The History Behind “Voyager”

As we wait for season three of Outlander‘s TV show with bated breath, there’s never a better time to talk about book three in the series, Voyager. So, in this post, I’ll be discussing what real life events, people, places, and laws were brought into book three that we hope are mirrored in season three! And since I use any chance to use my history degree, this will contain some historically accurate spoilers. So if you hate spoilers, or want to read Voyager before the show airs, read no further! This is a spoiler filled post that takes no prisoners.


Dun Bonnet Cave

I’ve talked a bit about the use of this real life story before here, but let’s revisit it, as it will probably get some major screen time in season three.

So, there was a real life Scot named James Fraser, the 9th of Foyers, who joined Simon, Lord Lovat, on the battlefield of Culloden in support of Bonnie Prince Charles. Well, as we all know, those who fought for Charles were basically killed, imprisoned, shipped off to the colonies, or lost their lands. Well, James Fraser was having none of that, so he found a cave near the waterfall of Foyers, where he hid for seven years.

Luckily, his people were rather fond of him, and kept his whereabouts secret from the redcoats, calling him “Bonaid Odhair”, which means, “Dun Coloured Bonnet”. And the similarities to the Diana Gabaldon tale don’t end there! A young boy, who often brought supplies to James Fraser in the cave has his hand cut off when he was caught by the redcoats. Sorry, Fergus!


Scotland and Slavery


This is something that many people don’t know much about, but it means that many Americans who have some Scot in their family history could have ended up in the States after their ancestors were sent there in chains. Although many families did flee willingly once strict laws were enacted and famine and poverty hit Scotland. By the way, the use of the word “slavery” is still under historical debate. This is because the Scottish people deported by the British often had an end date to their sentence, unlike the African slaves who often lived their entire lives in cruel captivity.

Anyway, the British government wasn’t too pleased with the Scottish after the Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745. But what to do with all the able bodied men who might rise up again if given the chance? Easy, ship them to the colonies to work the farms! They can make money for the crown and be far away from their comrades in arms.

It’s said that 1,500 to 2,000 highland “convicts” were sent to the North American colonies or the Caribbean colonies every year after the 1715 rebellion. Mostly, they were given terms of three to seven years of hard labor on plantations, or other labor heavy jobs, to “work off their debt”, if they weren’t forced into servitude indefinitely. Some didn’t even gain their freedom until they fought for England in the American Revolution!

However, there were Scots who actively participated in the Slave trade who weren’t servants, but plantation overseers and paid workers. This is seen in Voyager as Kenneth MacIver, who was Jared’s overseer at his Jamaican plantation. While this is a dark part of Scottish history, it is part of history nonetheless. Some wealthy Scots, such as Colonel John Campbell from Inveraray, who owned one of the larger sugar plantations in Jamaica. Today, the Campbell name is widespread in Jamaica, although those Campbells may never know if they descended from owners, servants, or anything in between. There are also dozens of places within Jamaica that share the same names as places in Scotland, such as Culloden, Argyle, and St. Andrews.


Dress Act of 1746


On August 1, 1746 the wearing of “Highland Dress” was made illegal by the British crown. This included tartans, kilts, and shoulder belts. It was a way for the British to try and cut the ties that connected the members of the clans and seemed effective in breaking down some of the allegiances. What made it so effective was the harsh punishments that would be enacted if someone broke this law. For the first offense, the person would be imprisoned for six months and if they were caught again, they would be sent to the colonies and engage in hard labor for seven years.

The only Scots who could still wear the tartans were members of the British military, more notably in the Black Watch. The Black Watch was an infantry battalion that was originally made up of members from Clan Grant, Clan Campbell, Clan Fraser of Lovat, and Clan Munro. They were first tasked with keeping the highlands at bay by collecting weapons and policing for any signs of uprisings.

Use of the Dress Act can be seen in Voyager, when Jamie claimed a piece of green checked Mackenzie tartan that was found in the prison in order to save the skin of young Angus Mackenzie. For the offense of having this strip of plaid, he was sentenced to thirty lashes. This also means that we won’t be seeing many kilts or plaid this season.




So this is something that’s talked about a bit in book three and stuck out to me, as I’m a huge fan of this particular mythical creature. The Scottish refer to them as “maighdeann-mhara”, or “maidens of the sea”.

There are many legends that surround the selkies. They are said to live in the sea as seals, but sometimes come upon shore, shedding their seal skins and becoming beautiful women, or even men. If someone hides a selkie’s seal skin, they can take the selkie as a husband of wife, and they apparently make wonderful spouses. But, as in many Scottish tales, there is often an unhappy ending. A selkie never feels completely at ease on land, and if they ever find their hidden seal skin, they will return to the sea, never seeing their human husband or wife again.

We hear a lot about seals and a bit about selkies, called “silkies” in Voyager when it comes to the hidden gold on the seal’s island…and even Jamie’s own mother. Jamie tells Claire that people used to say that his mother Ellen had run away from Castle Leoch to join the silkies, because his father, Brian, resembled one who had shed his seal skin to walk on land.


Real Jacobite Gold


As we all know, the Jacobite treasure in Voyager was given by the French and hidden away. But there is some real Jacobite gold that some say is still hidden in Loch Arkaig in Scotland.

Two ships called Mars and Bellona came to Scotland with 1,200,000 livres of French and Spanish money.  But the ships heard about the Jacobite defeat at Culloden and ditched the seven cases of money at a port in Loch nan Uamh. One case was stolen by the MacDonalds and the seven others were secretly taken to Loch Arkaig by Murray of Boughton, who started giving money to the Scottish clan chiefs. But when Murray was captured by the British, the money was taken over by the chief of Clan Cameron and then by the head of Clan Macphearson. Macphearson spent much of his time hiding in a cave at Ben Adler…eight years of time, in fact.

Anyway, Charlie hightailed it out of Scotland and into France, leaving his money behind. But a failed king is no good to anyone and old Charlie was beginning to pine for his gold. But it, apparently, was never seen again. It’s assumed that Macphearson kept it all, but no one knows. It could still be hidden somewhere in Loch Arkaig.




When I started reading the series, I never thought that I would see a pirate ship in the distance. But as we’ve read, Young Ian is kidnapped off the coast of Scotland by a bunch of pirates aboard the Bruja, which is Spanish for “witch”. Long story short, the Bruja makes it to port in Barbados, and hands Ian, along with the Jacobite gold he was in the process of taking when he was captured, to Mrs. Abernathy. The ship is later destroyed, but the damage is done and they’ve brought the Frasers, inadvertently, to the Americas.

Piracy was slowing down in the 1760s, but was still an active thing in the Caribbean region. One notable Bermudian pirate was Samuel Hall Lord, who straight up plundered any and all ships that he crossed paths with, even swiping riches from stranded sailors. Hall was also a really smart guy. Outside his mansion, on the beach, he would hang lanterns so that unsuspecting ships would think it was the port and sail right into his clutches, wrecking themselves on the reefs. BTW, this pirate built himself a castle. Talk about flair.


Printing in Scotland


One of the most anticipated scenes in season three is the print shop scene. You know, where Claire finally finds Jamie again after 20…well, 200? 220? years have gone by and they’re finally reunited…it’s probably the part I’m looking forward to the most, but let’s take a peek at printing history in Scotland and get a feel for what Jamie was up to in Edinburgh.

In1507, Walter Chepman and Andrew Myllar were given the first royal license for printing in Scotland by James IV in Edinburgh. The first book ever printed via press was The first printed book from this press was The Complaint of the Black Knight by John Lydgate. While this seemed to be a success for them, printing wasn’t an instant hit in Scotland, with new presses being stationed in St. Andrews in 1552, another for a hot minute in Stirling in 1571, and another still in Aberdeen in 1622. After that, they became more widely spread.

