Season 3-Ready for a Voyage?

Morning! We hope you loved our review of the Scottish subscription box, WeeBox, and are now ready to get into some straight Outlander talk! But use caution: This contains Outlander season 3/Voyager Spoilers! Read no further if you haven’t read the the third Outlander series book!


Now that you’ve been warned, are you ready to talk about Voyager and what might come in season three of Outlander on Starz and what Sarah and Kelsey are looking forward to, plus where you can see some of the stars, besides what we mentioned in another post, which you can read here.


A final reminder, if you hate spoilers, don’t read any further!

Anyways, here’s Kelsey with some of her book-themed dreams, hopes, thoughts, and feelings before Sarah brings in her movie skills to tell you all about the new actors and actresses that are gracing the Outlander stage with their presence!

♥Jamie’s return to Lallybroch♥


It’s going to be sad, seeing Jamie wounded and hiding in Dun Bonnet’s Cave for so many years with only a few books to keep him company. As you probably read on our Legends of Outlander post, there was a real-live man named James Fraser who hid in a care and was nicknamed Dun Bonnet by the cap he wore. Nice connection, Diana!I love seeing history come to life and see how things connect. Something I’m not too thrilled about seeing it when little Fergus get’s caught up in the traitor madness and looses his crafty little hand. I assume more than one tear shall be shed for our tiny adopted Fraser.

♥Friends Foreverrrrr♥


The peculiar relationship between Jamie and Lord John Grey is something that I’m curious to see brought to life on the screen. I’m not saying it’s romantic, you know Jamie only has eternal eyes for Claire, but his friendship with Lord John Grey is going to be one of the cornerstones for the series moving forward. Without Lord John Grey, Jamie’s time in prison, and his later reunion with his biological son, might never be possible. Although, it looks like they’re setting it up to be more romantic in the show than it was in the books, something I’m not really into, as I think their complicated friendship in the series was compelling and deep. I almost feel like making it sound like a torrid love affair, like in some other blog posts and news stories, cheapens their dynamic relationship. If only the show series could do a chapter an episode!

♥Roger and Brianna help Claire Prepare♥


Okay, so A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about how Brianna was cast for the show, and honesty even I was expecting someone redder and taller, but the acting may surprise us in the coming season! But one thing I had a little bit of an issue with is how the show portrayed Brianna and Claire as not being close, like…at all. In the books I felt that there was much more warmth involved in their relationship that wasn’t represented on the show. However, Starz only has an hour an episode to work with, so I’m trying to ignore it, knowing that it’ll be impossible to ignore their true, loving, feelings as the show goes on. So I’m looking forward for Roger and Brianna to grow close as they help Claire prepare for her return to Jamie. I hope it’s just as touching as it was in the book! BTW, just so you know, we also have a lovely Claire dress guide here, so your clothes can be on point, and Sarah’s done a Claire hair tutorial, which is so easy, even I could do it.

♥Meeting Geneva♥


This is going to be tough for all those who love Claire and Jamie. I’m going to be honest, I think Geneva is a grade A asshole. Blackmailing Jamie into sex was a low blow and the man’s life has been tough enough. I know I’ll have a rage stroke when she throws out the “bang me or I’ll scream rape” card. At least Jamie can see some joy in the terrible union by his son William grow for a few years. But seeing as how happy he was knowing Claire was pregnant when she left, It’ll be tough seeing him watch his child from afar. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this particular part of the series, with the word “rape” being used to describe both sides of the coupling. It’ll be interesting to see how the show addresses it. To cleanse the soul, let’s take a look back in time to when Jamie and Claire were #RelationshipGoals

♥Baby Jamie♥


Jamie and his interactions with his secret son is going to be bittersweet. Their doings takes up a good chunk of book, and for good reason. We all read, and saw, how into being a father Jamie was when Claire was pregnant with Faith and how important it was for Claire to go back to Frank for the safety of their unborn child. It’s going to be bittersweet to see how young Willie sees a father figure in Jamie and Jamie longs to be close to a child he never thought he’d have, after Claire’s leaving. Their bond in the books might be hard to portray on screen, but Starz has done an awesome job, so far. We know Jamie’s big heart is one of the things we all admire about him, and in care you need to be reminded of the other reasons, take a look at our other list here!

♥The Highlight of the Year♥


I know for a damn fact that I’m not the only person who ugly cried when Claire went through the stones and later learned that Jamie was alive all along. While I understand that she needed to go for her own safety, it’s like she’s still twenty years too late to their reunion. I’m already preparing myself for the Kim Kardashian-like sobs when she finally sees him in the print shop. I’m also dying to see how well Jamie aged. I’m guessing it’s like a fine, beautifully kilted, wine… although he’ll be unkilted for a lot of the season, and not always in the fun way. The fact that we’ll probably have to wait a few episodes for this glorious meeting adds a certain level of delicious suspense. At least it’ll be a smoother journey for Claire, as Roger and Bree help her get the cash and clothes necessary for a successful jaunt through time. Some people are salty that Claire left Brianna in the present to go into the past, saying she’s a bad mom, but Claire did right by her kid and her promise to Jamie, so she deserves to have some Highlander goodness up in her petticoats.

♥The Scorned Second Wife♥


Dis Bitch is right. Ya’ll probably know that I feel Laoghaire is a dirty home wrecking hussy and no one deserves to get lumpy and gross in their old age more than her…well, except for Black Jack Randall… not that he lives long enough for that. Well, anyways, her coming out of the woodwork again to claim Jamie as her rightful husband is something I’m looking forward to. Like, I get how she saw Jamie as the one that got away but, damn girl, have some self respect! I wouldn’t tie myself for a man who was constantly wishing I was someone else, no matter how hot he was. BTW I’m all sour grapes on how Jenny lashes out at Claire and rats to Loaghaire, even thought Claire told her the potato-planting key to Lallybroch’s survival. I hope Loaghaire’s gun-toting dramatics are just as wild on the screen as they are on the page.

