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The Betrayed

Every time Irina Shapiro releases a new book, I wonder if it’ll have a happy ending. Will the couple who left only bones behind actually end up together? Will Quinn unlock her own past, which seems more unlikely with each page? In a collection of books that never get old, I’m always left with questions that never have easy answers.

Introducing The Betrayed, Echoes From the Past book seven by Irina Shapiro.

As always, I will try to avoid spoilers, but since this is the 7th book in the series, some things will slip through the cracks. Want to avoid that? Start with book one today, The Lovers. Trust me.

  • Heat Level: ❤️❤️
  • Genre: Historical and Contemporary Fiction
  • Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

In 2005, Dr. Quinn Allenby unearthed a crucified skeleton in Ireland. Among the bones and dirt is a hamsa charm, a protective amulet often often used by Muslims. She can’t figure out how a Muslim would have found his way to Ireland and what led to the crucifixion.

In 1588, the Spanish Armada ship Rafael de Silva was sailing on crashes on the rocky coasts of Ireland. With limited English, a hidden hamsa, and wounded comrades, he’s trapped in hostile territory with no way home. And as the Protestant English forces progress into Catholic Ireland, protecting his identity becomes more vital than ever.

While trying to learn more about Rafael, Quinn is mired in mysteries in the present day as well. Her long lost sister isn’t lost anymore, not physically at least. But as Quinn pushes to get closer to Jo, Jo begins to run before her own past catches up to her. The secrets never end for poor Quinn, although she’ll do anything to set things right.

As always, I need a breather after each of Shapiro’s books. Not since Outlander has a series so completely set the bar for what a good book is. Each installment is so deliciously dark, but still makes you hope for just once, things won’t be as bad as Quinn’s skeletons make them out to be.

Quinn is completely lovable. Kind, selfless, and always eager to see the best in people, she’s never prepared for those close to her to betray her. Every book, I root for things in her life to go east on her, just once, and things always seem to just fall apart in both the past and present.

Overall, I suggest this book in ebook and audio format to all book lovers.


Romantic Irish Folklore

Hello, everyone! I’ve gone through Scottish history, products, and fairytales, but now I want to talk about Ireland. Andrea Collins, creator of the new subscription box Simply Ireland will lend a hand as well, seeing as no one can know the country better than a woman who lives there.

Ireland is a country rich with traditions, history, and folklore that I’d like to explore a bit. From tiny, stone pubs to rolling, green hills, we’ll be spending the next few weeks going over important holidays, customs, people, castles, events, and more!

First up is romantic stories from the Emerald Isle…but not all have happy endings.

Niamh the Golden-Headed was the daughter of the king of Tír Na NÓg, also known as “The Land of the Young,” which was the Celtic Otherworld. One day she rode a white horse to Ireland, where she encountered a band of warriors, one being famed fighter Oisín.

The pair fell in love and she offered to take him with her to the Otherworld. On the way, he saved a maiden from a giant and his skills were so great, Niamh’s parents allowed the pair to marry.

Over the next three hundred years, which only felt like three years to Oisín, they had three children and were very happy. But he was homesick and wanted to see his people and father. Reluctantly, Niamh said he could visit, but could never touch the ground. If he did, they would ever see each other again.

Once in Ireland, Oisín searched for all he knew, but they were long gone. When he saw a group of men trying to move a large stone, he forgot Niamh’s warning and jumped from the horse. As soon as he touched the ground, he withered into an old man.

He was brought to Saint Patrick to be baptized, but refused on his deathbed. If he went to Christian heaven, he would never see his loved ones again. And so he died, reuniting at last with his father and never seeing Niamh again.

Deirdre’s great beauty was prophesied before she was born, and it was said blood would spill over her and great warriors would leave the kingdom of Ulster. Because of this, many called for her to be killed at birth. But King Conchobar was already excited at the thought of a legendary beauty as his wife and spirited her away to live in the woods with a wise woman until she was old enough to marry.

Years later, Deirdre told the wise woman she dreamed of her husband, a young man with black hair and white skin. The wise woman knew she had dreamt of the famed warrior Naoise and concocted a plan for them to meet. And when they met, they fell in love at once and fled to Scotland with his brothers.