The fist Scottish printers would have been trained in France, but as the practice grew, the Scots would have been left to their own devices. And by the 1760s, it didn’t get much easier, as the letters still needed to be set and inked by hand. To get an idea, here’s what Jamie’s printing press might look like…


Prostitution in Scotland


The brothel where Jamie does business, and often keeps a bed, is probably going to be a prime filming location in season three. But what would life have really been like behind the doors of Madame Jeanne’s establishment, you ask? Well, dear reader, let’s chat about the ladies of the night…

The the early and mid 1700’s was basically Scotland’s sexual revolution where prostitution was widespread and some of the best business and deals were made in the lounges and libraries of brothels. They weren’t as flashy as the French brothel we saw in season two, but the girls were kept clean, in good dresses, and as disease free as one can be in the 1700s. These establishments could be hidden down in alleyways or set right in the open in grand houses, while the local police turned a blind eye. I mean, it was such a favorite pastime of the wealthy Scottish that in 1775 James Tyler, a surgeon and editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica published Ranger’s Impartial List of the Ladies of Pleasure, which was basically a directory of all the brothels and their workers in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, Scotland began to crack down on prostitution in the 1790s, with the girls being arrested on a regular basis and imprisoned. So, I hope Madame Jeane would have had a lot of money saved up for when the government started knocking on her door.


Rose Hall and the White Witch


This is a particular bit that I was eager to get to. I hope, very dearly, that they shoot on location for this one because the Rose Hall mansion is gorgeous! Anyway, we all know Rose Hall as being the home of Mrs. Abernathy AKA Geillis Duncan. Well, this manor home is a very real place, as is the ghost that haunts it.

Rose Hall is a Georgian Mansion in Jamaica, was built in the 1770s, and was owned by a John Palmer. It was a large estate that usually held about 250 slaves and dealt mostly in sugar. It stayed in the Palmer family for a bit, then went vacant and into disrepair, finally being revived in the 1960s.

As for the legend of the White Witch (which has unfortunately been revealed as nothing more than a story) it centered around Annie Palmer, John Palmer’s wife. Annie was basically raised by nannies who taught her voodoo and carried on her love of the dark arts into her marriages. Three husbands are said to have died at her hands, along with many innocent slaves. Remind you of anyone?


And Bonnie Prince Charlie


We can’t forget to talk about old charlie and what he did after Culloden…

Soooo during the Battle of Culloden, near the end, things weren’t going great. Basically, Charlie was ignoring the advice of commander Lord George Murray and just ordering whatever he wanted, which wasn’t going well. So Murray was basically like, “screw this, he doesn’t listen to a thing I say,” and drew his men back to attack from a different position. And Charlie, who again didn’t listen, finally noticed Murray was gone, he was like, “oh, Murray left? Well…I guess I’ll head out now,” and left the rest of the Jacobites on the field.

Even though the war was lost, the men never betrayed him to the British and helped him hide in the moors until he could escape the country. He finally did so when Flora MacDonald dressed him up as her maid, Betty Burke, and took him to the Isle of Skye, where a French Ship took him to the France. This is where the Sky Boat Song comes into play, although they leave out the dress and wig.

Prince Charles Edward Stewart as Betty Burke

Charlie as Betty

Losing Scotland drove him to drink and conduct affairs. He was known for being an abusive drunk to the women closest to him, causing all of them to leave, even his own wife.


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Ultimate Dragonfly in Amber Quiz

We’ve offered many fun quizes, which you can read on our Outlander page here, but sometimes we like to challenge you. We tripped a few of you up in our Ultimate Outlander Book Quiz, here, so let’s see how you do with  quiz that tests your knowledge on Dragonfly in Amber! This quiz doesn’t have any spoilers for the show, but if you want to read the book, then be careful!


  1. Who painted all the royal portraits in the Great Gallery?
  • Frances Cotes
  • Jacob DeWitt
  • Charles Brooking
  • Samuel Scott


2.What did Reverend Wakefield do every night before bed?

  • Wrote in his journal
  • Read part of Frank Randall’s history books
  • Sang ‘The Skye Boat Song’ to Roger
  • Had a glass of sherry and listened to the radio


3. How did Claire keep her teeth so clean?

  • She used toothpaste she made herself from cloves and mint
  • She chewed “gum” made from Spruce resin
  • She washed her mouth out with whiskey to kill bacteria
  • She brushed them with the twig from a willow tree


4. What did Prince Charles always carry with him?

  • A letter from his father, reminding him he is king
  • A miniature portrait of Louise
  • A cross that belonged to his mother
  • A stone taken from the cairn of a great Scottish king


5. What nickname does Young Simon say Claire is known by?

  • The White Witch
  • Lady Long Legs
  • Sassanach Sorceress
  • Mistress Honeylips


6. What famous artist’s work did Claire say the wise woman Mairsi resembled?

  • Sandro Botticelli
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Francisco Goya


7. What was the main ingredient in Monsieyr Forez’s salve?

  • Hanged-men’s grease
  • The blood of a virgin
  • Powdered human skull
  • A guillotined woman’s tears


8. What jeweled thing was hanging from Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s pierced nipples?

  • Colorful peacocks
  • Golden mermaids
  • Graceful swans
  • Pale Roses


9. What relative did Uncle Jared most resemble?

  • Dougal
  • Murtagh
  • Cullom
  • Jamie’s father, Brian


10. What was the necklace that Jamie gave Claire made of when they went back to Scotland?

  • Amber
  • Cotter Pins
  • Carved stones from a French cave
  • The links of chain from a British wagon


11. What street was Master Raymond’s shop on and what animal did Claire think he resembled?

  • Rue de Sein and a gorilla
  • Rue de Rivoli and a lizard
  • Rue de Varennes and a toad
  • Rue de Richelieu and a bull dog


12. What is the last verbal phrase spoken at the end of the book?

  • “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.”
  • “I have to go back.”
  • “Jamie escaped…he’s alive.”
  • “Help me find him. Help me find your father.”


13. What instrument does Mother Hildegarde play?

  • The harpsichord
  • The clavichord
  • The fortepiano
  • The virginal


14. What animal does Jamie think he resembles at times?

  • An orangutang
  • A fox
  • A hedgehog
  • A tiger


15. What occupation did Jamie say he wanted to be when he was a child?

  • A blacksmith
  • A politician
  • A pirate
  • A horse breeder


16. What saint did Claire think of before her meeting with the king?

  • Saint Nicholas, the savior of prostitutes
  • Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland
  • Saint Joan of Arc, the warrior woman saint
  • Saint Mary Magdalene, the fallen follower of Jesus


17. What did Jamie give Claire as a belated gift for their first wedding anniversary?

  • Hair ribbons
  • A dapple grey pony
  • A piece of amber
  • His mother’s crucifix


18. Which Cameron lead 300 clansmen to join Prince Charlie?

  • Jenny Cameron
  • Jacob Cameron
  • Janet Cameron
  • James Cameron


19. Murtagh wasn’t pure Scottish. What country did his grandmother hail from?

  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Spain


20. What did Claire do with the money gotten from the sale of her pearl necklace?

  • Se bought blankets for some men imprisoned in Tolbooth
  • She purchased medicinal herbs to help Alex Randall
  • She sent it to Jenny to help her feed Jamie’s tenants
  • She sent it to Jared for safekeeping


21. BONUS: How did you react to Claire retuning to Frank and her previous life?

  • Ugly sobs à la Kim Kardashian
  • A moment of careful contemplation in which you reevaluated your entire life
  • You ran to book three, hoping for Claire and Jamie to find a way to reunite
  • All of the above

You’ve now finished! Check your answers with those below the naked Scot and see how many you got right. Each right answer is worth 1 point.


