Vanderpump Rules Quiz-

We all love Vanderpump rules, but how well do you know the cast? Keep track of your answers and let us know how you did. Keep track of your answers, as the correct ones are listed on the bottom of this post!

1. Scheana Shay has a tattoo on her arm. What does it say?

A. “It’s All Happening”

B. “Everything’s Happening”

C. “Make it Happen”

D. “Let it Happen”


2. Stassi has a bachelor’s degree. What’s it in?

A. Psychology

B. Communications

C. English Writing

D. Fashion Merchandising


3. Schwartz has a hobby! What is is?

A. He runs

B. He bar hops (in this group, it’s a hobby)

C. He’s into photography

D. He plays poker


4. Which of these facts is not true about Tom Sandoval?

A. He interned at a fashion magazine before becoming a model

B. He wears make-up (other than on drag night)

C. Jax introduced him to cocaine but he didn’t like it

D. He and James are actually friends outside the show?


5. Jax Taylor has done some pretty crazy things, but he also served in the military. Which branch?

A. Navy

B. Army

C. Marines

D. Air Force


6. Kristen will drink just about anything you put in a glass but what won’t she eat?

A. Onions

B. Meat

C. Peanut Butter

D. Vegetables


7. Bubba has this beauty blog called Pucker and Pout. She has specific tastes when it comes to beauty routines and products. Do you know what it is?

A. She will only use Mac lip stick

B. She makes her own shaving cream

C. She washes her hair everyday

D. She wears a face mask once a week


8. Lala Kent actually had a married boyfriend… Okay, that can’t be a question because we don’t actually know the answer to it. I’ll give you another one. Early in the show, she stated she was going to Italy to model, who called her out because that isn’t how modeling works?

A. Schwartz

B. Tom

C. Bubba

D. Kristen


9. Now, how about the white Kayne West? Where did he live after he left London?

A. Los Angeles

B. Ireland

C. Spain

D. Australia


10. Ariana and Brittany have something in common. Which of these is it?

A. They both have had a horse

B. They both have one sibling

C. They were both cheerleaders

D. They both worked at hooters


11. Peter is the co-owner of something…What is it?

A. A small production company

B. A hair care product

C. A clothing line

D. A modeling agency


12. So let’s talk about Carter! What does he actually do since he doesn’t work at Sur?

A. He’s a model

B. He does the website work for Kristen’s t-shirt line

C. He shoots marketing campaigns for movies and tv shows

D. He works in business


13. Lisa Vanderpump is my idol in life. I think she is basically amazing. So amazing, Ken realized it straight away. How long did they know each other before they were married?

A. One Year

B. Six Months

C. Six Weeks

D. One Month


14. Everyone says that one of the only ways to get hired is that you have to…?

A. You have to have at least five years of experience

B. You have to know someone

C. You have to have worked in one of Lisa’s other restaurant

D. You have to have modeling experience


15. In one of the episodes, Lisa got to the restaurant in a very different manner. How did she do it?

A. She rode in on a horse

B. She came in a limo

C. Ken drove her in a new Lamborghini

D. She came in her new hot pink Mercedes



Tally your results with the correct answers below. Each right answer gets you 1 point.

  1. A
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. A
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. C
  10. A
  11. B
  12. C
  13. C
  14. C
  15. A



jax 2



11- 15


How did you do? What was your favorite part of this season? I really liked Ariana’s trip to Sonoma.

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Thanks! I can’t wait to talk about the reunion with you all.






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