WeeBox – A Special Box From Scotland

This morning we have an amazing treat for you. So do you love Scotland? Are you craving a visit to the Highlands? Have you pinned pics of the lush hills to your “Dream Vacation” Pinterest board? Is Jamie Fraser making you long from some standing stones? Well, finding the time to travel and being able to budget for a vacation can be difficult. But, luckily, Scotland isn’t too far away with the WeeBox! Click Here to see their website!


The WeeBox is an amazing subscription box filled with Scottish products picked by true Scots, packaged in Scotland, and delivered to your door every month.This delightful purple box brings you candy, books, art, candles…everything to remind you of the “Heathery Isle”. We were both lucky enough to receive the special Gaol, or “Love”, boxes from the lovely people over at WeeBox. Talk about a Happy Valentines Day!

So, let’s take a look at at Kelsey’s thoughts…

Overall, I LOVED this box and and am probably going to buy a subscription, because getting that purple box in the mail was the highlight of my week. There was nothing in my WeeBox that I wasn’t a fan of. Sure, it’s a little pricy, but I believe in paying more for quality items straight from the source…besides, I’m dying to see what real Scottish gems will be in the Outlander box they’re working on. Can you imagine how amazing that one will be?


Overall, I give WeeBox a solid 6/6 Glass Slippers for being such a bòidheach (beautiful) subscription box. I recommend it to all fans of travel, Scotland, and Outlander.

Now for Sarah’s thoughts…

When I studied abroad in Spain, I made a last minute stop in Scotland. Unfortunately, I was not an Outlander fan yet, so clearly I need to go back.

However, I loved it there. I traveled to the Isle of Arran and Glassboro. We were only there for three days and I feel like I missed out. With the WeeBox, a little bit of Scotland is coming to me! Who doesn’t love rich chocolate, candles, Valentines Day cards, and a precious book of Scottish songs? It is basically a date in a box. One: Order the box. Two: Have her open the box. Three: See the gifts in the box. (10 points if you get the reference). In fact, I took myself out on a little date.


I have always been a fan of silly cards. My husband loves getting me the sentimental ones, and they’re so sweet. However…I tend to buy him the ones that involve pushing him super fast in the wheelchair while we terrorize the nursing home we’re in. In other words, I love this card. Now, I’m a woman, so that chocolate stayed on the plate for about as long as it took me to take the photos. It was delicious! I’m always surprised how good chocolate could taste after being shipped overseas. As for the candle, it smelled delicious and sweet. It is a honey scent that quickly overtook my dining room. Trust me, no one was complaining!

Now, for the book of Scottish songs. This is probably my favorite part of the box. It’s unbelievably unique and I wish I could sing/read music. However, my grandmother has a beautiful voice and plays piano after years of church choir. She and I are going to have some bonding time over this book. Normally, we go to the casino and play slots to bond, so this is definitely a lot cheaper!

I love the box, I love the gifts, and I love the idea. 6/6 Glass Slippers for me too!



Interested in getting your own WeeBox? Head over to this link HERE! And if you do subscribe, then be sure to share all your goodies on their social media pages for a chance to win a free subscription box! Talk about an amazing prize.

But you can also follow their Instagram HERE, their Twitter HERE, and their Facebook HERE to see what else has been in past WeeBoxes and keep up on their magical subscriptions.


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