  1. Jacob DeWitt
  2. Journal
  3. Willow (willow was also used as a brushing tool in the movie Shakespeare in Love)
  4. Portrait of Louise
  5. Mistress honeylips (There are worse things to be called, I guess)
  6. Amadeo Modigliani
  7. Hanged Men’s Grease
  8. Swans (ouch)
  9. Murtagh
  10. Cotter pins
  11. Rue de Varenes and a toad
  12. “He meant to die on Culloden Field…But he didn’t.” (*sob*)
  13. Harpsichord
  14. Orangutang
  15. Pirate (Must have been before he discovered his seasickness!)
  16. St. Mary Magdalene
  17. A piece of amber
  18. Jenny
  19. Ireland
  20. She bought blankets
  21. All of the above…unless you have no soul

Now, let’s see what level book master you are!

0-7: Time to reread the book!


8-15: Not too shabby! You know your way about France, for sure.


16-21: You are the Outlandish page master!


Let us know how you did on the quiz! And check out our Outlander page here for more Jamie and Claire goodness to see you through the Droughtlander. And if you’re into organic beauty that Claire would have made, check out Face Affection HERE or Bellissima Bain HERE!


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An Outlandish Clan History Part4

Are you all caught up on the other three clan posts? Just in case, read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here! While these might not be the biggest clans, they’re your clans, each one sent to me through this blog, or your Facebook comments. Let’s dive right in and learn a little about Scottish clan history.

Clan MacLea/Livingstone


  • Clan Motto: Cnoc Aingeil- Hill of Fire
  • Alternative Clan Motto: Ni mi e ma’s urrain dhomh- I shall do it if I can
  • Livingstone is the anglicized version of MacLea and came from an area of Scotland.
  • The chief of the MacLea clan has been traditionally called the heir of Siant Moluag. Saint Moluag was a Scottish missionary who is credited with evangelizing to the Picts and may have been the first patron saint of Scotland. He is still the parton saint of Argyll.
  • They weren’t so awesome when it came to battles. They lost almost every one they participated in, usually with heavy losses that decimated their population. Their inability to hold land and numbers for a prolonged period of time may be why they were not officially recognized as a clan until 2003.

Clan MacLaren


  • Clan Motto: Creag an tuirc- The boar’s rock
  • They are said to be descended from the Fergud MacErc, the founder of the Dál Riate kingdom. Even if they weren’t, they still hold strong ties to the royal families of Scotland.
  • When the MacGregors and Campbells were driven from their lands in the 1500s, they settled in MacLaren lands. When the MacGregors began plundering MacLaren villages, the MacLarens asked the Campbells for help, as they continued to have a large number, but the Campbells refused unless the MacLarens pledged fealty to them.
  • They were very active in the Jacobite uprising of 1745, losing a large number as a result. They also fought at the infamous Battle of Culloden.



  • Clan Motto: I make sure
    • They do not have a registered, nor an adopted tartan.
  • They are an armigerous Lowland clan, although the term is meant to be used loosely as they have never been recognized, and their name has been interchanged with Kilpatrick throughout history. They have also been septs of the Douglas and Colquhoun and they got their name from Saint Patrick.
  • Roger Kirkpatrick, the cousin of William Wallace and the cousin and attendant of Robert the Bruce. He saved Bruce several times and is credited for leading his men to overtake several castles from the English. After Bruce was crowned, he gifted the crest and motto to Kirkpatrick, which has since been adopted by the clan.

Clan MacInnes


  • Clan Motto: Ghift dhe agus an righ- By the grace of God and King
  • MacMaster is a variant, as are dozens of other names, and were one of the first clans to settle in Scotland from Ireland. It is possible that these small sects fell under the Macinnes protection and were then adopted.
  • They were accomplished seamen, but moved off of the western coast towards Argyll when the viking raiders became too much for them to handle. Still, they could not escape the vikings and formed an alliance with other small clans known as “Siol Gillebride”,  or the “Seed of the Servant of St. Bride”, under the leadership of a Celtic-Norse warrior named Somerled.
  • The last chief dies in the 14th century and in the 16th, the remaining members of the clan moved the Sleat in the Isle of Skye. They were adopted loosely into some larger clans, such as the Campbells and Mackinnons, and fought on both sides during the Jacobite uprising.

Clan Maxwell


  • Clan Motto: Reviresco- I grow strong again


  • Maxwell is another Lowland armigerous clan without a chief.
  • The name comes from “Maccus well”, a poor part of the River Tweed and an old Norse king Maccus.
  • The Lord John Maxwell was very Catholic and participated in the attempts to restore Mary Queen of Scots to the throne. It didn’t go well, but even after Mary was executed, John petitioned Spain for help in restoring Catholicism in Scotland…that didn’t go well either.
  • One of the last Maxwell Lords, William, was a proud Jacobite supporter. After he was captured in battle and imprisoned in the Tower of London, he escaped in such a move way. His wife dressed him up as a servant woman and they just walked right out of there and into Rome like a boss.

Actual historical footage of William’s escape

The Malcolm/MacCallum Clan


Clan Motto: In Ardua Tendit- He aims at difficult things


  • The MacCallums were a separate clan until the 18th century when the MacCallum chief inherited the Malcolm estate, uniting the clans. MacCallum comes from the Gaelic “Mac Ghille Chaluim”, which means, “son of the disciple of Columba”.
  • The clan largely stayed out of large wars and battles, only participating in small skirmishes between clans.
  • Book readers will recognize a variant of this name 😉 BTW here’s a gif of our fav man with Malcolm in his name…

yes, please

The Hay Clan


  • Clan Motto: Serva Jugum- Keep the Yoke
  • War Cry: A Hay! A Hay!
  • The Hay clan came from Normandy, with the original name of Haye. They settles throughout Scotland.
  • They were staunch Catholics and fought Protestant rule throughout history, constantly trying to overthrow Queen Elizabeth with Spain’s help and even trying to convert King Edward I. There were even Hays involved in the Hundred Year’s War under Joan of Arc.
  • They supported the Jacobites in both rebellions, but became loyal British citizens when they failed.

Clan Rose


  • Clan Motto: Constant and True
  • Unrelated to Clan Ross, they came from the de Bisset and the de Bosco families of Ros Normandy.
  • They were very politically savvy. They expanded their lands through good marriages and royal favor. They were very close to Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots. It’s said that her own son, King James VI, thought of Hugh Rose, the chief, as a father. But the clan was split during the Jacobite rebellions. Since many of them supported the British, they didn’t have many issues after the rebellion ended.
  • Kilravock castle housed the chiefs of Clan Rose from the 13th century until 2012, when it was gifted to a Christian group.


Clan MacQuarrie


  • Clan Motto: An T-arm Breac Dearg- The Red Tartaned Army (Also used as a war cry)
  • Clan Motto #2: Turris fortis mihi Deus- God is to me a tower of strength


  • They are one of the oldest of the Highland clans and are descended from both the kings of the Picts and the Dál Riata. In fact, they can be traced back to Kenneth MacAlpine, who was the first King of Scotland.
  • They owned many islands in the Scottish Hebrides and had powerful allies in Clan MacLean.
  • Since they don’t have an active chief, and haven’t since the 1700s, they’re technically an armigerous clan. The last chief had crazy debts and sold off a bunch of clan lands, then joined the British army. So if you’re a part of this clan and want to do some digging, see if you’re in the line and can prove a direct link back to a former chief. This Clan is too interesting to let go on without a chief.
  • BTW here’s a pic of Taran MacQuarrie, the leader of the Watch, who was hanged at Wentworth Prison. He wasn’t in the books, but was created for the TV series.


The Erskine Clan


  • Clan Motto: Decori decus addit avito- He adds honour to that of his ancestors


  • They got their name from an area called Erskine, which may mean “green rising ground” in ancient British.
  • They were very politically influential. Great supporters of the Bruce clan, they intermarried, gained great favor, and many Erskkine leaders were given political power within the cabinet when Robert the Bruce was named king. They also had a great hand in putting Robert II, Robert the Bruce’s grandson, on the Scottish throne. That means they basically created the Stewart line of succession.
  • John Erskine, the leader of the clan during the Jacobite rebellion was known for changing his alliances like the wind, to keep his clan in favor of the winning side. At one point, he went to London, where he felt slighted by the English king. So John was all all “F*ck them!” and went home and immediately raised an army for the Jacobites.
  • It’s said that John Erskine now haunts Culross Palace, an old holding of his BFF the Bruce Clan. The palace, and the surrounding area, was used for shooting locations for Outlander. This includes Geillis’s parlor, the village of Crainsmure, and the herb garden the two time traveling women meet.

The Hunter Clan


  • Clan Motto: Cursum Pericio- I have completed the course


  • The Hunters are of viking stock. They came with Rollo to Paris in 896 and stayed on in the area, following the powerful nobles of Normandy, but went to Scotland with King David I in the 1100s, where they finally settled.
  • The Hunters were largely gifted their land and didn’t participate in cattle raiding and the usual clan skirmishes. They were appointed the keepers of the royal forest, and this duty kept them fairly busy. They also didn’t participate in larger battles and many of their leaders ended up well educated.
  • Hunterston Castle has been the clan’s seat for over 800 years. Finally, a clan that holds on to their castles!


Clan MacEwen/Ewen


  • Clan Motto: Reviresco- I grow strong again


  • There are five MacEwen septs and two of them are under Campbell and MacDougall leadership. Their tartan is even very similar to that of Clan Campbell.
  • Because they were so divided, the clan was chiefless for a number of years, making it an armigerous clan. But a chief was selected in 2016, the first since 1493, so that may change in the near future.

Names asked for, but lacking strong Scottish clan presences outside of being a sept: Wotherspoon, Miller, McHugh (Irish clan), Brennen (Irish Clan), McMahon (Irish Clan), McCole (mainly Irish), Harvey (members of Clan Keith), McCracken (sept of the Macnaghten), Mackie, Gates, Nichols (sometimes associated with Clan MacLeod), Aitken, and Oliver…all awesome names! If your name was one of those listed, and you’d like to privately discuss your name and get some history, let me know and I’ll be sure to tell you what I have!

That’s all for today, and my list! If there’s enough interest, I’ll do another post, so don’t be afraid to post your clan name in the comments for me to review. And read all of our Outlander posts here!

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An Outlandish Clan History


Good morning, fellow Outlander fans! Today, I’m getting into one of my favorite things…History! Specifically, I’ll be talking all about the Scottish clans and giving you a little Outlander love along the way! Because there are numerous Highland and Lowland clans, I’ll be picking some of my favorites with the most amount of history fun.

The Gregor/MacGregor Clan


  • Clan Motto: Roighal Mo Dhream-Royal is my Race
  • Minor Motto: Een dhn bait spair nocht-Slay and spare not (this one is so metal)
  • War Cry: Ard choille!-The woody height!

Here are several facts associated with this the MacGregors:

  • They were among the first clans to adopt the bagpipe in the 1600s!
  • In 1603 James IV outlawed the MacGregor name, forcing them to renounce their heritage or die. Many took on other Scottish names, but others were hanged.
  • During the Jacobite Risings, the Gregor clan (which was not an outlawed name), fought with the Jacobites and was defeated at the Battle of Littleferry, making them unable to participate in the Battle of Culloden.
  • The MacGregors were reestablished in the 1800s, finally bringing back the chiefs.
  • The only MacGregor mentioned in Outlander is Alexander MacGregor, the 18 year old cattle thief who was a victim of Black Jack Randall, and the initial owner of Jamie’s bible.
  • I’ve written a romance novel, The Amethyst Bride, featuring a MacGregor man. You can read about it here!

Clan Fraser of Lovat


  • Clan Motto: Je Suis Prest- I am Ready
  • War Cry #1: A Mhor-fhaiche!- The Great Field!
  • War Cry #2:Caisteal Dhuni- Castle Dounie (referring to their ancestral seat)

Here are several facts associated with this clan:

  • There is also the “Lowland Fraser Clan”, which is entirely separate from the Frasers of Lovat.
  • The Frasers fought with William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, who you might know from the (historically inaccurate) movie Braveheart, in 1303.
  • The clan supported Mary Queen of Scots in the Siege of Inverness in 1562.
  • A real man named James Fraser hid in a cave for years after surviving the Battle of Culloden. Read more about him here!
  • The Frasers have participated, in force, in all of the wars based on American soil, such as the Seven Years War and the Revolutionary War.
  • Here are some bonus pics of our fav Fraser…

Clan MacNaughten


  • Clan Motto: I Hoip in God-I Hope in God
  • War Cry: Fraoch Eilean!- The Heathery Isle!

The clan’s tartan…festive.

Here are several facts about this clan…

  • This clan are descendents of the Picts, some of the earliest, tribal, dwellers of Scotland. Possibly with Celtic roots.
  • They opposed Robert the Bruce (ya know…the Braveheart guy) and when he took the throne, they lost much of their lands to the Campbells.
  • There are many forms of this clan, such as McNitt, Macnaughton, McNett…and McKnight! Yeah, it’s my family’s father clan!

The MacLeod Clan


  • Clan Motto: Hold Fast
  • Old Clan Motto: Murus aheneus esto- Be the wall of brass

    Here are some interesting facts about the MacLeods:

  • My first historical romance novel, Queen of Emeralds, follows a MacLeod Chief and a British Heiress. You can read about it here!
  • They are the holders of the Fairy Flag. Shrouded in mystery, this flag is said to have come from the far east, possibly made by vikings, or have been used during the crusades. But in one popular MacLeod tale, the Fairy Flag was wrapped around a MacLeod Chief’s baby by a group of fairies. It has been artfully preserved and says to have the power to heal the sick, give military prowess to in battle, and protect the clan in times of famine or danger. But you’re not supposed to touch it, nor photograph it…but here’s a photo lol.


  • In the early 1600’s, the Clan MacLeod of Lewis became extinct and the seat, Castle Leod, it fell into the hands of the Mackenzie clan. It then became the seat of the Mackenzies. It was also the inspiration for Castle Leoch in the Outlander book series. It would have been used for filming, as it is still in good condition, but another castle was selected instead.

Castle Leod

The Mackenzie Clan


  • Clan Motto: Luceo Non Uro-I Shine Not Burn
  • Clan War Cry:Tulach Àrd-The High Hillcdd95f372869dc95770dd40d92dc5625

Let’s look at some fun Clan Mackenzie facts…

  • Mackenzie is actually an Anglicized version of “Mac Coinnich”, which means handsome.
  • They were once the 4th most powerful clan in Scotland.
  • In the 17th century, the Crahan Seer  foretold that the direct Seaforth Mackenzie line would die out after a deaf mute was born. A few years later there was a Seaforth Mackenzie named Francis. Wouldn’t you know, a bout of Scarlet Fever made him deaf and mute and he outlived all his sons, ending the line for good.
  • Here are some bonus pics of your fav Mackenzies…

The Wallace Clan


  • Clan Motto: Pro Libertate- For Liberty
  • Clan War Cry: Freedom!

The Wallace tartan

Here are a few little facts about the Wallace Clan…but mostly William Wallace.