Conchobar heard his best warriors left Ireland with his bride and sent spies after them to see if Deirdre lost her beauty. When he finally heard she was still radiant, he went to collect her with a troop of warriors. Naoise was killed by a man called Èogan and Conchobar took Deirdre as his wife.

After a year of unhappy marriage, Conchobar was angry his wife still despised him for killing her love. He asked her who she hated more than him and she responded with Èogan. So Conchobar took Deirdre to marry him instead. Refusing to live as a captive any longer, Deirdre threw herself from the chariot and died. She was finally buried beside Naoise and a pair of trees grew from their graves, reuniting them at last.

An ancient king called Midir lived with his wife Faumnach for many years. They were a fine match and both were very happy until Midir went on a journey to visit his foster son Aengus, and saw a beautiful young woman beside a well. She said her name was Étaín and the pair fell in love.

For a year and a day they lived as husband and wife at Aengus’s house until Midir decided it was time to return home. He took Étaín with him and Faumnach was furious. She cast a spell to turn Étaín into a pool of water. When the pool dried up, she transformed into a butterfly. Midir knew Étaín at once by her scent and the music that played when she flew and the pair were again together.

Angered, Faumnach conjured a storm that blew the butterfly Étaín away. But Étaín ended up at the home of Aengus, who also recognized her and kept her safe from the magic storm. All was well until Ètaín tried to return to Midir. She fell into Faumnach’s cup, and the woman unknowingly swallowed the butterfly.

Étaín was reborn as Faumnach’s child and went on to marry a great king. Midir never forgot his true love, and in his immortal form, he disguised himself and found her. But Étaín didn’t remember him and stated she was a married woman, but if her husband gave his blessing, she would go with him.

Midir challenged her husband to a game of chess, and when he won, he asked for a kiss from Étaín as a reward. When they kissed, Étaín remembered her past life and her love for Midir. They transformed into swans and flew away.

The beautiful Clíodhna lived in the Otherworld and was queen of the banshees. One day she met the mortal, Irish prince Ciabhán and fell deeply in love with him. When she had to return home, he stole a boat to follow her across the water. He was saved by drowning by the sea god Mannannán and was finally reunited with Clíodhna.

They lived in happiness for many years until Mannannán’s wife warned the couple that the sea god was annoyed by their presence. Clíodhna couldn’t bear to be parted from Ciabhán, and decided to give up her immortality to be with him.

They stole Mannannán’s magic boat for the journey, which angered the god further. When Ciabhán went ashore in Ireland to hunt, Clíodhna fell asleep and the sea god sent a wave to punish her. She was swept away and drowned.

Princess Graínne is horrified to be betrothed to the elderly, twice widowed, King Fionn. When she sees one of his young warriors, Diarmuid, she knows she can’t go through with the wedding. She slips a sleeping potion to all the wedding guests and implores Diarmuid to run away with her. At first he refuses, but soon agrees to elope.

The couple are soon followed by Fionn’s men, but evade them for many years. But one day they came across a boar and Diarmuid fought it, despite the prophesy that a boar would be the only thing that could kill him.

Diarmuid is fatally gored just as Fionn and his men catch up to them. Fionn could save him by having him drink water from his hands. He lets the water slip through his fingers twice until his son Oisín forces him to save Diarmuid. But it’s too late. The pair will never be together again.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our Touch of Ireland posts! Check back soon for posts on the difficult political history, the wonderful ruins, and other highlights.

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Rogue Series- The Irish Rock Band Book Series

Not long ago I told you all about Tangled Up in You and Playing At Love. Now, Book 3, Hitting that Sweet Spot, is available so we’re gonna recap it for you.


The band Rogue is made up of four different sexy Irish men. Why is it so important I keep stressing they’re Irish…because that means they sing and talk with an accent. Let that just sink in for a moment.

Okay, moving on. The lead singer, Gavin, is the star of book one, Tangled Up in You. Everyone who meets Gavin knows he is special. It could be his disheveled good lucks, the melodic tone of his voice, or the charisma that oozes out of every pore. Unfortunately, he only has eyes for one girl, Sophie. They met when Sophie, an American, studied abroad in Ireland and fell in love. But then again, they were in high school. Can you fall in love that early? Well, it doesn’t matter because Sophie had to go back to the states. However, Gavin’s band, Rogue, is beginning to make it big and will be playing in a city near her. When they meet, if they meet, will the sparks fly? And if they do, what happens next? He’s a rock star and she’s only 19.