♥High Seas Misadventure♥


Poor Jamie can’t catch a break. He, along with Claire and Marsali, go to rescue Ian and he’s stuck vomiting with seasickness while Claire is basically kidnapped by the Porpoise, because the ocean has never been kind to Jamie. Like, universe, give the man a break! All he wants is to live the quiet life and plant some crops and make sweet love to his new found wife, not be held captive and taken towards prison. At least he’s conveniently shipwrecked near Claire. Small victories. I’m curious to see how this will play out since, in the book, their oceanic struggles is a large chunk of action. Thankfully, Starz has brought Mr. Willoughby onto the scene, so poor Jamie will have some relief on the ship. Also, it’s said that the Outlander Starz crew will be using some of the same set used to film their pirate series Black Sails, which I highly recommend to people into high seas adventures, sex, romance, murder, mystery, history, and backstabbing.

♥The Return of Geillis♥


Gonna be real, I’m pumped for the return of Geillis. I know she’s a murderer, adulteress, and all around baddie, but I’m really excited to see her return in all her crazy glory. You have to admire her vicious tenacity and the way she unraveled thousands of years of legends and myths to learn about time travel. Sure, she could have gone around without human sacrifices, but I admire a bitch with flair. I mean, if she had really been killed before having her son, a certain green-eyed man wouldn’t be able to grace us with his presence (lookin’ at you, Roger, you silver-tongued songster)! It’ll be neat to see the witch we love to hate back on the screen.

♥The British Scorch of the Highlands♥


After the failed Jacobite uprising, England took measures to ensure the Scottish would never rise again. They passed the Heritable Jurisdictions Act of 1746 that outlawed the Scottish chief system, hoping that by removing those men from their places of power, the people would be more accepting of full English rule. The Act of Proscription of 1746 was also put into effect, which outlawed all highland dress (see ya later, kilts) in the Dress Act. This took away a large part of the clan identity, which is exactly what the British wanted. If you were caught wearing a kilt after 1746 you could be fined, imprisoned, or even sent to the British colonies for “indentured servitude”, which was just a fancy term for “slavery”. It explains why the kilts of the previous seasons will be lost for a while and not make any sort of comeback for some time. As a history-lover, I’m curious to see how these real life restrictions will come about on the show. Now…let’s have a moment of silence for the glorious kilt.


BTW, if you’re interested in learning more about the Clans, and how they fared after the Jacobite rebellion, take a look at our Outlander page here and read up on Outlandish Clan History parts 1-5!

Sarah’s Thoughts

Now, I am here to help keep Kelsey honest lol. No, I read the books up to what’s been shown on TV to keep the spoilers at bay, so I have not read Voyager yet. My fingers are itching and I can’t wait to start, though. So I get excited about other things…like actors.

As much as I try to avoid spoilers, it is nearly impossible. As a result, I know about Jamie’s other daughter, the “Other Fraser” (Ten points if you get this reference). But what really excited me is the casting! Lauren Lyle and Nell Hudson look so alike its scary!


Perfect casting right? It almost makes you not want to hate Laoghaire…almost.

Okay, we’ll talk about one more kid. Young Ian. I also know who this is, Jenny and Ian’s son but that’s all I know. However, I am a HUGE Jenny fan so I am excited to see the craziness her spawn will likely cause. Plus, he looks like a little Jamie (sorry Ian). It’s alright for a kid to look like his uncle though. In fact, I think it is going to seriously help his future! So, let’s say ‘hello’ to John Bell!


Alright, let’s get into the big one…John Grey. Now, I know he and Jamie are supposed to be friends, but again, that’s all I know. I have heard the rumors that their bromance may be turned into a romance. All I have to say is, where is Jamie going to find the time to do that? Doesn’t he have enough going on with all the needy women in his life? I think it’s all hype to keep people interested and talking about the show while we’re waiting not so patiently for it to start. However, I will say I am terribly upset with the casting of David Berry! Uh! Did we really need another sexy man on the show? Okay, totally joking. He is a nice piece of eye candy and I definitely can’t wait to see his strutting across my BIG screen TV.


I love a man in a suit!

Now let’s here it for Fergus! Everyone’s favorite trouble maker is all grown up and lookin finnnneeeee. I’m happy to see he’s still around and even more excited to see where his character goes from here. The hand thing… yeah, that’s going to be interesting. I almost wish they could pull a Hunger Games and pretend like that bit never happened. But, I don’t think it’s going to take our man too long to get his good hand into plenty of trouble. Let’s hear it for César Domboy!


How about Joe Abernathy? I know he’s a doctor with Claire and he knows about time travel, so that is going to be a whole lot of fun. Mostly because I looked at Wil Johnson’s photos, and he takes a good picture! He has one of those stares that just bores into your soul and leaves you questioning everything in your life!


So, what are you looking forward to in season 3?  Are you a fan of the new cast members? Let us know in the comments! BTW, if you’re a fan of Scotland, check out the WeeBox here! It’s a subscription box filled with all sorts of fun Scottish items worthy of ever Sassenach♥ And don’t forget to check out our Outlander page to fill up the bitter droughtlander!

Sarah and Kelsey both have books out now, so if you like their posts, you’ll probably love their books! First Semester is a thrilling college romance that you can get HERE. Queen of Emeralds is a historic romance set in the highlands that you can get HERE.


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