  • The Wallace clan came to Scotland in the 11th century from Normandy, France.
  • The true William Wallace is nothing like what you saw in Braveheart!
    • Little Willie wasn’t a poor orphaned kid. He was raised a nobleman and even became a knight. Far cry from the ragamuffin living in a shack.
    • Wallace never met Isabelle of France. Girl was like…5 when he was participating in Scottish military endeavors.
    • Wallace wouldn’t have worn a kilt. Kilts didn’t become a thing in Scotland until the 1600’s. So no butt flashing in real life.
    • Scots in the 12 and 13,000s never painted their faces blue. The Picts did to scare off Roman invaders hundreds of years before Wallace was even a gleam in his noble father’s eye.
    • But he was hanged, drawn, and quartered…so that’s true. Yay?
    • Robert the Bruce was the real Braveheart. Literally. After he died, his heart was removed and given it’s own fancy casket.tumblr_mmr26uUumw1s3h43ko1_r1_500.gif

Clan Murray


  • Clan Motto:Furth, Fortune, and Fill the Fetters.
  • Old Motto: Tour Pret- Quite Ready

Here are a few facts about this clan:

  • They descended from Flemish and Norman lords and prided themselves on being from noble stock.
  • After Culloden, there was a massive diaspora from the Highlands, due to persecution of the clans. A great number of Murrys settled in Nova Scotia.
  • Their old crest featured a mermaidmurray_crest_big
  • This clan maintains the old private regiment in Europe; the Atholl Highlanders. This is because Queen Victoria was so moved by the Murrays of Atholl’s greeting to her upon visiting the country, she repealed the man that outlawed Scottish military regiments, just for them.
  • Bonus gif of our fav Murray…tumblr_nne9ufmZAu1r1wyxno4_500.gif

Clan Campbell


  • Clan Motto: Ne Obliviscaris- Forget Not
  • Clan War Cry: Cruachan!- Referrs to a popular rallying spot in times of crisis


Here are some facts about this clan:

  • At one point, they were the largest and most powerful clan in Scotland.
  • Their name might have come from the phrase “cam bul”, which means “crooked mouth”, referring to a founder of the clan.
  • They could be d*cks…especially to the MacDonald clan. But, that’s how you stay on top. We’ll talk about their issues in a bit.
  • Their castle seat, Inveraray Castle, was used in some filming for the show Downton Abbey.Inveraray_Castle,_Argyll_and_Bute,_Scotland-31May2010.jpg

Clan MacLean


  • Clan Motto: Virtue, Mine, Honor
  • Clan War Cry: Bàa no Beatha- Death or Life


Here are some fun facts about the MacLean clan…

  • They are one of the oldest clans in Scotland and are known for their fierceness in battle.
  • in the 1500s a chief named Lachlan MacLean married a Campbell girl. He hated her so much, and instead of just ignoring her and getting a mistress like the other guys in the 1500s, tied her to a rock by the sea in hopes the tide would drown her. But much like a Batman villain, he was too cocky and didn’t see her death through. She was saved by a fisherman and one of her brothers killed Lachlan…but he deserved it.

Clan Donald/MacDonald


  • Clan Motto: Per Mare Per Terras-By Sea and By Land
    Minor Clan Motto: Fraoch Eilean-The Heathery Isle

180px-macdonald_of_the_isles_tartan_vestiarium_scoticumHere are some interesting things to know about the Donalds…

  • One of the oldest on record, the clan is descended form both the Norse and the Celts.
  • The MacDonalds were sneaky in the Battle of Culloden!
    • Many of them bailed when they saw how the Scots were being slaughtered
    • They also had two minor regiments fighting for the British, so some of the smaller groups were able to maintain their positions and lands.
  • Remember how I told you that the Campbells and MacDonalds had some major bad blood?
    • In 1642, a group of Campbell soldiers in Ireland were ordered to kill all the MacDonald Catholics and threw dozens, possibly even hundreds, to their deaths over a cliff. This sparked a long series of battles between the two clans
    • And the Campbells kept being jerks…any Game of Thrones fans? Remember “The Red Wedding”? Well that scene was inspired by the Massacre of Glencoe, where a bunch of Campbells came to chill with the MacDonalds of Glencoe…as you can probably guess, it ended up with the Campbell forces massacring numerous people, burning homes, and allowing scores of woman and children to die of exposure.


      Shown: Frank Randall partying it up at the Red Wedding before it all went to shite.

Are you part of a clan? Which one?

That’s it for this week! I know I didn’t come close to covering a fraction of the clans, but I think we all had fun. Was your clan not mentioned? Let us know, maybe we’ll bring up the clans in a future post. And make sure to check out out Outlander page here to help you through Droughtlander.

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The Ultimate Outlander Book Quiz

We’ve done many quizzes, the last one being our Outlander Show Quiz, but now we’re going to cater to the book fans with some of the hardest questions we can muster! There are twenty questions, so put away your books, mark your answers carefully, and tally them up at the end to see if you’re a true Sassenach! Each correct answer is one point.

  1. 1457646754267.pngWho else sees the water horse at Loch Ness?
    1. Jamie
    2. Peter
    3. Geillis
    4. John
  2. kristen-wiig-gif-surprisesWhat gift did MacRannoch of Eldridge give to Claire?
    1. A pearl necklace
    2. A wolf skin
    3. A dragonfly in amber
    4. Passage to France
  3. ea4c4c4883a368955d3cf98e3bce71f5What did Jamie tell Claire was the “worst thing” that ever happened to him?
    1. The death of his older brother, William to sickness
    2. When he was beat on the bare ass, over Angus’s knee in front of a crowd
    3. The rape of his sister Jenny by Black Jack Randall
    4. When he thought Claire had been kidnapped by the English
  4. 61dc3bfa2d82bee8834bdec87444e82eWhat was Munro’s job before he was a beggar?
    1. A schoolmaster
    2. A trader of fine goods
    3. A smuggler
    4. A blacksmith
  5. stop_quoting_bible_claire_drag_murtagh_stage_thesearch.gifWho does Jamie’s pocket bible belong to?
    1. Black Jack Randall
    2. His sister Jenny
    3. Alexander MacGregor
    4. Fergus Fitzgibbons
  6. giphyWhat’s the name of the dangerous horse Hamish wants to ride?
    1. Donas
    2. Oillt
    3. Cunnart
    4. Fearachas
  7. Outlander 1x15 Witch I am gif.gifWhat natural plant is the best for soothing the cuts from a whip when chewed, then applied?
    1. Pine needles
    2. Dandelions
    3. Watercress
    4. Katniss
  8. ed49cfe91f2358b7ca3de58daa14647a8ad87014100e972c82e436ac3eec5cbd.gifWhat animal-themed nickname does Jamie give Claire?
    1. Black bird
    2. Sleek cat
    3. Brown mare
    4. White dove
  9. 6357761863592540441639349322_How+i+feel+as+the+first+sick+person_8062b2_4152844.jpgWhat malady does Claire think she suffers from?
    1. Breast cancer
    2. Wool allergy
    3. Infertility
    4. Gastroenteritis
  10. gisdcsphy.gifWho gave Claire her rosary?
    1. Colum
    2. Jamie
    3. Murtagh
    4. Geillis
  11. faeriehill.jpgWhen did Geillis come through the stones?
    1. 1962
    2. 1965
    3. 1963
    4. 1968
  12. 03-claire-and-angus-2-outlander-starz-tumblr.gifWhat language does Gwyllyn the bard sing in?
    1. French
    2. Gaelic
    3. Welsh
    4. German
  13. gif200Fill in the blank: When Frank and Claire are finished watching the “witches”, before she goes back in time, they start to get frisky. When he finds she isn’t wearing any underwear, he calls her “the most terrifyingly                    person” he has ever known.
    1. Alluring
    2. Sensual
    3. Practical
    4. Intelligent
  14. e5117c16fd71ccf715a76be9fc468f74.jpgWhat ring does Jamie give Claire on their wedding day?
    1. A red ruby set in gold
    2. A stone of jet in gold
    3. A silver band decorated with thistles
    4. A Silver band decorated with knots
  15. gipwdqwdhyWhat’s the name of the ship that Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh take to France?
    1. Arabella
    2. Frigate
    3. Patagonia
    4. Christabel
  16. professional-healer-and-alcohol-drinker-claire-fraser-born-in-england-made-in-the-highlands--c40bc.pngWhat was the name of Castle Leoch’s healer before Claire?
    1. Ian Duncan
    2. Paddy Malcom
    3. Davie Beaton
    4. George Randall
  17. 01-jamie-and-claire-3-outlander-starz-tumblr.gifWhich man was deemed the best with a dirk and took charge of instructing Claire how to use it?
    1. Murtagh
    2. Rupert
    3. Angus
    4. Dougal
  18. outlander-clare-staysWhat is the date of Jamie’s execution?
    1. December 23
    2. January 8
    3. December 13
    4. January 22
  19. tumblr_nc9yvcPPeO1qbhk3no5_r1_250.gifWhat finally made Dougal believe Claire wasn’t a British spy?
    1. She drank from St. Ninian’s spring
    2. She saved Jamie from Black Jack Randall
    3. She had a chance to kill Colum in his sleep and didn’t
    4. She tended to a wounded Dougal when she could have let him die
  20. tumblr_inline_nng7hh23AM1qb0kxc_540.jpgHow did Claire come to know that Geillis was from the future like her?
    1. She told her when they were waiting to be taken on trial as witches
    2. She had someone tell Claire the year she went through the stones
    3. She mentioned the radio in passing
    4. She had a smallpox vaccine scar

All Done! Now, are you ready to check your answers? Each right answer is worth 1 point. Scroll past the naked Scot to see how well you did!


2, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 4, 3, 3, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4

0-5 Points – You call yourself a reader?


6-14 Points – You’ve read the books, but might want another look!


15-20 Points – You’re an Outlander expert!


How did you do? Let us know! And check back next week for an all new Outlander Saturday post!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.


Ultimate Outlander Show Quiz

We often talk about how much we love Outlander, but how much do you know about it? We have created a harder show quiz for those of you experts out there. Answer the questions and then check your answers at the bottom to see how you did. Each correct answer earns you one point.

Season One Questions


  1. Why did Claire go back to the stones in episode one?
    1. To sketch a flower
    2. To pick a flower for medicinal purposes
    3. To investigate the stones
    4. Because she heard them buzzing but didn’t want to go near them while Frank was with her.
  2. maxresdefault Jamie initially goes by a different last name because he is a wanted man. What name is it?
    1. Macleod
    2. MacTavish
    3. MacKenzie
    4. FitzGibbons
  3. 57c16cc678686023dc86e552e9dc185cWho was The Skye Boat Song written about originally?
    1. The Real Jamie Fraser
    2. The Real Geillis Duncan
    3. The Real Bonnie Prince
    4. The Real Dougal MacKenziememe-sassenachsplash
  4. Claire heals a boy from possession because she realizes that he has been poisoned. What was he poisoned with?
    1. Hemlock
    2. Lily of the Valley
    3. Cyanide
    4. A Demon
  5. 35e29bccb04ffa7eb2b73fa51dc63670What was in the love potion that Claire gave to Laoghaire?
    1. Horse Dung
    2. Wood Lice
    3. A Sedative
    4. Whiskey
  6. tumblr_nc27uajpvu1sbre0jo5_r1_250What ailment does Ned Gowan suffer from?
    1. Indigestion
    2. Bowed Legs
    3. Asthma
    4. Syphilis
  7. outlander-season-1-weddingJamie tells Claire that she has the protection of his name, his clan, his family, and if necessary, what else does he promise her?
    1. The protection of his sword
    2. The protection of the MacKenzie warriors
    3. The protection of his body
    4. the protection of his hand index
  8. Where does Black Jack take Claire when he kidnaps her?
    1. Fort William
    2. Inverness, to the stocks
    3. Fort Thomas
    4. On the road back to England
  9. 200_sJamie was banished to Dougal’s house but Claire was told to stay, what reason did Collum give for their separation?
    1. He wanted her medicinal help
    2. He wanted her for himself
    3. He thought she was a spy
    4. He wanted her help to further the Jacobite cause
  10. 8c87bd7d698c8a9154042d62677ead51Jamie’s mom was given all sorts of presents from her suitors, the mention of one, helps to aid in Jamie’s rescue out of jail.
    1. A Corset
    2. A Pearl Necklace
    3. Ivory Bracelets
    4. Hair Ribbons

Below are the answers. Add them up when you finish the questions for season two to see if you’re a true Outlander show fan!


Season Two Questions

  1. latestWhere did cousin Jared go that enabled Jamie and Claire to take over his business?
    1. Back to Scotland to see family
    2. Touring the wineries of France
    3. Visiting the Indies to expand his business to spices
    4. Making new trade contacts in Italy200_s.gif
  2. Master Raymond’s sleep potion contains…
    1. Valerian and hops
    2. Nightshade and pigs blood
    3. Pine needles and lavender
    4. Lemon and rosehipstumblr_o67xzdmwmu1un0ky0o1_r1_500
  3. Claire fights with Jamie when he comes home from the whorehouse with…
    1. All of his money spent
    2. An STD
    3. Lipstick on his collar
    4. A hickey on his thighgiphy
  4. Who humiliated Black Jack Randall at Versailles?
    1. Claire when she calls him a rapist
    2. King Louis when he order him to kneel
    3. Jamie when he challenged him to a duel
    4. Mary Hawkins when she refuses his proposaloutlander
  5. Who gifted the dragonfly in amber to Claire?
    1. Hugh Monroe
    2. Murtagh
    3. Jamie
    4. Mary Hawkins19-outlander-dog-nocrop-w529-h375
  6. What is Mother Hildeguard’s dog’s name?
    1. Henri
    2. Bisou
    3. Heuruex
    4. Boutonimage6
  7. What is Alexander Randall dying of?
    1. Syphilis
    2. Tuberculosis
    3. Lung cancer
    4. Dysenterytumblr_oa2j2qkHLC1un0ky0o1_500.gif
  8. What proved to Brianna that her mother was telling the truth about traveling time?
    1. Claire showed Bree some historical documents only she knew the meaning of
    2. Geillis Duncan told Brianna she met Claire in the 1700’s
    3. Bri watched Geillis travel through the stones
    4. Roger found the Fraser family tree and showed Bri Jamie and Claire’s marriage certificateclaire_is_back
  9. What small thing convinces Reverend Wakefield that Claire may have told the truth about the stones, when she returns to her time?
    1. She tells him the names of all the Scots that fought in Culloden
    2. Her dress is verified as being from the 1700s
    3. She can tell him the movements of the Scottish troops that no one but a studied historian would know
    4. He sees someone else travel through the stonesgiphwqdqwdy.gif
  10. Who fathers the child of Louise de La Tour de Rohan?
    1. Charles Stuart
    2. Comte St. Germain
    3. King Louis XV
    4. Jules de Rohan

 Below are the answers to season two! Tally your score, add them with your score from season one to see what level Outlander fan you are!


0-5 Points – Do You Even Outlander?outlander-jamie-picnic-sad-face-1024x573

6-15 Points – You Know Your Way Around The Stones92097a4558d89fac0c42179c860bccd6

16-20 Points – Jamie Would Be Proud8c4b241deddb4242504c6ff6116252fd

How did you do? Are you a true show Sassenach or would the stones spit you right out? Let us know! And come back next week for more Outlander Saturday posts!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.

An Outlander Gift Guide

We have a super special treat today for Outlander Saturday. A few awesome Etsy shops have been kind enough to share some of their products so you can see how they look in real life, and get our opinion on their beauty, functionality, and cost. Remember, when you shop small, you’re not paying into corporations or getting a massed produced piece that everyone has. We hope that you loved these pieces as much as we did! One of these shops even gave us an additional piece to share with one lucky winner!

♥A Happy Thought Indeed♥

This charming shop is run by Sue Smith, who sent Kelsey this fabulous earring and necklace set. She specializes in nature and literature pieces.

img_7119These earrings, although large, weren’t heavy, and didn’t irritate Kelsey’s lobes like some pairs do. Also, she loved that each one was a small homage to Jamie and Claire, right out of the book!

img_7151When it comes to the necklace, Kelsey is certainly a huge fan. The metal trim aged it beautifully and you could almost imagine how great it would be again some rugged tartan. Also, she loved the length of the necklace. It lays beautifully on a sweater and is a great conversation starter when you meet a fellow Sassenach! The necklace is available here for $15 and you can order the earrings here for $10. Personally, Kelsey is a bit matchy, so having the set was very nice.