I loved this book. It hit me in the feels, was sexy,  but not too predictable. After reading this, I immediately reached out to the author about book 2. Yes, immediately. I had to have it. Why did I have to have it?

Conner…Playing at Love

Conner is the guitar player for the band. He writes the music, takes it very seriously, and has the sexy brooding look down. There’s just one problem, he’s in love with the one girl he can’t have and dating someone else. Conner has always been considered the best looking guy in the band so naturally, he’s going to be dating a sexy young model. She wants that ring and he wants…well, he doesn’t know what he wants and that’s the problem. But when the girl of his dreams becomes available, what does that mean and how will it affect the band?

This book was also fabulous. I liked it because you get to find out more about Gavin’s life, well a lot more. I love books that continue the series because I’m never done with the characters after I finish the last chapter. There is plenty of recap so you’re never confused or flustered but I’d recommend binge reading…especially now that book 3 is out!


Hitting that Sweet Spot is Shay, the drummer’s, book.

 Shay has always been the quiet observer and spends as much time busting out some beats on his drum as he does shrinking into the shadows. That was until he meets a beautiful waitress who shows him there’s more to life than just getting by. She wants him to explore, live life, and really enjoy every moment. But there’s only so much she can take as Shay’s addict brother shows up and expects him to take care of the mess. He makes the biggest mistake of his life and Jessica leaves. Now, Shay is barely holding it together and dealing with all the drama that comes with Gavin and Conner. Finding other physical comforts don’t work, driving his new sports car doesn’t fill the hole in him, and he isn’t sure what to do about it. He wants Jessica back. He wants his life back. But how can he make up for his mistakes? And if he does, how does he keep from doing them all over again. Blood is thicker than water, but love conquers all.


Well, Cosio has done it again. I enjoyed this book almost as much as the first two. There are a LOT of characters in this book. The stories from book 1 and 2 are continuing in this book and I actually love that. Cosio doesn’t just wrap up the world when she reaches the last page. That’s kinda like life. People’s problems don’t just go away and they never have just one problem. But the other thing to remember, a lot of the problems the characters go through aren’t ridiculous things. In fact, they’re a lot of the same things regular people who aren’t in an amazing band have to deal with. I like how Cosio has brought the celebrities down to a real level. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of points of view in this book that can be a little confusing and it does take a minute to get used to. However, I got sucked into the book and I hardly noticed after a while.

I hope you give this series a chance because you’re going to thank me if you do!


To learn more about me and my new book, First Semester, click here 

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Playing At Love Rogue 2

Not too long ago, we did a post about the book Tangled Up In You by Lara Ward Cosio. This is the review for book number 2, Playing At Love. It picks up where book 1 stopped. If you didn’t read book 1, then that’s okay because all the books are set up to be standalones. 

51BrejyQmcL._AC_US300_FMwebp_QL65_ (1)

Heat Level: ♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 4.5/6 Glass Slippers

Conor and Gavin are desperately trying to find a way to still play together after the disastrous affair. Gavin, like he always does, puts his hurt and pain into his music and Conor feels it is his penance to play the ballads explaining just how much he hurt his best friend. But life isn’t back to normal.

Sophie, after having just enough of Gavin’s attitude, has decided that she would rather be on her own. She is back to modeling and even buys herself a house in New York. To the outsider looking in, she has completely moved on from Gavin. Well, at least that’s what she wants the tabloids to think.

Gavin, now clean and in better control (sort of) of his emotions, has decided it is time to win Sophie back. After all, what is success and fame when you have no one to share it with? However, Sophie does not go running back into his arms. I was so glad to see that she makes him work for her heart. She isn’t ready to jump back into the crazy emotional roller coaster that comes with being with Gavin. In fact, she isn’t sure if she will ever be ready.

Now poor Conor, is back with his ex Colette, no Ward has still not gotten rid of her, and they are engaged. Conor feels he has to try to make things work with Colette to prove to Gavin that his feelings for Sophie are no longer real or any problem. There is just one problem, Felicity.

