadsword, but how hard can it be?
  2. Go back to the future. You dying won’t help anything.
  3. Hang out in the village near some stones and wait for news before making a decision.

All done! Let’s see how you did…

Mostly 1s


Nope, you’re not gonna make it! It may be dysentery, you might get burned for witchcraft, or you might end up being killed in a battle you accidentally stumbled upon. No matter what, you’d be a goner.

Mostly 2s


You will survive! You were made to live in the past, since you have book smarts, street smarts, and the good sense to be fully vaccinated before you hop through the stones.

Mostly 3s


There’s a chance for your survival! It’ll be tough, you’ll have some lean times, and a hot Scottish man might not come to your rescue, but you’ve still got a shot at life…once you get over the starvation, disease, and poverty. But don’t worry, you can always go back to the future!


Were you a fan of this quiz? Check out the rest of out Outlander Articles, quizzes, and fun HERE! And do you want free contemporary and historical romance novels? Maybe our book review team is right for you. Click HERE to find out how you can join the KisS review team!

BTW, I don’t just write Outlander articles, I also write books! Queen of Emeralds is a thrilling historical Scottish romance that takes you on a journey through London, deep into the Highlands, and into the arms of a laird. You can order it HERE! The Non-Disclosure Agreement shows what happens when a small town girl and a hot shot billionaire mix business and pleasure. This book is available HERE!


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The History Behind ‘The White Queen’

I’ve been a huge fan of Philipa Gregory for a long time. I loved how she was able to use history, legend, gossip, and lore to make enthralling books. With all the hype that the show version of The White Princess is getting, I wanted to go back through my notes and talk about both books/shows and the true history that inspired them! We’ll go into The White Queen first and then delve into The White Princess


Melusine is a mythical mermaid-like creature that exists in various European folklore, but exists mainly France. Historically, the Luxembourg family is one of many who claims ancestry from Melusine. It fed into the thought that Jacquetta claimed strong heritage from Melusine, as well as mystical powers. The fact that a text of the tale of Melusine was found in her personal collection didn’t help matters, but seeing as it was a popular story of love and loss, it wasn’t rare and her involvement in the legend is probably very much exaggerated.

To give you a short version of the legend of Melusine, she was a beautiful half woman and half mermaid/serpent that only took on her mythological form once a week. A man hunting came upon her and offered her marriage. She accepted as long as he would leave her alone in total privacy once a week to bathe. For a time, they were happy, but the man soon grew too curious and spied on his wife, seeing her true form. Enraged, Melusine flew from the castle, never to be seen again, although she still thought of herself as the protector of her family and would wail when a member passed and help them if she could.


BTW Does this double tailed beauty look familiar? If you’re a coffee drinker like I am, you’ll recognize her as the Starbucks mermaid. Think about that next time you stop for your morning cup.

Jacquetta of Luxembourg

The Luxembourg family is an old French one, claiming lineage from the fabled Melusine. Jacquetta had many royal ties in different countries due to her high birth, and her first marriage was to a son of King Henry IV of England. They had no children by the time he died two years later, leaving Jacquetta a young and extremely wealthy duchess. As her title made her the second most powerful woman in the English court, next to the queen, she could have had her choice of husbands…

Lowly English knight Richard Woodville was tasked by the king to bring the newly widowed Jacquetta to court. But the pair fell in love. Despite it being illegal due to their difference in status and their refusal to wait for royal permission, they still married in secret. When it came out, no one could really be the mad, and they were merely fined. But Jacquetta was BFFs with Henry’s queen Margaret and Margaret made sure Richard got a title to put him on more even footing with his wife. So, he became Earl Rivers and the Lord High Treasurer.


Jacquetta and Richard had 14 children during their marriage, including “The White Queen”, Elizabeth. As she, obviously, made sure her children received titles, position, and even a crown, she was thought to be a witch by many. Most notably, she was accused of using sorcery to seduce King Edward into the bed of her daughter Elizabeth. While the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence, the gossip followed her until her death…and followed her daughter for the entirety of her life as well.

