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Cyber Monday Sale!

It’s our turn to get in on the action this holiday season with some great ebook deals you won’t want to miss! We have something for everyone…historical hotties, spine-tingling drama, sultry college guys, and an anthology packed with more men than you can shake a peppermint stick at. So let’s get to business and fill your virtual stocking!


Queen of Emeralds – $0.99


In Queen of Emeralds, book one of The Scottish Stone Series, we first meet Charlotte. She is a well-born lady, the only child of a wealthy man who has a suitor in mind for his daughter. But the man in question is less than kind, and before she knows it, Charlotte is on the run to escape his clutches. She finds sanctuary, as well as freedom, with a Scottish laird. But when her past comes calling and someone decides she has no place in the castle, Charlotte will be forced to fight for far more than just her right to refuse a man.

Download Queen of Emeralds now for only $0.99 HERE!

First Semester – $0.99


When freshman student Violet first steps into Elton Hall University, it’s like entering another world. There are new friends to meet, classes to attend, and secrets to keep. The biggest secret of all? Her forbidden dalliance with a visiting professor, who only has a short time before he has to return to England. Not only doesViolet need to hide her desires from the school board…there’s someone else in the shadows, waiting to reveal her secret and ruin much more than just her reputation.

Download First Semester, book one of the Elton Hall Chronicles for only $0.99 HERE!

Craving Bad – FREE!


This is an anthology comprised of bad boys, wicked girls, and a few lost souls who get caught up in the mix. Download the complete collection for FREE now HERE!

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Elton Hall Chronicles Series

You’ve gone to class with Violet, explored your options with Annabelle, and rode off into the sunset with Christie, but are you ready for all three of their stories in one amazing box set? The Elton Chronicles box set is available now on Amazon for only $.99 and it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book One: First Semester

Violet is just a freshman, off on her first adventure, when she meets a man she dubs her “hipster Hercules”. He’s tall, dark, handsome, British…and her professor. But the heart wants what it wants and her heart sure as hell wants Professor Bernelli. However, someone isn’t too keen on keeping the two secret lovers hidden from the watchful eye of the dean and before she knows it, Violet is forced to fight for her relationship…and her life.

Book Two: Second Snowfall

Annabelle is a relationship virgin. True love has been her dream all her life and when red hot firefighter Kingsley drops into her lap, she thinks she might have found the one. But her heart really longs for another man, one that she can never have. And when her picture perfect romance begins to crack, Annabelle is left to pick up the pieces…before it’s too late.

Book Three: Third Wheel

Christ has her life all planned out. First she’ll graduate college, then marry her childhood sweetheart, and live happily ever after in the traditional American Dream….the traditional, boring American Dream. Christie breaks all the rules and even meets a boy who sets her soul on fire. But life with street racer Shane has its dangers and she’s about to learn first hand that living on the edge isn’t easy.

  • Order First Semester in ebook or paperback HERE
  • Order Second Snowfall in ebook or paperback HERE
  • Order Third Wheel in ebook or paperback HERE

Or if you want to get the whole series in a neat, little package, you can preorder the boxset HERE now!


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It’s Not Four Years, But For Life

Sarah and Kelsey have known each other for years now, but they aren’t just friends and blog partners, they’re sisters. Not sisters by blood, or marriage, or adoption…but sisters by bond. Sisters by Sorority.


Kelsey was already a sorority sister when she transferred to Stockton University, where they had a chapter of her sorority. In her first event, she met Sarah, who was the Vice President, thus in charge of New Member Education. Although Kelsey wasn’t technically a new member, sticking close to the VP was a good way to learn the traditions, chants, and sisters of the chapter.

They bonded over leopard print, glitter, and a fondness for Broadway. In fact, Kelsey even joined Sarah’s family line, making them “Gs”. Sarah is the GBig while Kelsey is the GLittle, with another sister sandwiched between. Soon, Sarah needed to graduate and begin her adult life back in Maryland. But that didn’t end their friendship.


They stayed close through Sarah getting engaged to, her now husband, Josh. They texted, emailed, and sent silly pictures. And even when Kelsey went through a difficult pregnancy, Sarah stuck close, helping, loving, and listening. They danced together at Sarah’s wedding and still exchange Christmas cards, along with daily phone calls. Sarah even makes several long trips from Maryland to Kelsey’s home in New Jersey, where she basically has her own bedroom!


And when it was Kelsey’s turn to wed, Sarah was by her side, playing both maid of honor and photography assistant, because no sister lets another take bad pictures on their wedding day.

When Sarah went through surgery last year, she wanted to work on some projects she had been thinking about for some time. She wanted to write a book. Well, it turned out that so did Kelsey. They became writing buddies, editing each others work, helping to pen letters to publishing houses, and supporting each other in this new world neither knew much about. They were even accepted by the same publishing house, Limitless Publishing.

As they began working with editors and cover design teams to put their first books into print, they decided to start a blog, the one you’re reading. They review books, products, and talk about your favorite shows and movies. They’ve become partners on so many levels, and wouldn’t have it any way.


But it isn’t easy. They live about three hours apart and with a three year old, it’s tough for Kelsey to make the trip. With Sarah’s full time job, it’s hard for her to find the time. But they make it. Why? Because that’s what you do for sisters. When Sarah’s heart surgery meant she might not wake up, Kelsey was there. She told jokes, make inappropriate ineundos, and ensured Sarah had a few minutes of peace when she forgot the dangers. When Kelsey was going through her trying pregnancy, Sarah showed up with baby gifts in the form of a handmade baby blanket and the number for a photographer to capture all the future beautiful moments Kelsey would share with her family.

