Survivor: Outlander Edition

We all want to go back to find a Jamie Fraser of our own, but who would actually survive back in time? Take our little quiz to see if you have what it takes to live it up in the 1700s. Keep track of your answers!

BTW this is a spoiler-free post, so enjoy!


1. You know you’re going back in time and can take one bag with you. What’s inside?

  1. Water filtration tablets, a GPS, a change of underwear, the Outlander series, old coins, and a book of medicinal herbs
  2. A small notebook containing history facts, a spare petticoat, penicillin and syringes, photos from home, tampons, and deodorant.
  3. Hand sanitizer, maps from that era, a taser, a travel dictionary with phrases in other languages, a list of people you suspect to be time travelers, and your favorite candy.


2. You meet a dashing Scot on horseback as soon as you go through the stones. He reaches out to you and says he will take you to safety. What do you do?

  1. Hop aboard! A gal’s gotta have friends when she travels and he’s got a great set of legs!
  2. Interrogate him and demand he tell you where he’s taking you.
  3. Run away! He could be a murderer!


3. When you find a village to stay for a while, the local healer takes you under her wing. You hear whispers in the village that she’s a witch. What do you do?

  1. Ignore them. You’re learning a lot about how to survive and help people from your new friend!
  2. Cut off contact with her and stop by the local church, just so people see you praising the Lord.
  3. Warn her about the rumors then slowly distance yourself.


4. You meet a stranger who referenced the California Gold Rush and washes their hands before every meal. You think they might be a time traveler like you. What do you do?

  1. Immediately corner them and begin asking asking where they’re from, what time they left, and if they had to murder anyone to make time travel work.
  2. Make subtle references to gauge their reaction and go from there. Don’t want to rush into things.
  3. Say nothing. If they want to talk about time travel, they’ll come to you.


5. You get invited to the French court and meet the mistress of a powerful man who asks you to come to tea the next day. What do you do?

  1. Not go. She’s bad news and you can’t go mixing with her. It’s better to keep a low profile.
  2. Accept her invitation, but be polite and cautious. Just because she’s attached to a top dog doesn’t make her a safe friend.
  3. Go and bring gifts! She’s a popular lady and there’s no reason why you can’t hang out.


6. Something goes wrong in France and you need to get back to Scotland ASAP. There are three people who offer to escort you there. Who do you choose?

  1. The mistress! She’d have you traveling in style the whole way.
  2. The dashing man you met on your first day in the past. He’s not a murderer after all!
  3. Your healer friend. She’s on the run too and she knows how to hide.


7. When you get back in the country, old contacts give you a plot of land and a little cabin by the woods. But it needs a lot of work. Are you up for the task of farming and building?

  1. You’ll just hire some random man from the village to do all the work with some of the money you hid while returning to Scotland.
  2. Luckily, you know how to do all that stuff. Raising chickens and chopping wood is basically second nature.
  3. You don’t know how to rough it, so you try to make some friends in the village. Maybe some of them will teach you how to garden and make candles.


8. Trouble keeps finding you, as do British soldiers! Word gets out that you bathe regularly, heal the sick, used to hang out with a witch, and seemed to show up out of nowhere. The only way out of this mess is to play housewife for a bit by marrying. Who’s the lucky groom?

  1. A handsome hooded stranger who caught your eye in the local tavern.
  2. A local blacksmith who has a nice house and some respect around town since he regularly volunteers at the church.
  3. The laird of the land. If he can’t keep you safe, who can?


9. The daughter of your neighbor is ill. You recognize this as a common illness and know exactly how to fix it. But you also know that if you’re seen mixing a potion, you’ll be burned at the stake, since people are already suspicious of you. What do you do?

  1. Take a chance any brew it up. You’ll sacrifice yourself for the child.
  2. Mention what you think might cure her to your neighbor’s family. It’s up to them, now.
  3. Nothing. Child mortality rates were high back then anyway!


10. War is coming and your husband is off to fight with little chance to survive. What are you going to do?

  1. Pick up arms and fight by his side! Sure, you’ve never held a broadsword, but how hard can it be?
  2. Go back to the future. You dying won’t help anything.
  3. Hang out in the village near some stones and wait for news before making a decision.

All done! Let’s see how you did…

Mostly 1s


Nope, you’re not gonna make it! It may be dysentery, you might get burned for witchcraft, or you might end up being killed in a battle you accidentally stumbled upon. No matter what, you’d be a goner.

Mostly 2s


You will survive! You were made to live in the past, since you have book smarts, street smarts, and the good sense to be fully vaccinated before you hop through the stones.

Mostly 3s


There’s a chance for your survival! It’ll be tough, you’ll have some lean times, and a hot Scottish man might not come to your rescue, but you’ve still got a shot at life…once you get over the starvation, disease, and poverty. But don’t worry, you can always go back to the future!


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