Ignite Me

Ready for a brand new book review? Well, here’s Ignite Me, the first book in the Woven Series by MC Payne. It’s a new adult romance that’s a emotional roller coaster and ready to be read before book two comes out next month.


Heat Level:♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: New Adult 2nd Chance Romance

Gabriel Delaney, at times,  craved the normal life he used to lead before fame called him away. That’s why he darkened the gym door, where his chosen family used to always hang out. Although he hadn’t been there for years, he still expected a warm welcome, but all he got were a pair of angry, ice blue eyes that belonged to the one person he thought he’d always have…even if she only ever saw him as a brother.

Lennon Walsh had a troubled past. Her mother died at the hands of an abusive man, leaving Lennon to depends on others, particularly Gabriel. She was then known as “Tilly”, a broken teen being raised by her aunt and uncle. But in the six years since Gabriel had left on tour, Lennon had emerged a woman, and a hard one at that. The reemergence of Gabriel into her life set her on a whirlwind, one she was not prepared for. One that chipped away at her “normal” existence and left her reeling and wondering, “What if?”.

When a couple shares such a dark history, could there ever be a bright future?

706932.gifI always enjoy second chance romances, especially ones with a rock star twist, I mean, hello? Why is there a hot rock star knocking on my door? (hint hint Gerard Way!) Anyway, I was pretty pleased when I saw the premise of Ignite Me. There were a few small things, like errors consisting of missing commas and some rather confusing parts with either too much back story, or none at all, that made it hard to distinguish what was going on at times. However, the story itself was very intriguing and I found myself ignoring the messy bits to see the bigger picture.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were deep thoughts and takes of heartbreak and abandonment, steamy action, and a liberal dusting of curse words to round off the humor. Since book two is so near, I’ll tell you to download Ignite Me now, so you can be caught up on the action. Really an awesome story with likable characters and more story to it than the usual romance novel “heaving bosoms”.

Read all about Kelsey’s historical and contemporary romances here.



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