Zombie, Undead, Walker…

My horror favorite goes by many names and I get my fix however I can. When not reading and writing romance, I devour all things zombie (pun intended). So here are some of my favorite undead things for you to read and watch to really get you in the Halloween spirit.

World War Z

To be clear, I am not talking about the Brad Pitt movie that only had 2% of the book in it. To me, that doesn’t exist and I will deny that they are in any way related. I’m talking about the book by Max Brooks. Giving multiple testimonies from before, during, and after an outbreak, it’s sure to leave you a little uneasy.

I also suggest the audiobook version, which features voices from such stars as Martin Scorsese, Simon Pegg, and Mark Hamill. My top three stories are the Chinese Submarine Admiral, the British castle expert, and the hired gun to the rich and famous on the private island.

  • Get the book HERE
  • Download the Audiobook HERE

28 Days Later

This has been an old favorite for years. Really, it’s a fantastic movie that I must have seen dozens of times, but still can’t get sick of. They’re not your stumbling zombies, but Olympic-style infected that will jump you like a lion does a sick gazelle.

28 Weeks Later isn’t bad either, but nothing beats the original. Movie one really set the bar for the “rage” style zombies who hunt, sprint, and set traps for their prey.

The Fall Series by Stephen CrossSet in England, this series follows groups of people trying to survive an outbreak that turns people into mindless zombies. I wish more people knew about the series, because the characters are very relatable, not all ex-Navy Seals with and A+in survival. They’re normal people who have never been camping and will probably die, like me.

It’s easy to find a character in the varied cast that really resonates with you. As the series goes on, it’s easy to root for some while hope the others get what they deserve.

  • Pick up the series HERE

What We BecomeThis Danish horror movie encapsulates real people in a situation where families are torn apart, figuratively and literally. It’s not gory, not in the way other movies are, but follows a neighborhood through a quarantine where some want to stay put and listen to the authorities, and others who want to run before whatever is scratching at the boarded up windows gets in.

Watching the decline of civilization is an interesting thing, especially when it’s not a sudden break. There’s no wave of zombies decimating everything, it’s a slow burn of government restrictions and MREs.

At the time of this post, this movie is on Netflix US.

We’re AliveI’m new at the podcast thing, but I popped my cherry with We’re Alive, a well done production that reminded me of the radio shows our great-grandparents listened to. The cast is superb and they put in just enough back story to really get you to connect to the characters and worry over who will get bit.

But as in real life, the other survivors may end up being the real threat. Well, between disease, evolving zombies, lack of clean drinking water, and a mysterious ground zero.

Listen to it now for free on the Podcasts app.

Train to BusanThis subtitled movie is a new one, an undead romp that it’s far more emotional than some horror movies are. It follows a divorced business man who has a strained relationship with his only daughter. So when she begs him to take her to her mother’s house, his guilt makes him agree. But when the train slows and the hysterical phone calls begin, the passengers know that something has gone terribly wrong.

Fast paced and moving, this movie is one that belongs on your watch list. It left me wanting more and I hope they continue with another movie so we see what happens at the end of the line.

At the time of this post, this movie is on Netflix US.

The Deadlocked Series

This series by A.R. Wise is one to get lost in this fall. It begins with an ordinary family man trying to get home and ends with his daughters wrapping up the books. Told in multiple points of views, you get plenty of different versions of the same story of survival.

Upsetting and gory, this series ends nicely, wrapped up in a little bow. Nothing is left hanging and the story is satisfying in the way finished series ought to be.

At the time of this posting, the first book in this series it’s free on Amazon.

  • Download this series HERE

That’s it! The lucky seven zombie themed things that put me in the Halloween spirit. Is there something else you think belongs on this list? Let me know!


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