IMG_7154.JPGA Happy Thought Indeed also has items from dozens of other beloved books like Nancy Drew and The Lord of the Rings! You could get all of your literature friends some lovely pieces at an affordable price. And if you don’t see a certain one you love, Sue even takes custom orders.


Shop the entire A Happy Thought Indeed collection here.

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♥Everyday Regalia♥

The lovely Christine McGrail from Everyday Regalia sent Kelsey and Sarah two very different items to test, but both were fantastic.

Sarah recived a custom wine stopper with the quote If my last words are not “I love you”-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.

Sarah loved her wine stopper, especially as it was a surprise custom by Everyday Regalia. A wine stopper is something you never know you need until you find yourself with half a bottle of wine to store with no cork to be found. A total tragedy. But one of the most romantic lines in the Outlander series being included was an awesome touch.While this particular item isn’t readily made, you can always request a custom one just for you!IMG_7301.jpgKelsey received this charming “Love” key necklace that looks like it came right out of the lock at Lallybroch. While it doesn’t straight up say “Sassenach”, you can imagine it’s something that Jamie would have given to Claire, to remind her, you are my home.

img_7114The pendent was light, delicate, and sat perfectly on my chest. It’s even quite durable, as my child stole it off my dresser and it returned to me in perfect condition! My particular necklace costs $15, but for the quality and sturdiness, it’s well worth it.

img_7147Everyday Regalia makes a wide array of items, most of them Outlander themed. For example, there’s a darling Outlander book bangle and this “Sassenach Strong” keychain! But there are also items that don’t pertain to our obsession, but could be perfect to give as a gift, like this memorial bangle. Or, you can even request a custom order, like Sarah’s wine stopper!


Shop Everyday Regalia here!

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The River Maiden


The River Maiden by Meredith R. Stoddard is really the perfect book to read during droughtlander. Kelsey sought out Stoddard when she posted about The River Maiden in an Outlander Facebook group they are both members of. Stoddard was kind enough to send Kelsey an ebook version, so she can share the story, and her thoughts, with all you lovely readers.

Sarah MacAlpin was raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Her Scottish heritage was always a focal point in her life, as she lived with her traditional grandmother. While it sometimes alienated her from her peers in her youth, Sarah still embraced her culture and even planned on writing her thesis on Scottish folklore. But when her musical research brings her to Dermot Sinclair, Sarah will be forced to face her past, fight for her future, and maybe run for her life.

This book is perfection, in the realm of researched Scottish writing. Stoddard brings her readers true life, accurate Gaelic, and a story that leaves you pining for the second novel in the series. Kelsey appreciates a well fleshed out Scottish book, as she researches Celtic songs and lore in her own work. When you read, it’s abundantly clear that Stoddard takes the time give you a fully immersive experience without slowing down the pace. As The River Maiden comes in the ebook version, as well as a paperback, it’s the prefect gift for yourself, and you best reader friends.


See what Stoddard is writing and but some merch on her homepage!

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This perfect Spanish shop, run by Lidia Ruiz, was kind enough to not only gift Sarah and Kelsey each a necklace, but to add a third to the package for a giveaway! We got three identical necklaces in the mail; a delicate chain with a dragonfly charm, an amber colored gem, and the words Ye are blood of my blood and bone of my bone. You wouldn’t know it, but the literary themed jewelry maker hadn’t done any Outlander themed pieces before now, but her craft is flawless.


Kelsey loves, loves, loves this necklace. It’s an obvious, but not in your face, tribute to her all time favorite book series. It’s feminine, delicate, and overall perfect for daily wear.

img_7149It’s no secret that Sarah has what’s called the zipper scar after having a mass removed from her heart. So, she is really leery about wearing necklaces because they can irritate the scar and sometimes they are too heavy. This necklace fell right on top of the scar, but it was light and the backs of the pendants are smooth. As a result, it didn’t bother her at all and it wasn’t too heavy. Sarah loves this necklace!  img_7300Another thing that makes this shop so great is the adorable packaging. It can come right from Spain and into the hands of your loved one without having to drag out the wrapping paper!



Shop Liruca’s entire collection here

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IMG_7299.jpgWant another fun fact about me? Viví en España para cuartro meses cuando estaba en la Universidad. Por eso, hablo español. Me encanta este collar porque es muy peso ligero y esta bonita tambien. Pienso que es el collar perfecto para lluego todo el día sin irritacion. Voy a añádelo a mi rotación de joyería. Sí quieres ganar uno de los collares, puedes elegir, solomente se gusta en nuestra pagina de Facebook, sigue nuestra Instagram, sigue el Instagram de Liruco, o se gusta uno de las picturas en Instagram. Una persona será elegido martes.iví en España para cuatro meses cuando estaba en la Universidad. Por eso, hablo español. Me encanta este collar por ques es muy peso ligero pero esta bonita tambien. Pienso que es el collar perfecto para lluego todo el día sin irritacion. Voy a añádelo a mi rotación de joyería. Sí quieres ganar uno de los collares, puedes elegir, solomente se gusta en nuestra pagina de Facebook, sigue nuestra Instagram, sigue el Instagram de Liruco, o se gusta uno de las picturas en Instagram. Una persona será elegido martes.

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“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” and More…

I know, usually we have a funny list to share, but today we’re going to give you a book review instead! Now, I’ve read the Outlander series, but none of the companion novellas. So we thought, why not read it and see if the magic of Outlander is fully realized in these mini books. I will warn you, A Leaf on the Wind of all Hallows does contain SPOILERS if you’re not caught up with the main series. I’ll try to keep the facts as vague as possible, but I’m going to be real, this post will contain some teensy book spoilers! And there’s an extra historical list hidden at the bottom for you to enjoy!

Gonne be real, I was one giddy mother f*cker  when I saw that Diana Gabaldon had written companion novellas. I’ve been in a book droughtlander since July of 2014 when I closed the last page of Written in my own Heart’s Blood. It was a dark time in my life, so I wrote my own Scottish romance series to fill the kiltless void! But that’s a whole other post.

Now, last warning before I lay some little tasty spoilers all up in this post. Good? Good.

We all know the sad tale of Roger MacKenzie Wakefield. His father, a pilot in WWII is downed while on a secret mission on All Hallow’s Eve, his body never recovered. His mother, killed in the air raids that decimated parts of London. And little Roger, taken in by his uncle, Reverend Wakefield.


Yes, you poor child. You can have ALL the biscuits.

Roger’s father, Jeremiah “Jerry” MacKenzie was mourned and forgotten in time, just listed as another casualty of war. But as we learned in Outlander, thinking someone is dead is sometimes just a mask of the truth. And the truth for Jerry was that he didn’t die in a plane crash in 1941. Instead, he touched a humming stone and was thrown through time to 1739.


I know, right??

Now, not everyone can be as lucky as Claire. She stepped through time and into the bed of our favorite Scot. Jerry was thrown into a strange land, wearing strange clothes, and doesn’t have the luxury of pretending to merely be a lost woman in the woods. People attack him, chase him, and few believe he’s really a confused traveler. But as time goes on, Jerry knows he needs to get back to the stones he originally touched. He’s not certain, but he feels that it is the only way to go home.


This book was 6/6 gold slippers, five gold stars, and two for you, Glenn Coco. I laughed, I cried…well, mostly cried. You’re rooting for poor Jerry to get back to his wife and infant son and you don’t know what becomes of him, or what time period he finally comes to. It was an emotional read and brought back the same heartsick feelings the Outlander Series does. It also brings in several familiar faces that we didn’t expect to see. So if you’re wandering through the droughtlander, like me, pick up a copy of A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows.

We can’t just leave you with a book review and no fun facts! So here’s a few things, related to A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows.

Jerry’s Uniform


This is, more or less, what Jerry would have worn when he went missing.The jumpsuit was a part of the uniform, and the boots were made to be sturdy and warm, as it’s colder flying than you think. I have my pilot’s license, and I can tell you that it’s pretty chilly up there. Add in the fact that WWII pilots flew in all weather, being warm was top priority. Of course, the hat is for his dress uniform, and he would have been wearing a flying cap and goggles. Most importantly, well in Hallows, Jerry would have had his trusty dog tags on hand.


