I got some craziness all up in here in the form of a mafia romantic drama that left me more than surprised. So, say hello to Wrath by Penelope Marshall, book one of the Deadly Sin Series.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Mafia Romantic Drama

From the outside, Lexi Cerisi has it all; money, beauty, new cars, a huge home, and a husband name Christian who owns a lovely “family business” wink wink. But she still wants more; the ever elusive true love that isn’t sure really exists. Yeah, Lexi has a ring on her finger, and so does her husband, but that doesn’t stop him from sticking his Italian sausage where it don’t belong, AKA every woman that crosses his path. So after years of marriage to a man who treats her like a “Bang Maid”, Lexi jumps at the chance for a little freedom.


That freedom’s name? Liam, a mysterious hottie Lexi meets while on a girl’s weekend trip with her cousin Celia. They meet at the club and do the dirty so good, Lexi fantasizes about it long after she goes home to her husband. But what started out as one night of fun soon turns into a huge mess that no one can contain.

I’m gonna be real, the twist in this book was out of control. Like, seriously, I was stunned at the wild ending Marshall threw in there. Sure, she dropped some hints along the way, but nothing could prepare me for the end. As always, the sex scenes were clean (well cleanly written, but dirty as hell) and the banter between the characters witty and sometimes deep. I recommend this mafia tale to anyone that wants a weekend escape and a night that sticks with you long after it’s done.



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