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Elton Hall Chronicles Series

You’ve gone to class with Violet, explored your options with Annabelle, and rode off into the sunset with Christie, but are you ready for all three of their stories in one amazing box set? The Elton Chronicles box set is available now on Amazon for only $.99 and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book One: First Semester

Violet is just a freshman, off on her first adventure, when she meets a man she dubs her “hipster Hercules”. He’s tall, dark, handsome, British…and her professor. But the heart wants what it wants and her heart sure as hell wants Professor Bernelli. However, someone isn’t too keen on keeping the two secret lovers hidden from the watchful eye of the dean and before she knows it, Violet is forced to fight for her relationship…and her life.

Book Two: Second Snowfall

Annabelle is a relationship virgin. True love has been her dream all her life and when red hot firefighter Kingsley drops into her lap, she thinks she might have found the one. But her heart really longs for another man, one that she can never have. And when her picture perfect romance begins to crack, Annabelle is left to pick up the pieces…before it’s too late.

Book Three: Third Wheel

Christ has her life all planned out. First she’ll graduate college, then marry her childhood sweetheart, and live happily ever after in the traditional American Dream….the traditional, boring American Dream. Christie breaks all the rules and even meets a boy who sets her soul on fire. But life with street racer Shane has its dangers and she’s about to learn first hand that living on the edge isn’t easy.

  • Order First Semester in ebook or paperback HERE
  • Order Second Snowfall in ebook or paperback HERE
  • Order Third Wheel in ebook or paperback HERE

Or if you want to get the whole series in a neat, little package, you can preorder the boxset HERE now!


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Craving Bad? We Are…

Most people think Kelsey and I (Sarah) are one person. We are, in fact, two different authors. However, we decided it was time we do something together. We are apart of an anthology, Craving Bad: An Anthology of Bad Boys and Wicked Girls.


It is 11 stories by 11 fabulous authors about the good girls who need the bad boys and the naughty girls affected by the sweet guys.

Kelsey’s story is called Ironside Sinners. It is a motorcycle club romance. Her old man, as in her father, is big into the MC scene. She was always fascinated by the world and the culture of the relationships. Then she watched Sons of Anarchy and realized just how sexy they could be. As a result, she wrote this story. Here is the trailer for it…

My story, (Sarah), is about what happens when the bad boy you want is your twin brother’s best friend. Twins always share a special bond. I know because I have a twin brother. Now, I’ve never dated one of his best friends (that I’ll admit to) but I won’t say the temptation wasn’t there. I added that idea with one of my true loves, heist movies. Here is the trailer…


The book is available for pre-order and will be live on May 23rd. Kelsey and I will be doing a live video that day. Stay tuned for details about that. The anthology can be seen


In the meantime, my college romantic suspense, First Semester, is available now. Fans of Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl will get lost in this book. It can be seen


Kelsey’s historical romance, Queen of Emeralds, is on sale for 99 cents. Outlander fans will love it! But don’t worry, it is definitely not a copy cat! It can be seen


Her contemporary romance, The Non-Disclosure Agreement, is live now! Fans of the tv show The Arrangement will worship it. It can be seen


Thank you for all the support you have given us so far. We have enjoyed reading, reviewing, and chatting with all of you. Enjoy the books and let us know what you think!

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Queen of Emeralds is on Sale

Love Scottish romance and want a new summer read? My first book, Queen of Emeralds is now on sale for a limited time! Until May 14th, you can get this ebook for only 99cents!


Order yours on amazon HERE and take advantage of this awesome sale before it’s gone!

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YA Superwomen Smack Down

With all the superhero movies out there, I’ve noticed a serious lack of woman power. Now, I love staring at Chris Hemsworth in a cape and Chris Evans in spandex as much as the next girl, however, I decided to go looking for a new super woman story, since I have to wait so long for “Wonder Woman” to come out. Along the way, I found Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram and SuperNova: Heroes of Arcania by Liz Long. So, let’s talk about both stories together.


Heat: ♥

Genre: Young Adult

Overall Rating: Wait Until The End

Let’s talk about the superheroes first, Jamie and Nova.