The London Air Raids


The bombings that took the life of Roger’s mother is known as The Blitz, from the German word for lighting, “Blitzkrieg”. It was a series of highly destructive air raids where the German air force aimed their attacks on warehouses, governmental buildings, and community areas where the public could be congregating. These attacks mainly happened in the evenings. Loud air raid sirens would go off and the Londoners would flee their homes, heading into the sparse communal shelters. But most would end up in the London underground. The tunnels were deep enough to muffle the sounds of bombs around them and were relatively safe, save for a direct hit to a station. To this day, in some of the older tunnels and the ones that were never put back into use, they still find things left by the citizens who stayed there for safety.


Operation Pied Piper


If little Roger hadn’t been taken in by his uncle, he might have been one of the many children involved in Operation Pied Piper. This governmental-based operation took children out of the dangerous city centers, the target’s of the German bombers, and sent them to “safe zones”. They could be sent to the British countryside, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and even the United States. A handful of them even made it through a wardrobe and into a magical land. Most of these children were voluntarily sent away by their parents, who often couldn’t just pick up and leave their jobs, and went to stay in group homes or with families. Orphans were sent as well, and Roger could have been relocated to another country, or continent, never meeting Claire or Bree.

In theory, Operation Pied Piper was a great idea, but the reality was much darker. The children were traumatized at being ripped away from their parents and the host families literally picked who they took in. If a child was too ugly, not strong enough for farm work, or too old, then they could be passed by or drug around to different cities. Pedophilia and abuse were also rampant, as no one could check in on the safety of the children. And some children never went home again.


That’s it for Outlander Saturday!

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.



History behind Outlander

We’ve talked about some of the old phrases and legends, but we haven’t delved a ton into the history. So let’s chat about the real life figures and topics that Diana Gabaldon brought into her Outlander Series. But, don’t worry, this will only talk about some of the historical facts surrounding the first two seasons on Starz, so no spoilers this week!



Now, we all heard the term used many times in the series so far, but what are the Jacobites, truly? Let’s go back to the infamous Henry VIII, ya know, the one who wanted to tap Anne Boleyn so bad that he enforced a country wide religion? Anyways, Catholicism was still believed to be the one true religion by many. So when Catholic Charlies Stuart (AKA Bonny Prince Charlie) decided to take the throne, the Scots were all about bringing that sweet Catholicism back. And where did the term “Jacobite” come from? It comes from the Laitin name for James, “Jacobus”. James II of England was the last Catholic monarch of England before being tossed out in 1688.

Bonny Charlie…


…wasn’t so bonny. I mean, look at him. Just look at that weak chinned little biotch. No wonder he left poor Jamie to rally the troops. I’d follow the hell out of our favorite Fraser, but I can’t take that fancy boy seriously. And, in real life, Charlie was also an alcoholic who cheated on his wife with many women when he wasn’t busy beating her. Yikes.


Jealous of that hand?

Geillis Duncan


That’s right, ol’ Geillis has a basis in history, mainly the North Berwick Witch Trials with the name Gillis Duncan. You see, in 1590, Gillis was a lowly maid who’s employer saw her sneaking out at night and thought she had a knack for healing people. Instead of thinking she was just meeting a boyfriend and happened to have a nice bedside manner, she was obviously a witch. Under torture, she “confessed” and “outed” several other people for conspiring with the devil. Not that great for her.


unfortunately, yes.

Comte de St. Germain


This is full of fun facts. We read/watched him as a total asshat who got what he deserved when he sipped some hidden poison. In reality, he is still bathed in mystery, but is known as a musician, philosopher, scientist, and someone who dabbled in the occult. No one knows for certain where he came from, but he asserted that he was a lost prince of Transylvania and even that he was upwards of 500 years old…perhaps a real life time traveler? Well, he is registered as dying at 88 years of age, but strangely, he left little behind, as if all his gemstones and money had vanished…


How curious

The Kilted Horseback Riding


When one thinks of Outlander, one imagines Jamie riding horseback in his kilt, looking resplendent. But what’s up with the kilt? And, more importantly, how the hell did they ride with nothing beneath it? As someone who rode horses competitively for years, all I can say is ow! Riding for hours a day in riding pants was tough enough on the thighs sometimes, but I can’t imagine going at it with no protection at all. The truth of the matter is, while kilts give us romance and embody the Scot, Scottish men rarely wore kilts while riding. Instead, they wore tartan trews, which were much more practical. Rough, I know.


Louise de Rohan

Her real name was Marie Louise de La Tour d’Auvergne and, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a valid portrait of what she looked like. If you have seen one, please, let me know. Anyways, as in the show, she was married to a guy who was off with the French army and Louise was gettin’ bonny with Charles Stuart. When she got pregnant, she also banged her husband so she could try to hide who the child’s father really was. Generally, affairs were pretty commonplace in nobility, so Louise’s husband didn’t really care who was up her petticoats. But, her affair with Charles had to come to an end, and after their love child died in infancy, she began shying away from court life. A far cry from the vivacious woman Claire meets in France. No word on the state of her public hair, either.





While it was a hilarious scene on the show, these array of fake penises wasn’t just a ploy for some comic relief. Dildos have been around for at least 30,000 years. Crazy, right? Well, the first ones were made out of wood, rocks, and basically anything else that even resembled a cock and balls. Considering the potential splintering that could occur in the early years, Charlie’s glee on seeing a fancy French one is a little more understandable.

Louis XV of France


We know the king as a lofty gentleman who has a great interest in the occult and banged Claire for like 5 seconds in order to secure Jamie’s freedom. In real life, he’s been credited as lowering the bar for French royals and sparking the initial stirrings of the French revolution. While there’s no proof that he participated in magic, there are rumors that he had a bit of an interest, due to the fact that he survived a childhood illness and a later assassination attempt. Some scholars support this, as he was unusually nonreligious, but I suppose we’ll never know. PS. it actually was common to watch the King do literally everything, even take a shit. Being in the king’s “private” chambers was actually coveted. If you got to hold the royal stockings or have a front row seat to toilet time, you would be the envy of all your peers!


Ya got around the block, so I’ll pass

The Destruction of the Highlanders


After the Jacobite revolution, which failed, England was in a hurry to destroy the clan system that rose up with Charlie. So, they outlawed the tartan kilts and bearing of arms of the Scottish people, basically spoiling a large part of Highland culture. This went on for about 50 years, until some regiments of the British army took on tartan as a symbol and later in the 1820s when kilts and tartans were used as a fashion statement by the British elite. But, by then, the common Scottish people stopped wearing the kilt, as they had been forced to abandon it for several generations. The fact that clans, tartans, and the traditional Highland way of life had been tampered with, weakened the overall population and the Highland identity. Mix that with the diaspora that followed the great famine, and you see the end of the Highanders as we know them. Of course, there were always some that kept the old ways, but it was a dangerous thing to do.



Let’s end this on a positive note; handfasting. Handfasting was practiced in many areas in the ancient world from the Celts to the Norse. The practice varied greatly, but would be done as an act of betrothal until a “proper” church marriage could be conduction. It often also stood in for a common law marriage, which would grant both parties full liberties as a husband a wife. The couple would have their clasped hands bound with a rope, ribbon, or strip of tartan while proclaiming their union. It’s actually where we get the modern phrase, “tie the knot”. The pair would then be given a year and a day to decide if they would stay married, ensuring that any children conceived during this time would be legitimate, but also giving both parties an out, if things didn’t work. Although that varied by area and time period. Another fun fact is that handfasting is seen as a legal marriage in Scotland, today!


That’s it for Outlander Saturday! Come back neck week for fun facts, book recommendations, gift guides, and more! If there’s anything in the Outlander world you’d like to know more about, let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll talk about it in another article.

Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.