Rosaline- Extended Version

Here at A Kiss at Midnight, we like to help an author out. So, when Penelope Marshall told me she combined two of the books in her series for a re-release, I was all about reposting my reviews for everyone to see what’s going on! This new Rosaline is combined with Gideon for a happily ever after that I found satisfying!


Need a reminder about what the books are about and don’t feel like clicking the links above to see my past reviews? That’s okay, we all need a refresher sometimes! So, Rosaline is a pure blood vampire, the kind that only mixes with other pure bloods, like this asshole kid her parents hooked her up with. But, as her wedding approaches, she meets a hot stranger that she can’t get out of her head. Literally. The hot stranger is someone outside of her clan and the vampire elders don’t take kindly to outside relationships. Rosaline needs to decide who she wants, who she wants to be, and what she will give up if the elders call for blood.

So, if you want a vampire/werewolf saga that’s intriguing, new, and contains a few twists that are very un-Twilight, then pick up a copy of the special re-release of Rosaline!



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