Jamie is new to San Francisco. Her family moved after there was a terrible accident involving Jamie and her boyfriend Derek. Her car was hit by a truck carrying, yes you guessed it, dangerous chemicals. Then a lamp post fell, and between the chemicals and the electricity, Jamie got her powers. But we’ll talk about the powers later. Derek was killed in the accident and Jamie hasn’t recovered. She’s known as the ice queen.


Not that one. But Ryan is determined to break  the icy exterior and learn more about the raven haired beauty. However, Jamie thinks it’s too dangerous to let him in because of her powers. They’re a secret. Her parents are afraid that if anyone finds out about them, they’ll take her away and do experiments on her…or worse. But there are only so many times that Jamie can turn down the blue eyed football star.

Now, how about Nova? She is also recovering from a loss. Her sister was killed by a super villain named Fortune. The worst part, Nova had her powers at the time, but she froze. Now, she blames herself. But, senior year is starting and she meets two people who start to bring her back to life. You see, Nova, unlike Jamie, was born with her powers. They’ve been growing as she ages, but until Cole and Penelope enter the scene, she hadn’t met anyone with powers. As she gets to know Cole, she begins to realize that it’s not just his powers that she’d interested in.

Alright, let’s get into the powers. Jamie has kind of unlimited powers. All of her senses have been heightened. She can run at super speed, like from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon in a matter of like thirty minutes. She can hear and see from about a mile away, and she has super strength. This all seems to be from the chemical waste. As for the electricity, it pretty much flows through Jamie. She can pull electricity around her, shut it off, and eventually, control it. Jamie is like Spider-Man, she woke up one day with powers and struggles to control them in high school. Her powers are directly related to her emotions and as most of us know, teenage girls CANNOT control their emotions. As a result, being around Ryan is dangerous, her very kiss shoots him with so much electric juice that he is up all night. Anything more could kill him.


And for the lovely SuperNova. She is what is called an Unbreakable. As you can guess, she is unbreakable. What this means is that her skin is unpenetrable and she can’t really feel pain. She’s never had a broken bone, she’s never skinned her knees, and she’d never felt a bee sting. But she has limits. The super strength isn’t indefinite. She is strong, but not like The Hulk. There’s also this one hitch. Cole tells Nova that powers are hereditary, but her parents and sister never showed signs of powers. So, like Jamie is Spider-Man, Nova is more like an X-Men. At least none that Nova knew about.  It’s great that Nova can share her secret with Cole but their feelings make them vulnerable and it infuriates Penelope. After all, her brother is all she has.


Now for the boys! Jamie is trying to get over the guilt she feels about Derek’s death and is terrified of what she could do to a new guy. Ryan pretty much laughs this off and pursues her with so much gumption the only options are a restraining order or a date. He is the quarterback for the football team, like Derek was, but he has a charm and charisma about him that makes him even more desirable. On top of that, he has a girl best friend. Yes, all of you ‘When Harry Met Sally’ fans, it is possible to have a girl best friend if you’re a guy. He loves her something fierce, and she hates Jamie something wicked. Naturally, this causes problems. But at the end of the day, you root so hard for Ryan, it’s that whole charisma thing again. He wins the reader over and you beg Jamie to give him a chance, even if it means risking his life. After all, isn’t that what high school is for? Feeling with so much abandon that you fear you might explode?


Cole. So the fun thing about Cole is that Nova’s book is actually in dual POV so we get to know exactly how he feels for Nova. It’s nice because all of the guesswork is gone, but at the same time, Nova is a complicated chick. Cole and his sister Penelope grew up in a very different kind of home than Nova. He was trained to use his powers and then trained in hand to hand combat so he’d never actually need to use them. In other words, picture a guy, muscles toned from working out in the gym of his basement, a heart of gold, and honey brown eyes. Anyone else swooning? Not yet? Well, have I mentioned he looks out for his sister, she’s a year younger, protects her, and actually spends time with her because he wants to? If you aren’t swooning, pretend he’s like twenty-six and you’ll be there.


Here’s the best part, well the best part in my opinion. Both books belong to a series. That’s right. When you’ve finished reading one, you can go back to amazon, buy the next one and continue to binge. I have only read book one of each, but I will be buying book 2 of both books.

