It’s here! My review of Meredith Stoddard’s Cauldron, book two in the Once and Future series. To refresh your memory, here’s my review of The River Maiden. I wouldn’t dream of reading Cauldron as a standalone.You need the info The River Maiden has to offer in order to really immerse yourself in this wonderful tale.


Overall Rating: 6/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Scottish Folklore Fiction

Sarah MacAlpin’s life is in disarray. The events of the previous months have left her reeling and wondering what in her life is true and what has been a lie. This doesn’t just include her love life with handsome Scottish folklorist Dermot Sinclair, but her own roots. Sarah’s mother, Molly, has been gone for years, leaving an aura of mystery and unanswered questions in her wake. But Molly has left something behind for her daughter, something that could help clear up some of the muddled truths.


Old faces and new come into play in Cauldron, taking you on another fantastic journey, picking up right where The River Maiden left off. You feel Sarah’s heartache over Dermot’s return to Scotland and commiserate when she finds out her carefully cultivated research turns out to maybe not be as trustworthy as she thought. Most of all, you get to know Molly, thought of as a mad woman by those who knew her. She’s left a story behind for her daughter, and you learn what secrets it holds.


As with the first, I loved this book. When you open page one and see a bit of Gaelic, its very comforting. Realism in writing is something that I cherish, and Stoddard certainly puts a lot of research and effort into her work. Everything in this book has a purpose, even if you don’t see it right away. There are breadcrumbs to follow and mysteries to unravel. I know I’ll be waiting for book three with baited breath! Like, will Sarah and Dermot make it work? And what about James and Duff? I highly recommend this series to people who love mysteries, Scotland, Gaelic, fiction, folklore, romance, and reading in general!



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