The Eggnog Chronicles

Who here celebrates Christmas? The lights, the fun, the food…for a lot of people it’s a great time to spend with family and friends. But for the three women in The Eggnog Chronicles by Carly Alexander, it’s a time to pray for a miracle.

Heat Level:♥♥♥♥

Genre: Holiday Romance

Overall Rating: 2/6 Glass Slippers

First we meet Jane, a professional woman with daddy issues and a medical problem that takes her high-powered life plans off the rail. While she fights to keep her cool and get well, a man enters her life that might just make her burdens a little easier to bear.

Ricki is a dreamer, waiting for the stars to align so her boyfriend Nate can finalize his divorce. She’s been waiting on him to make the final move so she could have her happily ever after with the man she loves. But as any daytime drama can tell the mistress, they never leave their wife, honey

Finally, Emma takes the stage with a new cohost…a baby in her belly. She didn’t mean to get knocked up during a one night stand behind her man’s back. I mean, she’s still a good person, right? She still deserves some holiday magic, right?

Okay, so let’s start with the positives. The book was very well written and had some really funny parts that added some comedy amidst the cheating woman and cancer diagnosis. But it just wasn’t for me. The idea of the collection with all three women was nice in theory, but it just ended up rushing the endings and leaving a lot of things up in the air with no clear finish.

Then I couldn’t get around Emma’s story. She was a straight up ho. Her man is a great guy and didn’t deserve her cheating on him by having unprotected sex with a guy thinking, “oh, I haven’t gotten pregnant yet! I so won’t this time! Lol.” Really, that’s how you end up with herpes, Emma. So story three was just straight up distasteful for me, and ruined my opinion of the other two women when they told Emma to lie to her man about the parentage of the baby, which was a shame. Maybe if they were three separate books that allowed you to actually like the women, I would have been able to rate it higher.


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