Severus Snape: Good or Evil

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape… There seems to be a constant debate among the Potterheads as to whether Snape is good or evil. As the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts just passed, and JK Rowling just posted a new apology, I figured it was time to talk about this.

Now, I’m going to preface this by saying I have read the books so many times I can’t count and have watched the movies (to include the ABC Family ones with the deleted scenes) in excess.

Why I think Snape Was A Hero?


1. I’m going back for this one. When Snape found out about Voldemort’s plan to kill Harry, he didn’t say hide Lily. He said hide all of them. Why? Because he knew Lily wouldn’t be happy without her family. It would have been so easy just to say save Lily. Frankly, it would probably have been better for him. If James were out of the picture, then he would be the obvious shoulder to cry on and we all know he’s ALWAYS loved her.


2. He didn’t know about Dumbledore’s plan for Harry yet he still tried to save him during Philosopher’s Stone during the Quidditch match. Where were the other teachers? Where was Madam Hooch? Hell, where was Dumbledore? Snape is the one who tried to keep him alive. That’s right. He was trying to save the kid he hated. Why? Does it matter? He was doing the right thing.


3. He provided the means to get things done but still gave his students the opportunity to learn. What more can a teacher do? He let Malfoy try to kill Dumbledore before attempting to help. He knew about the plan, he knew Malfoy was going to have a hard time with it. But there he was. Risking his life to try and make sure Malfoy was safe. Snape didn’t give the trio the sword but led them to it. Okay, so this is up for debate. Harry almost died trying to get the sword. But it was also the reason Harry stepped out of their protected zone which brought Harry and Ron back together. And he (though for a vindictive purpose) didn’t tell the kids Lupin was a werewolf, but gave them (Hermione) the tools to figure it out.


4. Though, he was said to be a creeper, I think he was actually a protector. He actually really cared about people. Snape didn’t want to kill Dumbledore, he pushed the trio behind him when Lupin turned into a Werewolf after Harry jinxed Snape. He had every chance to run (like Lockhart). Instead, he put his life on the line for the children. And let’s not forget what would happen to Snape if he were bit. In this case, dying wouldn’t be the worst thing. Snape also sent the Order of the Phoenix to help Harry and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army. Not only that, he didn’t tell Umbridge what was going on. He could have easily told her about the Order and what they were up to. He could have done a lot of things. Instead, he saved the day…again.


5. He truly left the world of the Death Eaters. One of the most recognized ways to be a villain is to be a member of a super violent and evil group…like the Death Eaters. Snape could have easily fallen back in with his group. Snape knew Quirrell was up to no good and he even tried to get past Fluffy to stop him from stealing the stone. Snape could have helped and brought his old master back to life but he didn’t. Later, Voldemort believed Snape was a double agent and accepted him back. But in the end, Snape took out the Carrows instead of going after McGonnegal. Then he left. He didn’t fight with Voldemort. It would have been easy for him to do. Instead, he stayed out of it and then gave Harry the details he needed to end the fight. His last dying breaths were to help the one guy with the potential to kill Voldemort.

death eater

With Snape, I tend to look at him like he were the Dark Knight. He is the hero Hogwarts didn’t want, but the one they needed at the time. JK Rowling has said that he characters are not black and white. All of her characters have some grey in them. With Snape, we like to think he is 50 Shades of Grey.


What do you all think of Snape? My blogmate, Kelsey, thinks he’s a creeper extraordinaire and the ultimate jerk. What about you? Which side are you on?

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