Elizabeth Woodville

Born around 1347 to a well respected genteel family. She married first to a man who died a Lancaster supporter, leaving her a widowed mother of two sons. Luckily, she was still young enough to marry again and was “the most beautiful woman in the isle of Britain…with heavy lidded eyes like those of a dragon.” Might not sound like a compliment, but it totally was. If it wasn’t for being named a Lancastrian traitor, the obviously fertile mother of two boys could have married again easily. But it was almost lucky for Elizabeth that she wasn’t one to hop on the first man who came by her home. No, Elizabeth had her sights set on a man worthy of her.


Anyway, historians can’t agree as to how Elizabeth met the young King Edward IV, although the general lore says that Elizabeth dressed plainly and waited by the side of the road for Edward to pass with her two sons. Her original plan is said to have been to merely receive some sort of pardon for her dead husband (who fought and died after fighting against Edward and his York army, thus losing his wealth). But when Edward saw her, he was taken by her innocence, her maternal glow, and the graceful elegance she held even when not decked out in jewels. Edward wanted Elizabeth and would do anything to have her, even defy his family and his advisers to marry her in secret.


They had a strong marriage where 10 children were born and no matter what mistresses Edward took, he always came back to his wife. Again, not suuuuper romantic, but there weren’t many kings out there without a bevy of mistresses, and at least Edward actually did love Elizabeth. Their marriage is said to be one of the early examples of true love in a royal marriage. But her ability to sway the gaze of a king and make herself his queen made some believe that she was witch, just like her mama.

Edward IV

Yeah, not the glowing blonde god we saw in the show, but for a guy back then, he was the Jake Gyllenhaal of his time. He is noted as being “a man so vigorous and handsome that he might have been made for the pleasures of the flesh”. His hot bod got him at least 15 children that history knows of, but I’m guessing there were more little Eddies stashed around England. For Edward, he was born in France, the oldest living son of Richard of York, who believed he was the true king of England….Well, he might have been, or he might have been the illegitimate product of an affair by his mother. That story was drug up throughout his reign, and even after his death, to weaken his claim to the throne as well as that of his children’s. No matter who is daddy was, Edward really took the York mission to heart and fought to become the first York king of England…and the tallest one in history! He and his two brothers were known as the three suns in the sky and the three sons of York.


As I’ve said, he spied Elizabeth and her boys and thought she’d make a hell of a wife. She was a bit older and not a princess like he “should” have wed, but when Edward wanted something, he was sure to get it. Besides, the fact that she was obviously capable of birthing children mainly sons, was particularly attractive. So he put a ring on it and made her his queen. It ended up that the ex-Lancaster supporter was well loved but the people! Elizabeth’s 12 unmarried sisters soon found top notch marriages and Edward was basically surrounded by his in-laws. Much of the other nobility was angry, but Edward told them to shut up or shove off.


There was some rebellion against Edward’s reign, sometimes headed by his own brother George, but there was no other strong claim to the throne besides a little guy named Henry Tudor who was living in exile. The rest of Edward’s short life kept him in power and when he died at the age of 40, he made his brother, Richard, the protector of England until his son Edward could be crowned.

Richard III

Spoiler alert! Prince Edward (now known as lil’Edward) was never crowned and Richard became king. When King Edward died, he thought his little brother Richard would keep his crown safe for his son, but he was super wrong. Richard placed his nephew in the Tower of London to await the coronation that would never come.


To take the crown, he began by ousting the Woodvilles from power, imprisoning the men and forcing the women into hiding. Queen Elizabeth herself went into sanctuary with her daughters and youngest son Richard (now known as lil’Richard) while Richard worked on making her marriage to King Edward illegitimate, thus ruining lil’Edward’s claim to the throne. He ended up imprisoning both boys in the tower, where they never left (more on that later).


Richard finally got his just desserts when he was killed in battle by Henry Tutor’s forces at the age of 32. Recently, his battered bones were found in during construction and it was found that he did have uneven shoulders and a curvature of the spine as many have said. He was also found to have been mutilated before being unceremoniously dumped in a ditch. While he wasn’t a handsome man in his prime, it’s a wonder that he was able to start some kind of relationship with his niece Elizabeth of York..but that’s a tale for my next post.

