My Dirty Vacation

She’s done it again, my fav romantic comedy author is back with a new book, and not just a new book, but book two of her Dirty Detour series. Yes, Grace Risata has just released My Dirty Vacation, a hilarious and steamy action adventure.


Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Adventurous Romantic Comedy

When we see Violet and Rocky again, they’ve been together for a bit and still as hot for each other as ever. But business in the honest brewery business isn’t as lucrative as being a mob enforcer, but lucky for Rocky, Violet is a down to earth girl that doesn’t ask for much, just large amounts of hand sanitizer, some kinky business in the bedroom, and lets her spaz out every so often. But like every relationship, there’s got to be some action to keep things fresh…and holy hell is there some action in here.


When Dmitry tells Violet he wants to go to Las Vegas to buy…wait for it…a Samurai sword…he knows getting Rocky to come along isn’t going to easy, since Rocky’s been so swamped at the brewery. But Violet has our fav hottie wrapped around her finger and before they know it, they’re on their way to their first vacation in quite some time and Violet has a nice stack of lists to keep them busy while they’re there. However, not even organized Violet can prepare for what comes next…


Now, I don’t want to give too much away, but we see some old faces, meet some new friends, clash with some enemies and there’s even a pregnancy! There’s so much action shoved into this amazing book, it’s hard to put down. What will happen when Violet wants to try something a little new? (Wink wink). What about when she faces her the life she could have had? Why is Irina banned from Casinos? And what’s going to happen next? Grab a copy of My Dirty Vacation now HERE to fine out.



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