Fame and Secrets

This little novel is book two in the Lords of Lyre series, titled Fame and Secrets. Since Sarah got to review book one, Fame and Obsession,  I called dibs on book two, since I wanted to see if it was just as steamy as the first.


Heat level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Our girl Phoebe is seven months pregnant when we see her next. Yes, she’s in the family way with rocker hottie Julian’s baby. They’re moving into their new home in LA, and all seems to be coming up roses for the pair. But, obviously, this book isn’t about Phoebe getting fancy prenatal massages while her baby daddy serenades her. The dangers that threatened Phoebe in her home town have followed her to her new life.

Meanwhile, Julian is struggling. He’s supposed to be a dutiful fiance, an involved father, and an international rockstar. But he’s missing out on Phoebe’s pregnancy and finding it hard to concentrate on his music. The more he tries to keep it all together, the harder it is for him to get it all done…especially when Phoebe begins keeping things from him.


The lies, shadowed figures, and constant pressure of the media, complicate their lives. There are always people trying to rip them apart and when an innocent child is thrown into the mix, Phoebe and Julian soon find out that someone wants to ruin their lives, by any means necessary.

Wow. This was a roller coaster, a really fun roller coaster. The one thing I didn’t love was the slow beginning where fighting about pizza wasn’t doing it for me. But once the real action started, I was all about Phoebe and Julian and their baby, but not in the family friendly way. You really never know where the story’s going, something Cora Kenborn did really well. So check out this series when you’re looking to fill up your kindle! It’s one wild ride.



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