In other words, life happens. They say the best way to ensure change is to try and plan  something perfectly. Obviously, the sisters have been through their share of heartache. But they’ve made sure to remember that with heartache also comes joy. And thanks to their sorority and their vows, not only do they know they will always have someone to turn to, they also know how to make some amazing baby shower decorations. Nothing says forever like slaving over a hot glue gun and glitter.

They’re closer than many biologically related sisters, and that’s thanks to their sorority bond. Their vows made them sisters, but their hearts made them lifelong friends. One thing is for sure, they’re sure glad they “paid” for their friendship.

If you’re interested in reading the books they helped each other write, they’re both out now! Sarah’s book, First Semester, is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Kelsey’s, Queen of Emeralds, is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE. Both of them come in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.


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Release Day Giveaway

Sarah and Kelsey have been hard at work with their first novels and are pleased to announce that they’re finally available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and even in paperback! Not only that, they have two giveaway items provided by Dturner Designs to celebrate!

First Semester

First Semester BANNER

What happens when a college freshman learns about love and lust in the classroom and threats and danger in the hallway? Find out in book one of the Elton Hall Chronicles, First Semester.

Genre: New Adult Suspenseful Romance

This novel is available on Amazon HERE in all forms.

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But that’s not all! You can win this First Semester bracelet by Dturner Designs HERE and there’s no purchase necessary!

Queen of Emeralds

Charlotte planned, one day, to return home to England. But when her heart blossoms in Scotland like the heather upon the hills, will she able to leave? Find out in book one of The Scottish Stone Series, Queen of Emeralds.

Genre: Scottish Historical Romance

This novel is available HERE on Amazon.

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But that’s not all! You can win this Queen of Emeralds bracelet by Dturner Designs HERE and there’s no purchase necessary!


Now for Dturner Designs! When the lovely owner contacted us about a giveaway, it took one look at her shop to jump right in! Her work is fast, clean, and made to your specification. She was lovely about making sure that both our pieces were exactly how we wanted them. Absolutely lovely customer service! Here are a few pics of her work…

As you can see, she doesn’t just do jewelry, she does keychains, ornaments, remembrance pieces, even earrings and pins!

You can view her entire etsy shop HERE

And be sure to follow her on Instagram HERE

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$1250 Mega Gift Card Giveaway


Spring flowers

We’re Treating Readers to a Spring Fling!
with a Mega Gift Card Giveaway

April 2-24 and Facebook Hop April 21-24

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One entry signs you up to each of our newsletters. You can also earn extra entries by signing up for our newsletters early, before the giveaway ends on April 24 (don’t worry, you won’t be double subscribed).


Click Here to Enter the Giveaway

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Be sure to also join us for our Facebook Hop April 21-24, when we will have 77 gift cards for you to enter to win. That’s a gift card at every stop! Plus a bonus giveaway for the winner’s choice of an Amazon Echo Dot or Kindle Fire. For more info, visit the Hop website,

Don’t forget, our books are available on Amazon! You can buy ebook or paperback. 

Kelsey’s book is a Scottish historical romance called Queen of Emeralds

Amazon Link

Sarah’s book is the a contemporary college romance called First Semester

Amazon Link

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Queen of Emeralds and First Semester: Info Session

It’s almost time! On March 25th, Queen of Emeralds, book one in The Scottish Stone Series, and First Semester, book one in the Elton Hall Chronicles Series will both be available for preorder!

So to help interest you, here’s everything available for you to peruse. Who knows? This could be your spring time read!

Let’s start with the official book trailers…



Alright, you know what the books are about, it’s time to meet the characters.


Charlotte Holloway is the lovely star of Kelsey’s book. She is a bit on the wild side with a heart of gold, and an innocence that makes men want to corrupt her.

Click HERE to read more about Charlotte.



Violet is a spunky 19 year old freshman looking to make her mark on Elton Hall University. She’s had experiences with boys before…but she’s ready for a real man.

Click HERE to learn more about Violet


How about the men?


Connor MacLeod has a reputation to protect. He’s a womanizer with golden locks, muscles, and a way with his sword.

Click HERE to read about Conner.



David Berneli is intense, British, and wants nothing more than to spend all night lost in discussions about great literature…well, maybe not all night

Click HERE to read more about David


Do you want more yet?


For an exciting excerpt from Queen of Emeralds, click HERE. You’ll get a glimpse into the relationship between two breathtaking leading characters



For an exciting excerpt from First Semester, click HERE. It’s a sneak peek at the arousing relationship burning through Elton Hall.

Let’s take a look at some exclusive teasers…

So if you’d like some Scottish romance with your early morning cup of tea…


Then please feel free to email me directly at

and I will add you to my exclusive preorder list!


Take a quick break from work, school, or responsibilities and remember why you love to read…


If you’re interested, send me an email at

to be added to my preorder list.

FFFB (1)

Both of us will pick two winners from each list. Each winners will receive a signed copy of each book.



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Giveaway and Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester Cover Reveal 

Hello lovelies!

My book, First Semester, will be released in less than a month, April 4th. In preparation, we made a book trailer to reveal the cover. Check out the youtube video made by the lovely Kelsey Mcknight.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about it below for a chance to win a $15 amazon giftcard

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE.