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What Happens in the Castle

It’s finally here, release day for the final installment of The What Happens Series! Readers have watched an American girl fall in love with the unobtainable laird, the broken heiress find forgiveness and romance, and now it’s time for a NYC based midwife to meet her match…too bad that match lives in the Scottish Highlands.

What Happens in the Castle is available wherever books are sold!

PS. What Happens in the Highlands is currently FREE HERE!

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Fear Inc 2

One of the first books we reviewed for the blog was called Best Man for the Job and it was by Melinda Valentine. After waiting what felt like an eternity for me, book 2 has come out. But that’s not the only change. She also redid the covers and renamed the series. It is even more exciting. So, here is the new cover for Fear Inc Volume 1 and the cover for Fear Inc Volume 2.

Gerne: Contemporary Romance

Heat: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5 Glass Slippers

Book 1 is addicting and I think it’s because of how easy it is to relate to the characters. Sloane is in a relationship with a man named Brody. He says she doesn’t satisfy him and that she spends to much time at her personal assistant job. So he cheats on her with…wait for it…a bikini clad waitress at a strip club. Convinced that he is only cheating because she can’t meet his needs, Sloane tries to turn a blind eye to it and cries to her cousin Bella hoping that one day it will stop.
Max Fear is a former cop, current private investigator, who is best friends with Bella’s fiance. He meets Sloane one night at dinner and is instantly taken by her. There is just one small problem; he doesn’t do relationships. Max likes it quick and easy with no questions or cuddling afterwards. At least he did until he kisses Sloane on a drunken night and realizes that no one has ever made him feel the way she did with the slightest touch.
Then there world is turned upside down when she witnesses the murder of her boss by the Russian Mafia. Her life is at risk as she is a material witness in the crime and Max doesn’t trust anyone else to protect her.
He moves her into his home and the two try to ignore the heat that radiates from them whenever they are near.
I won’t give too much away because that would be unfair to you. But I will say that there is a wedding, three separate gun fights, and enough desire to burn down the quaint farm house that Max calls home.

There is only one big sex scene as the rest are alluded to. However, there are plenty of spicy scenes leading up to that momentous occasion. In fact, there may even be a little side action with a cowboy…


Obviously, this book grabbed my attention and kept it with the exception of one part. Someone is seriously injured and they recover awful fast. As someone who has experienced serious injuries, I was a little annoyed. However, I quickly got over it as the story was just too good for me to stay mad.

The Men of Fear Incorporated will be continuing to fill our dreams with more sexy bodyguards.


So, now you know about the idea of Fear Inc and it is time for a whole new series. Tank spends his time doing something that absolutely crushes any kind of romantic notion. He tracks down cheating spouses. Unfortunately, this does not do him any favors. It’s not like he can meet the new love of his life in this way like Max. Really though, he isn’t even sure if he is looking for that. Frankly, I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to spend y days realizing those sacred vows don’t mean must when it comes to the bedroom.

Then Cori, love her name, moves in next door and begins to question everything he thought he knew. But, as with all romances, there is a hitch. Cori’s baggage is actually a giant man with stalking tendencies. It sounds like a paint by numbers romance but it isn’t. Valentine throws twists and turns that not only keep you guessing but keep you turning page after page. I look forward to the next book in this series. Valentine set it up perfectly but it didn’t take away from Cori and Tank’s love story.

Like with Volume 1, Valentine’s skill is with her character development. You understand where they are coming from, what they’re thinking, their heartache, their fear. Everything is there and out in the open. It’s a fun story and a great series to check out while you’re sitting on the beach working on your tan (or hiding under a beach umbrella to prevent sunburn).

Volume 1- Amazon Link

Volume 2- Amazon Link


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