The Little Lady Agency

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip across the pond. My next review is for The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne. It is book one in this trilogy that follows Melissa as she tries to turn her life around after being dumped and fired.


Heat: ♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Melissa is the daughter of a Member of Parliament but she’s anxious to shed the scandal that comes with her father’s name. All she wants to do is to make enough money to pay her bills, find mister right, and fit into her skirts. The only problem is that she just got let go from her job, she has no male prospects, and her skills involve throwing parties, organizing lives, and ensuring proper etiquette is followed.

In a world where these skills are under valued, Melissa decides its time that she strike out on her own. She begins the Little Lady Agency. With her trusty blonde wig, corsets, thigh high silk stockings, and her agenda book, Mel is a force to be reckoned with. She offers all kinds of different services, including a dating service. For a fee, Mel will attend whatever function you ask for and act as your date. She will convince relatives that you’re in a stable relationship, keep you company at a funeral or wedding, or manipulate your couple friends into thinking you’re over your ex. Basically, she is like Mary Poppins for adults with better clothes.


Actually, that last one is how she meets Jonathan. He is an American who just moved to London after a nasty divorce. He hires Mel, who goes by Honey when working as a date, to show him around the city and prevent people from trying to set him up with other women. The problem is, she begins to believe her own farce. Mel wants to be with Jonathan as Melissa and not Honey. After all, Melissa comes with sweats, mousy brown hair, and a bit of cushioning for the pushing. Honey however, has sleek curves, a beautiful wardrobe, and a hint of mystery.

I absolutely love this book. I cannot get over how bad I want to work for the Little Lady Agency. It sounds like a whole lot of fun and I praise Browne for coming up with the concept. This book has a lot of twists and surprising moments that really took me by surprise and the ending was definitely not what I expected.

This book believes in the curtain. In other words, the couple falls passionately into bed and then the scene ends. We don’t see the sexy bits so it’s a great book to read if you aren’t the biggest fan of those. However, for our sex scene junkies out there, I’d still recommend this book.



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