Love in the Air

Guess what readers…I’m back! It’s Sarah. I’ve been gone for awhile as work and moving took over my life. Now that things have calmed down, I’m back to help Kelsey find the best books to keep your interest. And today, I have just the one for you.

While I know Halloween and spooks are in the air but I want to talk about love instead. A little while ago, we talked about Love on the Sound. It’s a book about a woman moving to a small town. It’s a very Gilmore Girlesque place and book two is out and FREE. That’s right ladies, it’s free. Click HERE to check it out

love in the

Rating- 5/6 Glass Slippers

Heat Level- ♥♥♥♥

The book stars Nell and Adrian. Nell is a pilot, she wears leather, has short pixie hair, and prefers a one night stand to a romantic dinner. Of course, she does have one true love, or someone she thought was her one true love. While she loves the excitement of the mystery man, she’s begun to wonder what it might be like to sit across the breakfast table from a man, instead of sneaking out before the light of day. So she’s decided to talk to that true love and tell him exactly how she feels. But it doesn’t go well. And now, she needs a night of sin to forget the pain of the lose. However, she chose the worst possible partner…her love’s best friend.

Adrian is tall, dark, and handsome. He’s an artist who works on sculptures. In case you were wondering, that means he’s good with his hands. And he speaks Spanish. All I’m picturing is waking up in a fabulous studio apartment, looking across the room and seeing a shirtless and muscular man forming a work of art, before he makes love to you while whispering dirty, dirty things in your ear in Spanish.


Okay, we should get back to the book because scenes like that actually take place. Adrian looks at Nell and sees the person his best friend considers a sister. But he also sees legs he wants wrapped around his waist, pouted lips he’s eager to kiss, and enough sex appeal to power a small city…like Lopez Island.

Of course, she’s afraid of commitment, he knows he’s risking a friendship, and there’s this whole nothing stays secret in a small town thing threatening to ruin everything. So what do they do? Well, I know, read it to find out.

I fell in love with this town when I read the first book so I was very excited when Jamie Matthews contacted me about this review. What’s nice is she keeps you updated on the other characters, while not making the whole book about the side characters. I also enjoyed the difference in the main characters. The female lead from this book is completely different than book 1 which is something I am always nervous about when I read sequels. Nell is lovely, and I did enjoy her, but Adrian stole the show. He is sex on a stick, caliente, if you know what I mean. As someone who speaks Spanish, I enjoyed the bit of Spanish in there. It was pretty formal Spanish, so I did expect it to be more casual in the scenes where it was used. However, it still fit.

This is a hot book, with hot scenes, and hot characters. Prepare yourself. Maybe use a fan, some cold lemonade, a freezing shower…whatever you gotta do to get through the book. But when you do, you’ll enjoy it.


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