Outlandish Mixology

Are you gearing up for a Voyager party in September? A special viewing with you and your fellow Sassenachs? I know Season three of Outlander is a few months away, but planning a good party takes time! Maybe you just want to have a party to rewatch season 2? Either way, let’s take a look at some super easy drinks to spice up your party!

The Voyager


Get your guests in the mood with a Voyager inspired cocktail that mimics the deep blue of the sea. For this, all you need is cranberry juice, a lime, vodka, and blue curacao.

  • Directions:
    • In shaker (or two well fitting glasses) full of ice, pour in 1/4 cup of cranberry juice
    • Add 1 ounce of vodka
    • Then add 1 ounce of the blue curacao and a squeeze of lime
    • Give it a few shakes and pour into a glass

Claire’s Concoction


This is one Sarah thought of this one, which she says is a great representation of Claire: pretty, but packs a punch! It combines vodka (a great sterilizer), champagne (a French staple), and some natural garnishes. All you need is Raspberry Vodka, Champagne, one lime, and a few fresh berries.

  • Directions:
    • Fill a champagne flute halfway
    • Add a splash of vodka
    • Squeeze a small dash of lime into the glass
    • Finish off with a few of your berries for taste and looks

Seumas Ruadh (Red Jamie)


Here’s a drink that’s tall, red, and fills you with warmth…just like you’d want Jamie to do! It’s also super simple to put together, making it an easy fix for when you’re on the run from Redcoats. All you need is Aperol, any kind of rye whiskey, club soda, and ice. You can also garnish with fruit if you like, but it’s not necessary.

  • Directions:
    • Fill a glass with ice
    • Pour in 1 and 1/2 ounces of the Aperol
    • Pour in 1 and 1/2 ounces of your whiskey
    • Add in a splash of the club soda to tie it all together

Black Jack’s Whip


This one’s not for the faint of heart, much like Black Jack’s whip. It seems unassuming, but packs quite a bite. For this sharp beverage, you need Yukon Jack honey whiskey and some lime juice, or a straight up lime. BTW, this combo is super strong, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself, and your guests, into!

  • Directions:
    • Fill a small glass with the whiskey
    • Add a splash of lime juice, or squeeze in a liberal amount of fresh lime
    • Take a sip like a champ

The Emerald Eye


We all recall the vivid green of Geillis Duncan’s eyes. It’s a trait she’s passed on through the ages and Claire can recall as soon as her name is mentioned. Why not pay homage to the woman we all love to hate with this little mixture made of champagne, sour apple schnapps, triple sec, and vanilla vodka? BTW this recipe serves 4!

  • Directions:
    • In a shaker with ice, pour 2 ounces of schnapps
    • Add 1 ounce of vanilla vodka
    • Pour in 3/4 ounces of triple sec
    • In your glasses, fill them about 3/4 the way with the champagne
    • Finally, pour the green mixture evenly into your 4 glasses of champagne and enjoy!

Black Jack’s Embrace


Here’s another Black Jack beverage to send chills down your spine. It’s not as strong as the other, as it’s more of a lavender martini, which you know is Jonathan Randall’s signature scent. For this, you’ll need a shaker (or two well fitting cups would do), ice, lavender syrup, vanilla vodka, and a sprig of fresh lavender or mint to spruce up your glass.

  • Directions:
    • Fill your shaker with ice
    • Add about 1 and 1/2 ounces of the vodka to the shaker
    • Then you pour in about 1/4 ounce of the lavender syrup, but you might want more to taste
    • Shake like there’s no tomorrow and pout into a martini glass. You can strain the ice, or not, and add your little garnish

The Bee’s Secret


This is a sweet little beverage that will have you pining for the next book in the Outlander series. The white rum, honey, and milk mixture might sound strange, but it’s the perfect sipping beverage. You can also add a sprinkling of chocolate on top for an extra sweet treat.

  • Directions:
    • Fill a shaker with ice
    • Add 2 ounces of white rum
    • Pour in 1teaspoon of milk
    • And add 1 teaspoon of honey
    • Shake it up and pour it into a glass! You can choose to strain the ice, or not, and add your shaved chocolate if you wish.

La Dame Blanche


This unassuming little drink looks innocent, but is much stronger than it appears. All you need for this simple potion is vodka, lemon juice, sugar, and lemongrass syrup.

  • Directions:
    • Ready a small dish with granulated sugar and rim your cup with lemon juice to make it sticky before dipping the rim in the sugar (like the picture above)
    • In a separate glass, combine 1 and 1/2 ounces of vodka, 1/4 ounce lemongrass syrup, and 1/3 ounce lemon juice (or more to taste), and stir
    • Gently pour the concoction in your rimmed glass and enjoy! BTW, I suggest adding a few ice cubes to your rimmed glass to keep things nice and cold.

Murtagh’s Mix


As we know, Murtagh’s grandmother was Irish. Add in the fact that Murtagh’s constant presence was like a warm embrace from an old friend, let’s take a little twist on the classic Irish coffee as an ode to Murtagh. For this, you just need fresh coffee, whipped cream, nutmeg, some Scottish whiskey, cream (flavored if you’d like), white sugar, and brown sugar.

  • Directions:
    • Brew some dark roasted coffee of your choice
    • In a tall glass, pour in one ounce of whiskey
    • Add a tablespoon of white sugar
    • Add a teaspoon of brown sugar
    • When coffee is brewed, pour it into the glass
    • Add a measure of cream to taste
    • Top with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg and brown sugar

A Furgus Refresher


This sweet and tart non-alcoholic drink is perfect for your underage guests. It’s cute, simple, and always a fan favorite. For this, you’re going to have to add grapefruit juice, lemon juice, limes, and Sprite (or other lemon/lime soda) to your shopping list. BTW, this recipe serves 4!

  • Directions:
    • In a pitcher of ice add 1 and 1/2 cups of grapefruit juice
    • Add 1/4 cup of lemon juice and a dash of lime
    • Gently pour in 4 cups of Sprite
    • Carefully stir and serve in fancy mocktail glasses. I think adding in a stick of rock candy would also be a fabulous garnish!

 The French King’s Kiss


Who can forget how King Louis offered Claire a lovely orange when she went to beg for Jamie’s life? And, even more, how quickly the whole ordeal was over? Let’s nod to that with an orange shot! You’ll need orange juice, Triple Sec, and vodka.

  • Directions:
    • Add 1ouce of OJ, Triple Sec, and vodka into a shaker
    • Give it three firm shakes
    • Pour into a shot glass and enjoy…very quickly and before it’s over

Master Raymond’s Poison


Nothing says “Master Raymond” quite like poisoning someone. Not saying you should kill anyone at your party (this isn’t a Game of Thrones wedding!), but adding a creepy drink for them to savor might just a nice touch. This simple recipe calls for black vodka and rosemary-lemon syrup (although you can choose any flavor you want).

  • Directions:
    • In a shaker full of ice, pour 4 ounces of vodka
    • Add  2 ounces of syrup
    • Shake the hell out of it and pour into a glass of your choice

That’s it for this week! Click HERE to read all our past Outlander posts!

BTW Sarah and I both have books out now, so if you like our posts, you’ll probably love our books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.



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