YA Superwomen Smack Down

With all the superhero movies out there, I’ve noticed a serious lack of woman power. Now, I love staring at Chris Hemsworth in a cape and Chris Evans in spandex as much as the next girl, however, I decided to go looking for a new super woman story, since I have to wait so long for “Wonder Woman” to come out. Along the way, I found Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram and SuperNova: Heroes of Arcania by Liz Long. So, let’s talk about both stories together.


Heat: ♥

Genre: Young Adult

Overall Rating: Wait Until The End

Let’s talk about the superheroes first, Jamie and Nova.

Jamie is new to San Francisco. Her family moved after there was a terrible accident involving Jamie and her boyfriend Derek. Her car was hit by a truck carrying, yes you guessed it, dangerous chemicals. Then a lamp post fell, and between the chemicals and the electricity, Jamie got her powers. But we’ll talk about the powers later. Derek was killed in the accident and Jamie hasn’t recovered. She’s known as the ice queen.


Not that one. But Ryan is determined to break  the icy exterior and learn more about the raven haired beauty. However, Jamie thinks it’s too dangerous to let him in because of her powers. They’re a secret. Her parents are afraid that if anyone finds out about them, they’ll take her away and do experiments on her…or worse. But there are only so many times that Jamie can turn down the blue eyed football star.

Now, how about Nova? She is also recovering from a loss. Her sister was killed by a super villain named Fortune. The worst part, Nova had her powers at the time, but she froze. Now, she blames herself. But, senior year is starting and she meets two people who start to bring her back to life. You see, Nova, unlike Jamie, was born with her powers. They’ve been growing as she ages, but until Cole and Penelope enter the scene, she hadn’t met anyone with powers. As she gets to know Cole, she begins to realize that it’s not just his powers that she’d interested in.

Alright, let’s get into the powers. Jamie has kind of unlimited powers. All of her senses have been heightened. She can run at super speed, like from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon in a matter of like thirty minutes. She can hear and see from about a mile away, and she has super strength. This all seems to be from the chemical waste. As for the electricity, it pretty much flows through Jamie. She can pull electricity around her, shut it off, and eventually, control it. Jamie is like Spider-Man, she woke up one day with powers and struggles to control them in high school. Her powers are directly related to her emotions and as most of us know, teenage girls CANNOT control their emotions. As a result, being around Ryan is dangerous, her very kiss shoots him with so much electric juice that he is up all night. Anything more could kill him.


And for the lovely SuperNova. She is what is called an Unbreakable. As you can guess, she is unbreakable. What this means is that her skin is unpenetrable and she can’t really feel pain. She’s never had a broken bone, she’s never skinned her knees, and she’d never felt a bee sting. But she has limits. The super strength isn’t indefinite. She is strong, but not like The Hulk. There’s also this one hitch. Cole tells Nova that powers are hereditary, but her parents and sister never showed signs of powers. So, like Jamie is Spider-Man, Nova is more like an X-Men. At least none that Nova knew about.  It’s great that Nova can share her secret with Cole but their feelings make them vulnerable and it infuriates Penelope. After all, her brother is all she has.


Now for the boys! Jamie is trying to get over the guilt she feels about Derek’s death and is terrified of what she could do to a new guy. Ryan pretty much laughs this off and pursues her with so much gumption the only options are a restraining order or a date. He is the quarterback for the football team, like Derek was, but he has a charm and charisma about him that makes him even more desirable. On top of that, he has a girl best friend. Yes, all of you ‘When Harry Met Sally’ fans, it is possible to have a girl best friend if you’re a guy. He loves her something fierce, and she hates Jamie something wicked. Naturally, this causes problems. But at the end of the day, you root so hard for Ryan, it’s that whole charisma thing again. He wins the reader over and you beg Jamie to give him a chance, even if it means risking his life. After all, isn’t that what high school is for? Feeling with so much abandon that you fear you might explode?


Cole. So the fun thing about Cole is that Nova’s book is actually in dual POV so we get to know exactly how he feels for Nova. It’s nice because all of the guesswork is gone, but at the same time, Nova is a complicated chick. Cole and his sister Penelope grew up in a very different kind of home than Nova. He was trained to use his powers and then trained in hand to hand combat so he’d never actually need to use them. In other words, picture a guy, muscles toned from working out in the gym of his basement, a heart of gold, and honey brown eyes. Anyone else swooning? Not yet? Well, have I mentioned he looks out for his sister, she’s a year younger, protects her, and actually spends time with her because he wants to? If you aren’t swooning, pretend he’s like twenty-six and you’ll be there.


Here’s the best part, well the best part in my opinion. Both books belong to a series. That’s right. When you’ve finished reading one, you can go back to amazon, buy the next one and continue to binge. I have only read book one of each, but I will be buying book 2 of both books.

As for my favorite…I hate it when things end in a tie, because I think that’s just someone being dishonest. I did enjoy Jamie’s book, but I liked the superhero filled world that Nova lived in. That being said, I am a superhero fan, so that may have been a part of it. Both stories were well written, kept me reading, and were error free. I’d recommend both books (I did love both of them) to anyone who enjoys YA, or someone who likes superheroes. Give it a look while you’re waiting for ‘Wonder Woman’ or read it before the movie to hype yourself up. Either way, I think you’ll have found a great new series, well two new series, to get excited over.

Being Jamie Baker can be found here and right now it’s FREEEEEEEE

SuperNova: Heroes of Arcania can be found here and it’s only $.99


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