One Night One Secret

I haven’t been much of a fantasy reader lately, outside the usual classics like The Hobbit and a few mermaid romances. And I haven’t read anything with a werewolf as the muscular hottie since high school when Twilight came out. But when one of my fav narrators, Meghan Kelly came to me with One Night One Secret by Hollie Hutchins, I decided to give it a shot.

    • Genre: Second Chance Fantasy Romance
      Heat Level: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Story Rating: 4/6 Glass Slippers
      Narration Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

    Susie was a wild child and a single night of passion with a stranger left her pregnant. Several years later, her son Jason is suffering from mystery illnesses and the only explanation she can think of is that there’s something in his father’s past that could answer everything. The only problem? Jason’s father was a shifter, a werewolf that snuck into the human world for a night. She needs to find him, but doesn’t know his name, only the tattoo on his chest. But when she crosses into the shifter world in hopes of tracking him down, she’s blindfolded and taken deeper into their realm, deeper into the darkness.

    Aelnoth is the new lord of his werewolf pack in the shifter world. He loves his people, but not all of their customs. One in particular is the enslavement of the humans who stumble into their realm. He wants to bridge the gap between their worlds, but when he goes to the slave market to make a forced appearance, a red haired human with fire in her soul begs to be bought. He can’t see her sold into sex slavery to be a breeder, so he casts a bid of his own.

    As Susie tries to find her son’s father and Aelnoth tries to keep his pack out of danger, two worlds collide in a dangerous way.

    I’m a mom, so as I was reading, I could really empathize with what Susie was going through. Sure, my kids dad is my husband and I never needed to go on a dangerous quest to find him, but you know how it is. I could really respect Susie going to great lengths to find answers. While she’s not a werewolf, she’s definitely a protective mama who knows how to get what she wants.

    I really enjoy a well planned fantasy world and wanted to know more about the shifter realm! It’s just a really interesting concept to have it within the human world, in the open instead of hidden away. Where is it? Is the history taught in schools? How doesn’t the government know more about it? Why has It been allowed to kidnap and enslave humans who are dumb enough to stumble over the border? I have some serious questions that beg answers…or some sort of companion novel to really flesh it out!

    I believe the book deserves an updated cover to reflect the story. Susie’s not pregnant in the book and there’s no love triangle or multiple partners as hinted at in the cover. I’d love to see something dark and sexy. Like Susie in the woods with a wolf creeping behind her or she and Aelnoth facing off against their foes. A good story needs an equally strong cover!

    Meghan Kelly did wonderful work, as always. Her range is perfect and her ability to go from sweet romance to erotica is impressive. She also has a voice that is very easy on the ears. I’ve listened to a few of the books she’s given voice to and can’t find fault with her even tone and character inflections. At this point, I’d listen to her read a dictionary.


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