Her Drill Sergeant Dom

We don’t review a lot of erotica so we figured this would be a good time to give it a try. Interested in some spanking? Do you like your men to dominate the bedroom and give out orders.

Her Drill Sergeant Dom by Katerine Deane


Heat: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Genre: Erotica

Overall Rating: 3/6 Glass Slippers

Smyth is in a predicament. Her little sister’s best friend was just murdered while she was in the military. Now, the problem here is that she didn’t die in combat but rather while she was in training in the States. Smyth is a reporter and she convinces her boss to allow her to do a story so she lies to the government and convinces them that she is 19 instead of 24. She enlists in the military and lies her way into the same unit as her sister’s friend. Other than the lies she is telling, there is a big problem. Her drill sergeant is sexy as hell and she wants him to do dirty things to her.

Hunter is a “drill sergeant” but he was actually sent into the training camp to try to find out who has been killing girls. So far, there are possibly three girls murdered by the same person. There is just one person standing in his way, Smyth. He quickly finds out who she is and decides that since she isn’t a “real” soldier that it is okay if they get down and dirty.

Can Hunter and Smyth put their relationship aside and remember that there is a murder to solve? Do their feelings extend past just the sexual relationship? What will happen if people find out about their relationship? Or worse, what will happen if the right people find out about Smyth’s lies?

One of the problems with this book is that I had a hard time bending reality. There were a lot of things in this book that would never actually happen and definitely wouldn’t be allowed. I had a hard time getting over this.

That being sad, the book was very well written. The sex scenes were pretty explicit and both of the characters were likable. The suspense really pulls you in and I really love a good murder mystery. I definitely didn’t see the twist at the end!

I’d recommend this book to anyone who really enjoys a mystery and some intense sex. Just make sure you go in knowing that the book bends reality. As this is a fiction novel, there are some liberties that authors can take so grab the book and make sure no one is reading over your shoulder!



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