Face Affection

This morning, it’s all about lip care. Winter is tough on lips, but there’s an itty bitty organic shop that helps your lips stay smooth all season.

Meet Face Affection, an all-natural, handmade lip and beard care shop. Yes, they’re all about the mouths and we’re certainly fans of it. Their products are simple, clean, and totally safe.


♥Kelsey’s Thoughts♥

First, let’s get into the cure packaging. This little personalized bag was super cute.

It’s simple and totally on brand for what Face Affection tries to represent: clean and organic beauty. There were also little Hershey Kisses inside. Like, hello, A Kiss at Midnight? Now for what’s inside…


As I said last week, when we reviewed Bellissima Bain, I’m a newly converted believer in the importance of a good lip scrub. This little tub is full of Citrus Lip Affection Scrub, which you can pick up here for $5. It made my lips a little pick-me-up and gave them a little exfoliation that helped my lipstick to go on smoothly later. But my favorite part of this little bag is the lip balm.


I use chapstick like nobody’s business and Face Affection sent me Natural and Mint Lip Affection Balms, which you can get here. I’m going to be honest, this was the nicest balm I’ve ever used. It was so velvety soft and didn’t dry out my lips like mass produced chapsticks can. I like the mint a little more than the natural, just because I enjoy a little scent and flavor with my balm. Lip Affection also comes in citrus and lavender.


Another thing I love is that, since this store is organic, I can use the Natural Lip Affection on my toddler. It’s great for the long hours outside and since it’s not flavored, she won’t lick at it or eat it or anything else weird that kids do.

I give Face Affection 6/6 Glass Slippers

♥Sarah’s Thoughts♥

Like Kelsey, I also got Hershey kisses and I think that anything that comes with chocolate is instantly more amazing. However, I promise to give an honest review. The first thing I’ll say about the chapstick is that mine was sealed. I LOVED this. There was a seal proving, at least in my mind, that no one else used it. I got mint and natural. Now, I barely used the natural before my husband quickly stole it. He loves it and honestly, I think he uses chapstick more than me. So not only does Kelsey’s daughter approve of this, my husband does. I liked the mint but it’s not one of my favorite scents in the world. However, that being said, it wasn’t overwhelmingly strong so it didn’t bother me much. The chapstick goes on smooth and IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT sticky. Half hour later, the chapstick is still present and still NOT sticky. Hour later, same thing. This is some pretty long lasting stuff.


Alright! So now let’s talk about the citrus lip scrub. I initially used this at night but I quickly changed my tactics. I started using this in the morning as a way to wake me up. The citrus smell jolts me alert more than coffee. I am a night time skin care routine kind of girl but I am making time for this lip scrub and I recommend you do too. This is one of my favorite things I’ve discovered lately and I am SUCH a fan.


In case you were wondering, I’m not wearing any lipstick or gloss. The lip scrub and the balm bring a natural shine to your lips that give you the perfect nude lip.

I give Face Affection a 5.5/6 Glass Slippers

Overall, we think you should give this new little shop a lot of love, especially if you love organic lip care that’s child safe! You can also get gift packages for your loved ones that come wrapped and gift bags for parties! They also carry beard care items and tinted lip balms for a little extra boost to your natural beauty.

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