Felicity was one of the gang back when everyone was in high school (nice bread crumbs Ward). I really love it when a series pulls things from other books. I always think it’s genius. She and Conor used to be pretty hot and heavy back when hot and heavy meant awkwardly pawing at each other on someone’s couch in the basement and trying desperately to convince yourself that you really did enjoy those five minutes of sex. But Felicity wasn’t dumb. She new the band was going to make it one day and never wanted anything more than a physical relationship with Conor for fear he’d break her hear.

Well don’t worry boo. Someone already broke her heart. Her husband divorced her for a terrible reason. I won’t tell you the reason but he is one of the biggest jerks in book history! Now she is back home and Conor can’t seem to stay away from her. But that is just familiarity right? He couldn’t possibly have feelings for her? No, he was only ever in love with Sophie right?


Will these love triangles be broken or turned into a neat circle between two people? Will they chose easy over happy? Will they confuse convenience over passion?

This, like the first, was a great book. I enjoyed it from page one and I can’t wait for book 3 following Shay. However, the one thing that drove me a little crazy was the constant flashbacks. I had just read the book so I knew exactly what had just happened and I found the flashbacks to just be annoying. However, if you took a break between the books (like normal people do) then I don’t think you would find them as frustrating.

I have loved Conor since book 1 and it was fantastic learning more about him. He is truly my book boyfriend for right now and I’d fight anyone who tried to claim him!

Ward, in her fashion, does draw a veil over her sex scenes and they aren’t really there so it is perfect for someone looking for a less raunchy kind of romance.

Stay tuned for updates on book 3!


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Historical Movies

We’ve done historical books and shows, but what about when you don’t have the time to binge watch Call the Midwife? While we’re in the midst of Droutlander, also known as ‘the time where Kelsey binge-reads Scottish romances while watching Diana Gabaldon’s Twitter like a hawk for new book news’, historical themed movies are great at filling the void. Here are some films that will make you laugh, cry, or search for the accompanying book, some of which I’ve already found for you. Not all are romances, or movies that you’ve even ever heard about, but all have their place on this list as some great films.

Black Death


In the time of the bubonic plague,a monk named Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) falls in love with a girl named Averille. To save her life from the illness, he forces her to leave the monastery. She begs him to come with her and tells him she will wait a week at a their secret spot. However, Osmund is torn between her and his vows to God. Matters become complicated when a knight named Ulric (Sean Bean) gives Osmund the task of leading his men to a remote village where something otherworldly may be occurring. While not overly historical, it’s still an exciting film that features an unforgettable cast.



Belle is about the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, the daughter of a Royal British naval officer and an African slave from the West Indies. After the death of her mother, Dido’s father entrusted her into the keeping of his uncle, the 1st Earl of Mansfield. She is raised as a high born lady, although she is both mixed-race as well as a bastard, and often isn’t given the same societal treatment as her cousins. However, she is a true heiress, and watches as one of the most important racial trials in British history unfolds, all while engaging in a romance with a white lawyer. This enthralling movie, though a Hollywood version, follows the true life of a young girl trying to find her place in a world that isn’t all that accepting.

Tristan & Isolde


This movie, which I’m sure many of you have seen, is based originally on the opera, which was based on legend of the Irish princess Iseult and her English lover sir Tristan. It’s the classic star-crossed lovers saga, but a quieter version full of believable heartache. The pair’s coupling could set the truce between their two nations on fire and they have tough choices to make. The original legend is also said to be the inspiration for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and for good reason. Surprisingly, star funny man James Franco is one of the stars and I count it among one of the best of his career.

Pope Joan


I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘how can a movie about a pope be full of romance?’. Well, there’s a tale surrounding a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to enter into the Catholic clergy around the 1100s who was only found out after she gave birth to a child. While this probably completely false, but makes for a good book, and movie. Pope Joan, the film, was based on the novel by Donna Woolfolk Cross and focuses on the life of an intelligent girl named Joan who desires a higher education, something not many people thought was important for a woman. But, after a series of events, Joan ends up in school and in the care of Count Gerold. They fall in love, but are separated for many years until Joan is securely hidden as a man and on her way to the top of the Catholic religion hierarchy. This movie doesn’t have many roses and gumdrop moments, but it does have an interesting premise and an even more captivating legend.



