Never Have I Ever- Vanderpump Rules Style


I think it’s safe to say that the cast likes to have fun. But how do you compare to them? Obviously we aren’t able to have a giant sleepover with the cast and play Never Have I Ever, so let’s do it here. If you don’t know the rules, here we go. Even though it says Never Have I Ever, that actually means you’ve done it. So if you have done one of the things on the list, then you get one point. And remember, even Jax comes clean eventually, so be honest!

1. Never Have I Ever stolen anything worth over $50.


2. Never Have I Ever called out of work for a vacation (No matter how I paid for the trip)

lala italy

3. Never Have I Ever cheated on more than one significant other


4. Never Have I Ever gotten a perm

tom perm

5. Never Have I Ever gotten plastic surgery

jax plastic

6. Never Have I Ever slapped a friend


7. Never Have I Ever posed naked with another person


8.Never Have I Ever moved across the country for a relationship

brittany moved

9. Never Have I Ever gone swimming topless…or naked


10. Never Have I Ever drank while at work

drinking at work

11. Never Have I Ever been the other woman

12. Never Have I Ever reformed a bad boy

brittany and jax

13. Never Have I Ever rage texted after drinking too much tequila


14. Never Have I Ever been kicked out of a club

james club

15. Never Have I Ever shared my ex-hook up’s penis with an entire room of people


So how did you do?

11- 15 points

You’re a crazy one! You could definitely party with the group but be careful you just may end up the star of a twitter scandal. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you too harshly.

lala click

6-10 points

You like to have a good time but you don’t quite take it to extremes. While you probably didn’t come up with the plan, there’s a chance you may join in the fun if it doesn’t mean jail time.


1-5 points

You’re the voice of reason…even when your friends don’t want to listen. In fact, you’re usually the photographer in the group. You stand by and just enjoy the show your crazy friends are putting on.

cell phone

About the Author- Sarah Fischer is a romance author who loves talking about reality tv. She watches it when she writes and frequently uses it for inspiration. Her book, First Semester, is out now and it tells the story of Violet as she learns about love, lust, friendship, and the dangers of all thee of them.

First Semester can be purchased in paperback or ebook. Click Here


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