The Princes in the Tower

Once lil’Edward was already in The Tower of London “for his safety”, Richard plucked lil’Richard from sanctuary and had him join his brother. Over the next few months, Richard was made king, Elizabeth and Edward’s marriage was made illegitimate, and the boys were seen less and less until they were never seen again.


It is widely accepted that Richard had a hand in the boy’s disappearance and even at the time he was thought to be the murderer, well that he ordered it anyway. With them out of the picture, he thought there wouldn’t be any issue with him retaining the throne.

But there’s another theory that at least one of the boys survived. Now Elizabeth Woodville was a smart woman and knew how hard it had been for Edward to keep his throne. She knew that if she let lil’Richard go to the tower like lil’Edward, he would never come back. It’s thought that she was able to smuggle lil’Richard out of sanctuary to take a new identity with a trusted family and replaced him with a local boy. For years afterwards, several people came forward claiming to be the lost prince, but none was ever confirmed. Since then, two sets of children’s skeletons have been found, but neither have been tested. So it’s possible that we will never know what happened to Elizabeth’s sons.



I hope you found this little look into the world of The White Queen fun and informative. I’ll be working on something for The White Princess soon, so keep checking back for more historical fun! And if Scottish history is your thing, read some historical articles with a fun twist on our Outlander page HERE!

If you enjoyed this write up, you’ll probably love my book, Queen of Emeralds! It’s a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE in paperback, ebook, or free on kindle unlimited!

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Ultimate Dragonfly in Amber Quiz

We’ve offered many fun quizes, which you can read on our Outlander page here, but sometimes we like to challenge you. We tripped a few of you up in our Ultimate Outlander Book Quiz, here, so let’s see how you do with  quiz that tests your knowledge on Dragonfly in Amber! This quiz doesn’t have any spoilers for the show, but if you want to read the book, then be careful!


  1. Who painted all the royal portraits in the Great Gallery?
  • Frances Cotes
  • Jacob DeWitt
  • Charles Brooking
  • Samuel Scott


2.What did Reverend Wakefield do every night before bed?

  • Wrote in his journal
  • Read part of Frank Randall’s history books
  • Sang ‘The Skye Boat Song’ to Roger
  • Had a glass of sherry and listened to the radio


3. How did Claire keep her teeth so clean?

  • She used toothpaste she made herself from cloves and mint
  • She chewed “gum” made from Spruce resin
  • She washed her mouth out with whiskey to kill bacteria
  • She brushed them with the twig from a willow tree


4. What did Prince Charles always carry with him?

  • A letter from his father, reminding him he is king
  • A miniature portrait of Louise
  • A cross that belonged to his mother
  • A stone taken from the cairn of a great Scottish king


5. What nickname does Young Simon say Claire is known by?

  • The White Witch
  • Lady Long Legs
  • Sassanach Sorceress
  • Mistress Honeylips


6. What famous artist’s work did Claire say the wise woman Mairsi resembled?

  • Sandro Botticelli
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Francisco Goya


7. What was the main ingredient in Monsieyr Forez’s salve?

  • Hanged-men’s grease
  • The blood of a virgin
  • Powdered human skull
  • A guillotined woman’s tears


8. What jeweled thing was hanging from Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s pierced nipples?

  • Colorful peacocks
  • Golden mermaids
  • Graceful swans
  • Pale Roses


9. What relative did Uncle Jared most resemble?

  • Dougal
  • Murtagh
  • Cullom
  • Jamie’s father, Brian


10. What was the necklace that Jamie gave Claire made of when they went back to Scotland?

  • Amber
  • Cotter Pins
  • Carved stones from a French cave
  • The links of chain from a British wagon


11. What street was Master Raymond’s shop on and what animal did Claire think he resembled?

  • Rue de Sein and a gorilla
  • Rue de Rivoli and a lizard
  • Rue de Varennes and a toad
  • Rue de Richelieu and a bull dog


12. What is the last verbal phrase spoken at the end of the book?

  • “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.”
  • “I have to go back.”
  • “Jamie escaped…he’s alive.”
  • “Help me find him. Help me find your father.”


