Meet Drummond, Your New Hot Scot

You’ve met Conner and Charlotte from Queen of Emeralds, but that book is only one part in The Scottish Stone Series. The Amethyst Bride comes next and brings some new faces into the world of the original cast. The first character you’ll be introduced to? Drummond MacLeod MacGregor, who is one a tall drink of whiskey.


Standing at six and half feet tall, Drummond, or “Drum” as his cousins call him, has thick, wavy brown hair and bright green eyes that seem to glow like a cat’s in the dark. While many think he’s a total dreamboat, he does have some scarring on his arm and chest from a fire, where he saved a barn full of animals during a clan feud. Hear that, ladies? He loves all God’s creatures. Anyways, Drummond is also broad shouldered, thick armed, and is generally a gentle giant who doesn’t care to speak unless he has something of importance to say. Still, he’ll defend his clan and his family to the end, something he has to do as a loyal, but relatively poor, Highland warrior.

But Drummond isn’t just some silent hardbody with muscles of steel and a carefully placed kilt; he’s an artist at heart. He’s well known in the highlands for having a beautiful voice, something that he uses stay connected to the MacGregor clan. Close your eyes and listen to this traditional MacGregor lullaby, Bá bá mo leanabh beag, while imagining it being sung to you by a #HotScot in naught but a kilt and eyes for you.

His velvety pipes and mournful music brings more than one woman coming to call on the handsome Scot. His skill as a singer has also translated into the ability to come up with some simple, but effective, romantic lines that could make all the ladies of the ball clutch their pearls and fan themselves with wild abandon.

However, Drummond isn’t some flippant dandy who gropes the maids and gambles his savings away like some of the British men. Once he finds a woman to bring home to the Highlands, that’s it; she is his and he is hers in this life and the next.


Does Drummond sound like your kind of man? Or are you a “Drum” and have the ability to croon sweet Gaelic ballads? If so, please let me know in the comments! As a bonus, here’s a wonderful version of Óró sé do hbeatha abhaile. While it is a traditional Irish song, it does have some ties to the Jacobites.

So to sum up Drummond in five tartan clad words: Large, Attractive, Talented, Loyal, and Soulful. Keep coming back to find out more about The Amethyst Bride and the rest of The Scottish Stone Series and check out Kelsey’s About page!



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