Teach Me

It’s been a while since we’ve had something new from our resident novella writer, Penelope Marshall. Remember our reviews for Rosaline? Wrath? Betrayed? Absolution? Unleashed? Indecency? Well, here’s a new one that’s unlike the past; Teach Me.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Professor Romance

Cher is a college student, halfway through a business degree. She’s working hard to get top marks in order to make her mom proud, even though she had died some time before. But besides her classes, Cher spends most of her time reading…and pushing away every member of the opposite sex. Her father abandoned her family when Cher was a baby, leaving Cher and her mom destitute and bitter. Ever since, Cher has had a deep seeded hatred and distrust of men, letting none even come close…until Regan.

When a student named Cher stumbles into his life, almost literally, Regan is forced to think about his entire career as a literature professor. Being involved with a student is against all the rules, and he could even lose his job, but he finds that he can hardly stay away from the bristly beauty that makes him question everything he’s ever known. Can Cher and Regan survive a semester trapped in the same classroom? Or will the tension force them both to ignore the rules…then break them entirely?


Overall, I was pleased with this read. Some people aren’t fans of shorter novels, but sometimes I just really enjoy getting the whole story in one go, something I’m always thrilled about when Marshall sends me something! Also, this book features one of her famous twists. Seriously, they get me every time and are totally out of nowhere! Then you look back and often feel stupid for missing it. The only true fault I had with the book was one small bit…I won’t say what it was, but personal preference makes me dislike this certain romantic “grand hurrah”. But it’s generally something a lot of readers actually enjoy. So if you like steamy scenes, torn love, and the promise of more books in a series, download a copy of Teach Me, now!

But if you want a little taste of some Regan and Cher action, Marshall was kind enough to offer the first three chapters for free here!

And did I mention the sweet swag I got? Hello, look at this hottie. I’d let him teach me.




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