Lover’s Lane-Product Reviews

Sarah and Kelsey are each voracious book readers who certainly know their way around a library. But they’re not just book worms. They have opinions about your favorite things and want to share them with you! Here are the products some lovely small business owners and Etsy shops have sent them, so you can find some fun stuff for yourself, or your loved ones.

Here are some special treats from Jes Married, an Etsy shop!

Here you can see Outlander goodies from three Etsy shops; Liruco, Sue’s Happy Thoughts, and Every Day Regalia!

Here you can read about Style By Kenlee, watch an unboxing, and learn about their amazing jewelry subscription box!

HERE you can watch Kelsey unbox the WeeBox and see Sarah’s thoughts on how the items inside match up to those she saw in Scotland!

HERE you can read about the lovely skin and lip care product by Bellissima Bain.

HERE you can see some personalized jewelry by iCreate uCelebrate and get a special 15% off coupon code!

If you’re interested in us reviewing your products, please contact us here and we’ll be sure to come up with something amazing!

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