Outer Hebrides Lewis Callanish Standing Stones

Here is where you can find all the Outlander goodness we share with you every Saturday! Come back each weekend for our related book recommendations, thoughts about the show and books, and general Scottish fun that would make Claire and Jamie proud.

Mar Sin Leat, Outlander – We recap season two before the finale

Outlander Finale Feels – We mourn the end of season two

What to Watch – We tell you about our favorite shows to watch during Droughtlander

Whisper Gaelic to Me – We learn some Gaelic to bring to the bedroom

History+Romance+Sex=Perfection – We tell you what historical romances to read

Finding Fraser – We tell you about the book Diana Gabaldon is talking about

The Legends of Outlander – Some of the creatures and tales in Outlander (spoilers)

Historical Movies – We tell you what to watch during Droughtlander

Outlander Jewels – We show you where to buy the jewelry of Outlander

Time Travel Love– Time traveling romance novels

You Know You’re an Outlander Fan When… – Enough said

Top Reasons We Love Claire Fraser– Covers the first two seasons of the show and book

Outlander Voyager Season 3 – What we’re excited to see in season 3 (spoilers)

Jamie Should be Your Book Boyfriend – Need we say more?

Dress Like Claire – Where to get her looks for fall

Where Else to See the Stars of Outlander – Self explanatory

Jamie and Claire are #RelationshipGoals – Why J&C have the best marriage

An Outlandish Home – Products to give your house a Scottish touch

Quiz: What Outlander Guy is Your Man? – Jamie, Dougal, or Frank?

Murtagh: The Man, The Myth, The Legend – An ode to Murtagh

Quiz: What Would You Be in 18th Century Scotland? – What job would you have?

History Behind Outlander – Fun facts and true tales

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows – A book review with some history throw in! (Spoilers)

Outlander Gift Guide and Giveaway – See what Etsy goodies we have and win a necklace!

Outlander Show Quiz – See how well you remember seasons one and two

An Outlandish Christmas – Scottish holiday traditions and their origins

Outlander Book Quiz – How well do you remember book one of the series?

Common Outlander Misconceptions – What non-fans think and how they’re wrong

Outlandish Clan History Part 1 – Learn about the clans from the show and more!

Outlandish Clan History Part 2 – Learn about your personal clans

Outlandish Clan history Part 3 – Learn even more about the clans you requested

Outlandish Clan History Part 4 – Learn more about the clans you asked for

Outlandish Clan History Part 5 – Enough said!

Outlandish Clan History Part 6 – Learn some more!

Outlandish Clan History Part 7 – The final installment

Hair Like Claire – Sarah teaches you how to get Claire’s looks

Name That Episode! – The hardest season 1 and 2 quiz ever!

WeeBox Review – A special subscription box that gives you a wee bit of Scotland!

Ready for a Voyage? – An in-depth look at season 3. (contains spoilers)

Ultimate Dragonfly in Amber Quiz – test your knowledge!

The Sorting Hat Goes to Scotland – Outlander +Hogwarts=magic

The History Behind Voyager – The real facts of season 3 (spoilers)

The History Behind Voyager Pt2 – More season 3 facts! (spoilers)

The Dating Game – Choose between 10 Outlander bachelors!

Outlandish Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Treat your mom! Or yourself!

Hot Scot! – Here are some more steamy Scotsman who aren’t Sam!

How Well do You Know Sam? – A quiz about Sam Heughan

Survivor: Outlander Edition – Would you survive Claire’s life?

Scottish Songs – The music of Jamie people

Top Jamie Fraser Moments – Enough said!

Ultimate Voyager Book Quiz – Are you a true reader?

Why Do We Love Outlander? – Here are our top reasons!

Which Claire are You? – which of Claire’s many lives would you lead?

Oh, The Places Claire’ll Go! – An Outlandish spin on a Dr Seuss Classic

Droughtlander Reading List – A collection of books to soothe the soul

Scottish Sorcery – A brief history if witchcraft in Scotland

A Day in the Life – How the average Scotsman lived

Voyager Premier Feels – What we thought about the season 3 premier

Check back every Saturday for your Outlander fix!

Learn more about Kelsey here and read all about Sarah’s books here!



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