Into novellas? Well, here’s Rosaline: Silver Moon; The Scent of Blood Book One by Penelope Marshall. It’s a super short book and fans of all things fantasy would love to pick it up to read on the beach.



Heat Level: ♥

Overall Rating: 4.5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Paranormal Romance

I have to admit, at first it sounded to me like a Twilight fan fiction; super blonde, super rich, super beautiful vampire Rosaline being imprinted on by a hunky werewolf named Gideon? Their fated love being frowned upon and forbidden? For a bit I was worried it echoed Stephanie Meyer’s own vampire/forbidden love series too much, but that passes fast

Marshall totally proves my thought wrong by adding in some nice, new, elements so that, by the middle of the book, you are able to push all thoughts of Twilight behind you and focus on the book at hand.

So, Rosaline is slated to marry another “pure blood” vampire named William who is a total dick, but is also the son of a powerful coven head. Their marriage would combine their two families and, since the binding contract was drawn in their youth, there’s no way for Rosalie to escape the arrangement without violence. Watching their interactions is one of the most interesting things in the novella; William eventually tries to win Rosalie over but, by the time he changes his ways, mystery ma Gideon is already sending Rosaline messages through his mind. For a moment you feel bad for William, but that doesn’t last long since who knows what he’s up to?


As this is a part of a series, it’s really setting the scene for the next book, where I’m sure the most action will be. I was actually disappointed when I hit the end of the novella to see it ended on a cliffhanger! Don’t you love cliffhangers, sometimes? They can be deliciously torturous! The pace was just picking up and I was excited to see where things were going to go! Luckily, the second book is already out and ready for reading. I look forward to seeing more of Marshall’s work.

Xoxo Kelsey


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