Queen of Emeralds and First Semester: Info Session

It’s almost time! On March 25th, Queen of Emeralds, book one in The Scottish Stone Series, and First Semester, book one in the Elton Hall Chronicles Series will both be available for preorder!

So to help interest you, here’s everything available for you to peruse. Who knows? This could be your spring time read!

Let’s start with the official book trailers…



Alright, you know what the books are about, it’s time to meet the characters.


Charlotte Holloway is the lovely star of Kelsey’s book. She is a bit on the wild side with a heart of gold, and an innocence that makes men want to corrupt her.

Click HERE to read more about Charlotte.



Violet is a spunky 19 year old freshman looking to make her mark on Elton Hall University. She’s had experiences with boys before…but she’s ready for a real man.

Click HERE to learn more about Violet


How about the men?


Connor MacLeod has a reputation to protect. He’s a womanizer with golden locks, muscles, and a way with his sword.

Click HERE to read about Conner.



David Berneli is intense, British, and wants nothing more than to spend all night lost in discussions about great literature…well, maybe not all night

Click HERE to read more about David


Do you want more yet?


For an exciting excerpt from Queen of Emeralds, click HERE. You’ll get a glimpse into the relationship between two breathtaking leading characters



For an exciting excerpt from First Semester, click HERE. It’s a sneak peek at the arousing relationship burning through Elton Hall.

Let’s take a look at some exclusive teasers…

So if you’d like some Scottish romance with your early morning cup of tea…


Then please feel free to email me directly at


and I will add you to my exclusive preorder list!



Take a quick break from work, school, or responsibilities and remember why you love to read…


If you’re interested, send me an email at


to be added to my preorder list.

FFFB (1)

Both of us will pick two winners from each list. Each winners will receive a signed copy of each book.




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