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Meant to Be

Congrats to best selling author Nan Reinhardt on her latest release, book two of the Four Irish Brothers Winery series, Meant to Be! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy early, and I have a lot to say…

  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Heat Level:❤️
  • Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Chicago lawyer Sean may have moved away from the small town of River’s Edge, but it’ll always be his home. And when he’s shot outside the courthouse and needs some time away to recover, he returns to the place of his birth where he has so many fond memories and where his best friend Meghan still lives.

Meghan’s the new mayor of River’s Edge and is having a hard time bringing the place up to speed. When her best friend gets shot, she puts her life on hold to see him through the darkness. But a handsome police detective might just make her wonder if it’s time she expanded her circle of friends. Torn between the past and future, the little town seems to get a lot smaller.

While Meghan tries to keep River’s Edge running, she falls into a comfortable rhythm with a healing Sean. But when their friendship seems to drift towards something more, she’s more confused than ever. Stepping over the line could mean the end for everything they’ve shared. But if they keep their distance, will they possibly be giving up what’s meant to be?

Who did I spy on page one? A certain familiar face from the first book named Sam. Moments where characters from other books pop up, reminds me of why I adore series works. Seeing bits of previous stories go on in the background is always one of my favorite touches, especially in small towns.

I loved Meghan. She has a great head on her shoulders and a real way of connecting with people, although she’s more sensitive than she lets on. I enjoyed the fantastic relationship with her friend Sam as well. Their witty back and forth was fun nod to girlfriend relationships. Although the focus was definitely on Meghan and the possibilities with Sean.

Sean and Meghan have decades of history behind them, making them a seemingly perfect match. But watching them stumble through the what if’s only highlighted their differences sometimes. However, it’s easy to see why a girl might be drawn to Sean. He’s handsome, smart, and accomplished, but never let it go to his head

Overall, I enjoyed this latest installment and look forward to what’s next in this line of sweet, small town romances.

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