Degrees of Distortion 

There are very few book themes that leave me happier than some good old fashioned organized crime and a woman fighting her way out. Degrees of Distortion by Aimee McNeil is a jaw dropping book.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Overall Rating: 5.5/6 Glass Slippers

Lexie lost her long term boyfriend, Alex, last year and she hasn’t quite recovered. Desperate to keep a piece of him alive in his heart, she and her best friend Stephanie retrace a road trip that she took with Alex. On the way, she discovers that her mother isn’t who she said she was. Now there are strange men with guns after her and Lexie is left with no option but to flee her home town.

Lexie’s mother, who was prepared in case the men came after them, sends Lexie to a safe house that she set up many years ago. While hiding out, Lexie can’t help but notice the sexy stranger next door.

Jackson has spent his entire adult life hell bent on solving his father’s murder. Now, the girl in the mysterious cabin next door, holds not only the key to the crime but also the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen.

Try as they might, Jackson and Lexie can’t keep their hands off of each other. When they get together, they both feel a release from all the horrible things in their past. Now their connection may be the very thing that risks, not only his father’s murder case, but also Lexie’s life. Secrets are revealed that change everything both Jackson and Lexie thought they knew and now life will never be the same.

I loved this book! The writing built up the suspense and I couldn’t get enough. McNeil had some amazing twists that completely took me by surprise and I was left staring at my kindle open mouthed.


Lexie was a likable character and at no point did I hate her. I feel like some authors struggle with creating a likable character when they don’t write the girl next door. Lexie was broken and made mistakes. There were times where I begged her not to go into the proverbial basement but, of course, she did it anyway. Lexie was spunky and sexy but was filled with a vulnerability that I felt I could relate to. However, I didn’t peg her as a damsel in distress waiting for a man to come and save her. She knew what she wanted and was willing to fight for it and for her loved ones.

Jackson…What is sexier than an alpha male with a police badge, bulging muscles, and a need to please in more ways than one? Still thinking of your answer? I’d wait but we’d be here all day. Actually, what made Jackson even better, were his partners Dane and Teddy. I loved their dynamic and how they looked out for each other. Think the three musketeers with cell phones, guns, and modern day sex appeal.

Now, speaking of a need to please. This book has a good amount of sex in it. The scenes are intense and detailed but not overly graphic. There were one or two things that didn’t make sense in one of the scenes but it didn’t ruin the moment for me. I moved on pretty quickly because I was enjoying my new book boyfriend. It’s perfect for a romance reader who likes it dirty but not necessarily kinky.

This book is a series and I can guarantee you that I’ll be reviewing the second book so stay tuned! McNeill has other books out and I recommend you take a look at those too. She is a fantastic writer and I am excited to see what else she puts out into the literary universe.


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