Hot Scot!


It’s no secret that Jamie Fraser (and Sam Heughan) hold a special place in our hearts as the hottest of hot when it comes to tall drinks of Scottish whiskey. But outside of our imaginations, the books, and the reruns, we must live without Jamie until September at least! But what of other famous hot Scots that have graced our presence with their kilted glory?

Gerard Butler

This 47 year old hard body is one we all know and love. Irish by stock and Scottish by birth, Gerard began his career almost on accident after being fired by the law firm he worked for, one week before qualifying as a lawyer. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew he would be famous. By the time he was 27, he got his first acting gig on stage. By 30, he was headlining some rather well known movies and become a household name. Now he’s headlining in our hearts and spending his time working alongside charities and looking for a Scottish castle to call his own.

John Barrowman

Glasgow born John is a jack of all trades, having his hand in music, theater, tv, movies, and writing. And alongside husband Scott, he advocates for gay rights in the US and the UK. Handsome, talented, and a philanthropist. Swoon! Personally, I’m waiting for him to make another appearance on Broadway, as he’s a mega magical theatrical actor, but he’s been sticking to the UK stages as of late. I’ll get ya one day, John!

Ewan McGregor

Now here’s a piece of hot haggis! You may recognize Ewan from Star Wars and Trainspotting, or maybe one of his theatrical projects. Either way, he’s a hard one to miss, especially when he’s in a kilt. Word on the street is that he’s even set to play Christopher Robin in a live action version of Winnie the Pooh. Now I normally wouldn’t be one to go wait in line to see that, but with an actor like Ewan McGregor, who wouldn’t want to take a trip to the Hundred Acre Woods?

David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor has wanted to be an actor for years, even at age three while watching Doctor Who he made his wishes known. How adorable was it that he loved The Doctor and ended up joining the team? His Scottish roots go deep and he claims heritage with the MacDonalds and the McLeods. And his Scottish accent is so velvety, he’s also a regular radio performer and voice actor. Just imagine him talking to you alllll day.

Calvin Harris

With a personal fortune of $105 million dollars and such famous exs as Rita Ora and Taylor Swift, it’s obvious that Calvin is a hot commodity. But he’s more that just an Armani underwear model and music producer, he also supports such noble causes as World AIDs Day and regularly preforms to benefit children’s hospitals and children displaced by war. He’s got my vote as Hot Scot of the year!

Richard Madden

Dear Richard, the north remembers your valiant fight against those who wished to rid Winterfell of the Stark King in the North. But you live on in your awesome glamour shots and recent starring role as Cinderella, a movie where you get to play a royal who isn’t murdered in cold blood. But, for real, he’s been named as being a mega hot, mega fashionable, and mega awesome actor by several news agencies, and who am I to disagree? Did I mention Cinderella is Sarah’s favorite story?

James McAvoy

Did you know that James was sooo close to becoming a Catholic priest? It’s true. While that’s noble and amazing, we would have missed him in such awesome things as X-Men, Shameless, Band of Brothers, and Atonement. Between those baby blues, his ability to act his way into your heart, and his interest in charity, he’s a total catch. Did I mention he’s single?

Gordon Ramsay

Yeah, he’s not drop dead gorgeous, but if he didn’t make the list, I’m afraid he’d come to my house next time I prepared dinner and make me cry due to my solidly average cooking.


Still not enough hot Scot action? Then here’s some more tartan eye candy for you.

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