13. What instrument does Mother Hildegarde play?

  • The harpsichord
  • The clavichord
  • The fortepiano
  • The virginal


14. What animal does Jamie think he resembles at times?

  • An orangutang
  • A fox
  • A hedgehog
  • A tiger


15. What occupation did Jamie say he wanted to be when he was a child?

  • A blacksmith
  • A politician
  • A pirate
  • A horse breeder


16. What saint did Claire think of before her meeting with the king?

  • Saint Nicholas, the savior of prostitutes
  • Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland
  • Saint Joan of Arc, the warrior woman saint
  • Saint Mary Magdalene, the fallen follower of Jesus


17. What did Jamie give Claire as a belated gift for their first wedding anniversary?

  • Hair ribbons
  • A dapple grey pony
  • A piece of amber
  • His mother’s crucifix


18. Which Cameron lead 300 clansmen to join Prince Charlie?

  • Jenny Cameron
  • Jacob Cameron
  • Janet Cameron
  • James Cameron


19. Murtagh wasn’t pure Scottish. What country did his grandmother hail from?

  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Spain


20. What did Claire do with the money gotten from the sale of her pearl necklace?

  • Se bought blankets for some men imprisoned in Tolbooth
  • She purchased medicinal herbs to help Alex Randall
  • She sent it to Jenny to help her feed Jamie’s tenants
  • She sent it to Jared for safekeeping


21. BONUS: How did you react to Claire retuning to Frank and her previous life?

  • Ugly sobs à la Kim Kardashian
  • A moment of careful contemplation in which you reevaluated your entire life
  • You ran to book three, hoping for Claire and Jamie to find a way to reunite
  • All of the above

You’ve now finished! Check your answers with those below the naked Scot and see how many you got right. Each right answer is worth 1 point.


  1. Jacob DeWitt
  2. Journal
  3. Willow (willow was also used as a brushing tool in the movie Shakespeare in Love)
  4. Portrait of Louise
  5. Mistress honeylips (There are worse things to be called, I guess)
  6. Amadeo Modigliani
  7. Hanged Men’s Grease
  8. Swans (ouch)
  9. Murtagh
  10. Cotter pins
  11. Rue de Varenes and a toad
  12. “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.” (*sob*)
  13. Harpsichord
  14. Orangutang
  15. Pirate (Must have been before he discovered his seasickness!)
  16. St. Mary Magdalene
  17. A piece of amber
  18. Jenny
  19. Ireland
  20. She bought blankets
  21. All of the above…unless you have no soul

Now, let’s see what level book master you are!

0-7: Time to reread the book!


8-15: Not too shabby! You know your way about France, for sure.


16-21: You are the Outlandish page master!


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Jamie and Claire are #RelationshipGoals

People say that Jay Z and Beyonce are #RelationshipGoals, but let’s talk about the real Queen B (Queen Beauchamp/ La Dame Blanche) and her partner, the ever wonderful Jamie Fraser.  Can we get more #RelationshipGoals than Jamie and Claire? Sure, there weren’t any showers when they met and Claire had to introduce dental health to her people and sleeping in the woods was a daily thing, but that couple knows what’s up. They’re loyal, trust each other with their lives, and  keep the passion in their marriage, no matter what.


We’ve told you how Claire‘s a badass lady and how Jamie would make the perfect husband, so how about how they are together? So, in no particular order. let’s discuss some of the times when Jamie and Claire were the perfect couple. Don’t worry, we’re sticking with the top show moments, as to avoid spoilers and keep this article at a manageable length! So unless you’re still working through season one, don’t worry!