This is a relatively new movie that I found particularly enjoyable because of it’s realism. A young Irish girl named Eillis moves to New York in the 1950’s searching for a new life and adventure. Initially homesick, she soon finds her place, but Ireland is still calling to her. Eillis is later torn between a New York native and an Irish man back home. Saoirse Ronan is the star and makes you really believe her heartache.



Phoenix was a roller coaster; a real ride of emotions with a twist ending and a haunting musical finale. It’s based off of a book by Hubert Monteilhet titled Le Retour des Cendres, but finding a copy in English is impossible. The only one I could find was upwards of $400 but, if you find a copy, let me know! Anyway, Nelly survives the Holocaust, but before she can attempt to return to her old life, she has reconstructive surgery that makes her look slightly different than she did before. Unfortunately her husband Johnny, who she has not seen since she was arrested, doesn’t recognize her. Believing her to be a random girl, he tells Nelly (aka Esther) that she will impersonate Nelly in order to get her vast inheritance. The story is reminded me of a new age Casablanca.

La Reine Margot (Queen Margot)


Don’t like subtitles? Too bad, learn to read them and watch this movie. Trust me. Le Reine Margot is based off the Alexandre Dumas book of the same name, which he based off of real events. Catherine de’Medici and King Charles IX (Catholics) give their daughter Margot to Henri de Bourbon, the king of Navarre and a Protestant, hoping to garner peace over the fighting for control of France. Spoiler alert; the Catholics and Protestants aren’t friends around that time, so Margot goes into a loveless arranged married and into the heart of war. She finds love, but it’s not with her husband, and her life is filled with horrors. It’s a beautifully done movie and really highlights the life of one of history’s most scandalous, and cunning, women.



Attoment is based on the novel by Ian McEwan that some of you may already be familiar with. Robbie and Cecelia are two young lovers torn apart by a lie. Years later they meet again during World War Two and try to overcome their negative feelings surrounding Ceclia’s younger sister, who began the lies that ended their relationship the first time. You find yourself really rooting for Robbie and Cecelia to overcome the odds and finally be together. There’s lost love, strained family relationships, and a twist ending no one saw coming.

Europa Europa


There was once a  German-Jewish boy named Solomon Perel who escaped the Holocaust alive thanks to a mix of quick thinking and good luck. He travels Eastern Europe, taking on new identities as needed, and watching as the wold around him crumbles at the hand of the Nazis. At one point, through a series of mistakes and misfortune, he accidentally becomes a Nazi war hero. Solomon lives a horrifying, and ridiculously interesting, life and his autobiography was turned into Europa Europa.

The Countess


You’re all probably familiar with the legend of Countess Elizabeth Báthory, the woman who bathed in the blood of young girls, hoping to recapture her youth. In this movie, her story begins in her childhood where she’s raised to be brutal and touches upon her love affair with a peasant. Her parents taught her to lock away all happiness and that’s what she did. While it doesn’t paint her as a completely innocent party, it does open up the idea that she was a product of her own twisted environment.

Testament of Youth


Never before have I ugly-sobbed so hard over a movie that I needed to take a minute and reevaluate my existence. Testament of Youth is based on the war memoirs of Vera Brittain, which became a pacifist call-to-arms about the draft and cost of war. The fact that the events shown in this book are based on the real lives of these people made it a difficult, but compelling, watch. I promise you will be gripped by the lost love, feel the ripping pain of each gun shot, and cry along with Vera as she slowly loses everything she knows. It also features an all-star cast of Alicia Vikander, Emily Watson, and Kit Harrington, who you may recognize as Jon Snow from GOT. Harrington plays poet and soldier Roland Leighton. I’ll leave you with one of Leighton’s last poems that really sets the tone for this must-see movie;

Violets from Plug Street Wood,
Sweet, I send you from oversea.
(It is strange they should be blue,
Blue, when his soaked blood was red,
For they grew around his head:
It is strange they should be blue.)
Violets from Plug Street Wood,
Think what they have meant to me—
Life and hope and love and you.
(And you did not see them grow,
where his mangled body lay,
Hiding horror from the day;
Sweetest it was better so)
Violets from oversea,
To your dear, far, forgetting land,
These I send in memory,
Knowing you will understand”

Read about Kelsey’s historical and contemporary romances here and Sarah’s contemporary romance here!


