The Ultimate ‘Voyager’ Book Quiz

Droughtlander will end soon, so you know what that means! Time to prepare for season three! And what better way to do that than to brush up on your Voyager knowledge with a handy little quiz? Now, if you haven’t read Voyager, this WILL contain spoilers!!! So keep track of your answers and good luck!


Aaaaaaand begin!


1.What shocking thing did Fergus arrange for Ian to do in Edinburgh?

  • Lose his virginity to a prostitute
  • Kill a man who wronged Claire
  • Confess his love to the daughter of an English officer
  • Steal gold for his passage to the Caribbean


2.What did Geillis collect while living in Rose Hall and have displayed for her guests?

  • African fertility idols
  • Portraits of Scottish monarchs
  • African voodoo books
  • Maps of Scotland


3.What flower does Claire bring when she visits baby Faith’s grave?

  • A pink tulip
  • A white rose
  • A pink daffodils
  • A purple rose


4.What stone did Jamie swallow and later show to Lord John Grey?

  • A sapphire
  • A ruby
  • A diamond
  • An amethyst


5.Whose dress does Marsali borrow to get married in?

  • Claire’s
  • Arabella’s
  • Ermenegilda’s
  • Mamasita’s


6.What was Frank singing in the shower one morning when Claire was tending to baby Brianna?

  • God Save the Queen
  • I Vow to Thee, My Country
  • Rule, Britannia
  • Old Brigade


7.What animal does Jamie say in an ill omen during childbirth?

  • Ravens
  • Cats in the house
  • Crows
  • Snakes in the kitchen


8.What street did Claire and Brianna live on in Boston?

  • Furey Street
  • Lake Way
  • Calliday Lane
  • Ceder Street


9.What was the name of Mr. Willoughby’s trained bird?

  • Li Wei
  • Ping An
  • Wang Li
  • Min Ping


10.What gift did Jamie give Claire to replace her pearl necklace?

  • A black coral fish pendent
  • A ruby on a black satin ribbon
  • A set of pearl drop earrings
  • A golden swan necklace


11.What Wizard of Oz character did Claire say Jamie resembled?

  • The Wizard
  • The Tin Man
  • The Scarecrow
  • The Lion


12.What does Ishmael say Scotsman sound like when they talk?

  • River water beating against rocks
  • Fighting dogs
  • Drunk Englishmen
  • Loud jungle birds


13.Who helped carry Jamie off the field at Culloden?

  • Ewan Cameron and Iain MacKinnon
  • Lord Melton and a British soldier
  • Hammish MacGregor and John MacTavish
  • He doesn’t know because he is unconscious


14.What happened to Reverend Archibald Campbell’s sister Margaret Campbell in Jamaica?

  • She was raped and left for dead by the British
  • She died of Typhus she caught from Geillis’s slaves
  • She left with the slaves when Rose Hall burned
  • She was taken back to Scotland by her brother


15.How many Boutons has Mother Hildegarde owned in her lifetime?

  • One
  • Sixteen
  • Fifteen
  • Three


16What wild animal did Ishmael and some other men save Claire from near the end of the book?

  • A crocodile
  • A boar
  • A Boa Constrictor
  • A Poisonous Sea Urchin


17.What does Claire say kills lice?

  • Washing your hair in vinegar
  • A sprinkle of fresh ginger
  • Soaking your scalp in sea water
  • Dried sea bird dropping mixed with rum


18.What was Jared’s plantation home in Jamaica Called?

  • The Sugar Bay Estate
  • The Sunset House
  • Blue Mountain House
  • The Sugar Cane Inn


19.Who told Claire that Jamie had a son, Willie?

  • Lord John
  • Laoghaire
  • Mr. Willoughby
  • Captain Jacobs


20.What did Mrs. Abernathy take from Jamie when he and Claire met her the first time?

  • A lock of his hair
  • A Picture of Brianna
  • A bag of Jacobite gold
  • A strip of bloodied plaid

That’s it! The quiz is over and all answers are FINAL! So check your answers with the answer key below and see how well you know Voyager.


1.Lose his Virginity 2. Fertility Idols 3. Pink Tulip 4. Sapphire 5. Ermenegilda’s

6. Rule Britannia 7. Ravens 8. Furey 9. Ping An 10. Black Coral Fish

11. The Cowardly Lion 12. Fighting Dogs 13. Ewan Cameron and Iain MacKinnon 14. Left with the slaves 15. Sixteen

16. Crocodile 17. Vinegar 18. The Blue Mountain House 19. Lord John 20. A Picture of Brianna

0-5 Right Answers


Well…it might be time to read Voyager again before season 3 comes out! But don’t worry, taking another trip with Jamie and Claire is hardly a punishment.

6-13 Right Answers


Someone’s been keeping up with the books! You’re doing really well at the little details and Jamie would be verra proud.

14-20 Right Answers


Wow! Either you’ve recently read Voyager or your Diana herself! Wait…DG, is that you??

That’s all for this installment of Outlander Saturday. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quiz and remember you can take the rest of our quizzes and read the rest of our Outlandish articles HERE!

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