♥Strangers Helping Each Other♥


After Claire helps Jamie fix his shoulder, the adrenaline leaves her body, letting the strange reality of her situation hit her full force. She realizes she’s alone in the past, far away from her husband and begins to break down. But Jamie offers her a shoulder to cry on (no pun intended, as it is literal) and through their trade of tender services, we see some foreshadowing of what their relationship will become. This is a couple that were in tune with each others emotional needs from he first time Jamie flung Claire off his horse and into the bushes.

♥They go to Bat for Each Other♥


Jamie and Claire will go to any length to protect each other, no matter what. Jamie saved her from Black Jack a few times,while she took it one step further once, and saved all of Jamie’s men from the British. She swooned into the arms of the redcoats as Dougal told Jamie to STFU and let Claire play the damsel in distress. Not only do they take care of each other, they take care of those close to them. Talk about selfless.

♥You Are My Home Now♥


You know what I’m talking about. Jamie gives Claire her wedding ring, forged from his key to Lallybroch, and tells her that she is his home now. While their wedding was one brought on by need, Jamie takes his vows seriously from the start and never misses a chance to tell his wife that they are a true team. Everyone should slip this little number into their own wedding. But, as someone who referenced Jurassic Park while being read their wedding vows by an officiant, I don’t practice what I preach.

♥When Claire Chooses Jamie♥


As someone who started the book series after the first episode aired on STARZ, I gotta admit, this next part hit me hard, since I didn’t know what to expect. When Jamie took Claire to the stones and gave her the option to go “home” to Frank, I about lost my ever loving shit. I was yelling at the TV, “No, bitch! Don’t do it! Look at that glorious highlander! Stay and make elegant ginger babies that can walk the runways of Milan like there’s no tomorrow!” and I’m sure there was more than one tear when she she told him that she is his wife. Ye’ve made the right choice, Lass.

♥They Keep it Spicy♥


Anyone who’s been in a long term relationship can understand that sometimes you have to switch in up in the boudoir. Look at when Claire defrocked her honeypot! That certainly wasn’t the norm in the England that she left behind, nor was Jamie expecting a silky smooth southern hemisphere on his wife. But, she laid herself bare (literally) and waxed as the French did to give her man a little taste of something new…pun intended.


♥The Couple That Kills Together, Stays Together♥


As much as Sarah and I think Dougal Mackenzie is the hottest grandpa ever, snitches get stitches, so obviously he had to go when he was going to rat on Jamie and Claire at the end of season two. While Jamie did most of the grunt work, Claire bashed that Highlander into next week. Now, don’t you want your partner to be your partner in crime, no matter what the consequences? There’s nothing like a little murder to keep a marriage strong.

♥When Jamie Made Claire Save Herself♥


Now, I know this doesn’t scream “romance” in the heaving bosom sense, but it really shows how deeply Jamie loved Claire and their unborn child. He could have tried to leave through the stones with her, it’s not like either really knew for certain if it would kill him, but he did know that Frank would take care of Claire and their child. Having a partner that will do anything for you, even save your life at the expense of everything else, is more romantic than any tumblr post about a boyfriend bringing his bottom bitch a pumpkin spice latte. And when Claire tells Jamie “you are my home”, much like he did to her when they were married, cause ugly cries all around.

♥They Fight it Out♥


Their relationship was passionate in the bedroom, and out, but Jamie and Claire rarely went to bed angry. They always made sure to fight through their issues, no matter what. Like when Claire made Jamie promise not to kill Black Jack until she was sure his child had been conceived, Jamie was pissed as hell, some threats were made, but they love each other enough to compromise and work through their problems…even if it involves a little spanking.

♥Love Knows No Bounds♥


People whine about not being able to hack a two hour distance when their significant other goes away to college. Well, how about ya try 200 years of time, 20 years from your last meeting, and the thousands of miles that are between Boston to Scotland? Ya’ll get your jimmies rustled when your man goes to a frat party, but Claire’s about to hop through time to go get her man when she sees a trace of him in an old ass document. But, really? Can you blame her?

You’d run through that black hole, too.

We want to know, what about Claire and Jamie’s relationship do you find awesome? Tell us in the comments and stop by next Saturday for an all-new Outlander Saturday post!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.