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Kees with Roger Penske, owner of Penske Racing

Hello readers,

I hope you’re enjoying the Calhoun Custom Garage series so far. I’d love to hear your feedback, so please do leave a review on Amazon, Kobo or Goodreads if you’ve read Overdrive and Fast Lane. All reviews are welcome.

Today I’m going to tell you about Mason Calhoun, the hero of book 3, Burnout. He’s a complex character. Moody, deeply troubled, and a whole lot guilty as he comes to terms with the accident that killed his little brother. He’s spent the last six years in self-imposed exile, trying to find his way back to hisfamily. But he is struggling to forgive himself for what happened that day, even though he has come a long way since we met him in book 1, Overdrive.

Cue the arrival of Paige Drew in town. She’s the girl he’s always loved, also carrying some of the guilt over Mitch Calhoun’s accident. But Paige has even bigger problems as her arrival in town sets off a sequence of events that uncovers a scandal within her own family ranks. These two souls work very hard to reach their happy-ever-after with many speed bumps along the way.

I would recommend that the books are read in order of release as you will meet Mason throughout the series in the lead up to his story in book 3. Burnout is due for release a little later in 2019. Happy reading!


Pain, guilt and punishment had etched hard lines into his face. The eyes that looked at her—through her—were equally as hard. Hazel eyes, a shade of greenish brown, like the volcanic rock pebbles that edged the shore around the lake. Beautiful eyes a girl could lose herself in that changed color with his mood.

A neatly trimmed beard edged his jaw. It suited him, added to that broody look he owned so well. Aged him a little in the nicest way. Made her want to reach out and hold his face in her hands when she couldn’t.

The last time she’d seen him, he’d been clean-shaven. The Mason she’d left behind had been little more than a young adult, testing the boundaries of life, dealing with the consequences. The broken man behind the wheel of his father’s truck still wore the scars.

His lips tilted. In a smile or a sneer, the movement had been too fleeting for her to decide. Her feet took an involuntary step forward, her heart lodged in her throat. And in that small window in time, his gaze locked on hers, his eyes softened, and her world rocked like a leaky boat.

With love comes a little overhauling …

Ex NASCAR race king, Marty Calhoun, has built a legacy for his family, and now it’s time to round them up and bring them home to claim it. Each of his five children have hearts in need of overhauling. They all have hard lessons to learn. The one thing Marty wants most is to see his children find happiness and love at Calhoun Customs Garage.


When Paige Drew loses her job at the track, she takes it as a sign to come home to Bigfork and make peace with the past before she takes the next step in her life. She’s been on Trinity Calhoun’s pit crew ever since that fatal night that changed her life forever. She’s hidden behind the scenes at the racetrack for too long, ignored by her family for causing a scandal in their otherwise perfect lives. But coming home means she has to confront Mason Calhoun, the reason she ran in the first place.

Mason Calhoun is still trying to shrug off the label of bad boy, even though he’s proved his worth to the town. But his penchant for fast cars and Harleys makes it difficult for the town to forget the accident that killed his youngest brother, Mitch. It’s hard for him to forget when the girl responsible for him losing his head is back in town, hotter than ever, swinging spanners at his father’s garage, Calhoun Customs.

Release Date: TBA 2019

Finding love and hope in small towns with dark secrets …

Juanita escapes the real world by reading and writing romance novels with elements of suspense, Fantasy Paranormal and small-town stories. Her romance novels star spirited heroines who give the hero a run for his money before giving in. She creates emotionally engaging worlds steeped in romance, suspense, mystery and intrigue, set in dusty, rural outback Australia and on the NASCAR racetracks of America. When she’s not writing, Juanita is mother to three grown boys and has a passion for fast cars and country living.

Juanita loves to hear from fans and would love for you to share her writing journey:

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