Heartbreak Holiday

So, you’ve gotten in a massive car accident, your engagement to your long time boyfriend is over, and you’ve had a huge fight with your best friend…what do you do? Naturally, you go on holiday. Heartbreak Holiday, by C J Laurence, follows Sophie as she heads to the United States for some much needed relaxation at a horse farm.



Heat: ♥♥♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 4/6 Glass Sippers

Sophie’s world has fallen apart and she isn’t sure how to move on. All she knows is that it’s time to connect with the love of her life from long ago, horses. Her ex-fiance wasn’t a big fan of how much time and energy she put into her old horses and she started to repress that part of her. Now that he’s history, it’s time she make up for lost time. There’s just one problem, one of the cowboys at the ranch she’s visiting is a jerk.

But not just any kind of jerk, a big jerk. He has muscles you can only get by working on a farm, a thick southern accent, and an attitude problem. He underestimates Sophie’s riding abilities and actually, he’s riding her in about every way possible except the one she really wants. She convinces herself that she is imagining the sexual tension and he isn’t interested in her. After all, she’s broken. But worse than that, he ex is still on her mind, and on her phone.

Brady cannot stand the sight of Sophie. She’s beautiful, sexy, and watching her ride a horse makes him harder than a tree down in the holler. But she’s only here for four weeks. Her holiday will soon be over and he’ll be left to pick up the pieces of his own broken life.


Horses are supposed to have the power to heal but so does true love? Will they heal each other, or cause a bigger hole when she leaves Brady and returns home?

I have only been on a horse once and it was at a family friend’s farm for about five minutes in a small circle. You’re super high off the ground and I’m not the biggest fan of feeling out of control. However, I envy people who know what they’re doing and I’ve seen the connection some people have with their horses. As a result, I loved the idea of a woman seeking refuge at a horse farm. However, it also means I don’t know if the horse stuff is accurate…but it sounded good to me!

I liked Sophie a lot. She wasn’t a weak heroine who needed saving from a big strong man. She was a tough cookie all on her own. I won’t go into too much detail about why she turned out to be such a lovely character because it will involve spoilers but you can take my word for it. She didn’t spend her time whining or complaining and actually tried to take the time to heal herself.

Brady, Brady, Brady. Who doesn’t love a strong and sexy cowboy? There’s just something about flannel, thick thighs, and an accent that make a girl weak at the knees. I know it’s not just me, right? There were a few times when Brady said some British phrases , like when he used the word bloody instead of crap or something more American, though. That did take me out of the moment and I was temporarily thrown off. However, It was such a good story that I was able to be pulled back in.

My horse lovers, animal lovers, or romance lovers out there, I think you’ll enjoy this little holiday from whatever troubles you’re currently dealing with. Head over to the horse ranch and remember to save a horse, ride a cowboy!





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