As for my favorite…I hate it when things end in a tie, because I think that’s just someone being dishonest. I did enjoy Jamie’s book, but I liked the superhero filled world that Nova lived in. That being said, I am a superhero fan, so that may have been a part of it. Both stories were well written, kept me reading, and were error free. I’d recommend both books (I did love both of them) to anyone who enjoys YA, or someone who likes superheroes. Give it a look while you’re waiting for ‘Wonder Woman’ or read it before the movie to hype yourself up. Either way, I think you’ll have found a great new series, well two new series, to get excited over.

Being Jamie Baker can be found here and right now it’s FREEEEEEEE

SuperNova: Heroes of Arcania can be found here and it’s only $.99


To find out more about me and my upcoming books or for links to my author interviews click here

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No Life But This

When I studied abroad, we took a quick trip to Portugal and I fell in love. Not with a man, but with the city. In No Life But This by Brenda Margriet, I did find a man to love, and his name is Santos.


Heat: ♥♥♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 4/6 Glass Slippers

Ever since the Lizzie McGuire movie, I’ve been fascinated by the vacation romance. Obviously, hers didn’t turn out that great, but it got me thinking. What happens when you fall for someone with a very short deadline. Some people think this is the perfect recipe. They get in, get out, and go home. But what about that one person that stops you in your tracks?

Abigail has lived a very sheltered life because of her mother’s illness. She went to work, went home, and took care of mom. That is, until mom died. Now Abigail is free and she decides that the best way to celebrate that freedom is to go to a small Island off the coast of Portugal have an adventure. She leaves behind her boyfriend and little brother for the unknown. But don’t worry, she did remember her inhaler.

Santos turned his family’s farm into a quaint bed and breakfast. His mother cooks and cleans, his sister runs the books, and he takes the guests on daring adventures. It’s the perfect set up…especially when you consider the women who flock to these trips. Let’s just say Santos enjoys the view.

But then, Abigail stumbles upon him. She can’t ride a bike up a mountain without stopping or taking a hit of the inhaler, she’s terrified to para-glide,  and she’s everything Santos wants. She has an innocence that resonates with him and a body he dreams about at night. There are just two problems, she has a boyfriend and she’s still a guest. Santos prefers to wait until the guest check out before sampling the merchandise. At least he did.

Now the two are faced with a completely new adventure that only two can go on. Do they risk getting hurt for a few hours of pleasure, or do they go to their own rooms, never knowing what could have been. After all, Abigail is only in Portugal for two weeks. Who could possibly fall in love that fast?


A photo from my trip to Portugal

There are a lot of things I liked about this book. I’ve never been to the islands off Portugal’s coast, but the author made me feel as if I had. There were beautiful and detailed descriptions as well as amazing adventures that I wish I had the stamina to try.

Santos was a great male lead. He was sexy, had a tattoo, and an accent. Ladies, what more do you need in a man? Well, he was considerate, passionate, whispered sweet nothings in another language, and definitely skilled where it mattered most…in being a tour guide. I love intelligent men. Santos knew so much about the Island and he gave it all to the guests. I wish he were real!


However, there were a LOT of names to keep track of. The tour group that Abigail joined had several other characters in it and I had a hard time keeping everyone straight. I think if one of the couples weren’t there, that might have helped. It also was confusing because not everyone went on all the excursions so one minute, Trisha was there with her husband, the next minute the German family were the main secondary characters. It took me out of the story a little bit and I felt like I needed to make notes of who everyone was.

Also, these weren’t my favorite intimate scenes. They were fun, dramatic, passionate, and a little awkward. Not the virgin loosing it for the first time awkward, the kind of awkward where the word choice takes you out of the scene.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and the mini adventure I got to take. Afraid to travel, too broke to travel, or simply busy in your own world, take a couple hours and go to Portugal for a while. Say hi to the dolphins for me when you get there. The book is out on January 20th but is available for preorder for .99 cents.


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Discounted and Free Scary Reads

I absolutely love Halloween but I feel like I get a Halloween hangover. I’m never ready for it to be over. So, for those people who still want a little chill in their lives, we have some discounted and free Halloween reads.



