The Sorting Hat Goes to Scotland

Sarah and I aren’t just raving Sassenachs, we’re also “Potterheads”, as we grew up with Harry Potter and waited for our Hogwarts letters that never came. Sarah’s a Ravenclaw, as evident by her crazy work ethic and logical way of thought that she uses in her daily life. I mean, I’m an adult, but Sarah’s the adult I go to when I need an adult, if you catch my drift? Anyway, I’m a Slytherin because I look awesome in green and calculate my options before deciding what will best benefit myself and those I care about. So, we wondered what houses our favorite Outlander characters would belong in…

Geillis Duncan-Slythin

Is there anyone else who seems like more of a Slythin than Geillis? She loves potions, uses others for her own personal gain, and her eerie green eyes are certainly the Slytherin hue!


Bree Randall-Hufflepuff

“A Hufflepuff?” you may ask. “But Bree is so smart! Surely a Ravenclaw? Or A noble Gryffindor?” Nah, she’s a Hufflepuff. She’s loyal to those she loves, and will defend them fiercely…I mean look at how angry she was with her own mother when she found out her bio father wasn’t Frank. Also, if given a choice, she would probably pick whatever house Claire wasn’t in.


Roger Wakefield-Ravenclaw

Is there any doubt that Roger is a Ravenclaw? He’s intelligent, educated, and his musical prowess shows off his creative side. Also, couldn’t you see this mild mannered reverend’s son as a Prefect?


Master Raymond-Hufflepuff

Hufflepuffs don’t get enough love, but we think Master Raymond belongs with Hegla Hufflepuff. He’s kind, longs to help, and very loyal to those he cares about. And those herbology skills he has would certainly come in handy during his time at Hogwarts. But some think he might have a pinch of Slytherin in him, after all, his blood line is what keeps things going and he’s very sly, although it’s for a good cause. His pure motives put him in the Hufflepuff house!


Jamie Fraser-Gryffindor

Was this even a question? That bravery, that loyalty, that shock of red hair! He’s obviously a Gryffindor. Hell, is there anyone else who could give “The Boy Who Lived” a run for his wizard gold like “The Man Who Lived”? Jamie is an unstoppable force and old Voldemort would never stand a change.


Laoghaire Mackenzie

Hello, she tried to get a woman burned at the stake because she wanted Jamie Fraser all to herself! Although I think a lot of us wish we could be Jamie’s main squeeze, Laoghaire went overboard, showing her cunning and the way she will destroy anyone who opposes her. Also, she’d totally be made into a Prefect because she’s a kiss-ass to those in authority.


Claire Fraser-Ravenclaw

There’s no smarter woman in the 1700’s like Claire Fraser. She’s a plotter, a planner, and has the brains to potentially change history. Was there ever a question that she’s basically the new Rowena Ravenclaw?


Mary Hawkins-Hufflepuff

Darling Mary, the poor soul who only wanted happiness and love is just the kind of gentle soul who belongs in Hufflepuff. She’s shy and soft spoken, but when it comes to those she loves, Mary can bare a set of fangs that would make a Slytherin run for cover.


Black Jack Randall-Slytherin

You know this Grade A jerk would be the one who would open the Chamber of Secrets and don his Death Eater’s hood the moment he got the chance. I even bet he’d be the new Voldemort!


Dougal Mackenzie-Gryffindor

Yeah, old Dougal can be a bit of a jerk, but often it’s because he’s doing what’s right. He’s still a brave man who wants freedom for his country and the people he fights with. I mean, remember when he trotted out into Redcoat territory and Bonny Prince Charlie practically swooned at his bravery? That’s a Gryffindor for you.


Compt St. Germain-Slytherin

This slimy snake would sell out his own mother if it meant he could have a bit of power. You know he’d be in favor for the decimation of the muggle born wizards and probably mistreat his house elf. Total Slytherin.


Murtagh Fraser-Griffindor

Has there ever been a more loyal friend than Murtagh? He’s basically the Ron Weasley to Jamie Fraser’s Harry Potter. He’ll go to the ends of the earth for those he cares about and always keeps his promises. A true Griffindor that belongs on a Chocolate Frog card.



What do you think? Were all these sortings spot on, or do you have other houses you’d think they’d be better sorted to?  And what house are you in?

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