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Collab/Inspired Look- Mermaid Vibes



Hey lovelees ♥ I am so excited to bring you this inspired makeup look! I wanted to do something fun and a little bit different. I was definitely feeling the mermaid vibes. This is in collaboration withAKissAtMidnight you can check them out here. They are two talented writers that have a passion for romance novels.

There are certain elements of fantasy that have captured our hearts but what do we really now about them? Mermaids have become a cultural phenomenon. People are selling crocheted mermaid tale blankets, and swim bottoms that cover your legs as if you were a mermaid. But have we stopped to go over what it means to be a mermaid? What they do besides sun bathe on rocks?                                                          ~AKissAtMidnight


Products Used: 

  • Too Faced Totally Cute Palette shades in UnicornClover, Storm Cloud
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Mermaid
  • Makeup Geek Blush in Secret Admirer
  • Makeup Revolution Palette in Blush Goddess 
  • Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Eyeliner in Matte Marine
  • MAC Lipstick in Violetta
  • Wet n Wild Liquid Lipstick in Indigo Your Own Way
  • A pair of fishnet stockings

How many of you have seen Peter Pan? Do you recall what happened when Wendy first entered Neverland? They tried to drown her.                                             ~AKissAtMidnight




  1. Begin by taking fishnet stockings and placing them on the side of your face and forehead. This will create a stencil for the scales.
  2. Dab into your favorite shade and press onto the fishnet stockings, repeat with another shade on top to create dimension. I used MUG, Mermaid mixed with Unicorn from the Totally Cute palette. You can make the scales as dramatic as you want.
  3. Prime eyelids with any eyeshadow primer. Using a flat shader brush, I pressed in MUG Mermaidon the center of lid and blended it into the crease and upwards into the outer V creating a wing.
  4. Then I took the shade Clover and blended that into my crease. I wanted a pigmented crease so I went in about 3x with the same shade to get my desired look.
  5. For my outer V, I wanted it to be a little more dramatic so I used the shade Storm Cloud to deepen it up and make that wing more intense.
  6. Blend, I took the two colors from my eyelids Mermaid & Clover and smudge them on my lower lashline to pull the look together.
  7. Apply your favorite foundation & conceal areas you normally would.
  8. Add a cooler tone blush, I used MUG, Secret Admirer. 
  9. Add highlight, I wanted to create a rainbow effect highlight. I used MUR Blush Goddess Palette which contains 4 highlighters and 4 blushes. I used the first 3 shades mixed and applied them to my cheekbones, nose, cupid bow, inner corners.DSCF0765_picmonkeyed
  10. Last to finish off the look! I thought metallic lips would look really cool so I used MAC Violetta as a base and added Wet n Wild, Indigo Your Own Way for dimension.

Final Look!


A Little Mermaid History….

Mermaids bring their victims to the bottom of the oceans to die. Some legends say that mermaids do this to suck the life out of the sailors while others say that they do it for fun or to protect their home. Need another pop culture reference? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides the same thing almost happened except one of them had a heart. She couldn’t let Sam Claflin die. Well I don’t blame her because he is gorgeous.

So other than Ariel, and the mermaid from Pirates, what are some other mermaid legends that don’t end with Davy Jones’ locker. Well, the Merrow, as the Irish call them, lived along the coast and had beautiful green hair. They would also lure men to them but not to kill them. But rather to bring them to their kingdom and live together. The Merrow just want what most women want…a good looking sailor to stand by their side. They were believed to have magical powers, and if you caught them on a good day (like all women, they were known to have a bad day every now and again) they wouldn’t bring harm to the sailors. There are also Cornish mermaids who are said to have magical powers such as healing or discovering thieves. These mermaids have passed down these powers to humans over the years.

All in all, Mermaids, like everything else, have good and bad sides. People will always be fascinated by them and they will continue to influence our pop culture one book or movie at a time.

Here is a list of a couple mermaid books that you could check out if the idea of brushing your hair with a dinglehopper or using a clam shell bra still lights a fire within your soul.

Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Ann Noble

The Mermaid’s Mirror by L. K. Madigan

Sailor Twain: or The Mermaid of the Hudson by Mark Siegel

The Last Mermaid by Shana Abe


I hope you guys enjoyed this collab/inspired post! Don’t forget to follow for Lalee more beauty posts ♥