Hating My New Boss

It’s no secret I love audiobooks, so I’m always thrilled when the talented Meghan Kelly lends her voice to a new book. Today, I want to introduce you to Hating My New Boss by B.B. Hamel. It’s a fiery hot story of old wounds and second chances that you might want to listen to with headphones instead of your speakers…unless you have particularly relaxed neighbors.

Heat Level: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Audio Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Book Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Remi has fought tooth and nail to be the next in line to take over as the new Creative Director at an ad agency. But instead of moving into a new office, she gets a new boss, and he’s the last person she ever wanted to see. A war between two families forced her and her former best friend Justin apart and he poured salt in the wound on his way out of her life. Yet he got the job she wanted and her hate flows more freely than ever before.

Justin only got the job because his big shot dad put his two cents in, but being the boss is always fun, especially when you get to be in control of someone from your past. It’s no secret Remi despises him, but he strikes a deal to bring her to his side. And as they work together to woo a major client, it’ll take more than a raise and some creative control to get her to listen…especially when the line between business and pleasure becomes seriously blurred.

As always, Kelly has given life to a cast of varied characters without making them sound like cartoons. There’s the dippy client with her far out tone, Remi’s firm voice that often shows her hidden weakness, and Justine’s sultry baritone. As you listen, it’s very easy to stay on track with who is who without having to rewind. I think that’s what makes Kelly successful in her field. She toes the fine line between giving each character a distinct sound and making them each a caricature, and she does it beautifully.

And then there’s the thing where the last Kelly audiobook I listened to was a sweet, Christian romance that took place on a ranch. It’s wild how she can go from sweet to spicy without a hitch. That’s real talent.

Now, for the story. Okay, so Justin must have a magic cock. Demi is spitting venom, but the moment he whips it out, she loses all self worth and just gets down on her knees and lets him do whatever he wants. I’m all for BDSM relations, but this was on par with the Fifty Shades issues of trust and mutual respect. When the surprise “butt stuff” first happened, she hadn’t even forgiven him yet for how he once treated her.

Outside that, it was a great plot then went seamlessly from the big city to underground Hawaii without a beat. The history behind Justin and Remi’s relationship is deep and complicated. It couldn’t be washed away with just an apology and more than one conversation had to happen before the pair could even begin to settle thing between them. I liked Remi at once and wanted to kick Justin right out of that office. But when you get to know Justin, you’ll see that under the protective layer he’s been forced to take, he might just surprise you.

If you’re into audiobooks with enough steam to put a sauna to shame and some characters to really sink your teeth into, download your copy of Hating My New Boss now.


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