Top Jamie Fraser Moments

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought it would be a good time to talk about Jamie Fraser…Okay, it’s always time to talk about Jamie Fraser. But I think it’s safe to say we would all like him to be our “daddy.” Bad Joke? Anyway! Let’s have some fun and talk about the glory that is Jamie Fraser and his top moments according to me…

Let’s start with the beginning.

sam beginning

We didn’t know him very well yet, but I really like this scene for a number of reasons. Jamie just fought with a hurt shoulder and his ruggedness became obvious. He set himself as a strong and masculine man, taking his woman and suggesting he’d throw her over his shoulder. But the difference between this and other people (Black Jack) is that he doesn’t get forceful with her. He doesn’t know who she is, or anything else about her, and this was not exactly the most chivalrous time period, especially with the redcoats after you. He wraps his plaid around her on the horse because he doesn’t want her to get cold and I think it is safe to say we all started falling in love with him then…that and we all saw his knees.

virginjamie and wedding

Jamie Fraser was a virgin. When was the last time you read or watched a virgin male character with this much sex appeal? The beautiful thing about Jamie Fraser is that he knows what he is doing. Who else was excited about the wedding night scene? But again, he isn’t a brute about it. Jamie is gentle with her, he goes slow, and he then rocks her world…well, then he gets her food. I like his priorities: sex and food.

jamie sex

How could we not include this moment? I love the passion between the two of them. After all, in Scotland, there isn’t exactly a motel or public bathroom on every corner. What’s a girl to do when your man has needs and that man is Jamie Fraser? Yes, we’re just looking at this moment because obviously, it is rudely interrupted, but let’s just pretend what happens next doesn’t happen.


Oh man! It does not get much better than your stallion of a husband rushing to save you from the crazy man. But we need to get into more detail to talk about why this scene is so amazing. He scaled a wall…but the gun isn’t loaded. Why does he do this? He’s a little crazy and a lot in love. In case your heart wasn’t beating fast enough for this man, just imagine how you’d thank him for such an act.


How could we talk about Jamie’s moments and not talk about the mill. Let’s appreciate a man who can get a little dirty and fix things when you need him to. This is a skill that excites me about all men. But then let’s add that he’s naked and hiding. The excitement is crazy and I know I wasn’t the only one panting a little bit. I’m just going to pretend the water isn’t cold.


I think it is pretty sage to say that this lady is one of the most hated in television/literature (I’d put her up there with Dolores Umbridge). But our feelings about her aside, this scene is so vital to the entire series, the entire story, everything. It shows his loyalty to Claire, his respect for her, and his amazing restraint. He turns her down! No one would know. No one is even around. But Jamie Fraser turns down easy and sexy for commitment and love.

red dress.jpg

I love the way that Jamie reacts to Claire in the red dress. He turns into the jealous beast and I kinda like it. We would all be lying if we didn’t appreciate it when our man get’s a little jealous. It makes us feel appreciated, beautiful and loved. But the important thing here is that he doesn’t force her upstairs to change, he doesn’t get upset when she insists this is the style. He could have thrown a fit or done anything else but this is one moment where Jamie shows how amazing he is. He lets his wild woman be who she is and appreciates her for it.


So let’s break out of the Claire and Jamie thing for a moment. His relationship with Fergus is such a nice one to watch and I decided to break my own rules and talk about them together as a whole. Yes, it’s true they aren’t technically related, but look at those matching curls! It got to the point where Jamie would have done anything for that kid and he would have done anything for Jamie. I loved watching their dynamic because Jamie owed him nothing and Fergus didn’t have to listen, but they formed a bond that started with respect and grew into love. If this doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.


Jamie took Claire back to the rocks when he realized she was pregnant and when he thought he was going to die. This is both amazing and heart wrenching. I cannot believe he was able to keep track of her “cycle.” I can’t even keep track of my own and they have apps for that. He cares so much about her and the baby that he is going to give them up. At the same time, he is fighting for what he believes in, his people, and his land.

Finally, the best Jamie moment will be when he comes back in September. It’s been a long droughtlander and we still have a lot of time left. So, let’s keep the party going. What are your favorite Jamie moments? Obviously I could not include them all.



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2 thoughts on “Top Jamie Fraser Moments

  1. FranL says:

    I know a lot of Outlander fans hated that scene with Laoghaire because they didn’t like that he was even tempted. Personally I have no problem with that. It shows he’s human, even the most devoted men can be tempted. What matters is how he deals with the temptation.

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