Omen Operation– An outbreak book staring Brooklyn, a high school girl being trained to fight the infected. She and her cabinmate Dawson soon find out that there is more to the world than just their training center. So they have to fight for love, freedom, and most importantly… their own lives. It is book one in The Isolation Series by Taylor Barton.

Have You Seen This Girl– Wendi was kidnapped and drugged until she finally broke free. However, now she is addicted to the very drugs she was once force fed. Too proud to go home and too scared to go back, she hops a bus hoping to leave the memories behind. But eight years later, she’s back and determined to find the source of her nightmares. It is book 1 in the Flocksdale Files Book Series by Carissa Lynch.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder– Everyone always thinks that the cheerleaders have it so easy. But what happens when making the squad is actually a matter of life and death? Dakota tries to ignore the harassment and threats that follow as the coveted few spots of the squad are slowly taken. But will her effort be enough or will someone ensure she never cheers again? It is book one in the Horror High Book Series. We reviewed this in case you want to read the review. Just a hint, Kelsey loved it! Click here to see the review. It is also by Carissa Lynch.

Seer– This is book 3 in the series, but book 1, Seeker, is only .99 cents so its worth the series. In it, a girl Ally has visions and she may hold the key to an ancient mystery. Jack enters her life, a troubled kid just trying to graduate and move on, is desperately trying to avoid the feisty redhead and her visions. But she keeps pulling him back in. It isn’t long before someone’s life is at risk. Will they be able to work together to protect the innocent, or will their battle of wills cost someone their future? This book is by Amy Reece.


.99 Cents 

My Soul to Keep– We did not review this book because it is about a 13 year old, but I know the author and she is amazing. We’ve all heard the prayer/nursery rhyme “Now I lay me down to sleep” but what happens when your soul may actually be taken? Skye has always felt a connection with the dead and soon finds that there is a group at her boarding school filled with people just like her. However, the spirits they are connecting with, aren’t always nice. What lie beyond life…death! This is by Jackie Sonnenberg.

Sacrificed– My girl Nykki Mills is having a sale and you have to check out her books. Sacrificed is about the popular girl realized that everything she thought she knew is about to change. 16 year old Kass is now seeing the ghost of a small child and weird things begin to happen. With the help of the cute but mysterious boy next door named Ian, Kass must find out about her past to try and protect her future. But what happens when her past, is exactly what’s coming back to haunt her? Click here for the review.

Cursed– Cursed by Nykki Mills is a spin off of the book Sacrificed. It stars, Gina, Ian’s cousin. She can see and talk to ghosts. Frankly, she finds it annoying most of the time. That is until someone is dead and Gina is being blamed. Will the ghosts help her find the real killer or will they force her to take the blame? There are not one, but two, sexy boys in this book. Click here for the review. We also “interviewed” Gina. Click here to learn more about her.

Into the Fire– Cara is a descendant from the Phoenix bird and will have to die on her 17th birthday. But don’t worry! She will rise again from the ashes unable to remember anything from her past life. There is just one problem with this plan…she is in love with Logan and desperately doesn’t want to forget him. However, he is bringing out her Phoenix qualities. The very qualities that will draw the Phoenix hunter straight to her. She will die without him but she just may die with him too. This is by Kelly Hashway and is book 1 in the Into the Fire Trilogy.

Nurse Blood– We also reviewed this book a while back. Sonya searches the bar scene for the perfect man. Her intentions aren’t honorable but they certainly differ from all the other’s in the bar. She lures the man to a hotel room and knocks him out. Why? Because she is part of a team that harvest organs for a profit. But when a big score comes up, will the team fall apart or rise to the occasion.This is by Rebecca Besser. Click here for the review.

Dark Legends Box Set– This is the deal of the post! This box set has twenty full length urban fantasy and paranormal romances. It should keep you company until you’re in the mood for a Christmas box set. It contains books by New York Times, USA Today, and International bestsellers. I’m sure you’ll find something, or several things, to fill your Halloween fix.

13: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction– We have another box set as a great deal for you all. There are 13 dark tales to leave you up at night. Into magical creatures, thrillers, mermaids, magic, and other stories that teeter on the dark side, then this set is perfect for you. 13 is historically an unlucky number but this set may just make your day.


What is your favorite book to read around Halloween?